How to Start a Blog

A Beginners Guide with 6 Figure Strategies to Profit with Blog Content Writing. Start a Blogging Business to Make Money and Enjoy a New Income System for a Better Life

Author: Jake Hicks

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781704080888


Page: 170

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You Are 1 Click Away From Learning The Ins And Outs Of Blogging That Will Help You Start Blogging And Set Yourself Or Massive Success! A few years ago, blogging was highly sought after as a preferred method of building a brand online and being able to generate passive income from multiple income streams. Whether you wanted to make money as an affiliate, through email marketing, through having a membership area, selling an online course, selling adverting space or through selling software and other digital products; blogging was seen as the master key to all these income streams. These days, you will mostly see people talk about blog success stories of blogs stated before 2010. And I know you might wonder.... In the days of YouTube and Instagram, is blogging still a viable way to make consistent passive income online? If it is, how do you package yourself to be different from the rest? Where do you even start? What do you even blog about that will get you on the path to passive income fast? How do you get your blog to show up top in the search engine results page (SERP) for its relevant keywords when there are thousands of other blogs out there competing for the same slots SERP? How do you make money from blogging these days? How do you make your blog popular, to attract enough visitors to make money off them? This book seeks to answer each of these questions and many others by covering the ins and outs of blogging to prepare you for the success that awaits you the other side, after you've implemented the teachings in the book. The book will teach you: The basics of blogging, including what blogging is all about, how to start a blog with the right mindset and the #1 golden rule of blogging What makes a successful blog so that you can start implementing each component that will move you closer to having your blog succeed The types of blogs that you can opt to create, including how to choose one Important points to consider when starting a blog to set yourself up for success from the beginning How to pick a domain name that will get you and visitors to your blog get excited How to choose the right CMS for your blog How to choose a niche How to grind through the first few months as a blogger and emerge successful by creating amazing, search engine optimized content that gets good click through rates, shares and comments How to create blog posts that have the potential to go viral How to market/promote your blog to generate a consistent stream of new visitors Powerful ways to optimize your blog the easy way to generate truckloads of passive income, explained in a beginner friendly style How to leverage the power of email marketing on your blog How to transform your blog into a full-fledged money minting business How the taste of success as a blogger feels like And much more! Whether you've never tried to blog before or tried to start some blogs with little or no success, you will find this book helpful, as it is written in a step by step, easy to follow, beginner friendly style! Don't wait... Blogging is still a key player in creating online brands.... Click Buy Now With 1-Click or Buy Now to get started!