War on Our Doorstep

War on Our Doorstep

Both Japan and the Soviets had old British Vickers - designed submarines of the same class in their fleets , built between 1921 and 1937. It is possible that a sub of the Soviet Pacific fleet , with no war to fight in the North Pacific ...

Author: Brendan Coyle

Publisher: Heritage House Publishing Co

ISBN: 1894384466

Category: History

Page: 240

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In June 1942, Japanese troops occupied the Aleutian islands of Attu and Kiska in Alaska, the first enemy occupation of US territory since the War of 1812. For the next year a bloody conflict raged that was nearly invisible to most North Americans as Canadian and American soldiers, airmen and sailors went north to hold the Japanese in check. This is the complete story of the war in the North Pacific, including details of: Japanese subs lurking off the west coast, sinking ships and shelling the coast of British Columbia; the submarine-launched airplane that bombed Oregon's forests; the surreal tale of balloon-bombs crossing the Pacific to North America. Brendan Coyle has done a magnificent job in this comprehensive review of the war on the West Coast. No other single volume has so neatly tied together the myriad stories of how the war affected people in British Columbia, California, Oregon, Washington, and Alaska. —Jim Delgado
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Four Waifs on Our Doorstep

Four Waifs on Our Doorstep

He's always so positive, but I knew he was really thinking: Mmm, have we done the right thing? We were both feeling very apprehensive. Seeing those poor waifs arriving on our doorstep in that state and watching their behaviour with the ...

Author: Jan Ford

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781471138454

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 400

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At eleven o' clock one night in 1997, four hungry, damaged young children arrive on foster carers Trisha and Mike Merry's doorstep. Two social workers dropped them off with nothing but the ragged clothes they were wearing and no information. The children were covered in bruises, two had black eyes, one had a broken arm and they were all scratching themselves. Starved, seriously neglected and abused in every way, four young siblings have been repeatedly overlooked by everyone who should have cared. The eldest scavenges for food by night and is exhausted from trying to protect his sisters, his baby brother and himself from serious parental neglect and the perilous attentions of frequent paedophile visitors. From the start, these four children challenge Trisha and Mike to extremes. Despite all their experience over many years, they wonder if they have met their match. Yet, from that very first night, this couple's unbounded love and care and their unbelievable determination surmount all the obstacles that follow. The shocking truth about the children's home lives is beyond anything Trish and Mike have experienced, yet through their formidable efforts, their unshakeable belief in the children, and their (almost) unfailing sense of humour, they are able to turn around four young lives from tragedy to hope.
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The World on our Doorstep

The World on our Doorstep

The world is on our doorstep. This has meant that some of our most passionate churches in the UK are from the places missionaries planted the seed of the gospel, and their role in proclaiming Jesus' name in our communities provides a ...

Author: Dewi Hughes

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 9780957244825

Category: Religion

Page: 212

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Engaging with people of other faiths is an essential task for Christians in the UK. Reaching out to people in our neighbourhoods with the good news of Jesus always requires that we have a clear understanding of the challenges and opportunities involved, and this is particularly true with people from other faiths. This book provides a clear theological basis for mission to people of other religious groups, and some of the key issues that will have to be navigated. In an immensely practical way Dewi Hughes considers some of the pastoral issues for churches as they welcome people from other faiths with case studies from across the UK to inspire and encourage. This book equips Christians to do it wisely while demonstrating the love and good news of Jesus.
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The War on our Doorstep

The War on our Doorstep

One of my earliest memories is clinging to my mother's skirt — I can see my father, and 1 can only have been about four I suppose — and she was crying and we were all crying, and my father was in uniform, and he was going off to I don't ...

