Performing Heritage

Performing Heritage

Performing Heritage is the first book to bring together the range of voices, debates, and practices that constitute the fields of museum theater and live interpretation.

Author: Anthony Jackson

Publisher: Manchester University Press

ISBN: 0719089050

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 297

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Performing Heritage is the first book to bring together the range of voices, debates, and practices that constitute the fields of museum theater and live interpretation. Inspiring and challenging in its scope and level of debate, Performing Heritage crosses the disciplines of performance and museum/heritage studies and offers remarkable and timely insights into the processes, outcomes, and potential of this rich and rapidly developing practice - and in a variety of international contexts. The book productively brings together academic research and professional practice, and will be essential reading for all those interested in, and concerned with the future of, "heritage" and its interpretation.
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Performing Heritage

Performing Heritage

On the proscenium, the performer represents a certain tradition and represents a
certain heritage. A dancer's comprehension of that knowledge is displayed in the
manner in which she performs. In the same manner, a walk leader is a ...

Author: Navina Jafa

Publisher: SAGE Publications India

ISBN: 9788132117018

Category: Social Science

Page: 256

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Centred in academic theory in the area of exhibiting culture, this book seeks to explore the art and politics of cultural representation. While thus far this discussion has been restricted to the closed spaces of museums, exhibitions, cultural festivals and the like, here, this densely interdisciplinary problematic is approached through the unique and increasingly popular medium of Heritage Walks. Focusing on the idea of the living exhibit, the author employs her decades-long career in the field of academic cultural tourism and the performing arts to develop a uniquely critical frame and methodology for engaging with cultures in a dynamic and performative manner. The book argues that heritage walks are necessarily creative and academically invested, and can be an effective medium for rethinking the disciplines of history, sociology and conservation and the challenges they face in contemporary post-colonial India. Through an acutely experiential account, the author bridges the gap between applied and academic theory in the fields of visual anthropology, museology, heritage conservation and cultural studies among others, providing the much needed scholarship in studies of living heritage.
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Performing Nordic Heritage

Performing Nordic Heritage

Through ourresearch wehave explored how national origin, heritage andnational
identities play a significant partin the everyday power relationships of folk groups
and individuals. We have examined how individuals negotiate and perform ...

Author: Ms Lizette Gradén

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN: 9781409473305

Category: History

Page: 364

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The performance of heritage takes place in prestigious institutions such as museums and archives, in officially sanctioned spaces such as jubilees and public monuments, but also in more mundane, ephemeral and banal cultural practices, such as naming of phenomena, viewing exhibitions or walking in the countryside. This volume examines the performance of Nordic heritage and the shaping of the very idea of Norden in diverse contexts in North America, the Baltic and the Nordic countries and examines the importance of these places as sites for creating and preserving cultural heritage. Offering rich perspectives on a part of Europe which has not been the centre of discussion in the Anglophone world, this volume will be of value to a wide readership, including cultural historians, museum practitioners, policy-makers and scholars of heritage, ethnology and folkloristics.
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Applying Performance

Applying Performance

The AHRC 'Performance, Learning and Heritage' project at the University of
Manchester (2005–8) explored 'the use and impact of performance as a medium
of learning and interpretation at museums and heritage sites' and the wide range
of ...

Author: N. Shaughnessy

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781137033642

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 288

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This book draws upon cognitive and affect theory to examine applications of contemporary performance practices in educational, social and community contexts. The writing is situated in the spaces between making and performance, exploring the processes of creating work defined variously as collaborative, participatory and socially engaged.
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Heritage from Below

Heritage from Below

In the end there were no clear victors in the Battle of the Dome, and heritage had
no obvious champion. Performing Heritage Place was only one determinant of
perceptions regarding the legitimacy or otherwise of the behaviours and
practices ...

