Pain Free Sitting Standing and Walking

Pain Free Sitting  Standing  and Walking

In this accessible workbook, Craig Williamson, a respected occupational and massage therapist, demonstrates how by just doing these three basic actions with optimal body alignment and attention, you can help free yourself from existing pain ...

Author: Craig Williamson

Publisher: Shambhala Publications

ISBN: 9780834828551

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 140

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Most of us take the acts of sitting, standing, and walking for granted, but for those suffering from back, muscle, and joint pain, even these seemingly simple actions can be extremely uncomfortable. Poor body alignment or habitual movement patterns that crop up when we compensate for a bad back or painful neck can only further exacerbate existing issues—and create new problems. In this accessible workbook, Craig Williamson, a respected occupational and massage therapist, demonstrates how by just doing these three basic actions with optimal body alignment and attention, you can help free yourself from existing pain and prevent further injury.
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8 Steps to a Pain Free Back

8 Steps to a Pain Free Back

Natural Posture Solutions for Pain in the Back, Neck, Shoulder, Hip, Knee, and
Foot Esther Gokhale Susan Adams. Note that the Dinka ... I taught Khow to sit, lie,
stand, bend, and walk in the ways described in this book. Reestablishing pelvic ...

Author: Esther Gokhale

Publisher: Pendo Press

ISBN: 9780979303685

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 244

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With a fresh approach to a common problem, this self-help guide to overcoming back pain advocates adopting the natural, healthy posture of athletes, young children, and people from traditional societies the world over. Arguing that most of what our culture has taught us about posture is misguided—even unhealthy—and exploring the current epidemic of back pain, many of the commonly cited reasons for the degeneration of spinal discs and the stress on muscles that leads to back pain are examined and debunked. The historical and anthropological roots of poor posture in Western cultures are studied as is the absence of back pain complaints in the cultures of Africa, Asia, South America, and rural Europe. Eight detailed chapters provide illustrated step-by-step instructions for making simple, powerful changes to seated, standing, and sleeping positions. No special equipment or exercise is required, and effects are often immediate.
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Physical Rehabilitation E Book

Physical Rehabilitation   E Book

Goals Reduced pain, normal trunk ROM, normal lower extremity and abdominal
strength, pain-free sitting, standing, and ... body mechanics, and the use of a
lumbar roll and was instructed to begin short bouts of walking within her

Author: Michelle H. Cameron

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 9781416065319

Category: Medical

Page: 1120

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The only physical rehabilitation text modeled after the concepts of the APTA’s Guide to Physical Therapist Practice, 2nd Edition, this detailed resource provides the most complete coverage of rehabilitation across the preferred practice patterns of physical therapy all in one place! Each chapter is consistently organized to make it easy to find the information you need, with clear guidelines, examples, and summaries based on the latest clinical evidence to help you improve quality of care and ensure positive patient outcomes. In-depth, evidence-based coverage of more key content areas than any other rehabilitation resource of its kind, including orthopedics, neurology, and wound management, ensures a comprehensive understanding of rehabilitation supported by the latest clinical research. More than 65 case studies present a problem-based approach to rehabilitation and detail practical, real-world applications. Over 600 full-color illustrations clarify concepts and techniques. A FREE companion CD prepares you for practice with printable examination forms and reference lists from the text linked to Medline abstracts and reinforces understanding through interactive boards-style review questions, and vocabulary-building exercises.
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Natural Posture for Pain Free Living

Natural Posture for Pain Free Living

BYLEARNING HOW TO SIT, stand, bend, walk, and sleep, you will have the basic
tools for applying principles of natural alignment to just about everything you do.
This is not hard to do; the biggest stumbling block is simply remembering to pay ...

