For The Sake Of Their Son Mills Boon Desire The Alpha Brotherhood Book 5

For The Sake Of Their Son  Mills   Boon Desire   The Alpha Brotherhood  Book 5

“I'm trying to call a truce so we can figure out how to plan our son's future.” “By telling me to ditch my clothes? You obviously missed class the day they ...

Author: Catherine Mann

Publisher: HarperCollins UK

ISBN: 9781472048974

Category: Fiction

Page: 192

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For the Sake of Their Son After one reckless night of passion resulting in a baby, Elliot and Lucy Ann’s friendship is in tatters. Although women line up for the race-car driver’s attention, Elliot only wants a second chance with Lucy Ann and his son. He’s willing to do anything to convince her that he wants more than just marriage. He wants her.
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Social Reproduction

Social Reproduction

... arts and growth in productive processes is well expressed by Frye in the following ... and it is impelled by the force that we have just called desire .

Author: Antonella Picchio

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521418720

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 193

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This book focuses on the relationship between the process of producing commodities and the process of social reproduction of the labouring population, and seeks to restore that problematic relationship to the central place it had in the analysis of Smith, Ricardo, and Marx.
Categories: Business & Economics

Evidence of Desire

Evidence of Desire

Why don't you call in one of the big boys and let them handle this, and when I've got some free time, maybe we can go to dinner and I'll fill you in.

Author: Lexi Blake

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9780399587498

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

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A fast-paced contemporary romance that sizzles from the New York Times bestselling author of Order of Protection where passion for the law isn't the only thing heating up the courtroom. Isla Shayne knows she's in over her head. As former all-star linebacker Trey Adams's personal lawyer, she's used to handling his business dealings and private financial matters, not murder charges. She needs to find an experienced criminal attorney who speaks her client's language. David Cormack of Garrison, Cormack and Lawless is exactly what she needs in the courtroom--and the only man she wants in the bedroom. For David, taking on the Adams case means diving back into a world he thought he'd left behind and colliding head on with tragic possibilities he's in no mood to face. There's a reason professional football is in his past and no matter how close Isla gets to the truth he intends to leave it there. But long days working on the case together lead to hot nights in each other's arms. As their feelings grow, the case takes a deadly twist that could change the game between the two lovers forever.
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Hustling With God

Hustling With God

The prefix of desire is de-, which means to remove from. ... and we now know that the conscious impulse that we call desire, is a feeling that's “removed ...

Author: Wayne Lee

Publisher: Wayne Lee

ISBN: 9781734444605

Category: Religion

Page: 85

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Have you ever asked God, “What should I be doing to be successful!?!” Wayne Lee delivers a powerful, intimate and life-changing testimony on how to invite God into the financial aspects of your life to create the type of worth you desire to have!! #Gottamakit
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A Conceptual analytic Study of Classical Indian Philosophy of Morals

A Conceptual analytic Study of Classical Indian Philosophy of Morals

A desire is always for some means to attain some ends and not for ... no point in calling a desire a puruṣārtha , we can definitely call kāmanā basic to all ...

Author: Rajendra Prasad

Publisher: Concept Publishing Company

ISBN: 8180695441

Category: Ethics

Page: 452

View: 601

Using recontructive ideas available in classical Indian original works, this book makes a departure in the style of modern writings on Indian moral philosophy. It presents Indian ethics, in an objective, secular, and wherever necessary, critical manner as a systematic, down-to-earth, philosophical account of moral values, virtues, rights and obligations. It thereby refutes the claim that Indian philosophy has no ethics as well as the counter-claim that it transcends ethics. It demonstrates that moral living proves that the individual, his society and the world are really real and not only taken to be real for behavioral purposes as the Advaitins hold, the self is amoral being a non-agent, moksa is not a moral value, and the Karmic theory, because of involving belief in rebirth, does not fuarantee that the doer of an action is also the experiencer of its results, contrary to what is commonly held, and Indian ethics can sustain itself even if such notions are dropped. Rajendra Prasad calls Indian ethics organismic because, along with ethical concerns, it also covers issues related to professions, politics, administration, sex, environment, etc. Therefore, in one format it is theoretical and applied, normative and metaethical, humanistic and non-humanistic, etc., of course, within the limits of the then cognitive enquiry.
Categories: Ethics

The Crime of Poverty

The Crime of Poverty

We want more clothing; more sugar; more of all sorts of the good things that are called »goods«; and yet by this system of taxation we virtually put up a ...