Author: Iain J.M. Robertson

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317122432

Category: Art

Page: 264

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Research into the ways in which the past is constructed and consumed in the present is now reaching a mature stage. This maturity derives from the general acceptance that heritage as a social and cultural construct is closely connected to the making and maintaining of identity at all spatial scales. This unique book contributes to the developing discourse by focusing on 'heritage from below' in a field where the literature on the relationship between heritage and identity has, rightly, been focused on national identity. Never before have the contemporary manifestations and the theoretical structuring framework of the idea of heritage from below been discussed in the depth offered by this book. The authors first establish the concept and then engage with the actual practice and practitioners of heritage from below in the UK, Europe, Australia and North America.
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Performing Remains

Performing Remains

Tivers, Jacqueline 2002 “Performing Heritage: The Use of Live 'Actors' in
Heritage Presentations.” Leisure Studies 21, nos. 3 & 4: 187–200. Tribe, Mark
2010 The Port Huron Project: Reenactments of New Left Protest Speeches. Milan
: Edizioni ...

Author: Rebecca Schneider

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9781136979699

Category: Art

Page: 272

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'At last, the past has arrived! Performing Remains is Rebecca Schneider's authoritative statement on a major topic of interest to the field of theatre and performance studies. It extends and consolidates her pioneering contributions to the field through its interdisciplinary method, vivid writing, and stimulating polemic. Performing Remains has been eagerly awaited, and will be appreciated now and in the future for its rigorous investigations into the aesthetic and political potential of reenactments.' - Tavia Nyong'o, Tisch School of the Arts, New York University 'I have often wondered where the big, important, paradigm-changing book about re-enactment is: Schneider’s book seems to me to be that book. Her work is challenging, thoughtful and innovative and will set the agenda for study in a number of areas for the next decade.' - Jerome de Groot, University of Manchester Performing Remains is a dazzling new study exploring the role of the fake, the false and the faux in contemporary performance. Rebecca Schneider argues passionately that performance can be engaged as what remains, rather than what disappears. Across seven essays, Schneider presents a forensic and unique examination of both contemporary and historical performance, drawing on a variety of elucidating sources including the "America" plays of Linda Mussmann and Suzan-Lori Parks, performances of Marina Abramovic ́ and Allison Smith, and the continued popular appeal of Civil War reenactments. Performing Remains questions the importance of representation throughout history and today, while boldly reassessing the ritual value of failure to recapture the past and recreate the "original."
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Irish Tourism

Irish Tourism

EAMONN SLATER Introduction On the 13 November 2000, the Minister for Arts,
Heritage, Gaeltacht and the Islands announced ... I want to conclude 104
Performing Heritage Aran Islands Heritage Centre that such a flaneur's stroll can
only ...

Author: Michael Cronin

Publisher: Channel View Publications

ISBN: 9781873150542

Category: Travel

Page: 290

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This book is a collection of essays that examines the social, political and cultural impact of tourism on Irish society. Irish Tourism deals with both the historical experience of Irish tourism and with the contemporary influence of tourism on different areas of Irish life and cultural self-representation. The work situates the developments in Irish tourism within the broader context of globalisation and the role of tourism in a changing international order.
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On Intangible Heritage Safeguarding Governance

On Intangible Heritage Safeguarding Governance

Children playing morin khuur (horse head fiddle) and tovshuur lute Fig. 3-5. ...
Professional dancers at the National Centre for Korean Traditional Performing
Arts Fig. 4-2. ... Education and training in batik intangible cultural heritage Fig. 6-2

Author: Seong-Yong Park

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 9781443852869

Category: Social Science

Page: 225

View: 227

This book covers intangible cultural heritage (ICH) governance through an Asia-Pacific context, making reference to the historical development of the international instruments guiding ICH policy. With a review of the 2003 Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage’s development, this work provides an understanding into why the Convention is the way it is, how it is developing, and how to apply it in different situations. Furthermore, dedicating sections to explain good governance and the manner through which the 2003 Convention hopes to influence good governance in the ICH field, the book will help readers to understand the major issues and barriers to good governance in this field. In addition, the case studies integrated in this volume provide tools and context with which to analyze ICH and ICH governance. Overall, the central questions answered in this work are ‘What is governance in terms of ICH safeguarding?’ and ‘How do interactions between global and local governance develop?’ The included experimental strategies for enhancing ICH safeguarding governance offer a glimpse into what may be possible. As the 2003 Convention is still relatively young, there is a need for in-depth research that covers the core governance issues that have arisen over the past decade. This book, being unique in its direct focus on ICH governance, will help fill this information gap and give readers a concise reference point for such issues.
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The Palgrave Handbook of Contemporary Heritage Research

