Perito Moreno National Park

Perito Moreno National Park

With supporting essays from experts on the park’s natural and cultural history, this elegant volume offers an armchair tour of one of the world’s most scenic and unsullied landscapes.

Author: Antonio Vizcaino

Publisher: Goff Books

ISBN: 1939621186

Category: Nature

Page: 304

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Where the windswept Patagonian steppe meets the Andes, and the massive unclimbed south wall of Cerro San Lorenzo looks down on the Lacteo Valley: Perito Moreno National Park is a stronghold of wild nature. In a region so alluring that is has become synonymous with beauty at the end of the Earth, Perito Moreno National Park is an icon of Patagonia. Named in honor of revered early conservationist Perito Moreno, the “John Muir of Argentina,” this relatively little visited park is a magnet for intrepid travelers and ambitious alpinists. Legendary businessman and philanthropist Douglas Tompkins (founder of The North Face) contributes the book’s foreword. In a book as grand as the natural area it celebrates, Perito Moreno National Park presents a stunning collection of images of the park by renowned landscape photographer Antonio Vizca�no. With supporting essays from experts on the park’s natural and cultural history, this elegant volume offers an armchair tour of one of the world’s most scenic and unsullied landscapes. For all of who dream of Patagonia, Perito Moreno National Park is a ticket into the heart of the wild.
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The Early Conservation Movement in Argentina and the National Park Service

The Early Conservation Movement in Argentina and the National Park Service

During the first six years of the National Park Service, the federal government set aside 2,250,000 ha of land for conservation and tourism. ... C. Perito Moreno National Park (Executive Power Resolution 105,433 of May 11, 1937).

Author: Arthur Oyola-Yemaiel

Publisher: Universal-Publishers

ISBN: 9781581120981

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 165

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This study explores the emergence and development of the conservation movement in Argentina during the twentieth century. I argue that the development of the conservation movement has been linked to shifts in the broader spectrum of Argentina's political arena as well as the international political situation as nations competed for the sovereignty of newly acquired territories after the Indian Wars. This book explores the development of Argentina as a nation in relation to conservation of its natural resources as a counter measure to resource extraction. Thus, I establish the relationship between the need for national sovereignty and socio-economic development via the formulation of nature based tourism industry. This strategy was developed by Excequiel Bustillo and spearheaded by the formation of National Park System. The environmental movement in Argentina has been based on the principles of utilitarianism, and the National Park System of Argentina was instrumental in establishing hegemonic national identity and sovereignty in Patagonia. The National Park System institutionalized and for many years was the leading force behind conservation of Argentina's natural resources, and it fostered social and economic development of remote areas through nature based tourism practices.
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The 50 Greatest National Parks of the World

The 50 Greatest National Parks of the World

But make time to explore the hidden corners of the region as well: Perito Moreno National Park (not to be confused with the glacier of the same name), 280 miles to the north, is one of the least known parks in the region, receiving only ...

Author: Aaron Millar

Publisher: Icon Books

ISBN: 9781785783401

Category: Travel

Page: 304

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Olympus, the Grand Canyon, Uluru and the Serengeti: national parks are home to the wonders of our natural world. Award-winning travel writer Aaron Millar explores the greatest national parks of the world, giving insider tips on how best to discover their secrets. From the home of the highest waterfall in the world in Canaima, Venezuela to the beautiful fjords of Hardangervidda, Norway, to searching for the giant panda in Jiuzhaigou, China and exploring the culture in Cinque Terre, Italy, this guide tells of the history, legends and cultures of each great national park, and tells you how to see them at their awe-inspiring best.
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Foundations of Paleoparasitology

Foundations of Paleoparasitology

Calodium sp., Nematodirus sp., hookworm M-40 Feline CCP5, Perito Moreno National Park, 6540 ± 110 Santa Cruz Calodium sp. M-43 Calodium sp., Anoplocephalidae, Trichuris serrata,Oesophagostomum sp. M-41 Bird of prey Calodium sp., ...

Author: Adauto Araújo

Publisher: SciELO - Editora FIOCRUZ

ISBN: 9788575415986

Category: Medical


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Unprecedented initiative in the world, the book compiles the available knowledge on the subject and presents the state-of-the-art in paleoparasitology – term coined about 30 years ago by Brazilian Fiocruz researcher Luiz Fernando Ferreira, pioneer in this science which is concerned with the study of parasites in the past. Multidisciplinary by essence, paleoparasitology gathers contributions from social scientists, biologists, historians, archaeologists, pharmacists, doctors and many other professionals, either in biomedical or humanities fields. With varied applications such as in evolutionary or migration studies, their results often depend on the association between laboratory findings and cultural remains. The book is divided into four parts - Parasites, Hosts, and Human Environment; Parasites Remains Preserved in Various Materials and Techniques in Microscopy and Molecular Diagnostics; Parasite Findings in Archeological Remains: a paleographic view; and Special Studies and Perspectives. Signed by authors from various countries such as Argentina, USA, Germany and France, the book has chapters devoted to the discoveries of paleoparasitology on all continents.
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Latin American Dendroecology

Latin American Dendroecology

Table 15.3 Historical changes in cultural land use in each study site Study site Code site Historical events Perito Moreno national park 1 Between 1910 and 1937, the settlers based their economy on the intensive extraction of firewood ...

