The Natural History of Man Or Popular Chapters on Ethnography

The Natural History of Man  Or  Popular Chapters on Ethnography

ETHNOGRAPHY , BY JOHN KENNEDY , A , M . “ Infinite the shades between
The motley millions of our race ; Yet all aspire beyond their fate ; The least , the
meanest ...

Author: John Kennedy


ISBN: CORNELL:31924023244985

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Categories: Ethnology

Proceedings of Conference on Ethnography of Northern India Held at Lahore on the 18th to 22nd March 1885

Proceedings of Conference on Ethnography of Northern India  Held at Lahore on the 18th to 22nd March 1885

... Governor approves the proposal . I am to request that the details of expenditure
required by you for the purpose may be submitted to Government . R . J . D . - -
Reg . No . 323T - - 56 - 4 . 6 - 86 . Proceedings of Conference on Ethnography of

Author: Sir Denzil Ibbetson


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On Ethnography

On Ethnography

In this book, sociologists Sarah Daynes and Terry Williams team up to explore the art of ethnographic research and the many complex decisions it requires.

Author: Sarah Daynes

Publisher: Polity

ISBN: 0745685609

Category: Social Science

Page: 224

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In turn creative thinker and street flâneur, careful planner and adventurer, empathic listener and distant voyeur, recluse writer and active participant: the ethnographer is a multifaceted researcher of social worlds and social life. In this book, sociologists Sarah Daynes and Terry Williams team up to explore the art of ethnographic research and the many complex decisions it requires. Using their extensive fieldwork experience in the United States and Europe, and hours spent in the classroom training new ethnographers, they illustrate, discuss, and reflect on the key skills and tools required for successful research, including research design, entry and exit, participant observation, fieldnotes, ethics, and writing up. Covering both the theoretical foundations and practical realities of ethnography, this highly readable and entertaining book will be invaluable to students in sociology and other disciplines in which ethnography has become a core qualitative research method.
Categories: Social Science

On Ethnography

On Ethnography

... ( Rogers , 2005 ) . These current realities , along with the long - standing
acknowledgment that ethnography has always worked in the context of such
shaping forces , frame the work of Taking Note of History and Writing
Ethnography 117.

Author: Shirley Brice Heath

Publisher: Teachers College Press

ISBN: 0807748668

Category: Education

Page: 153

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The authors weave together narratives of practice and theory that draw on their own field work and that of a novice ethnographer. Their stories take us outside the usual progression of how-to-do-ethnography, which moves from research question to data collection and analysis to publication. Readers learn of the motivations and mishaps behind the authors’ own classic ethnographic studies of language, multimodal literacies, and community practices. The authors use their stories to illustrate the power of curiosity, connection, and continuity in ethnographic pursuits. Keeping language and literacy the central concern, this volume offers practical ways for ethnographers to sustain their attention to a constant comparative perspective and to patterns of co-occurrence in language structures, uses, and values. Appropriate for new and experienced researchers, this readable volume: Illustrates three primary learning environments for the work of ethnographers: self-directed learning, informal communities of learners, and instructional settings within formal education. Stresses that “doing ethnography” involves engagement with public life and cannot be separated out as an academic activity. Includes examples of ethnographic studies in Australia, Iran, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and the United States.
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Ethnography for the Internet

Ethnography for the Internet

Ethnography of mediated communications thus seems to be both necessary and
doomed, simultaneously. We need ethnography in order to help us understand
what is going on, but the very nature of the change taking place seems to evade ...