The Palgrave Handbook of Contemporary Heritage Research

Heritage. as. Performance. Michael Haldrup and Jørgen Ole Bærenholdt
Introduction: The uses of heritage Studies of heritage have often emphasized the
representational side ofcultural heritage. Attention has been focused on the
symbolic ...

Author: E. Waterton

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781137293565

Category: History

Page: 586

View: 325

This book explores heritage from a wide range of perspectives and disciplines and in doing so provides a distinctive and deeply relevant survey of the field as it is currently researched, understood and practiced around the world.
Categories: History

Understanding Heritage

Understanding Heritage

If there are different ways of performing intangible heritage practices and if they
are performed differently at different places, who defines and decides what is to
be medialized? What is the role of the people depicted? Who is the owner of ...

Author: Marie-Theres Albert

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

ISBN: 9783110308389

Category: Art

Page: 210

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The publication is the first in a new series on existing and innovative paradigms in Heritage Studies. The series aims at systematising and developing the academic discourse on heritage, which has yielded a wealth and breadth of contributions over the past few years. The publication offers its own emphasis by developing heritage studies with a perspective towards and as a contribution to human development. It thus offers a vision for the construction and establishment of a new discipline. The academic mainsprings and research interests of this repositioning of heritage studies as an academic discipline are discussed by internationally renowned thinkers and heritage practitioners. The publication thus establishes first important points for discussion. Central to this publication are questions concerning the sustainable protection and use of heritage, focussing on the world cultural heritage and intangible cultural heritage, but equally questions on the relation of heritage and memory and how these could mutually enrich our understanding of heritage.
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Managing Cultural Heritage

Managing Cultural Heritage

17 Indirect Policies: Public Funding for Performing Arts in Italy Sara Bonini
Baraldi, Paolo Ferri, Maria Lusiani, and Luca Zan The present chapter
investigates the public funding system for performing arts in Italy, by analysing
the links between ...

Author: Ms Federica Onofri

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN: 9781472440365

Category: Art

Page: 288

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Since the 1990s, heritage studies has emerged as a distinct academic field, and practices and rhetoric drawn from mainstream corporate management and strategic planning have become widespread, but the highly interdisciplinary nature of heritage has brought in a wide diversity of perspectives that has sometimes posed challenges to mutual understanding. Based on fifteen years of field work done by a group of scholars at the Department of Management, University of Bologna, this book is an in-depth investigation of management practices rather than policies, based on a variety of case studies from China, Italy, Malta, Turkey, and Peru. The authors take the issue of management in heritage seriously, but also take into account the role of other disciplines within heritage organizations. In particular, they focus on sustainability in terms of financial resources, human resources, knowledge management, and the relationship with the audience and communities of scholars. This book will be of interest to management scholars interested in heritage management, to heritage professionals who face managerial issues in their daily practice, and to arts management students all over the world.
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Performing Exile Performing Self

Performing Exile  Performing Self

... the transmission of heritage, parental responsibility, and intergenerational
memory.3 Accordingly, this chapter discusses Atom Egoyan's filmas the postexilic
subject's quest for authenticity: theprocess of performing identity, cultural heritage
, ...

