Paths to Leadership in the Senior Living Industry

Paths to Leadership in the Senior Living Industry

This book assembles many of the great leaders of the senior living and care industry to discuss their paths to and views on leadership.

Author: Matthew Lifschultz

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9783030539665

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 212

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This book assembles many of the great leaders of the senior living and care industry to discuss their paths to and views on leadership. Each chapter provides readers with ideas, information, and inspiration on how to achieve leadership in this dynamic, mission-focused industry. It includes various strategies for success, such as promoting meaning and purpose in corporate culture, making decisions in the absence of perfect information, managing your personal assets of relationships and reputation, and finding competitive advantages through technology, training, and team-building. These leaders also share their experiences responding to COVID-19 and discuss how the pandemic may change the future of leadership in the industry. Whether your path starts in gerontology, nursing, social work, design, real estate, finance, law, operations, or technology, and whether one pursues work in the private, nonprofit, or government sectors, this volume provides a valuable resource for all aspiring and developing leaders in the senior living industry.
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The Manager s Path

The Manager s Path

You do not want people to feel that the only path to advancement is by managing people, because not everyone is ... Senior technical depends on the complexity and scope of technical leadership that your teams and products require.

Author: Camille Fournier

Publisher: "O'Reilly Media, Inc."

ISBN: 9781491973844

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 244

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Managing people is difficult wherever you work. But in the tech industry, where management is also a technical discipline, the learning curve can be brutal—especially when there are few tools, texts, and frameworks to help you. In this practical guide, author Camille Fournier (tech lead turned CTO) takes you through each stage in the journey from engineer to technical manager. From mentoring interns to working with senior staff, you’ll get actionable advice for approaching various obstacles in your path. This book is ideal whether you’re a new manager, a mentor, or a more experienced leader looking for fresh advice. Pick up this book and learn how to become a better manager and leader in your organization. Begin by exploring what you expect from a manager Understand what it takes to be a good mentor, and a good tech lead Learn how to manage individual members while remaining focused on the entire team Understand how to manage yourself and avoid common pitfalls that challenge many leaders Manage multiple teams and learn how to manage managers Learn how to build and bootstrap a unifying culture in teams
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Living Leadership By Insight

Living Leadership By Insight

In thinking about the myriad experiences and the leadership and managerial choices made to address both the good and the bad events, I began to think that perhaps I had something I should share that would help others whose paths might ...

Author: Gardner E. Daniel

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781499083088

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 96

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Learning not shared is learning wasted. In my thirty-five years of experience in the oil and banking industries, including ascending levels of management and leadership responsibilities, I have gained what I believe to be valuable insight into many styles of leadership. Former President of the United States, Harry S. Truman, once said "It's what you learn after you know it all that really counts." We must continue our education if we want to keep pace with progress. The learning process that begins with our parents and through the influence of others with whom we associate continues throughout life. The insight I have received into what is successful has been clearly revealed through years of experience. There have been failures and there have been successes and it has not been difficult to discern the reasons for either. Careful thought has led to the extraction of the traits and characteristics that provide a leader with the best chance of success and they are delineated in this book. We should all be teachers and mentors and strive to improve the lives of those with whom we become associated. Our legacy in life is to live on through the lives of those we have touched. This book will enlighten you about the successful strategies I have employed in a myriad of situations as a leader and manager.
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Nurse on Board Planning Your Path to the Boardroom

Nurse on Board  Planning Your Path to the Boardroom

... in the healthcare industry through board service and executive leadership roles. She currently serves on five private company boards and five nonprofit boards. “My very first board experience was with independent living where we got ...

Author: Connie Curran

Publisher: Sigma Theta Tau

ISBN: 9781938835926

Category: Medical

Page: 200

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The nurse's voice is essential and critical to the governance of healthcare organizations. After all, nurses represent the largest professional group in healthcare, account for the greatest human resources expense, and—most importantly—are closest to patients and their families, physicians, and the community. But why do nurses hold only a small fraction of positions on healthcare boards? It’s time that NURSES get on boards! With years of board leadership to her credit, author Connie Curran expertly provides the tools you need to attain and succeed in your first board role—or advance into ever-greater board responsibilities. Nurse on Board skillfully guides readers by sharing: Best practices, data, and advice from seasoned board leaders Explanations of different types of boards, how they work, and the required skills and experiences How boards recruit new members and how you can best position yourself as a candidate How to develop, nurture, and leverage your personal and professional networks to ensure you are on the radar screen when board roles become available
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Mapping the Journey

Mapping the Journey

Sony's> brand of eco-leadership Leading companies in many sectors face tension between being a market leader and ... also led the WBCSD working group on 'EcoEfficiency in the Electronics Industry'. 3. The route: leadership, 3.The route ...

