Cosmology and Eschatology in Jewish and Christian Apoocalypticism

Cosmology and Eschatology in Jewish and Christian Apoocalypticism

Thus the possibility must also be kept in mind that it was a Christian redactor who
added the motif of the seven heavens . The first Greek recension describes Levi's
ascent as follows : And behold , the heavens were opened , and an angel of ...

Author: Adela Yarbro Collins

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9004119272

Category: Religion

Page: 261

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This comprehensive work covers many different Jewish and Christian apocalyptic texts and movements from the second century BCE through the fourth century CE. It focuses on two major themes, cosmology which studies the structure of the universe, including its religious function and eschatology, which interprets history and the future. The relevant Jewish texts and history are discussed thoroughly in their own right. The Christian material is approached in a way that shows both its continuity with Jewish tradition and its distinctiveness.
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Envisioning the Cosmic Body of Christ

Envisioning the Cosmic Body of Christ

Here one can find the cosmological respectively speculative foundation of the “
learned ignorance”: the awareness of the fact ... which is the condition for all
forms of creativity, to see new links and possible relations, a possibility that is

Author: Aurica Jax

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000682373

Category: Religion

Page: 168

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The metaphor of the cosmos as the Body of Christ offers an opportunity to escape the aporias of standard Body of Christ imagery, which has often proved anthropocentric, exclusivist, triumphalist and/or sexist in the analyses of classical theologies. The body motif in particular contains starting points for current body discourses of gender-sensitive and ecological theologies, especially in their mutual overlaps. This book offers a critical evaluation of the prospects and boundaries of an updated metaphor of the Body of Christ, especially in its cosmic dimension. The first part of the book addresses the complex tradition in which the universal dimension of cosmological Christologies is located, including the thinking of the Apostles Paul and John, Origen, Cusanus, Teilhard de Chardin, McFague, and Panikkar. In the second part of the book, representatives of various innovative concepts will contribute to the anthology. This is a wide-ranging study of the implications of a new cosmic Body of Christ. As such, it will be of interest to academics working in Religion and Gender, Religion and the Environment, Theology and Christology.
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Christ Creation and the Cosmic Goal of Redemption

Christ  Creation and the Cosmic Goal of Redemption

I. Christ and the Creation of All Things (1 Cor. 8.6 and 1 Cor. 10.26) a.
Introduction Having outlined the apocalyptic worldview as the broadest possible
framework for understanding the Pauline theology of new creation, I now shift my
attention ...

Author: J.J. Johnson Leese

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9780567684752

Category: Religion

Page: 248

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J. J. Johnson Leese discusses how the apostle Paul's writing on Christ's relationship to creation, read alongside the interpretations of Irenaeus of Lyon, provide a meaningful contribution to contemporary debates on the interrelationship between religion and nature. Leese draws upon the integration of three related scholarly trends – the increased importance placed on biblical creation themes, the emergence of ecotheology, and the history of reception – while focusing on the Pauline corpus and readings of Paul by Irenaeus, thus uncovering a robust creation and ecotheological theology. Irenaeus' approach provides the possibility for Paul to contribute to ecotheology, by way of a theological vision where the whole of reality in relationship to Christ and creation and by extension, to soteriology and ecclesiology, are central components of Paul's theology.
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Astral Man to Cosmic Christ

Astral Man to Cosmic Christ

We will join each other on earth, meet and be married. Flo might be our son,
Mama my sister, and Dr. Inonaz your brother or sister--which sex is not yet clear.
Or...there seems to be another possibility. An incredible, glorious possibility! But I.

Author: Lewis Keizer

Publisher: Lewis Keizer

ISBN: 9780595096527

Category: Fiction

Page: 344

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To read Astral Man To Cosmic Christ by Eugene E. Whitworth and Lewis S. Keizer, is to absorb two lifetimes of learning in occult wisdom and techniques! You'll be taken into the fast-beating heart of mysticism and occult learning. Whitworth and Keizer make it possible for you to absorb safely the fascinating drama and a double lifetime of specialized learning while enjoying the fast-paced mystery of a misfit抯 growth, through love and service to country, into one of the great practical metaphysicians of all time. In a desperate attempt to develop astral projection for national defense, a young man is catapulted far beyond his apparent spiritual powers with no guarantee of success. His struggle against psychic spies becomes an epic struggle for the soul of humanity against dark forces that control human affairs.
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Radical Martyrdom and Cosmic Conflict in Early Christianity

Radical Martyrdom and Cosmic Conflict in Early Christianity

These early Christians, I have argued, saw themselves as participating in a
cosmic war between God and the forces of Satan. Moreover, their ... Treading
carefully, we proceed to an examination of the possible sources of Christian

