Developing and Testing a Method for Using 911 Calls for Identifying Potential Pre-Planning Terrorist Surveillance Activities

Author: John Hollywood

Publisher: DIANE Publishing

ISBN: 1437929796


Page: 122

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This project developed and tested an analytic method for extracting useful info. from suspicious behavior reports that were voluntarily given by concerned citizens using 911. The objectives were to: (1) Apply data mining approaches to a commonly available data source in order to produce operationally relevant findings; (2) Develop and document an analytic process that identifies, analyzes, prioritizes, and visualizes suspicious activity data that law enforcement agencies or fusion centers can incorporate into their standard operating procedures; (3) Identify successful processes that allow state and local agencies to integrate and analyze multiple data sources related to potential terrorist threats. Charts and tables.

State and Local Intelligence in the War on Terrorism

Author: K. Jack Riley,Gregory F. Treverton,Jeremy M. Wilson,Lois M. Davis

Publisher: Rand Corporation

ISBN: 0833040944

Category: Political Science

Page: 90

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Examines how state and local law enforcement agencies conducted and supported counterterrorism intelligence activities after 9/11. The report analyzes data from a 2002 survey of law enforcement preparedness in the context of intelligence, shows how eight local law enforcement agencies handle intelligence operations, and suggests ways that the job of gathering and analyzing intelligence might best be shared among federal, state, and local agencies.

Sense and Respond Logistics

Integrating Prediction, Responsiveness, and Control Capabilities

Author: Robert S. Tripp,Mahyar A. Amouzegar,Ronald G. McGarvey

Publisher: Rand Corporation

ISBN: 0833039784

Category: Political Science

Page: 102

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This monograph describes some of the research that has been conducted on the military combat support system. It identifies the elements of sense and respond combat support and shows what is necessary to implement the concept. The monograph points out the need for both predictive tools and responsive systems working together. It also describes elements of one of the key enabler of sense and response combat support, combat support command and control.


Documents of International and Local Control

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Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780195398083

Category: Terrorism

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