Author: Y. Meerzon

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9780230371910

Category: Music

Page: 350

View: 633

This book examines the life and art of those contemporary artists who by force or by choice find themselves on other shores. It argues that the exilic challenge enables the émigré artist to (re)establish new artistic devices, new laws and a new language of communication in both his everyday life and his artistic work.
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Physical Techniques in the Study of Art Archaeology and Cultural Heritage

Physical Techniques in the Study of Art  Archaeology and Cultural Heritage

It was therefore decided that in addition to the surface diagnosis, a CT scan
would be performed. Our Department was assigned the task of performing this
inspection. The difficulties of performing an in-situ CT scan of such a large object


Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 0080461867

Category: Science

Page: 232

View: 185

The first of its kind, this series is devoted to the use of physical principles in the study and scientific conservation of objects with cultural heritage significance. It begins with a review of the modern museum, which discusses new techniques employed in the conservation of museum artifacts such as X-ray tomography and other techniques used to study Egyptian mummies, bones and mineralization of bones in the archaeological context, and the degradation of parchment. All of these topics and techniques are essential for the preservation of our history. This includes finding ways to preserve parchment documents and letters, which much of our written heritage is documented on, so that it can be used and understood for generations to come. This book is a must have for any museum as well as any university that teaches or employs the techniques discussed. Written in a style that is readily understandable by conservation scientists, archaeologists, museum curators, and students Provides an introduction to the advanced fields of synchrotron radiation science, neutron science, and computed tomography Outstanding review of the use of modern technology to study museum and archaeological artifacts Offers solutions through advanced scientific techniques to a wide range of problems facing museum staff
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Himalayan Heritage

Himalayan Heritage

To earn the latter qualification calls for performing various ceremonies called
Khuang - chawl which includes offering community feasts and dances . When
performing this Khuangchawi it was customary to invite relatives from nearby
villages .

Author: J. P. Singh Rana

Publisher: M.D. Publications Pvt. Ltd.

ISBN: 8175330260

Category: Himalaya Mountains Region

Page: 183

View: 856

In this book the author has come out with an explanation of the age old Socio-culture-Religious, processes of the traditional life style of people who still have formidable beliefs in their kinship and social organization/status. This book has drawn attention to what have in the past been more or less back-waters of the literary main-stream, save for some actions in Gazetteers or in the books left behind by foreign travellers during the British regime, which is still pretty much an unbeaten track for others.
Categories: Himalaya Mountains Region

Information Technologies for Performing Arts Media Access and Entertainment

Information Technologies for Performing Arts  Media Access  and Entertainment

Information technologies have made possible many unexpected changes in the
field of cultural heritage and performing arts; they continue to provide dynamic
and exciting media platforms through which new possibilities perpetually emerge

Author: Paolo Nesi

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783642400506

Category: Computers

Page: 289

View: 465

This book contains revised selected papers from the Second International Conference on Information Technologies for Performing Arts, Media Access and Entertainment, ECLAP 2013, held in Porto, Portugal, in April 2013. The 24 papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected for inclusion in this book. They are organized in topical sections named: perspectives and (digital) strategies for cultural heritage institutions; trust, quality and tools for cultural heritage digital libraries; educational services for the performing arts; dance in the world of data and objects; acting and natural interaction; and music and opera of a digital generation.
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Intangible Heritage Embodied

Intangible Heritage Embodied

... engendering the creation and performance of diverse subjectivities, politicized
identities, and citizenship in a number of communities of belonging from the local
to the global. The complex and ever-changing ''heritage that hurts'' (Schofield ...