Author: Henry George

Publisher: epubli

ISBN: 9783844282764

Category: Political Science


View: 158

Speeches and articles from 1877 to 1890 are all about poverty caused by the private property in land. The approach is different, adapted to the audience in question.
Categories: Political Science

Happiness Is All We Want

Happiness Is All We Want

The intensity of these waves defines what we call tension in our daily lives. Just sit quietly for a while, observing your thoughts; you will realize what ...

Author: Ashutosh Mishra

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9789386250094

Category: Self-Help

Page: 216

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Today, we are leading our lives in mindless pursuit, unable even to articulate what we are pursuing. We are unhappy even after achieving what we desire. Happiness is all we want! suggests that the source of peace and happiness is within us, if we know the secret. The book's objective is to help us unlock that secret and attain a high level of overall well-being in order to lead a happy and fulfilling life and be the healthiest we can be, mentally and physically. A wide variety of tools and techniques are explained in simple language. Many real life experiences of the author as well as other people are interspersed through the book. Demystifying the spiritual aspect of wellbeing, this book integrates it with your life objectives. You can immensely improve not only the peace and happiness in your life but your beauty and appearance as well.
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Documents relative to the colonial history of the state of New York

Documents relative to the colonial history of the state of New York

... Sr as the Moheggs are furthermost from us we now call them the end of the six Nations and desire them to accept of this Calumet as a sincere dc solemn ...

Author: J.R. Brodhead

Publisher: Рипол Классик

ISBN: 9785880277988

Category: History

Page: 1167

View: 398

Documents relative to the colonial history of the state of New-York : procured in Holland, England, and France.Volume 5. Transcripts of Documents in the Queen’s State Paper Office; in the Office of the Privy Council; in the British Museum; and in the Library of the Archbishop of Canterbury at Lambeth, in London. London documents: XVII-XXIV (1707-1723).
Categories: History

Death Desire and Loss in Western Culture

Death  Desire  and Loss in Western Culture

... sometimes retarded , ' and when this deviation from the rule is detrimental to the ends of the whole organism , we call it disease ' ( pp . 55z—3 ) .

Author: Jonathan Dollimore

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 0415921740

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 384

View: 365

The relationship between sex and death has long intrigued Western thinkers. Dollimore traces this preoccupation from the works of the philosophers of the ancient world, through the early Christian theologians, to the 19th and 20th centuries and our supposedly sophisticated perspective.
Categories: Family & Relationships

Essays on Some Theological Questions of the Day

Essays on Some Theological Questions of the Day

When we are acting , feeling arises , and it sustains or checks us in the activity ... If the desire is almost without expectation of fruition we call it a ...

Author: Henry Barclay Swete

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781725209350

Category: Religion

Page: 614

View: 805

This volume of essays on Christian doctrine was the product of an attempt to provide scholarship representative of Cambridge theology in the early twentieth-century. Edited by the great H.B. Swete, the volume presents essays by such noted scholars as F.R. Tennant, William Cunningham, William Barnes, F.J. Foakes-Jackson, and J.F. Bethune-Baker.
Categories: Religion

Plato and the Question of Beauty

Plato and the Question of Beauty

It represents one of the first accounts that what we now call ''sexual ... 193a this is glossed as: ''So the desire and pursuit of wholeness is called love.

Author: Drew A. Hyland

Publisher: Indiana University Press

ISBN: 9780253219770

Category: Philosophy

Page: 150

View: 256

Reveals the intimate connection between beauty and the philosophical life
Categories: Philosophy

What I Believe

What I Believe

My desire to drink myself silly is just a desire, but it is at odds with my desire to wake ... We therefore call benevolence, helpfulness and kindness good.

Author: Bertrand Russell

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136987359

Category: Philosophy

Page: 70

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Along with Why I Am Not a Christian, this essay must rank as the most articulate example of Russell's famed atheism. It is also one of the most notorious. Used as evidence in a 1940 court case in which Russell was declared unfit to teach college-level philosophy, What I Believe was to become one of his most defining works. The ideas contained within were and are controversial, contentious and - to the religious - downright blasphemous. A remarkable work, it remains the best concise introduction to Russell's thought.
Categories: Philosophy

The System of Antichrist

The System of Antichrist

you ' is defined by its desires , as the one who lacks and therefore desires material ... If , using Tantric terminology , we call this Divine Self Shiva ' ...