Author: Marín Pompa-García

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9783030369309

Category: Nature

Page: 381

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Latin America is a megadiverse territory hosting several hotspots of plant diversity and many types of forest biomes, ecosystems and climate types, from tropical rainforest to semi-arid woodlands. This combination of diverse forests and climates generates multiple responses to ecological changes affecting the structure and functioning of forest ecosystems. Recently, there have been major efforts to improve our understanding of such impacts on ecosystems processes. However, there is a dearth of studies focused on Latin-American forest ecosystems that could provide novel insights into the patterns and mechanisms of ecological processes in response to environmental stress. The abundance of “New World” tree species with dendrochronological potential constitutes an ideal opportunity to improve the ecological state of knowledge regarding these diverse forest types, which are often threatened by several impacts such as logging or conversion to agricultural lands. Thus, detailed information on the dendroecology of these species will improve our understanding of forests in the face of global change. Accordingly, this book identifies numerous relevant ecological processes and scales, ranging from tree species to populations and communities, and from both dendrochronological and dendroecological perspectives. It offers a valuable reference guide for the exploration of long-term ecological interactions between trees and their environmental conditions, and will foster further research and international projects on the continent and elsewhere.
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VIVA Travel Guides Argentina

VIVA Travel Guides Argentina

Wonders within Parque Nacional Perito Moreno are not just limited to nature. Ten sites of rock paintings also deck the ... Perito Moreno National Park has a number of one-and twoday, as well as longer, expeditions hikers can do.


Publisher: Viva Publishing Network

ISBN: 9781937157043



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Distribuci n y conservaci n del guanaco

Distribuci  n y conservaci  n del guanaco

Table II Parks and Reserves protecting the guanaco and its habitat Country Name of the Park or Reserve Area ... 23,700 LOS Alerces National Park 263,000 115,000 600,000 Perito F. Moreno National Park Los Glaciares National Park Tierra ...

Author: Hernán Torres

Publisher: IUCN

ISBN: 2880323096

Category: Guanaco

Page: 37

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Climate Change and Human Responses

Climate Change and Human Responses

The Perito Moreno National Park, a high-lying basin that combines forest and steppe environments, presents an abundant late lithic and faunal record whose extensive distribution in open air sites, rockshelters and caves indicates a ...

Author: Gregory Monks

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9789402411065

Category: Social Science

Page: 232

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This book contributes to the current discussion on climate change by presenting selected studies on the ways in which past human groups responded to climatic and environmental change. In particular, the chapters show how these responses are seen in the animal remains that people left behind in their occupation sites. Many of these bones represent food remains, so the environments in which these animals lived can be identified and human use of those environments can be understood. In the case of climatic change resulting in environmental change, these animal remains can indicate that a change has occurred, in climate, environment and human adaptation, and can also indicate the specific details of those changes.
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Geomorphological Landscapes of the World

Geomorphological Landscapes of the World

Miguasha National Park, 361 Miri, 311 Missoula Lake, 21, 22, 25 Misurina Lake, 195 Moab Mountain, ... 13, 116, 140–141, 196–197,242–243 Perito Moreno Glacier, 113, 117 Perito Moreno National Park, 115 Permafrost, 1–11, 15, ...

Author: Piotr Migon

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9789048130559

Category: Science

Page: 375

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Physical landscapes are one of the most fascinating facets of our Planet, which tell stories about the evolution of the surface of the Earth. This book provides up-to-date information about the geomorphology of the selected ‘classic’ sites from around the world and shows the variety of geomorphological landscapes as moulded by different sets of processes acting over different timescales, from millions of years to days. The volume is written by nearly fifty geomorphologists from more than twenty countries who for many years have researched some of the unique sceneries on the planet. The thirty six chapters present each continent of the world. They describe landscapes of different origin, so that the reader can learn about the complexity of processes behind the sceneries. This is a useful reference book, linking geomorphology with global initiatives focused on nature conservation.
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Los Glaciares National Park Map 2 Perito Moreno Upsala Glaciers Lago Argentino El Calafate Zona Roca Trekking Hiking walking Topographic Map Atlas 1 75000

Los Glaciares National Park Map 2 Perito Moreno   Upsala Glaciers  Lago Argentino  El Calafate  Zona Roca Trekking Hiking walking Topographic Map Atlas 1 75000

The map scale of 1:75000 (1 cm = 750 meters) provides a wide coverage of the area in good detail while keeping low the weight of the atlas itself.

Author: Sergio Mazitto

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 1983455679


Page: 44

View: 948

The map scale of 1:75000 (1 cm = 750 meters) provides a wide coverage of the area in good detail while keeping low the weight of the atlas itself. The large page format of 8.5x11in minimizes page count and along with the overlapping map design allows for comfortable navigation. The details included in the topographic maps of this Atlas were specifically selected to be useful for trekkers, hikers and walkers of all interests, and make it easy to plan and enjoy both short excursions and hikes as well as long multi-day adventures along the main marked routes and/or adjacent trails and paths, which are also shown on the maps. With this ultralight atlas you will always have a detailed, reliable, information-rich, battery-independent, shatter-proof map for your adventure. Mercator projection SAD69 with both UTM and WGS84 coordinate grids.