Author: Kathleen Porter

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781620551417

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 320

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Restoring healthy posture from childhood for relief from chronic pain, easy flexibility, and enduring strength and vitality well into old age • Offers 12 physical exercises to become mindful of your posture and discover pain-free alignment of your pelvis, rib cage, shoulders, neck, and back • Provides simple yet detailed instructions on how to sit, stand, walk, bend, get up from a chair, sit to meditate, sleep, and practice yoga with proper alignment • Includes full-color diagrams and posture photographs from around the world Our bones are the framework of support for our bodies, much like the wall studs and beams of a house. Yet the alignment of the skeleton along the vertical axis of gravity is largely overlooked today, even by fitness experts and yoga teachers. In a culture of cocked hips, sauntering models, and slouching TV watchers, where “chin up, shoulders back, stomach in” is believed to be good posture, we have forgotten what healthy alignment looks and feels like--leading to chronic neck, shoulder, and back pain for millions. Sharing photographs from around the world of “gurus” of natural posture and authentic strength, such as women in their 80s who easily carry heavy loads on their heads and toddlers learning to walk, Kathleen Porter shows what natural skeletal alignment truly looks like. With insights based on the fundamental laws of physics and detailed full-color diagrams, she guides you through an understanding of the body’s naturally pain-free design. She explains that when the body is aligned as nature intended, your weight is supported by your bones rather than your muscles, allowing a blissful release from chronic muscular tension--which you may not even be aware you had. She offers 12 physical exercises to become mindful of your posture and discover healthy alignment of your pelvis, rib cage, shoulders, neck, and your body as a whole. Providing easy-to-follow instructions for mindful alignment during the most ordinary daily activities, even sleeping, as well as a chapter on practicing yoga safely, Porter shows how returning to our forgotten alignment from childhood can offer relief from chronic pain and tension and can provide easy flexibility, enduring strength, and vitality well into old age.
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7 Steps to a Pain Free Life

7 Steps to a Pain Free Life

How to Rapidly Relieve Back and Neck Pain Robin McKenzie, Craig Kubey.
Figure 5.5b Bring ... Any activity made his symptoms worse, to the point that he
had to lie down to get relief. These activities included sitting, standing, and

Author: Robin McKenzie

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101219461

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 224

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A fully revised and updated edition of the program that’s sold more than 5.5 million copies worldwide—plus a new chapter addressing shoulder pain Since the McKenzie Method was first developed in the 1960s, millions of people have successfully used it to free themselves from chronic back and neck pain. Now, Robin McKenzie has updated his innovative program and added a new chapter on relieving shoulder pain. In 7 Steps to a Pain-Free Life, you’ll learn: · Common causes of lower back, neck pain and shoulder pain · The vital role discs play in back and neck health · Easy exercises that alleviate pain immediately Considered the treatment of choice by health care professionals throughout the world, 7 Steps to a Pain-Free Life will help you find permanent relief from back, neck, and shoulder pain.
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Joshi and Kotwal s Essentials of Orthopedics and Applied Physiotherapy E book

Joshi and Kotwal s Essentials of Orthopedics and Applied Physiotherapy  E book

Knee TABLE Rating Scale for Pain and Functions 34.2 (50 Points) Pain-free
standing and long walk 50 Mild pain, ... floor squats and ambulatory advances
such as stair climbing; usually, the pain and discomfort are relieved on sitting or
lying ...

Author: Prakash P Kotwal

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 9788131255483

Category: Medical

Page: 650

View: 218

Chapters are rearranged into well-defined sections as per syllabus. • Newer surgical concepts as well as physiotherapy techniques have been added within the chapters. • The references have been updated. • Week-wise rehabilitation protocols for common post-surgical conditions included. conditions and physiotherapy procedures. Content is thoroughly revised and updated in all chapters and format is changed to four color. A new chapter on Geriatrics is added, which includes review of examination and assessment of the geriatric patients. Many clinical photographs, radiographs, tables and line arts are added for better understanding of orthopedic.
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Spinal Injection Techniques

Spinal Injection Techniques

It is best to let the patient show where the pain is coming from, or where it
radiates to, by pointing with their finger. ... the effects of position and weight-
bearing, and also about when the pain appears: during the day, at night, mainly
when sitting, standing, when walking, etc. ... It ranges from pain-free = 0 to worst
pain imaginable = 10 (see Chapter 4, “Multimodal Medication Concomitant
Therapy”; ▷ Fig.