Author: Christine Hine

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000189667

Category: Social Science

Page: 240

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The internet has become embedded into our daily lives, no longer an esoteric phenomenon, but instead an unremarkable way of carrying out our interactions with one another. Online and offline are interwoven in everyday experience. Using the internet has become accepted as a way of being present in the world, rather than a means of accessing some discrete virtual domain. Ethnographers of these contemporary Internet-infused societies consequently find themselves facing serious methodological dilemmas: where should they go, what should they do there and how can they acquire robust knowledge about what people do in, through and with the internet? This book presents an overview of the challenges faced by ethnographers who wish to understand activities that involve the internet. Suitable for both new and experienced ethnographers, it explores both methodological principles and practical strategies for coming to terms with the definition of field sites, the connections between online and offline and the changing nature of embodied experience. Examples are drawn from a wide range of settings, including ethnographies of scientific institutions, television, social media and locally based gift-giving networks.
Categories: Social Science

Doing Design Ethnography

Doing Design Ethnography

Doing Design Ethnography is about one particularly influential approach:
ethnomethodologically informed or inspired ethnography. This chapter provides
a brief overview of the ethnomethodological orientation and the 'job of work'
using it ...

Author: Andrew Crabtree

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9781447127253

Category: Computers

Page: 208

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Ethnography is now a fundamental feature of design practice, taught in universities worldwide and practiced widely in commerce. Despite its rise to prominence a great many competing perspectives exist and there are few practical texts to support the development of competence. Doing Design Ethnography elaborates the ethnomethodological perspective on ethnography, a distinctive approach that provides canonical 'studies of work' in and for design. It provides an extensive treatment of the approach, with a particular slant on providing a pedagogical text that will support the development of competence for students, career researchers and design practitioners. It is organised around a complementary series of self-contained chapters, each of which address key features of doing the job of ethnography for purposes of system design. The book will be of broad appeal to students and practitioners in HCI, CSCW and software engineering, providing valuable insights as to how to conduct ethnography and relate it to design.
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Ethnography is going to prove a bit elusive. Take the two criteria discussed
above as a tentative starting point — that ethnography is a field-oriented activity
and that cultural interpretation is at the core of it. Do these criteria hold in every

Author: Harry F. Wolcott

Publisher: Rowman Altamira

ISBN: 0761990917

Category: Social Science

Page: 335

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Harry Wolcott, one of anthropology's leading writers on ethnographic methods, here addresses the nature of the ethnographic enterprise itself. Tracing its development from its disciplinary origins in sociology and anthropology, he helps the reader understand what is distinctive about ethnography and what it means to conduct research in the ethnographic tradition. In this engaging, thought-provoking book, he distinguishes ethnography as more than just a set of field methods and practices, separating it from many related qualitative research traditions as 'a way of seeing' through the lens of culture. For both beginning and experienced ethnographers in a wide range of disciplines, Wolcott's book will provide important ideas for improving research practice.
Categories: Social Science

Handbook of Ethnography

Handbook of Ethnography

Ethnography seems unlikely terrain in which to encounter sophisticated
information technology. Ethnography's methodological orientation has largely
been that of a craft rather than a technique. That it works mainly with text rather
than number ...

Author: Paul Atkinson

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9781446204825

Category: Social Science

Page: 528

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"I wish the Handbook of Ethnography had been available to me as a fledgling ethnographer. I would recommend it for any graduate student who contemplates a career in the field. Likewise for experienced ethnographers who would like the equivalent of a world atlas to help pinpoint their own locations in the field." - Journal of Contemporary Ethnography "No self-respecting qualitative researcher should be without Paul Atkinson's handbook on ethnography. This really is encyclopaedic in concept and scope. Many "big names" in the field have contributed so this has to be the starting point for anyone looking to understand the field in substantive topic, theoretical tradition and methodology." - SRA News Ethnography is one of the chief research methods in sociology, anthropology and other cognate disciplines in the social sciences. This Handbook provides an unparalleled, critical guide to its principles and practice. The volume is organized into three sections. The first systematically locates ethnography firmly in its relevant historical and intellectual contexts. The roots of ethnography are pinpointed and the pattern of its development is demonstrated. The second section examines the contribution of ethnography to major fields of substantive research. The impact and strengths and weaknesses of ethnographic method are dealt with authoritatively and accessibly. The third section moves on to examine key debates and issues in ethnography, from the conduct of research through to contemporary arguments. The result is a landmark work in the field, which draws on the expertise of an internationally renowned group of interdisicplinary scholars. The Handbook of Ethnography provides readers with a one-stop critical guide to the past, present and future of ethnography. It will quickly establish itself as the ethnographer's bible.
Categories: Social Science

Ethnography in Unstable Places

Ethnography in Unstable Places

Gupta and Ferguson (1997) analyze the spatial dimensions of such projects—
spatialities that are central to the legitimation of both states and classic
ethnography. Arguing against the flat map of bounded "cultures," where one is
always either ...

