Pedagogies of praxis

course-based action research in the social sciences

Author: Nila Ginger Hofman,Howard Rosing

Publisher: Jossey-Bass

ISBN: 9781933371092

Category: Education

Page: 178

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Pedagogies of Praxis is about employing course-based action research (CBAR) in building public interest partnerships between institutions of higher education and local community-based organizations. Researchers have linked the use of CBAR to students gaining a greater sense of social responsibility by increasing their level of civic engagement. It motivates them to become passionate about social justice and produce new—and challenge existing—knowledge. Pedagogies of Praxis documents how CBAR, particularly within the social sciences, functions as an effective way of establishing and reinforcing partnerships among students, academic officers, and local communities. It compiles case studies—stories of successes, failures, and implications from such partnerships—from students practicing CBAR in Chicago’s corner stores to how the model was applied in Liverpool, England. Students and faculty, guided through CBAR, learn how to develop advocacy strategies for marginalized communities through firsthand exposure to local-level politics and power imbalances in these communities. Contents include Participatory action research and the university classroom in a project on gender-related oppression in a racially diverse urban neighborhood An exploration of an anthropological service-learning program with premed students paired with inner-city youths Youth Take Charge: social action in a university-community partnership Discussion of students’ experience with an urban geography project to help protect a predominantly Hispanic neighborhood Discussion of community-based learning while having to erase the boundaries within a university between traditional and nontraditional students Action research in a visual anthropology class Collaborative action research at Interchange: a UK model The outcomes of course-based action research in the community and what we can learn about how to do them well

Cross-Disciplinary Approaches to Action Research and Action Learning

Author: Mapotse, Tome Awshar

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 1522526439

Category: Reference

Page: 339

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The complexity of 21st century lifestyle makes collaborative research and learning essential for all of the population, both in well-resourced and socio-economically challenged regions. Cross-Disciplinary Approaches to Action Research and Action Learning is an advanced reference source including the latest scholarly research on the examination of the development of a community practice of research in order to improve problem solving in various fields. Featuring extensive coverage on a broad range of topics such as social justice, organizational development, and global economy, this publication is ideally designed for academics, researchers, scholars, and managers seeking current research on the promotion of collaborative research and learning.