Open and Unafraid

Open and Unafraid

" -- Ellen F. Davis, Duke Divinity School "I have always loved the psalms--for their defiant devotion, their deep joy, and their brutal yet beautiful honesty. And after reading this fantastic book about them, I love them even more.

Author: W. David O. Taylor

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

ISBN: 9781400210497

Category: Religion

Page: 224

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The creator of the groundbreaking film The Psalms, featuring Bono and Eugene Peterson, shows how the Psalms enable us to find a more transparent, resilient, and fearless life of faith. In 2016, David Taylor released a film of Eugene Peterson and U2's Bono discussing how the Psalms had shaped their work, helping them make sense of life, art, metaphor, violence, suffering, and mortality. With more than one million views on YouTube, the film is a sensation and has helped people encounter God as he is presented in the Psalms: a God of justice, grace, goodness, healing, power and refuge. Open and Unafraid goes even further, showing us how the Psalms become a guide to living faithfully. The Psalms have been central to God's people for millennia, across all walks of life and cultural contexts. In reading them, we discover that we are never alone in our joys, sorrows, angers, doubts, praises, or thanksgivings. In them, we learn about prayer and poetry, honesty and community, justice and enemies, life and death, nations and creation. Open and Unafraid shows us how to read the Psalms in a fresh, life-giving way, and so access the bottomless resources for life that they provide.
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Practicing Lament

Practicing Lament

Ekblad, Reading the Bible with the Damned, 129. 60. Ekblad, Reading the Bible with the Damned, 129. 61. Ekblad, Reading the Bible with the Damned, 139. 62. Ekblad, Reading the Bible with the Damned, 140. 63. Taylor, Open and Unafraid, ...

Author: Rebekah Eklund

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781725272606

Category: Religion

Page: 122

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In a faith focused on resurrection hope, patient endurance, and victory in Christ, is there any room for pain, doubt, and anger? In Scripture, lament is the prayer that makes that room. Not only is lament one of the most common forms of prayer in the Old Testament, it's also woven deeply into the fabric of the New Testament and the Christian way. Lament is the cry for all those who ache over the way things are but aren't content to let them stay that way. It's the prayer for all the ways that the kingdom has not yet come, in the hope that God's justice and peace will prevail--someday.
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The Herrin Massacre of 1922

The Herrin Massacre of 1922

He was open and unafraid in his personal life and equally open and unafraid in his work, which he expressed with an unabashed joy. Cadmus was already an accomplished painter when he was hired by the New Deal program Public Works of Arts ...

Author: Greg Bailey

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 9781476681719

Category: History

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In 1922, a coal miner strike spread across the United States, swallowing the heavily-unionized mining town of Herrin, Illinois. When the owner of the town's local mine hired non-union workers to break the strike, violent conflict broke out between the strikebreakers and unionized miners, who were all heavily armed. When strikebreakers surrendered and were promised safe passage home, the unionized miners began executing them before large, cheering crowds. This book tells the cruel truth behind the story that the coal industry tried to suppress and that Herrin wants to forget. A thorough account of the massacre and its aftermath, this book sets a heartland tragedy against the rise and decline of the coal industry.
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Importance of Trade Negotiations in Fighting Foreign Protectionism

Importance of Trade Negotiations in Fighting Foreign Protectionism

In fundamental respects , our Nation's economic strength has been due to our extensive trade and investment with other countries , and our willingness to remain open and unafraid of global competition . World Trade Organization trade ...

Author: United States. Congress. House. Committee on Ways and Means. Subcommittee on Trade


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Open Minds Devoted Hearts

Open Minds  Devoted Hearts

Rina described her as an “open, unafraid thinker.” Rina models this disposition in her own teaching. Confronting her learners with open-ended questions and encouraging them to ask their own difficult ones functions as a fundamental ...

Author: Sarah Tauber

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781498218764

Category: Religion

Page: 184

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How do religious educators meaningfully engage adult learners? How do they invite adults to begin a learning journey and inspire them to stay on it? In an era of "spiritual but not religious," how can religious educators, and clergy in particular, respond to the yearnings of adults for connection, wholeness, and purpose? Open Minds, Devoted Hearts offers the examples of three outstanding congregational rabbis whose teaching answers that call to action. Through innovatively incorporating biographical portraits and educational scholarship the book provides a comprehensive exploration of how the themes of narrative, transformation, and spirituality bring adult religious educators and learners into a powerful interactive educational process. The portraits and accompanying analysis reveal how constructing personal meaning and building sacred community through study situates adult learning as a dynamic centerpiece of an energized congregational life.
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Eighty percent admitted to living with moderate or significant levels of fear. Unafraid is Hamilton's insightful and impassioned response.