Author: Carol J. Greenhouse

Publisher: Duke University Press

ISBN: 0822328488

Category: Social Science

Page: 439

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DIVCollection of anthropological essays studying radical social transformation--including violence--and its effects on the everyday lives of people in a variety of world regions./div
Categories: Social Science

Ethnography for Designers

Ethnography for Designers

Denzin, Norman K. Performance Ethnography: Critical Pedagogy and the Politics
of Culture. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage, 2003. Dexter, Lewis Anthony. Elite and
Specialized Interviewing. Evanston, IL: Northwestern University Press, 1970.

Author: Galen Cranz

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317309529

Category: Architecture

Page: 270

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Ethnography for Designers teaches architects and designers how to listen actively to the knowledge people have about their own culture. This approach gives structure to values and qualities. It does this by noting the terms and underlying structure of thought people use to describe aspects of their culture. By responding to underlying cognitive patterns, the architect can both respond to the user and interpret creatively. Thus, ethno-semantic methods can help designers to enhance their professional responsibility to users and, at the same time, to feel fulfilled creatively. This book is a practical guide for those teaching social factors and social research methods to designers and for those using these methods in practice.
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With ethnography to provide both a research strategy and a conceptual
framework, I have not been as insistent as some ... Would the world be a different
(i.e., better) place if everyone developed the kind of ethnographic stance referred
to here ...

Author: Harry F. Wolcott, University of Oregon; (d. 2012)

Publisher: AltaMira Press

ISBN: 9780759120600

Category: Social Science

Page: 352

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Harry Wolcott discusses the fundamental nature of ethnographic studies, offering important suggestions on improving and deepening research practices for both novice and expert researchers.
Categories: Social Science

The Invention of Greek Ethnography

The Invention of Greek Ethnography

From Homer to Herodotus Joseph E. Skinner. Ethnography chapter 1 before
Ethnography greek ethnography is conventionally defined as the self-conscious
prose study of non-Greek peoples. A study of its origins and function might at first

Author: Joseph E. Skinner

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199793600

Category: History

Page: 343

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The Invention of Greek Ethnography offers a fresh approach to the origins and development of ethnographic thought, Greek identity, and narrative history.
Categories: History



Introduction Does ethnography have a future? Its roots are ancient; its future is
uncertain. Travellers and outsiders of different kinds have for centuries lived
among strangers and recorded their way of life. It became a specialist skill for
social ...

Author: Brewer, John

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education (UK)

ISBN: 9780335202683

Category: Social Science

Page: 211

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Although written as a textbook, the contents are research led, informed by the author's own extensive experience of undertaking ethnographic research in dangerous and sensitive locations in Northern Ireland and elsewhere.
Categories: Social Science

Explorations in the Ethnography of Speaking

Explorations in the Ethnography of Speaking

In recent years , work to remedy this situation has come to be known as the
ethnography of speaking . The ethnography of speaking has had a relatively
short history as a named field of inquiry . It was called into being by Dell Hymes '
seminal ...

Author: Distinguished Professor of Folklore and Anthropology Richard Bauman

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521379334

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 501

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Classic case studies surveying the use, role and function of language and speech in social life.
Categories: Language Arts & Disciplines

Contemporary Western Ethnography and the Definition of Religion

Contemporary Western Ethnography and the Definition of Religion

In the first chapter I discussed the idea of a definition of religion; in this chapter I
shall discuss ethnography. Ethnography is not only an important and significant
way of studying society, but probably the only way in which we could ever ...