Author: Paul Middleton

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9780567315724

Category: Religion

Page: 224

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Several view of martyrdom co-existed in the early Church. The 'orthodox' position, generally accepted by scholars, was that a Christian should choose martyrdom rather than deny the Faith, but should not, on any account, court death. Although it has been recognised that some in the early Church did seek a glorified death, by giving themselves over to arrest, most scholars have dismissed such acts as differing from 'the accepted attitude to martyrdom' in the early Church. Therefore, instances of volitional, or radical martyrdom, have been largely overlooked or sidelined in scholarly investigations into the theology and origins of Christian martyrdom. Paul Middleton argues that, far from being a deviant strand of early Christianity, 'radical martyrdom' was a significant, and widely held idealised form of devotion in the late first to early third centuries. Christian martyrdom is placed within the heritage of Jewish War tradition, with each martyr making an important contribution to the cosmic conflict between Satan and God. Radical Martyrdom re-examines the presentation, theology, and origins of Christian martyrdom up to the beginning of the Decian persecutions in the light of new perspectives on the subject.
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A Simple Model of Biblical Cosmology

A Simple Model of Biblical Cosmology

The conclusionisthat the appearanceof the curve tothe left ofthis zvalue
correlates with anearlier discussionofthe possibility thatthe universe islikely
larger than that visible at the present time—possibly as much as a billion times

Author: F. Carlyle Stebner

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 9781490848570

Category: Religion

Page: 116

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This book presents a simple but controversial view of the creation of the universe. The Bible is the inerrant word of God, and what the Bible teaches should be the basis for any model of creation. Secular science does not agree, but all should study different theories and models, especially in a college and university setting where different points of view should be tolerated and encouraged rather than suppressed.
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Cosmic Christology in Paul and the Pauline School

Cosmic Christology in Paul and the Pauline School

The interrelationship between God , Christ , and the cosmos may also be termed
cosmic Christology as Christ is ... Paul had opened up the possibility of such a
debate in terms of GraecoRoman cosmology , as he held the widespread opinion

Author: Geurt Hendrik van Kooten

Publisher: Mohr Siebeck

ISBN: 3161480074

Category: Religion

Page: 340

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"How did the understanding of Jesus as the universal Son of Man of Apocalyptic Judaism develop into the notion of a cosmic god, the cosmic Christ? George van Kooten traces the earliest encounters between antiquity and Christianity."
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Astrology and Cosmology in the World s Religions

Astrology and Cosmology in the World   s Religions

Yet there are broad and shared cosmological themes, such as the belief in
Christ's political role as heavenly king.2 ... of Christ as savior, and the cosmos as
a moral construct, filled with temptation but equally offering a chance for salvation
for ...

Author: Nicholas Campion

Publisher: NYU Press

ISBN: 9780814708422

Category: Religion

Page: 288

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When you think of astrology, you may think of the horoscope section in your local paper, or of Nancy Reagan's consultations with an astrologer in the White House in the 1980s. Yet almost every religion uses some form of astrology: some way of thinking about the sun, moon, stars, and planets and how they hold significance for human lives on earth. Astrology and Cosmology in the World’s Religions offers an accessible overview of the astrologies of the world's religions, placing them into context within theories of how the wider universe came into being and operates. Campion traces beliefs about the heavens among peoples ranging from ancient Egypt and China, to Australia and Polynesia, and India and the Islamic world. Addressing each religion in a separate chapter, Campion outlines how, by observing the celestial bodies, people have engaged with the divine, managed the future, and attempted to understand events here on earth. This fascinating text offers a unique way to delve into comparative religions and will also appeal to those intrigued by New Age topics.
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Cosmic Prayer and Guided Transformation

Cosmic Prayer and Guided Transformation

THE WEST SINCE the Enlightenment ... However, the possibility of cosmology
has opened up in more recent decades with the emergence (in the first decades
of ...

Author: Robert Govaerts

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781630875909

Category: Religion

Page: 242

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This book presents a realistic and thoroughly spiritual outlook upon the entire created reality. It lets us envisage that various created entities are participant in a relationship with God that becomes increasingly one of an intimate personal quality; that is, a relationship of love. It thus invites discernment that the universal reality is valuable in its own right and not only as a good for the use of humanity. Drawing mainly upon Scripture, ancient writers (especially Maximus the Confessor), as well as contemporary natural sciences, this book encourages the reader to perceive human salvation not as a lifting of humanity out of creation, but as a transformation into God's presence in the midst of the wider created order. It shows that Christian faith at its best does not exclude the wider creation but provides us with insight and hope for a harmonious being-in-God that is inclusive of creation. It shows that Christian faith can be a resource that helps overcome the ecological crisis.
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Christian Ethics as Witness

