One Man s Wilderness

One Man s Wilderness

Shares the experience of living alone in the Alaskan wilderness

Author: Richard Proenneke


ISBN: 0882405136

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 223

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Shares the experience of living alone in the Alaskan wilderness
Categories: Biography & Autobiography

One Man s Wilderness Revised Edition

One Man s Wilderness  Revised Edition

This book is a simple account of the day-by-day explorations and activities he carried out alone, and the constant chain of nature's events that kept him company.

Author: Richard Louis Proenneke

Publisher: Alaska Northwest Books

ISBN: 1513261649

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 272

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To live in a pristine land unchanged by man; to roam the wilderness through which few other humans have passed; to choose an idyllic site, cut trees, and build a log cabin; to be a self-sufficient craftsman, making what is needed from materials available; to be not at odds with the world, but content with one's own thoughts and company: thousands have had such dreams, but Richard Proenneke lived them. This book is a simple account of the day-by-day explorations and activities he carried out alone, and the constant chain of nature's events that kept him company. From Proenneke's journals, and with first-hand knowledge of his subject and the setting, Sam Keith has woven a tribute to a man who carved his masterpiece out of the beyond.--From publisher description.
Categories: Biography & Autobiography

Summary of Richard Louis Proenneke Sam Keith s One Man s Wilderness 50th Anniversary Edition

Summary of Richard Louis Proenneke   Sam Keith s One Man s Wilderness  50th Anniversary Edition

Everest Media,. Insights on Richard Louis Proenneke & Sam Keith's One Mans Wilderness, 50th Anniversary Edion Contents Insights from Chapter 1 Insights from Chapter 2 Insights Front Cover.

Author: Everest Media,

Publisher: Everest Media LLC

ISBN: 9798822533745

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 24

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Please note: This is a companion version & not the original book. Sample Book Insights: #1 I had bought a felt-tipped marker and on the back of my camper I printed in big letters, DESTINATION: BACK AND BEYOND. It was always a good feeling to be heading north. In a Nebraska town, I had bought a smooth-touring camper. #2 I helped Babe the next few days. We patched the roof of his house, put a new nose cowl on the Taylorcraft, and there she was, all poised to take me over the mountains on a thirty-minute flight to journey’s end. #3 I was delayed in arriving at Port Alsworth, and when I did, I found the lake frozen. I would have to pack my gear the three and a half miles along the shore to the cabin. It was as close to heaven as I was going to get. #4 I was back in the wilderness, alone. I was here to test myself, not that I had never done it before. I was fifty-one years old, and I wanted to find out what I was capable of.
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Wo die wilden Kerle wohnen

Wo die wilden Kerle wohnen

Author: Maurice Sendak


ISBN: 3257005466

Category: Fantasy fiction

Page: 40

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Der kleine Max lässt sich ganz allein zum Land der wilden Kerle treiben. Er wird der Wildeste von allen und sie machen ihn zu ihrem König. (ab 4)
Categories: Fantasy fiction

The Man with the Golden Arm

The Man with the Golden Arm

50th Anniversary Critical Edition Nelson Algren William J. Savage, Jr., Daniel Simon. One of the most neglected American writers and also one of the best loved, Nelson Algren wrote once that "literature is made upon any occasion that a ...

Author: Nelson Algren

Publisher: Seven Stories Press

ISBN: 9781609803599

Category: Fiction

Page: 368

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A novel of rare genius, The Man with the Golden Arm describes the dissolution of a card-dealing WWII veteran named Frankie Machine, caught in the act of slowly cutting his own heart into wafer-thin slices. For Frankie, a murder committed may be the least of his problems. The literary critic Malcolm Cowley called The Man with the Golden Arm "Algren's defense of the individual," while Carl Sandburg wrote of its "strange midnight dignity." A literary tour de force, here is a novel unlike any other, one in which drug addiction, poverty, and human failure somehow suggest a defense of human dignity and a reason for hope.
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The Encyclopedia of Country Living 50th Anniversary Edition

The Encyclopedia of Country Living  50th Anniversary Edition

He told me you can even die if you try to pull out the plant and have a cut on your hand that hemlock juice gets into. But you say you've got abook that tells you which wild foods are edible and which arent. Well, right in front of me I ...

