One Life at a Time Please

One Life at a Time  Please

Edward Abbey. ONE LIFE AT A TIME, PLEASE EDWARD ABBEY Edward Abbey Qne Life at a Time, Please. Front Cover.

Author: Edward Abbey

Publisher: Holt Paperbacks

ISBN: 9781466806399

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From stories about cattlemen, fellow critics, his beloved desert, cities, and technocrats to thoughts on sin and redemption, this is one of our most treasured writers at the height of his powers.
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Abbey in America

Abbey in America

Edward Abbey, “A Writer's Credo,” in One Life at a Time, Please, 177. 7. Edward Abbey, “Meeting the Bear,” in Down the River, 57. 8. Edward Abbey, preface to Desert Solitaire, xiii. 9. Edward Abbey, Postcards from Ed: Dispatches and ...

Author: John A. Murray

Publisher: UNM Press

ISBN: 9780826355188

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More than twenty-five years after his death, iconic writer and nature activist Edward Abbey (1929–1989) remains an influential presence in the American environmental movement. Abbey’s best known works continue to be widely read and inspire discourse on the key issues facing contemporary American society, particularly with respect to urbanization and technology. Abbey in America, published forty years after Abbey’s popular novel The Monkey Wrench Gang, features an all-star list of contributors, including journalists, authors, scholars, and two of Abbey’s best friends as they explore Abbey’s ideas and legacy through their unique literary, personal, and scholarly perspectives.
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Edward Abbey

Edward Abbey

Shortened version reprinted as " Blood Sport " in One Life at a Time , Please ( 1988 ) , 33-40 . Reprinted in A Hunter's Heart : Honest Essays on Blood Sport , edited by David Petersen .

Author: James M. Cahalan

Publisher: University of Arizona Press

ISBN: 0816522677

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Delves into the private life of twentieth-century American novelist and environmentalist Edward Abbey, or "Cactus Ed," showing the man behind the persona he put forth as a writer and a public speaker.
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Writing Arizona 1912 2012

Writing Arizona  1912   2012

50. Ibid., 96. 51. Ibid., 163. 52. Ibid., 232. 53. Abbey, “My Forty Years as a Grand Canyoneer,” reprinted as “Forty Years as a Canyoneer,” in One Life at a Time, Please, 124. For more information on Abbey, see Cahalan, Edward Abbey.

Author: Kim Engel-Pearson

Publisher: University of Oklahoma Press

ISBN: 9780806159195

Category: History

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From the year of Arizona’s statehood to its centennial in 2012, narratives of the state and its natural landscape have revealed—and reconfigured—the state’s image. Through official state and federal publications, newspapers, novels, poetry, autobiographies, and magazines, Kim Engel-Pearson examines narratives of Arizona that reflect both a century of Euro-American dominance and a diverse and multilayered cultural landscape. Examining the written record at twenty-five-year intervals, Writing Arizona, 1912–2012 shows us how the state was created through the writings of both its inhabitants and its visitors, from pioneer reminiscences of settling the desert to modern stories of homelessness, and from early-twentieth-century Native American “as-told-to” autobiographies to those written in Natives’ own words in the 1970s and 1980s. Weaving together these written accounts, Engel-Pearson demonstrates how government leaders’ and boosters’ promotion of tourism—often at the expense of minority groups and the environment—was swiftly complicated by concerns about ethics, representation, and conservation. Word by word, story by story, Engel-Pearson depicts an Arizona whose narratives reflect celebrations of diversity and calls for conservation—yet, at the same time, a state whose constitution declares only English words “official.” She reveals Arizona to be constructed, understood, and inhabited through narratives, a state of words as changeable as it is timeless.
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Adventures with Ed

Adventures with Ed

Adventures With Ed Abbey was busy compiling his book of essays One Life at a Time , Please . Even though he rarely mentioned it , he knew that he was drawing near the end of his life . Nearly thirty years before , he had noted that a ...

Author: Jack Loeffler

Publisher: UNM Press

ISBN: 082632388X

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A memoir written by one of Edward Abbey's closest friends explores the life of the influential author and environmental activist.
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Learning to Listen to the Land

Learning to Listen to the Land

From One Life at a Time, Please Edward Abbey Arizona: How Big Is Big Enough? Governor Bruce Babbit tells us that by the year 2000, only sixteen years from now, Arizona will gain 2 million new residents, that Phoenix will become another ...