Author: Adam Hamilton

Publisher: Convergent Books

ISBN: 9781524760342

Category: Self-Help

Page: 256

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Learn how to face and overcome the fears we feel about loneliness, illness, financial insecurity, disappointing others, failure, insignificance, and aging “A thoughtful, literate, faith-filled guide to reclaiming our minds and our lives.”—John Ortberg, senior pastor of Menlo Church and author of I’d Like You More If You Were More Like Me You’d be hard-pressed to overstate the extent to which fear, anxiety, and worry permeate our lives today. Fear wreaks havoc on our relationships and communities. It leads us into making bad decisions. It holds us back from the very pursuits that promise fulfillment and joy. As the senior pastor of a large, diverse church in America’s heartland, Adam Hamilton has seen the cost of fear up close. When he surveyed his congregation on how fear affects them, 2,400 people responded—and what they said was eye-opening. Eighty percent admitted to living with moderate or significant levels of fear. Unafraid is Hamilton's insightful and impassioned response. Drawing on recent research, inspiring real-life examples, and fresh biblical insight, Hamilton uses a mixture of facts and faith to help readers understand and counter fears related to such outsize perils as death and illness, as well as the everyday anxieties all of us encounter. He invites us to: Face our fears with a bias of hope Examine our fears in light of the facts Attack our anxieties with action Release our cares to God Writing with generosity and intelligence, Hamilton shows how believer and unbeliever alike can develop sustaining spiritual practices and embrace Jesus’s recurring counsel: “Do not be afraid.” For anyone struggling with fear or wondering how families and communities can thrive in troubled times, Unafraid offers an informed and inspiring message full of practical solutions.
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The Angels Message to Humanity

The Angels  Message to Humanity

Angel unafraid ; open your arms and embrace him . Feel his body melt into your own and become a part of you . Assume the god - form of the Angel XFMND , who guards the Pine Gate ( position 50 ) , as follows : The god - form of XFMND ...

Author: Gerald J. Schueler

Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide

ISBN: 156718605X

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 247

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Initiate yourself into one of the most enriching and powerful systems of magick anywhere. The Angels'? Message to Humanity presents a radical, new system of 88 graded paths based on mandalas created from the five Enochian tablets. Incorporating ritual magick, creative visualization, yoga, and mantras, nothing apart from this book is needed for these initiations. The revised pathworking rituals in The Angels'? Message to Humanity allow a magician to fully explore the Enochian system of magick, alone or with others. Explore alternative methods of skrying and ritually working with the Watchtowers. Build the Enochian Cube as a powerful, three-dimensional model of the magickal universe through advanced pathworking rituals. Geared to the intermediate or advanced magickal student, this book is divided into easy-to-read text and endnotes containing helpful references and technical information, as well as 121 illustrations and 8 color plates. This is a Print-on-Demand title. Please allow an additional 2-3 days for delivery
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Mary s Life in the Holy Spirit

Mary s Life in the Holy Spirit

The Circus Maximus is the open-air stadium that was used for grand-scale entertainment in ancient Rome. ... Pope Francis said: Today we are here in a kind of Upper Room beneath the open sky, unafraid, under the open sky and with our ...

Author: Andi Oney

Publisher: The Word Among Us Press

ISBN: 9781593255343

Category: Religion

Page: 128

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Sometimes, we can forget that the Blessed Mother is a created being just like the rest of us. Though conceived without sin, she was human and had the same concerns, cares, joys, and sorrows that each of us have. In this practical look at Mary and the Holy Spirit, author Andi Oney demonstrates that while Mary’s relationship with the Holy Spirit is a unique one, it is one that God wants for each of us. This book examines Mary’s relationship with the Holy Spirit: how she had to choose to be open to the Holy Spirit, how she was guided by the Spirit, and how her relationship with the Holy Spirit is a model worth emulating.
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The Band

The Band

He drank some of the coffee and looked at me with open eyes – “open” like an open soul, an open mind, unafraid – far from blind. Naked as a thought's thought of itself. Honest. There was a click – silent as snow – and the sunlight ...

Author: Stacey Cochran


ISBN: 9781411607583

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

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A group of teenage friends from a small town in North Carolina get a rock band together and embark on a journey of love and friendship on the highways of modern America.Visit the author at
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I Promise

I Promise

A place where you can relax and be yourself, unafraid to open your heart, unafraid that your love will suffer the ravages that are tearing marriages apart all around you. In this book I want to do one thing for you and for other couples ...

Author: Gary Smalley

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

ISBN: 9781418560881

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 240

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Make your marriage the safest place on earth. Of all the best-selling books and award-winning videos Dr. Gary Smalley has produced for couples, I Promise is his most important and most revolutionary work ever. A decade of focused research has brought him to this startling new conclusion: Great marriages are built on a foundation of trust, not behavioral skills. So not only is a harmonious, long-lasting relationship within every couple's grasp, but emotional security is the cornerstone for the relationship you've always wanted. That means you don't have to be a relationship guru to connect deeply with your spouse after all! You simply need to feel secure in your marriage – and to help your spouse do the same. Then the best relationship possible will happen naturally. Creating security is easier than you think. It takes only five simple promises to each other. Promises you can most certainly make – promises this book will equip you to keep. Writing in his trademark style, Dr. Smalley delivers a lifetime of information, true experiences, encouragement, and wisdom for anyone who wants their marriage to be not just safe, but the safest place on earth.
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