Christian Ethics as Witness

Barth's Ethics for a World at Risk David Haddorff. covenant promise in Jesus
Christ, they engage in the poesis of a reformulated doctrine of cosmology and
nature as a way toward praxis. Turning from traditional church belief and practice,

Author: David Haddorff

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781621891024

Category: Religion

Page: 494

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Christian ethics is less a system of principles, rules, or even virtues, and more of a free and open-ended responsible witness to God's gracious action to be with and for others and the world. Postmodernity has left us with the risky uncertainty of knowing and doing the good. It also leaves us with the global risks of political violence and terrorism, economic globalization and financial crisis, and environmental destruction and global climate change. How should Christians respond to these problems? This book creatively explores how Christian ethics is best understood a witness to God's action, thereby providing the ethical framework for addressing the various problematic social issues that put our world at risk. Haddorff develops the notion of witness through a detailed study of Karl Barth's theological ethics. Barth, he argues, provides a language enabling us to know what a Christian ethics of witness actually looks like in both theory and in practice. In correspondence to God's gracious action, Christians remain free to think and act in faith, hope, and love in respondence to their unique circumstances, even in a world at risk. In their witness, Christians remain confident that God has not abandoned the world but loves and cares for its future.
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Philosophy and Faith

Philosophy and Faith

Contemporary cosmology offers dozens of supervening possibilities regarding
the creation of the Universe even beyond Big Bang Theory. Faith in God for
Christians and the correlation of references in scripture to the creation of the
Universe ...

Author: Gary Clifford Gibson


ISBN: 9781435745841

Category: Religion

Page: 361

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A consideration of select cosmology theories by a philosophically minded Christian. Questions about the nature of the Universe, life and the relationship to God in the passage of space-time as an individual life grows through the physical process of life being a part of the process of the Universe.The works of Schopenhauer and Plotinus and contemporary cosmology are featured here as the author provides Christian creation contemplations.
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Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Cosmology and Biological Evolution

Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Cosmology and Biological Evolution

Introduction Pick up any reference work from the Christian scholarly world and
read what it has to say about the nature of ... for the possibility of genuinely
nonreductive physicalism — that is , to show that neurobiological determinism
does not ...

Author: Hilary D. Regan

Publisher: ATF Press

ISBN: 095863999X

Category: Religion

Page: 218

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This collection of essays exmaines cosmology, biology and evolutionary theory.
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Images of Cosmology in Jewish and Byzantine Art

Images of Cosmology in Jewish and Byzantine Art

Elisheva Revel-Neher, who inspired me to examine some of those questions
through Jewish and Christian works of art. In the course of my studies I became
acquainted with a sixth-century Byzantine-Christian cosmological work called the

Author: Shulamit Laderman

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004252196

Category: Religion

Page: 394

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The book presents new figurative models of interchange between Judaism and Christianity. It demonstrates the nexus connecting the account of Creation and the Tabernacle using Jewish and Christian texts and artistic images from late antiquity to the late Middle Ages.
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The Cosmic Breath

The Cosmic Breath

Spirit and Nature in the Christianity-Buddhism-Science Trialogue Amos Yong ...
Christian theology, religious pluralism, and the interfaith dialogue, and that book
inquires about the possibility of forging a twenty—first century Christian theology

Author: Amos Yong

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004205130

Category: Religion

Page: 284

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The interjection of pneumatology in both theologies of interreligious dialogue and in the theology-and-science conversation comes together in this volume. The resulting Christianity-Buddhism-science trialogue opens up to new pneumatological perspectives on philosophical cosmology and anthropology in interdisciplinary and global context.
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New Enlarged Handbook of Christian Theology

New   Enlarged Handbook of Christian Theology

This “Christian cosmology” united Hellenic speculation, especially the views of
Aristotle. with Hebrew perceptions from the Bible. A fullblown Aristotlean
theological cosmology developed into what is known as “natural theology.”
Looking at the ...

Author: Donald W. Musser

Publisher: Abingdon Press

ISBN: 9781426749919

Category: Religion

Page: 516

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This handbook provides thorough introductory articles on important themes in Christian theology. Along with cross-references and select bibliographies, it is an indispensable reference source. The Handbook consists of 148 topical entries arranged alphabetically. Instead of a Table of Contents, a "Routes For Reading" page suggests related entries, and cross-referencing makes 'surfing' this volume easier than ever.
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Cosmology and Eschatology in Hebrews

Cosmology and Eschatology in Hebrews

the author included this contrast because (1) Christ is below the angels 'for a little
while' in Ps. 8 and (2) the angels functioned as mediators of the Law, and thus
the old covenant. This latter fact in particular shows that the contrast of Heb.