Author: W. B. Willers

Publisher: Island Press

ISBN: 9781559631204

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In this inspired collection, some of America's most provocative thinkers and writers reflect on nature and enviornmetnal science--reaching compelling conclusions about humanity's relationship to the earth. Balanced by science and fact, Learning to Listen to the Land explains the significance of our modern environmental crisis. The authors underscore the necessity forworking within, rather than counter to, our larger ecosystem. Learning to Listen to the Land represents the sounding of an alarm. It's authors call on us to recognize the consequences of our actions, and inactions, and to develop a sense of connection with the earth.
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One Life at a Time

One Life at a Time

Please to remember any duty to my honored parents and love to my brethren and sisters for I hain't time to write in particular to them . Our company are all well , all others sickly . I would inform you that Sergeant Maget is dead and ...

Author: R. Thomas Collins

Publisher: RavensYard Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN: 0966788303

Category: History

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One Life at a Time is a chronicle of the ancestors of the author's children as they arrived in the New World, what propelled them from Britain, Ireland and Korea, and what happened to them and their descendants once they took root in America -- one life at a time. This crisp narrative focuses on the history and development of New England and its people while illuminating episodes of the American experience spanning more than three centuries as lived by ordinary people forging a New World
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One Life at a Time

One Life at a Time

[open-ended question] Client: Last time you said we could get more into things with my parents. You know, how maybe the decisions I've made really aren't my decisions but just my attempt to please them. Therapist: Uh huh.

Author: Leah Brew

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135157234


Page: 336

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Refreshing, highly practical, and student-centred, this dynamic text covers all the basic skills and core interventions helpers-in-training need to know in order to begin seeing clients. Kottler and Brew use a broad model of helping to acquaint students with a myriad of clinical styles in a variety of settings. Case examples, first-person accounts, homework assignments, and a series of reflective exercises illustrate how to apply these skills to the helper's own life and in working with others ... One Life at a Time. Important features of this text include: * Approaches to assessment and diagnosis of client problems * Attention to needs of individuals within diverse social, ethnic, and cultural contexts * Vital background information of the major conceptual frameworks * Useful self-monitoring techniques * Numerous aspects of building and maintaining relationships * Practical ways to maintain progress and evaluate results
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Loving Nature Fearing the State

Loving Nature  Fearing the State

Abbey, “'Nuclear Weapons & the Attack on the Human Condition”; Edward Abbey to Karen Evans, June 18, 1984, Box 3, Folder 16, EAP; and Edward Abbey, “Theory of Anarchy,” in Abbey, One Life at a Time, Please, 27. 40.

Author: Brian Allen Drake

Publisher: University of Washington Press

ISBN: 9780295804859

Category: History

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A "conservative environmental tradition" in America may sound like a contradiction in terms, but as Brian Allen Drake shows in Loving Nature, Fearing the State, right-leaning politicians and activists have shaped American environmental consciousness since the environmental movement's beginnings. In this wide-ranging history, Drake explores the tensions inherent in balancing an ideology dedicated to limiting the power of government with a commitment to protecting treasured landscapes and ecological health. Drake argues that "antistatist" beliefs--an individualist ethos and a mistrust of government--have colored the American passion for wilderness but also complicated environmental protection efforts. While most of the successes of the environmental movement have been enacted through the federal government, conservative and libertarian critiques of big-government environmentalism have increasingly resisted the idea that strengthening state power is the only way to protect the environment. Loving Nature, Fearing the State traces the influence of conservative environmental thought through the stories of important actors in postwar environmental movements. The book follows small-government pioneer Barry Goldwater as he tries to establish federally protected wilderness lands in the Arizona desert and shows how Goldwater's intellectual and ideological struggles with this effort provide a framework for understanding the dilemmas of an antistatist environmentalism. It links antigovernment activism with environmental public health concerns by analyzing opposition to government fluoridation campaigns and investigates environmentalism from a libertarian economic perspective through the work of free-market environmentalists. Drake also sees in the work of Edward Abbey an argument that reverence for nature can form the basis for resistance to state power. Each chapter highlights debates and tensions that are important to understanding environmental history and the challenges that face environmental protection efforts today.
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52 Edward Abbey, One Life at a Time, Please. New York: Henry Holt, 1988, p. 30 53 Edward Abbey, quoted in List, Radical Environmentalism, p. 149. 54 Abbey, One Life at a Time, Please, p. 44. 55 Abbey, Desert Solitaire, p. 20.

Author: Douglas Long

Publisher: Infobase Publishing

ISBN: 9781438125473

Category: Ecoterrorism

Page: 305

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Provides an overview of the issue of ecoterrorism, including history, terminology, biographical information on important figures in this field, and a complete annotated bibliography.
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