Author: Theordoros Theodoridis

Publisher: Thieme

ISBN: 9783132414488

Category: Medical

Page: 308

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Written by a multidisciplinary team of experts, Spinal Injection Techniques presents the most effective methods for injecting pharmaceuticals to address acute and chronic pain originating from the cervical spine to the sacrum. This new, second edition has been extensively revised and updated with replacement of many images and addition of an extended chapter with tips and tricks on diagnostic and clinical examination. The authors' emphasis is on techniques that represent viable alternatives to spine surgery and do not rely on diagnostic imaging. The first section of the book provides a general overview of the basic principles, diagnostics, and causal as well as symptomatic pain therapy for the spine. The second section, created in an atlas format, includes chapters on spinal anatomy and pain signaling, techniques for injection therapy of the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine, management of potential complications and side effects, and multimodal spine therapy. Illustrated using real-life photographs from the authors' practice, each technique-related chapter guides the reader step-by-step and with great confidence through the injection procedures. Highlights: Provides detailed coverage of injection therapy using anatomic landmarks, without the use of image guidance Features minimally invasive spine therapy for inpatient and outpatient settings, with concomitant pharmaceutical treatments Includes essential information on contraindications and patient consent More than 500 color illustrations and photographs demonstrating the relevant anatomy, patient positioning, and accurate needle placement Conceived as a practical guide and useful compendium, Spinal Injection Techniques is invaluable for orthopedists and practitioners in physical medicine and rehabilitation. It is also a handy reference for anesthesiologists, neurologists, and rheumatologists with a specific interest in pain therapy for the spine.
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Orthopedic Rehabilitation Clinical Advisor E Book

Orthopedic Rehabilitation Clinical Advisor   E Book

Passive trunk extension is usually painfree and unrestricted. AGGRAVATING
ACTIVITIES • Lifting • Twisting • Forward bending • SittingStandingWalking
There may be pain with sustained postures or positions EASING ACTIVITIES ...

Author: Derrick Sueki

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 9780323072526

Category: Medical

Page: 984

View: 642

Access the information you need to confidently diagnose and treat musculoskeletal disorders at a glance! With a "5-books-in-1" approach, this essential clinical reference provides up-to-date diagnostic and therapeutic information on over 200 orthopedic conditions in a bulleted, quick-reference format ideal for both students and practitioners. Content is written entirely by orthopedic physical therapists and is logically organized to promote accurate, efficient differential diagnosis and intervention. '5-books-in-1' format combines essential content on foundational knowledge, clinical reasoning, orthopedic pathologies, common clinical questions, and pharmacology all in one place for fast, efficient reference. UNIQUE: Expert insight and decision-making strategies for the rehabilitation of musculoskeletal pathologies help you apply sound clinical reasoning to determine the needs of patients with musculoskeletal disorders. UNIQUE: Succinct, bulleted text organizes information consistently for easy access. Clinician-oriented profiles cover 200 orthopedic pathologies with considerations specific to your needs in orthopedic rehabilitation practice. 51 drug class monographs detail indications, dosages, contraindications and physical therapy implications to help you better understand drug interactions and more effectively manage patients.
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Manual Physical Therapy of the Spine E Book

Manual Physical Therapy of the Spine   E Book

O'Sullivan and Beales proposed a classification for pelvic girdle pain disorders
based on an examination to include palpation and ... with weight-bearing
postures, such as sitting, standing, and walking, and loaded activities that induce
rotation pelvic strain coupled with spine and ... These disorders may gain
temporary relief with manual therapy techniques, but for long-term improvements,
comprehensive ...

Author: Kenneth A. Olson

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 9781416069447

Category: Medical

Page: 368

View: 787

A hands-on, how-to approach helps you learn techniques and clinical problem-solving skills for treating spine and TMJ disorders! Written by a well-known authority on the subject of spinal manipulation in physical therapy, this book provides the information you need to make sound decisions during clinical interventions. An evidence-based impairment classification approach helps you provide the best outcomes for your patients. A companion DVD includes video clips demonstrating spinal examination and manipulation procedures. Specifically for physical therapists dedicated to spinal manipulation! Complete coverage meets the core curriculum needs of physical therapy students, and provides an excellent self-study tool for clinicians wanting to enhance their practice. Detailed information on treatment strategies and techniques includes evidence-based coverage of the examination and treatment of spine and TMJ disorders, with an emphasis on integration of manipulation and therapeutic exercise. A framework for completing a comprehensive exam includes medical screening, patient interview, disability assessment, and tests and measures, along with an evaluation of the examination findings and the principles involved in arriving at a diagnosis and plan of care. Narrated video clips on a companion DVD include step-by-step instructions of each procedure, plus a unique 3-dimensional perspective of over 80 spinal manipulations and procedures (frontal, lateral, and cranial views). A DVD icon in the book links the text discussion to the DVD. Case studies demonstrate the clinical reasoning used in manual physical therapy. Guide to Physical Therapist Practice terminology is used throughout the book, making the content easier to understand and promoting conformity in terminology. Clear photographs show essential concepts and procedures from multiple angles, illustrating hand and body placement and direction of force. A clear, consistent format makes this a convenient reference in the clinical setting. Lay-flat binding allows the text to lay open for ease of use.
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The Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica

The Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica

Trembling of the hands and fingers , on holding them free , ' . ... Cramplike pain
on the ball of the left hand , : — Cramplike pain in the hands and fingers ,
especially in the joints , particularly ... while sitting , with tottering , ' : - Weakness
of the knee - joints , even to giving way , more while standing than while walking ;
worse ...

Author: Timothy Field Allen


ISBN: UOM:39015067920580

Category: Homeopathy


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Postsurgical Rehabilitation Guidelines for the Orthopedic Clinician E Book

Postsurgical Rehabilitation Guidelines for the Orthopedic Clinician   E Book

... improved tolerance to loaded positions (sitting, standing, and walking) •
Increase the time between peripheralization of ... Patients are progressed to the
dynamic stabilization phase when they have full pain-free AROM of the lumbar
spine, ...

Author: HSS

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 9780323059008

Category: Medical

Page: 608

View: 775

Designed to help therapists provide post-surgical rehabilitation based on best practices and evidence-based research, this comprehensive reference presents effective guidelines for postsurgical rehabilitation interventions. Its authoritative material is drawn from the most current literature in the field as well as contributions from expert physical therapists, occupational therapists, and athletic trainers affiliated with the Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS). A DVD accompanies the book, featuring over 60 minutes of video of patients demonstrating various therapeutic exercises spanning the different phases of postsurgical rehabilitation. Examples include hand therapy procedures, working with post-surgical patients with cerebral palsy, sports patient injuries, and pediatric procedures for disorders such as torticollis. Material represents the best practices of experts with the Hospital of Special Surgery, one of the best known and most respected orthopedic hospitals. Phases of treatment are defined in tables to clearly show goals, precautions, treatment strategies and criteria for surgery. Many of the treatment strategies are shown in videos on the accompanying DVD, enabling the user to watch the procedure that is discussed in the text. Information on pediatric and geriatric patients explores differing strategies for treating these populations. Treatments specific to sports injuries are presented, highlighting the different rehabilitation procedures available for athletes. An entire section on hand rehabilitation provides the latest information for hand specialists. Information on the latest treatment strategies for hip replacement presents complete information on one of the most common procedures. Easy-to-follow guidelines enable practitioners to look up a procedure and quickly see the recommended rehabilitation strategy. A troubleshooting section provides solutions for common problems that may occur following each phase of the rehabilitation process. Broad coverage addresses both traditional techniques as well as newer methods in a single resource. Clear photos and illustrations show how to correctly perform the techniques described in the book.
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Surgery of the Hip E Book

Surgery of the Hip E Book

All patients noted relief of pain, and of the 3 sitting patients preoperatively, 2
became household ambulators postoperatively. In addition, most of the ...
Potential standing or walking, transfer ability, or upright sitting in a wheelchair.
Mental ...

Author: Daniel J. Berry

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 9781455727056

Category: Medical

Page: 1352

View: 344

Surgery of the Hip is your definitive, comprehensive reference for hip surgery, offering coverage of state-of-the-art procedures for both adults and children. Modelled after Insall & Scott Surgery of the Knee, it presents detailed guidance on the latest approaches and techniques, so you can offer your patients - both young and old - the best possible outcomes. Consult this title on your favorite e-reader, conduct rapid searches, and adjust font sizes for optimal readability. Compatible with Kindle®, nook®, and other popular devices. Master the latest methods such as the use of fixation devices for proximal femoral fractures, hip preservation surgery, and problems with metal on metal-bearing implants. Make optimal use of the latest imaging techniques, surgical procedures, equipment, and implants available. Navigate your toughest clinical challenges with vital information on total hip arthroplasty, pediatric hip surgery, trauma, and hip tumor surgery. Browse the complete contents online, view videos of select procedures, and download all the images at!
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Orthopaedic Rehabilitation of the Athlete

Orthopaedic Rehabilitation of the Athlete

Stretching and Flexibility Techniques for the Musculotendinous Unit • Stretching
to limit of pain allowable • Gentle hamstring ... Encourage functional walking to
tolerance • Lower extremity strengthening to pain tolerance • Education on
wearing and removing LSO brace ... (ODI), between 20% and 40% • Able to sit
and stand with spinal neutral mechanics • Pain-free transitional movements (i.e.,
sit to stand, ...