Author: Lorinda R. Rowledge

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351282796

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 288

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This illuminating new book presents a series of in-depth case studies from around the world based on numerous personal interviews with organizational leaders and focusing on their journey towards sustainability. The aim is to provide visions of a more sustainable future, and shed light on the path, milestones and solutions – in particular the management processes these organizations employed – to provide a reliable compass that others can follow. Although each organization must take steps to fit its particular circumstance, business conditions and culture, Mapping the Journey proves that valuable lessons can be learned by setting aside critique as to where these organizations may yet make progress and instead focusing on the guidelines, targets, measures of success, tools and techniques and valuable wisdom about how pioneer organisations are travelling toward a prosperous, sustainable future. Each organization included has crafted its own unique strategic responses to an identified need for increased sustainability. While none can be said to have reached the end-point of a sustainable development strategy, all have found that, by addressing the challenge of sustainable industrial practices, they have found innovative solutions, new opportunities for revenue generation, better relationships with customers, new business and product opportunities and a boost to morale from the executive ranks to front-line employees. Mapping the Journey examines both public and private organizations worldwide: SJ Rail of Sweden; Sony Corporation; SC Johnson; TransAlta Corporation; Patagonia; Henkel; Volvo; ASG; Interface Flooring Systems; Suncor; DaimlerChrysler; AssiDoman; Germany's Centre for Technology Assessment and the Dutch National Environmental Policy Plan. These case studies provide an inspiring framework of effective processes for defining a sustainable development strategy and transforming it successfully into actions and results.
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Christian Writers Market Guide 2007

Christian Writers  Market Guide 2007

SENIOR ADULT ISSUES SHORT STORY : ADULT / GENERAL * CHRISTIAN EDUCATION / LIBRARY $ -Church Educator - R ... PASTORS / LEADERS $ -Diocesan Dialogue - R $ -Interpreter $ -Lutheran Partners - R $ -Word & World $ -Ancient Paths — R ...

Author: Sally Stuart

Publisher: WaterBrook Press

ISBN: 1400071259

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 630

View: 602

A trusted resource by Christian writers for more than two decades provides up-to-date information on more than 1,200 Christian literary markets, listing agents, special markets contacts, editorial services, writers' conferences and groups, contests, resources, a handy CD-ROM with text listings, and more. Original.
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The path–goal theory of leadership: Some post hoc and ad hoc tests. In L. Hunt & L. Larson (eds), ... Leadership style orientations of senior executives in Australia. ... Psychology and the process of group living (1943).

Author: Nuttawuth Muenjohn

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781108459297

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 456

View: 458

Written by an expert team of Australian academics, Leadership gives students the tools they need to navigate their leadership journey.
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Molecular Marketing Market Leadership Creative Modeling

Molecular Marketing  Market Leadership Creative Modeling

J. Leadership and Motivation: The FiftyJ-'ifty Rule and the Eight Key Principles of Motivating Others. (London and Philadelphia: Kogan Page. 2009]. Alexander, 8.. Bartels, A. Drapeau. M. Making the Number: How to Use Sales Benchmarking ...

Author: Iveta Merlinova

Publisher: CINNAM

ISBN: 9788890884214

Category: Business & Economics


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Vertical Disintegration in the Corporate Hotel Industry

Vertical Disintegration in the Corporate Hotel Industry

(2002) refer to senior managerial capabilities required in order for consolidation to occur: Because of the large number of ... (Oates, 2017) The size of the largest industry firms and the quality of their leadership in the industry is ...

Author: Angela Roper

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317247821

Category: Travel

Page: 182

View: 570

This book evaluates how and why vertical disintegration has occurred in the global corporate hotel industry, as it undergoes a structural transformation. It provides a unique insight into the new competitive landscape. Underpinned by academic literature, it includes first-hand accounts from the most eminent senior executives of firms in and around the industry. It provides an in-depth perspective of a modern industrial phenomenon and makes observations as to the profitable way forward for the industry. This text is an important read for those working, advising and investing in the sector as well as for students, graduates and researchers.
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Leadership in Organizations

Leadership in Organizations

GE translates its strategy of market innovation by identifying market-facing roles in developing new businesses as ... be moved to develop the generalist perspective and skills that are deemed necessary for senior leadership positions.

Author: John Storey

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136926877

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 296

View: 968

Leadership has proved a tricky beast to pin down and the subject has been approached from a variety of perspectives over the years. The beauty of this textbook lies in its role as an illustrative guide though the wilds of an elusive discipline. This second edition of Leadership in Organizations: Current Issues and Key Trends offers a balanced combination of theory and practice to provide an up-to-date account of this multi-faceted topic. Looking at the international and comparative aspects of leadership, Storey also discusses new modes of leadership that will be required to steer organizations to success in a recessive environment. Topics include: Changing theories of leadership Strategy and leadership Ethics and leadership Leadership development in public sector organizations Followership and distributed leadership Leadership development in multi-national firms With improved pedagogical features, this new edition is the ideal text for students of leadership studies, as well as practitioners looking to enhance their leadership skills.
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