Author: D. Fairchild Ruggles

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 1441900721

Category: Social Science

Page: 214

View: 312

Archaeological research has long focused on studying tangible artifacts to build a picture of the cultures it examines. Equally important to understanding a culture, however, are the intangible elements that become part of its heritage. In 2003, UNESCO adopted a convention specifically to protect intangible heritage, including the following: oral traditions and expressions, including language; performing arts (such as traditional music, dance, and theater); social practices, rituals, and festive events; knowledge and practices concerning nature and the universe; and traditional craftsmanship. Since this convention was adopted, scholars and preservationists have struggled with how to best approach intangible heritage. This volume specifically focuses on embodied intangible heritage, or the human body as a vehicle for memory, movement, and sound. The contributors to this work examine ritual and artistic movement, theater, music, oral literature, as well as the role of the internet in cultural transmission. Globalization and particularly the internet, has a complex effect on the transmission of intangible heritage: while music, dance, and other expressions are now shared easily, the performances often lack context and may be shared with a group that does not fully understand what they are seeing or hearing. This volume draws on case studies from around the world to examine the problems and possibilities of implementing the new UNESCO convention. The findings in this volume will be vital to both professionals and academics in anthropology, archaeology, history, museum studies, architecture, and anyone else who deals with issues of cultural heritage and preservation.
Categories: Social Science

The Dutch American Identity

The Dutch American Identity

... point, this study has spoken of these Dutch-American heritage celebrations as
performing heritage in a metatheatrical way, as they all involve a somewhat
scripted staging of heritage for an outside audience, complete with performers,
sets, ...

Author: Terence Schoone-Jongen

Publisher: Cambria Press

ISBN: 9781604975659

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 378

View: 492

Each year, thousands of communities across the United States celebrate their ethnic heritages, values, and identities through the medium of festivals. Drawing together elements of ethnic pride, nostalgia, religious values, economic motives, cultural memory, and a spirit of celebration, these festivals are performances that promote and preserve a community's unique identity and heritage, while at the same time attempting to place the ethnic community within the larger American experience. Although these aims are pervasive across ethnic heritage celebrations, two festivals that appear similar may nevertheless serve radically different social and political aims. Accordingly, The Dutch American Identity examines five Dutch American festivals-three of which are among the oldest ethnic heritage festivals in the United States-in order to determine what such festivals mean and do for the staging communities. Although Dutch Americans were historically among the first ethnic groups to stage ethnic heritage festivals designed to attract outside audiences, and despite the fact that several Dutch American festivals have met with sustained success, little scholarship has focused on this ethnic group's festivals. Moreover, studies that have considered festivals staged by communities of European descent have typically focused on a single festival. The Dutch American Identity thus, on the one hand, seeks to call attention to the historical development and current sociocultural significance of Dutch American heritage festivals. On the other hand, this study aims to elucidate the ties that bind the five communities that stage these festivals together rather than studying one festival in isolation from the others. Creatively combining several methodologies, The Dutch American Identity describes and analyzes how the social, political, and ethical values of the five communities are expressed (performed, acted out, represented, costumed, and displayed) in their respective festivals. Rather than relying on familiar, even stereotypical, notions of "the Midwest," "rural America," "conservative America," etc., that often appear in contemporary political discourse, Schoone-Jongen shows just how complex and contradictory these festivals are in the ways they represent each community. At the same time, by placing these festivals within the context of American history, Schoone-Jongen also demonstrates how and why each festival is a microcosm of particular cultural, social, and political developments in modern America. The Dutch American Identity is an important book for sociology, performance studies, folklore, immigration history, anthropology, and cultural history collections.
Categories: Biography & Autobiography

Authenticating Ethnic Tourism

Authenticating Ethnic Tourism

Tivers, J. (2002) Performing heritage: The use of live ''actors'' in heritage
presentations. Leisure Studies 21, 187Á200. Tosun, C. (2000) Limits to
community participation in the tourism development process in developing
countries. Tourism ...

Author: Dr. Philip Feifan Xie

Publisher: Channel View Publications

ISBN: 9781845412050

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 296

View: 697

This book represents a shifting of emphasis away from the discourse of authenticity to the process of authenticating ethnic tourism. It focuses upon what authentication is, how it works, who is involved, and what the problems are in the process. By using the study of folk villages on Hainan Island, China, the book suggests that authenticity evolves from a static into a more dynamic concept, which can be formulated according to the different stages of development relating to all the stakeholders involved. Authentication is an interactive process in which a balance of forces defines a state of equilibrium. The book uncovers some interesting findings that will significantly contribute to the literature on ethnic tourism in developing areas.
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