Author: Carla Emery

Publisher: Sasquatch Books

ISBN: 9781632172907

Category: House & Home

Page: 736

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#1 — The Best Country and Rural Living Books* #1 — 15 Best Homesteading Books for Beginners in 2021** For more than 50 years, this homesteading classic is the essential book of basic skills and country wisdom for living off the land, being prepared, and doing it yourself. Keep your family healthy, safe, and independent--no matter what's going on in the world. From homesteaders to urban farmers, and everyone in between, there is a desire for a simpler way of life: a healthier, greener, more self-sustaining, and holistic approach that allows you to survive and thrive—even in uncertain times. With its origins in the back-to-the-land movement of the late 1960s, Carla Emery’s landmark book has grown into a comprehensive guide to living a self-sustaining lifestyle. Learn how to live independently in this comprehensive guide, including how to: * Can, dry, and preserve food * Plan your garden * Grow your own food * Make 20-minute cheese * Make your own natural skincare products * Bake bread * Cook on a wood stove * Learn beekeeping * Raise chickens, goats, and pigs * Create natural skincare products * Make organic bug spray * Treat your family with homemade remedies * Make fruit leather * Forage for wild food * Spin wool into yarn * Mill your own flour * Tap a maple tree And more! Basic, thorough, and reliable, this book deserves a place in urban and rural homes alike. This 50th anniversary edition includes updated resources. * **
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Congressional Record Index

Congressional Record Index

WILDER , LAURA INGALLS , commemorative stamps , issue ( see bill S. 3677 ) . ... WILDLIFE , background information , 50th Anniversary of Migratory Bird Treaty With Great Britain and Canada ... Time - One - Man , One - Vote , A2973 .



ISBN: MINN:31951D02480197Q

Category: Law

Page: 1328

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Includes history of bills and resolutions.
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Auerbach s Wilderness Medicine E Book

Auerbach s Wilderness Medicine E Book

Culley JM, Svendsen E. A review of the literature on the validity of mass casualty triage systems with a focus on chemical exposures. ... Hornbein T. Everest the West Ridge, 50th anniversary edition, revised edition.

Author: Paul S. Auerbach

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 9780323396097

Category: Medical

Page: 2280

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Now in its 7th edition, Auerbach’s Wilderness Medicine continues to help you quickly and decisively manage medical emergencies encountered in any wilderness or other austere setting! World-renowned authority Dr. Paul Auerbach and 2 new associate editors have assembled a team of experts to offer proven, practical, visual guidance for effectively diagnosing and treating the full range of issues that can occur in situations where time and resources are scarce. This indispensable resource equips physicians, nurses, advanced practice providers, first responders, and rescuers with the essential knowledge and skills to effectively address and prevent injuries and illnesses – no matter where they happen! Face any medical challenge in the wilderness with expert guidance from hundreds of outstanding world experts edited by Dr. Auerbach and 2 new associate editors, Drs.Tracy Cushing and N. Stuart Harris. New and expanded chapters with hundreds of new photos and illustrative drawings help increase your visual understanding of the material. Acquire the knowledge and skills you need with revised chapters providing expanded discussions of high-altitude medicine, improvisation, technical rescue, telemedicine, ultrasound, and wilderness medicine education. Ten new chapters cover Acute High-Altitude Medicine and Pathophysiology; High Altitude and Pre-Existing Medical Conditions; Cycles, Snowmobiles, and other Wilderness Conveyances; Medical Wilderness Adventure Races (MedWAR); Canyoneering and Canyon Medicine; Evidence-Based Wilderness Medicine; National Park Service Medicine; Genomics and Personalized Wilderness Medicine; Forestry; and Earth Sciences.
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Defending Wild Washington

Defending Wild Washington

Senate Subcommittee , Washington State Wilderness Act Hearings on S. 837 , part 1 , pp . ... Reprinted in Sallv Warren Soest , ed . , Voice of the Wild Olympics 50th Anniversary Edition ( Seattle : Olympic Park Associates , Spring 1998 ) ...

Author: Edward A. Whitesell

Publisher: The Mountaineers Books

ISBN: 0898869706

Category: Nature

Page: 414

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Inspiring the next generation: How to lead an effective, grassroots environmental campaign in Washington state.
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