Cult, Sport, and Ancient Festival

Author: Ulrich Sinn

Publisher: Markus Wiener Publishers

ISBN: 9781558762404

Category: Social Science

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In antiquity Olympia stood for sports. A victory at the Olympic games led to lifelong honours and often to a political career and wealth. Alcibiades, a multifaceted politician from Athens, sponsored all seven chariots in a race to guarantee that one of his horses would definitely win and he would get the honour. Alexander the Great and other kings and emperors, as well as wealthy and powerful men and women, financed the games by erecting religious and civic monuments. Olympia's monuments are associated with the best-known artists of its time. The Zeus temple became one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Olympia also had an oracle, which was another major tourist attraction. Numerous ancient sources provide lively reports about Olympia: activities in the sports arenas, the rites of the games, the reactions of the visitors. They also detail sometimes unpleasant daily realities: the crowds, the dust, the heat and the thirst.

Sport and Spectacle in the Ancient World

Author: Donald G. Kyle

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118613805

Category: History

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The second edition of Sport and Spectacle in the AncientWorld updates Donald G. Kyle’s award-winning introductionto this topic, covering the Ancient Near East up to the late RomanEmpire. • Challenges traditional scholarship on sport andspectacle in the Ancient World and debunks claims that there wereno sports before the ancient Greeks • Explores the cultural exchange of Greek sport and Romanspectacle and how each culture responded to the other’sentertainment • Features a new chapter on sport and spectacle during theLate Roman Empire, including Christian opposition to pagan gamesand the Roman response • Covers topics including violence, professionalism insport, class, gender and eroticism, and the relationship ofspectacle to political structures

A Companion to Sport and Spectacle in Greek and Roman Antiquity

Author: Paul Christesen,Donald G. Kyle

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1444339524

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 680

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A Companion to Sport and Spectacle in Greek and Roman Antiquity presents a series of essays that apply a socio-historical perspective to myriad aspects of ancient sport and spectacle. Covers the Bronze Age to the Byzantine Empire Includes contributions from a range of international scholars with various Classical antiquity specialties Goes beyond the usual concentrations on Olympia and Rome to examine sport in cities and territories throughout the Mediterranean basin Features a variety of illustrations, maps, end-of-chapter references, internal cross-referencing, and a detailed index to increase accessibility and assist researchers

International Sport: A Bibliography, 2000

An Index to Sports History Journals, Conference Proceedings and Essay Collections

Author: Richard William Cox

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135293090

Category: Sports & Recreation

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There has been an explosion in the quantity of sports history literature published in recent years, making it increasingly difficult to keep abreast of developments. The annual number of publications has increased from around 250 to 1,000 a year over the last decade. This is due in part to the fact that during the late 1980s and 90s, many clubs, leagues and governing bodies of sport have celebrated their centenaries and produced histories to mark this occasion and commemorate their achievements. It is also the result of the growing popularity and realisation of the importance of sport history research within academe. This international bibliography of books, articles, conference proceedings and essays in the English language is a one-stop for the sports historian to know what is new.

Onward to the Olympics

Historical Perspectives on the Olympic Games

Author: Gerald P. Schaus,Stephen R. Wenn

Publisher: Wilfrid Laurier Univ. Press

ISBN: 1554587794

Category: Sports & Recreation

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The Olympic Games have had two lives—the first lasted for a millennium with celebrations every four years at Olympia to honour the god Zeus. The second has blossomed over the past century, from a simple start in Athens in 1896 to a dazzling return to Greece in 2004. Onward to the Olympics provides both an overview and an array of insights into aspects of the Games’ history. Leading North American archaeologists and historians of sport explore the origins of the Games, compare the ancient and the modern, discuss the organization and financing of such massive athletic festivals, and examine the participation ,or the troubling lack of it, by women. Onward to the Olympics bridges the historical divide between the ancient and the modern and concludes with a thought-provoking final essay that attempts to predict the future of the Olympics over the twenty-first century.


Zeitschrift für Sport und Kultur im Altertum

Author: Wolfgang Decker

Publisher: N.A


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La violence dans les mondes grec et romain

actes du colloque international, Paris, 2-4 mai 2002

Author: Jean-Marie Bertrand

Publisher: Publications de la Sorbonne

ISBN: 9782859445300

Category: Civilisation gréco-romaine - Congrès

Page: 467

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Le colloque international sur la violence dans les mondes de l'Antiquité dite classique a réuni des historiens soucieux d'explorer des domaines différents mais complémentaires. Leur préoccupation a été d'abord de comprendre quelle était la représentation de la violence dans les sociétés grecque et romaine grâce à une analyse des discours produits, qu'ils aient été textes ou images. À partir de ces prémisses, ils montrent quelles normes ont structuré le système social, ils élargissent et enrichissent la place accordée à la violence intra-familiale, tout en s'inscrivant résolument dans les actuelles interrogations sur le genre. En abordant le domaine de la justice, qu'elle ait été vengeance ou recherche d'autres formes d'équilibre, les auteurs analysent la mise en relation entre la violence et le politique. Ils n'ont pas négligé bien sûr la guerre, où la violence est à la fois externe aux groupes affrontés et interne au monde des soldats, par l'effet de la brutalisation inhérente à leur pratique. Enfin la violence, qui n'est pas non plus absente des relations diplomatiques, renvoie à un des problèmes initialement posés, celui de sa mise en scène et de son institutionnalisation.

Kunst und Liturgie Im Mittelalter

Akten Des Internationalen Kongresses Der Bibliotheca Hertziana und Des Nederlands Instituut Te Rome, Rom. 28.-30. September 1997

Author: Nicolas Bock,Nederlands Instituut te Rome

Publisher: N.A


Category: Art, Medieval

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