Author: Charles Upton

Publisher: Sophia Perennis

ISBN: 0900588381

Category: Religion

Page: 88

View: 289

The System of Antichrist examines the present religious and cultural scene from the standpoint of traditional metaphysics and critiques the New Age spiritualities within their postmodern context. Its many references to Rene Guenon and Frithjof Schuon also help introduce these important but little-known 'traditionalist' thinkers. The book presents lore relating to the 'latter days' of the present cycle from the vantage point of comparative religion, drawing upon relevant doctrines from Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Zoroastrianism, and the Native American traditions. It also speculates upon the social, psychic, and spiritual nature of that being known to Christianity, Judaism, and Islam as the Antichrist, presenting him as both an individual and a system and warning those willing to be warned against the spiritual seduction and terror he represents, and against the regime which will be-and is-the social expression of that seduction and that terror. Finally, in tracing the roots of Antichrist in the fallen nature of man, the author sketches the particular quality of spirituality proper to apocalyptic times, the dangers it faces, the unique opportunities open to it. And along the way he describes his own course from the 'spiritual revolution' of the 1960s, through the world of New Age spiritualities, to the threshold of traditional esoterism and metaphysics. As he says, speaking of the angst that characterizes the modern world: 'The specific medicine for the shock of despair is the deeper shock of meaning. Nothing but the weight of eternity, breaking through the thin, brittle shell of the postmodern sky, can set us on our feet.'"
Categories: Religion

The Month

The Month

with all his qualities , and rejoice in him and forgive him even as we rejoice ... This love causes the motion of the will called desire , ja 2æ . xxvii .



ISBN: BML:37001200160930



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Harlequin Desire June 2017 Box Set 2 of 2

Harlequin Desire June 2017   Box Set 2 of 2

I'm not the one who made this phone call, Gio. I don't want anything from you,” she said, ... “Then we are finished together, yes?” Big yes, she thought.

Author: Maureen Child

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 9781488015847

Category: Fiction

Page: 192

View: 837

Do you love stories with sexy, romantic heroes who have it all—wealth, status, and incredibly good looks? Harlequin® Desire brings you all this and more with these three new full-length titles in one collection! A TEXAS-SIZED SECRET Texas Cattleman's Club: Blackmail by Maureen Child When Naomi finds herself pregnant and facing scandal, her best friend steps up. He claims the baby as his and offers to marry her, in name only. But his solution leads to a new problem—she might be falling for him! CLAIMED BY THE RANCHER The Rancher's Heirs by Jules Bennett Nolan Elliott let her go once, when a shared loss tore them apart, but now Pepper has returned, pregnant with another man's baby. Will a marriage of convenience to protect her child lead to a second chance at love? UNBRIDLED BILLIONAIRE by Dani Wade Plain Jane Presley has always hidden in the background—until she's forced into a business deal with dark, sexy billionaire Kane Harrington. Now she's coming out of her shell, and Kane intends to conquer a lot more than the corporate competition… Look for Harlequin® Desire's June 2017 Box Set 1 of 2, filled with even more scandalous stories and powerful heroes! Join to earn FREE books and more. Earn points for all your Harlequin purchases from wherever you shop.
Categories: Fiction

I Just Want To Be Loved

 I Just Want To Be Loved

To attract more of what we desire into our lives we begin with playful imagination, perhaps you may want to call on your inner child to assist with creative ...

Author: Susan Faye Davis

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 9781452579900

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 184

View: 484

Discover This One Principle One Solution to Create Happiness And Success in All Areas of Your Life! - Unhealthy Weight - Constant battle to lose weight only to re-gain more. Are you Hiding from Happiness? Learn how to make lasting changes from the inside out. - Failed Relationships - Always attracting wounded partners. A mirror of low self-esteem? Discover how to change limiting beliefs and attract perfect relationships. - Never Enough Money - Always just enough to get by. Feeling unworthy of prosperity? Develop the skills necessary to attract abundance into your life. - Self-Sabotage - Procrastination, excuses. Afraid of success? Learn how to overcome limiting behavior.
Categories: Body, Mind & Spirit