Author: Martin D. Stringer

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 9781441141460

Category: Religion

Page: 142

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Categories: Religion

Linguistic Ethnography

Linguistic Ethnography

The programme is entitled Ethnography, Language & Communication (ELC); it is
targeted at researchers facing the challenge of analysing the data they have
collected – it is advertised with the headlines 'Is “qualitative data analysis” too ...

Author: Fiona Copland

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781137035035

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 298

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The collection demonstrates the ways in which established traditions and scholars have come together under the umbrella of linguistic ethnography to explore important questions about how language and communication are used in a range of settings and contexts, and with what effect.
Categories: Language Arts & Disciplines

Ethnography and Education Policy Across the Americas

Ethnography and Education Policy Across the Americas

Ethnography. and. Education. Policy. Across. the. Americas. Bradley A.U.
Levinson and Sandra L. Cade For over 10 years ... University of Mexico (UNAM),
1 what began as the Inter- American Symposium on Ethnographic Classroom
Research ...

Author: Bradley A. Levinson

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 1567506739

Category: Education

Page: 209

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Presents innovative approaches, both in the United States and in Latin America, to studying education policy ethnographically.
Categories: Education

Ethnography and Human Development

Ethnography and Human Development

Ethnographic. Method? Richard A. Shweder No doubt the distinction between
quantitative and qualitative research has ... In this brief introduction to this section
on ethnography as method I want to suggest that one way to understand the ...

Author: Richard Jessor

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 0226399036

Category: Social Science

Page: 516

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Studies of human development have taken an ethnographic turn in the 1990s. In this volume, leading anthropologists, psychologists, and sociologists discuss how qualitative methodologies have strengthened our understanding of cognitive, emotional, and behavioral development, and of the difficulties of growing up in contemporary society. Part 1, informed by a post-positivist philosophy of science, argues for the validity of ethnographic knowledge. Part 2 examines a range of qualitative methods, from participant observation to the hermeneutic elaboration of texts. In Part 3, ethnographic methods are applied to issues of human development across the life span and to social problems including poverty, racial and ethnic marginality, and crime. Restoring ethnographic methods to a central place in social inquiry, these twenty-two lively essays will interest everyone concerned with the epistemological problems of context, meaning, and subjectivity in the behavioral sciences.
Categories: Social Science

Ethnography in Social Science Practice

Ethnography in Social Science Practice

This book is very much the result of a personal journey through our experiences
of doing ethnography as fieldworkers and as teachers of research methods,
particularly qualitative ones, to social science students. This book is the product
of our ...

Author: Julie Scott-Jones

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135998639

Category: Social Science

Page: 232

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Ethnography in Social Science Practice explores ethnography’s increasing use across the social sciences, beyond its traditional bases in social anthropology and sociology. It explores the disciplinary roots of ethnographic research within social anthropology, and contextualizes it within both field and disciplinary settings. The book is of two parts: Part one places ethnography as a methodology in its historical, ethical and disciplinary context, and also discusses the increasing popularity of ethnography across the social sciences. Part two explores the stages of ethnographic research via a selection of multidisciplinary case studies. A number of key questions are explored: What exactly is ethnographic research and what makes it different from other qualitative approaches? Why did ethnography emerge within one social science discipline and not others? Why did its adoption across the social sciences prove problematic? What are the methodological advantages and disadvantages of doing ethnographic research? Why are ethnographers so concerned by issues of ethics, politics, representation and power? What does ethnography look like within different social science disciplines? The book is aimed at social science students at both undergraduate and postgraduate level and each chapter has pedagogic features, including reflective activities and suggested further readings for students.
Categories: Social Science

Ethnography of the African races 3d ed 1837

Ethnography of the African races  3d ed  1837

The survey of African ethnography , with reference to the regions which lie on the
northern side of the equator , would be incomplete without some notice of the
Arabian tribes who have now for many centuries inhabited various countries in ...

Author: James Cowles Prichard


ISBN: UOM:39015035029050

Category: Anthropology


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