Author: Harriet Salisbury

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9781448117086

Category: History

Page: 512

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London's East Enders are known for being a tough, humorous and lively lot. In the early 20th century, families crowded into single rooms, children played on the streets and neighbours' doors were never locked in case you needed an escape route from the police... World War 2 changed everything. During the Blitz, men set off for work never to return and rows of houses were reduced to rubble overnight. Yet the East Enders' ability to keep calm and carry on cemented their reputation for cheerful resilience. They say Hitler killed off the bugs but, along with the slums, the Blitz destroyed a way of life. After the war families were scattered - some to estates on the edge of London, others to isolated high-rise blocks. The old East End communities were gone forever. Told by the residents themselves, The War on Our Doorstep is an eye-opening, moving and laugh-out-loud depiction of the history of London's East End and what it means to be an East Ender.
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Dynamite on Our Doorstep

Dynamite on Our Doorstep

The grifo is white, but with certain definite negroid characteristics. The trigena is a girl, "a little bit" colored (the word is also used as a term of endearment). This does not mean, as has often been said, that the color line does ...

Author: Wenzell Brown

Publisher: New York :bGreenberg

ISBN: UTEXAS:059173026444875

Category: Puerto Rico

Page: 303

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Mexico Chaos on Our Doorstep

Mexico  Chaos on Our Doorstep

By February 1986, the Mexicans were back in Washington looking for new credits — blaming their situation on the falling price of crude oil. But the confusion was rampant. De la Madrid called for new credits of $10 billion for the year ...

Author: Sol W. Sanders


ISBN: UTEXAS:059173008382812

Category: History

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Sol Sanders presents a panorama of Mexico's problems, gives reasons for the current situation, and explores the possible impact on the United States.
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The Enemy on Our Doorstep

The Enemy on Our Doorstep

The German Attacks at Bell Island, Newfoundland, 1942 Steve Neary. உலகலாவாக George and Margaret Jagels Book Fund சகல உலகசாலை கல க STANFORD UNIVERSITY LIBRARIES க by Steve Neary 01702 95 CIEMY ON OUR DOORSTEP BENE.

Author: Steve Neary

Publisher: St. John's, Nfld. : Jesperson Press

ISBN: STANFORD:36105016428885

Category: Bell Island (Conception Bay, N.L.)

Page: 140

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Revolution on Our Doorstep

Revolution on Our Doorstep

Revolution On Our Doorstep The San Diego Union INTRODUCTION C entral America is an area overlooked by most. 2.

Author: Alex Drehsler


ISBN: UTEXAS:059172130106208

Category: Central America

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On Our Own Doorstep

On Our Own Doorstep

Dynamite On Our Doorstep !, by Wenzell Brown . New York , Greenberg , Publisher , Inc. , 1945. $ 2.75 . An American schoolteacher's experience during a two - year stay on the island . Pageant of Middle American History , by Anne M. Peck ...

Author: Frank Spencer Mead


ISBN: WISC:89063256705

Category: Missions

Page: 167

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The Baby on the Doorstep

The Baby on the Doorstep

We seem forever to arrive Where we did not intend to go— * The closer we come To unexpected old age The more we should have accepted Time's happenstance— Casual intimacy promises Comfortable accord— * We are babies on the doorstep— We ...

Author: Charles S. Whistler

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781491846438

Category: Social Science

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DIRECT AND IMMEDIATE Ideas, like blades of prairie grass, sprout in abundance everywhere. Equal at their inception, all of them have the potential to develop beneficially. From mere scribbled notes, to books blossoming from imprisoned authors, to worldly Montaignes, ideas can encourage us, even to flourish in inhospitable places. Ideas to fit our particular lives. Elementary thought, the ordinary, the eccentric, all are conditional at first. Cultivated by outsiders, the new art, music, popular culture and knowledge thrive everywhere, but hardly ever are considered mainstream. How influential, and as pertinent, who promotes them, determines their utility and value. People have to be comfortable with them, or perceive how far-reaching these ideas are. I am a thinker, an eccentric one by all accounts. These ideas seem most natural to me, and I find myself grafting them into one book after another. Holding any book, and such a book as this is a suspenseful action. Does it click with us? Are we attracted by its appearance? Are we influenced by the endorsements of friends or pundits? Striding through this prairie of universal ideas, adventurous browsers and informed readers will pick out which ideas are substantial to them.
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