Author: Kenneth L. Schenck

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781139469012

Category: Religion


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Scholars argue over where Hebrews fit in the first century world. Kenneth L. Schenck works towards resolving this question by approaching Hebrews' cosmology and eschatology from a text-orientated perspective. After observing that the key passages in the background debate mostly relate to the 'settings' of the story of salvation history evoked by Hebrews, Schenck attempts to delineate those settings by asking how the 'rhetorical world' of Hebrews engages that underlying narrative. Hebrews largely argue from an eschatology of two ages, which correspond to two covenants. The fresh age has come despite the continuance of some old age elements. The most characteristic elements of Hebrews' settings, however, are its spatial settings, where we find an underlying metaphysical dualism between the highest heaven, which is the domain of spirit, and the created realm, including the created heavens. This creation will be removed at the eschaton, leaving only the unshakeable heaven.
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Being in Christ

Being in Christ

A Biblical and Systematic Investigation in a Reformed Perspective Hans Burger.
ta mello,nta in 2:17). To clarify further the relation of the Colossians with Christ
and the cosmological importance of Christ within the new creation, Paul plays
with ...

Author: Hans Burger

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781556358401

Category: Religion

Page: 618

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'Being in Christ' is a central theme in the message of the gospel. It is central for understanding the relation of Christian believers and the church with Jesus Christ, their Lord. It determines the identity of a Christian. It is helpful for understanding the presence of Christ and his salvation in the present. It can be developed as an element of a theological ontology. Finally, it is a theme with a great integrating power. In this book, the theme 'being in Christ' is analyzed in different perspectives. The attention is focused on the reality of 'being in Christ': its ontological implications. First, two representatives of the Reformed tradition are investigated: the English Puritan John Owen and the Dutch Neo-Calvinist Herman Bavinck. Second, a reconstruction of the Pauline and Johannine perspectives on 'being in Christ' is provided. Third, the theme is examined in the work of the English ethicist Oliver O'Donovan and the German-Swiss theologian Ingolf U. Dalferth. In the final chapter, the author gives his own systematic-theological proposal of a concept of 'being in Christ.'
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Cosmic Witness

Cosmic Witness

20) were inserted.14 The canonical text then speaks of a cosmic role of the
crucified Christ who is the head of the Church. ... position, for it seemed to say
that our species came to be only through a chance assortment of random

Author: George L. Murphy

Publisher: CSS Publishing

ISBN: 9780788007248

Category: Religion

Page: 183

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Since the Church is called to preach the Gospel in a world which is profoundly influenced by science and technology, it is important to know ways in which Scripture provides resources to address scientific and technological concerns. This book will help to develop sermons which address the intersection between Christian faith and contemporary knowledge. It introduces and examines crucial issues and ideas, and provides illustrations which will entice preachers to preach on contemporary topics.Not only will preaching from this commentary enrich our spiritual life, it will also challenge and deeply shape our response to the preached World in our individual and social lives. Philip Hefner, Professor of Systematic Theology Lutheran School Theology at Chicago
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Christian Belief in a Postmodern World

Christian Belief in a Postmodern World

Chapter Four The Existence of the World Points to the Possibility of God Many
religious people , without any particular ... of the world to God , it would probably
be vulnerable to Hume's and Kant's objections to the cosmological argument .

Author: Diogenes Allen

Publisher: Westminster John Knox Press

ISBN: 0804206252

Category: Religion

Page: 238

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This book provides a philosophical argument for the reasonableness of Christian faith in today's world. Diogenes Allen shows how Christian belief is now being supported by scientific and philosophical principles--perhaps for the first time in 300 years.
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The Beauty of God s House

The Beauty of God   s House

A Christian cosmology will accept the possibility of special divine agency within
the cosmic process: and in the case of the emergence of man this is verified by
the theological anthropology of the church. Although divine imagehood extends
to ...

Author: Francesca Aran Murphy

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781630871949

Category: Religion

Page: 306

View: 188

For thirty years, Stratford Caldecott has been an inspirational figure in liturgy, fantasy literature, graphic novels, spirituality, education, ecology and social theory. Hundreds of people have learned from his spiritual approaches to the great existential questions. The Beauty of God's House is a Festschrift dedicated to him. The book seeks to cover the whole range of Caldecott's interests, from poetics to politics. Anyone interested in the field of theology and the arts will find much to intrigue them in this delightful multi-authored volume. The common core of Stratford's interests is in the beauty of the cosmos and how it reflects the beauty of God. This book is about the beauty of God's "realm," and it conceives God's realm as the arts, politics, liturgy, religions, and human life. It touches on the many places where beauty and spirituality overlap. It is an engagement in theological aesthetics that goes well beyond the "aesthetic."
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