Pictures and Popery

Art and Religion in England, 1660-1760

Author: Clare Haynes

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN: 9780754655060

Category: Art

Page: 185

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Pictures and Popery investigates the reception of great Renaissance works of art and wider cultural activities. It also reintroduces the accepted nature of English identity and religious attitudes into the broad historical narrative. In so doing, this book offers a genuinely new and stimulating insight into the cultural, religious and social development of late-Stuart and early-Hanoverian England.

The Look of the Past

Visual and Material Evidence in Historical Practice

Author: L. J. Jordanova

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521882427

Category: Art

Page: 244

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Visual and material sources are central to historical practice and this is a much-needed introduction to using artefacts as evidence.

The Red and the Black

Studies in Greek Pottery

Author: Brian A. Sparkes

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134525583

Category: Social Science

Page: 232

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The Red and the Black covers the major stages in the history of Greek pottery production, both figured and plain, as they are understood today. It provides an up-to-date evaluation of ways of studying Greek pottery and encourages new approaches. There is a detailed analysis of the subject matter of figured scenes covering some of the main preoccupations of ancient Greece: myth, fantasy and everyday life. Furthermore, it sets the artefacts in the context of the societies that produced them, highlighting the social, art historical, mythological and economic information that can be revealed from their study. This volume also covers a hitherto neglected area: the history of the collecting of Greek pottery through the Renaissance and up to the present day. It shows how market values have gradually increased to the high prices of today and goes on to take a closer look at the enthusiasm of the collectors.

Research Methods for History

Author: Simon Gunn

Publisher: Edinburgh University Press

ISBN: 0748654046

Category: Reference

Page: 256

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Providing a lively critical survey of methods for historical research at all levels, this textbook covers well-established sources and methods together with those that are less widely known. It reflects current theoretical and technical approaches to hist

Rethinking France

Les Lieux de Mémoire, Volume 4: Histories and Memories

Author: Pierre Nora,David P. Jordan

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 0226591352

Category: History

Page: 479

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Les Lieux de memoire is perhaps one of the most profound historical documents on the history and culture of the French nation. Assembled by Pierre Nora during the Mitterand years, this multivolume series has been hailed as "a magnificent achievement" (The New Republic) and "the grandest, most ambitious effort to dissect, interpret and celebrate the French fascination with their own past" (The Los Angeles Times). Written during a time when French national identity was undergoing a pivotal change and the nation was struggling to define itself, this unprecedented series consists of essays by prominent historians and cultural commentators which take, as their points of departure, a lieu de memoire: a site of memory used to order, concentrate, and secure notions of France's past. The first volume in the Chicago translation, Rethinking France, brings together works addressing the omnipresent role of the state in French life. As in the other volumes, the lieux de memoire serve as entries into the French past, whether they are actual sites, political traditions, rituals, or even national pastimes and textbooks. Volume I: The State offers a sophisticated and engaging view of the French and their past through widely diverse essays on, for example, the château of Versailles and the French history of absolutism; the Code civil and its ordering of French life; memoirs written by French statesmen; and Charlemagne and his place in French history. Nora's authors constitute a who's who of French academia, yet they wear their erudition lightly. Taken as a whole, this extraordinary series documents how the French have come to see themselves and why. Contributors: Alain Guery, Maurice Agulhon, Bernard Guenee, Daniel Nordman. Robert Morrissey, Alain Boureau, Anne-Marie Lecoq, Helene Himelfarb, Jean Carbonnier, Herve Le Bras, Pierre Nora.--Publisher description.

America After the Fall

Painting in the 1930s

Author: Judith A. Barter,Sarah L. Burns,Annelise K. Madsen,Teresa A. Carbone,Sarah Kelly Oehler

Publisher: Yale University Press

ISBN: 0300214855

Category: ART

Page: 224

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A unique look at America s quest to carve out an artistic identity during the Depression era "

Jefferson's Demons

Portrait of a Restless Mind

Author: Michael Knox Beran

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781439138151

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 288

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"I have often wondered for what good end the sensations of Grief could be intended." -- Thomas Jefferson Thomas Jefferson suffered during his life from periodic bouts of dejection and despair, shadowed intervals during which he was full of "gloomy forebodings" about what lay ahead. Not long before he composed the Declaration of Independence, the young Jefferson lay for six weeks in idleness and ill health at Monticello, paralyzed by a mysterious "malady." Similar lapses were to recur during anxious periods in his life, often accompanied by violent headaches. In Jefferson's Demons, Michael Knox Beran illuminates an optimistic man's darker side -- Jefferson as we have rarely seen him before. The worst of these moments came after his wife died in 1782. But two years later, after being dispatched to Europe, Jefferson recovered nerve and spirit in the salons of Paris, where he fell in love with a beautiful young artist, Maria Cosway. When their affair ended, Jefferson's health again broke down. He set out for the palms and temples of southern Europe, and though he did not know where the therapeutic journey would take him or where it would end, his encounter with the old civilizations of the Mediterranean was transformative. The Greeks and Romans taught him that a man could make productive use of his demons. Jefferson's immersion in the mystic truths of the Old World gave him insights into mysteries of life and art that Enlightenment philosophy had failed to supply. Beran skillfully shows how Jefferson drew on the esoteric lore he encountered to transform anxiety into action. On his return to America, Jefferson entered the most productive period of his life: He created a new political party, was elected president, and doubled the size of the country. His private labors were no less momentous...among them, the artistry of Monticello and the University of Virginia. Jefferson's Demons is an elegantly composed account of the strangeness and originality of one Founder's genius. Michael Knox Beran uncovers the maps Jefferson used to find his way out of dejection and to forge a new democratic culture for America. Here is a Jefferson who, with all his failings, remains one of his country's greatest teachers and prophets.

African art and the colonial encounter

inventing a global commodity

Author: Sidney Littlefield Kasfir

Publisher: Indiana Univ Pr

ISBN: 9780253348920

Category: Art

Page: 381

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Explores African art and artistic production in a volatile global marketplace