Author: Bruce Reider

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 9781455737437

Category: Medical

Page: 1680

View: 899

Prevent athletic injuries and promote optimal recovery with the evidence-based guidelines and protocols inside Orthopaedic Rehabilitation of the Athlete! Practical, expert guidance; a templated, user-friendly format make this rehab reference ideal for any practitioner working with athletes! Consult this title on your favorite e-reader, conduct rapid searches, and adjust font sizes for optimal readability. Apply targeted, evidence-based strategies for all internationally popular athletic activities, including those enjoyed by older adults. Ensure optimal care from injury prevention through follow up 2 years post injury. Make safe recommendations for non-chemical performance enhancement.
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My Bout with Multiple Myeloma

My Bout with Multiple Myeloma

Standing and sitting were relatively pain- and discomfort-free. Changing ... As the
semester moved along, I spent more time sitting, less time standing and walking,
and I moved even more slowly to not aggravate the muscles in my left side.

Author: Dennis Dinger


ISBN: 9780557826056

Category: Science

Page: 226

View: 829

In 2008, the author was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, which is a blood plasma cancer. This book chronicles the author's battle - to include the times prior to diagnosis, the diagnosis itself, the treatments (four cycles of chemotherapy followed by one high dose cycle and an autologous stem cell transplant), and the recuperation period following all treatments. Since 2009, the cancer has been in complete remission. In this book, the author includes descriptions of most of the procedures to which he was subject, and he gives helpful hints and suggestions to others who may have to deal with this or other cancers. The book was written for those who have been similarly diagnosed, as well as for their family members and friends who may be called upon to support their loved ones through similar battles.
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Back in Balance Use the Alexander Technique to Combat Neck Shoulder and Back Pain

Back in Balance  Use the Alexander Technique to Combat Neck  Shoulder and Back Pain

This brought only temporary relief and as time went by even the powerful
painkilling drugs I was taking became less and less effective. It was not long ... I
could not sit, stand or walk without pain shooting through my whole body. It was
like a ...

Author: Richard Brennan

Publisher: Duncan Baird Publishers

ISBN: 9781780286198

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 192

View: 476

Helping you to discover how your posture and movements may be having a detrimental effect on your health, this guide draws on the Alexander Technique to give you new ways of performing daily activities to reduce back and joint pain, and make your life pain free. According to recent figures, back pain has now reached epidemic proportions with millions of people across the globe experiencing severe muscular pain every year. But help is at hand with Back in Balance, an easy-to-understand practical book designed to help readers discover the cause of their own individual back problem and offer them an effective and lasting solution to their suffering.
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The Weekend Athlete s Way to a Pain free Monday

The Weekend Athlete s Way to a Pain free Monday

WALKING AND BACKACHE When you walk on a level surface , your stomach
muscles are almost completely relaxed but ... the famous orthopedic surgeon and
authority on the back , applies to all kinds of mobility : " Always sit , stand , walk ...

Author: Hyman Jampol

Publisher: Tarcher

ISBN: PSU:000031439107

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 119

View: 134

Outlines a weekly program of stretching exercises designed to develop general muscle and body tone
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Back Pain A Movement Problem E Book

Back Pain   A Movement Problem E Book

Do 'pain free' and 'healthy controls' used in research design necessarily move in
a well adapted way? ... integrated versus more primitive control Most of us
develop the quantitative motor milestones – the ability to sit stand and walk and
so on.

Author: Josephine Key

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 9780702049088

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 400

View: 349

Back Pain: a movement problem is a practical manual to assist all students and clinicians concerned with the evaluation, diagnosis and management of the movement related problems seen in those with spinal pain disorders. It offers an integrative model of posturomovement dysfunction which describes the more commonly observed features and related key patterns of altered control. This serves as a framework, guiding the practitioner’s assessment of the individual patient. Examines aspects of motor control and functional movement in the spine, its development, and explores probable reasons why it is altered in people with back pain Maps the more common clinical patternsof presentation in those with spinal pain and provides a simple clinical classification system based upon posturomovement impairments Integrates contemporary science with the insights of extensive clinical practice Integrates manual and exercise therapy and provides guiding principles for more rational therapeutic interventions: which patterns of movement in general need to be encouraged which to lessen and how to do so Abundantly illustrated to present concepts and to illustrate the difference between so-called normal and dysfunctrional presentations Written by a practitioner for practitioners
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Vascular Disease An Issue of Cardiology Clinics

Vascular Disease  An Issue of Cardiology Clinics

This benefit is noted in the increased maximal and pain-free walk distances, as
well as improvements in quality of life and ... to elicit moderate claudication pain
in 3–5 minutes, then initiate a period of sitting or standing rest until pain subsides,

Author: Leonardo C. Clavijo

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 9780323354547

Category: Medical

Page: 185

View: 170

The entire spectrum of vascular disease is examined in this issue of Cardiology Clinics. Topics include carotid artery disease, endovascular interventions for thoracic and abdominal aortic aneurismal disease, critical limb ischemia, contemporary treatment of venous thromboembolic disease, renal artery stenosis, resistant hypertension, advances in peripheral arterial disease revascularization, stroke interventions, medical management of PAD, pre-operatory evaluation of vascular patients.
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Fundamentals of Chiropractic E Book

Fundamentals of Chiropractic   E Book

formulated the revolutionary gate control theory of pain, which demonstrates how
pain is modulated in the dorsal horn of the spinal cord by both ascending
facilitatory and ... Initial inquiries regard basic functions, such as sitting, standing,
walking, and bending activities. ... Some patients may have a weight-bearing
sensitivity, but they may be relatively pain-free in non–weight-bearing positions.

Author: Daniel Redwood

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 9780323071338

Category: Medical

Page: 718

View: 326

This textbook introduces and explains basic chiropractic philosophy and history, principles, and applications in practice. In addition to covering chiropractic care techniques, it also discusses anatomy, biomechanics, and physiology, as well as spinal analysis and diagnostic procedures. Key scientific and philosophical issues within the chiropractic community are addressed. Clearly presented material in an easy-to-follow format defines unfamiliar terms, explains and illustrates concepts, and reinforces ideas through review and critical thinking questions. The book's broad scope and discussions of diverse topics make it ideal for students or anyone in the chiropractic community. Topics and content parallel the test plan outlines from the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners, ensuring that all material is relevant, up-to-date, and accurate. Well-known chapter contributors - some of the most respected and influential names in the field - give the book a balanced approach, reflecting the diversity within the profession on issues related to the science and philosophy of chiropractic. Well-referenced discussions include the most up-to-date research. Key terms and critical thinking/review questions in each chapter familiarize the reader with important concepts and promote a solid understanding of the material.
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Contemporary Issues in Chronic Pain Management

Contemporary Issues in Chronic Pain Management

Pain present, cannot be ignored, interferes with all tasks except taking care of
basic needs such as toileting and eating ( ). ... A pain diary is a log of daily
activities in which the respondent records, at intervals of 1 hour or less, every day
, the amount of time spent sitting, standing, walking, ... of pain behavior — and to
an extent the underlying disease state engendering the pain — on controlled and
free ...

Author: Winston C.V. Parris

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9781461538882

Category: Medical

Page: 311

View: 570

PROFESSOR SIR KENNETH L. STUART Pain control has become one ofmedicine's most rapidly growing disciplines, and Iwelcome the opportunity to write this foreword to abook that Iam sure will make its own unique contribution to advancing this discipline. My pleasure in writing it is heightened by my pride in the fact that its editor was at one time an undergraduate student of mine at the University of the West Indies in Jamaica. One of the uncertainties teachers always face is that they can never predict how their charges will turn out. This uncertainty has been happily resolved. Dr. Parris' professional career has been marked by the same dedication and commitment that characterized his undergraduate days and that clearly has been brought to the preparation of this scholarly and practical work. Pain reliefhas been until recently acomparatively neglected field. Its neglect was determined not so much by lack ofprofessional awareness ofits import ance but mainly because so little could be done about it in the past.
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