Love After All

Love After All

“I know so. We need to talk.” “No, we don't.” “Yes, we do.” Emma stood. “Bathroom break. ... “How do you know that?” “Because I know you. ... Oh, shit. Former student. And Aaron had to be a college graduate now. “Of course. Hi, Aaron.

Author: Jaci Burton

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9780698183780

Category: Fiction

Page: 304

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In the latest novel from the New York Times bestselling author of Hope Burns, a woman discovers that the man she least expects is exactly what she needs… High school math teacher Chelsea Gardner has the perfect plan. She’s tired of dating all the wrong men, and after years of frustration, she’s developed a foolproof list of requirements for finding “The One.” Bar owner Sebastian “Bash” Palmer finds Chelsea beautiful, smart and fun, but he thinks her list is ridiculous and unnecessary. Intent on proving Chelsea is looking for love in all the wrong ways, he offers to help her find the “perfect” man. Chelsea knows Bash isn’t the right guy for her—he barely meets one of her criteria—but there’s something about the charismatic man that has her yearning for things that are most definitely not list approved. Because sometimes, a relationship that looks totally wrong on paper can turn out incredibly right…
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The Devil s Menagerie

The Devil   s Menagerie

“Did you recognize her, Harry? Ever see her before?” Harry shook his head almost violently. “No! I mean ... d'you think she's a San Carlos College student? Oh shit...” “We don't know yet,” Braden said. “She's the right age, ...

Author: Louis Charbonneau

Publisher: Jabberwocky Literary Agency, Inc.

ISBN: 9781936535958

Category: Fiction

Page: 277

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Fear is his favorite medium FBI agent Karen Younger’s worst nightmare just came true. A vicious serial killer from a cold case has struck again—his crimes spanning two different continents, eight years apart. But he’s only getting started, and with each young woman brutally beaten to death across San Carlos, California, he’s sending someone a message. Glenda Lindstrom is facing a nightmare of her own. Her abusive ex-husband, Ralph Beringer, is back in town—repeatedly calling, stalking her kids, breaking into their home. He doesn’t want a reunion, he wants revenge. Beringer has never forgiven Glenda for taking their son away and remarrying. But she can’t convince anyone that the man terrorizing her is capable of far worse than misdemeanors. Beringer is rapidly losing control over his murderous impulses, and he has Glenda and her family exactly where he needs them to complete his grisly scheme. With only a handful of clues and gritty instinct, Agent Younger is running out of time to solve the case before a madman’s rage erupts again.
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Jeremy s Kiss

Jeremy s Kiss

Oh shit, you don't mean she is working on that case do you? I thought they didn't even know he was dead. ... I think it's safe to say we both know exactly what happened to Li'l Mo, and here we are watching some college student trying ...

Author: Lee Thompson

Publisher: Lee Thompson

ISBN: 9781441468208

Category: Fiction

Page: 260

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What lengths are you willing to go to for truth and vengeance? In a world where vampires, mages and werewolves live hidden in plain sight among the human population, three people are swept into the machinations of Omaha's most powerful vampires. Lilith is a bodyguard for a formidable vampire who has given her everything she needs, but her heart thirsts for vengeance against the man who took advantage of her as a teenage runaway. The vampire Jeremy is dragged against his will into the dark world of power struggles amongst his own kind, where he must protect himself at all costs. Natalie is focused on completing her degree and never guessed it would lead to the tragic death of the man she loves. Caught between two worlds, Natalie must work alone to find the murderers and avenge his death. Will Lilith, Jeremy and Natalie find the answers they need, or will they end up ensnared in situations they may not survive?
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Dylan s Divide

Dylan s Divide

For the new guys who don't know me yet, my name is First Lieutenant Jack Breckovich. ... I don't need this shit. You have ... I am going to break it down Barney-style for you little fobbits: “First point, I'm a West Point graduate.

Author: Lane Rockford Orsak


ISBN: 9781387786213

Category: Fiction

Page: 252

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Dylan "Books" Griffith isn't the first soldier to lose friends in Afghanistan. Or the first to be sent home wounded. Nor is he the first to find it hard to find his way in the civilian world, despite his short time of deployment. But when alcohol, drugs, and sex can't wallpaper over his deepest wounds, Dylan embarks on a quest to save himself and search for deeper meaning-by way of a vision-quest trip by motorcycle across the Southwest to the Hopi tribal home of a fallen comrade. What he finds there astonishes him-but who and what he encounters along the way stirs his soul in equal measure. DYLAN'S DIVIDE is a story with familiar themes, but a wholly unique story, infused with the heat of passion and the heart of an underdog-and a hope that burns brighter than the high-noon highways of the Southwest.
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Miami Manhunt

Miami Manhunt

I met a college student, a senior at FIU, who asked me some questions about the News for an article he was writing. We had some drinks tonight, that's all! There's nothing more to say.” Oh shit, I said too much. I know it.

Author: Johnny Diaz

Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corp.

ISBN: 9780758266286

Category: Fiction

Page: 288

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SCORE It's not just a name--it's a frame of mind. Nestled amid peach and candy-pink Art Deco buildings, Score is the hottest gay bar in Miami's South Beach. And for friends Ray Martinez, Ted Williams, and Brian Anderson, there's no better way to start the weekend than by checking out the steady stream of beautiful Latin men coursing in and out of Score's doors. . . While Miami is home to the most gorgeous males ever created by God or a lifetime gym membership, Ray, resident movie critic at The Miami News, would give the dating scene a one-star review. Tired of hooking up with sculpted, shallow hunks who use books as towel weights, Ray is thrilled to finally meet a guy he wants to take home to mami and papi. . . Ted, host of a popular Miami version of Entertainment Tonight, has enjoyed all the perks of his celebrity status. But being overexposed has its downside. Ted's longing for a deeper connection spurs a reckless move that could cost him everything. . . Brian has a life of leisure with his fabulously wealthy older boyfriend. The key rule to their open relationship: no sleeping with the same guy twice. But ever since Brian met a Puerto Rican love god named Eros, it's a rule he keeps breaking. . . A sexy, smart, and irresistibly witty new novel, Miami Manhunt explores one wild year when love gets crazy, hearts get broken and mended, and the only thing to count on is the fact that life will never be the same again. . .
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Love Madness

Love Madness

I hope that you played it before losing your virginity, and when you were, I don't know, fourteen years old. ... “And what are you doing?” “Medicine.” She threw her head back, hitting the seat back. “Oh, shit. A Med student who plays ...

Author: Gabriella Regina

Publisher: Babelcube Inc.

ISBN: 9781547550647

Category: Fiction

Page: 64

View: 580

How far would you go to win back your love? Niels Janowski is in pain because his girlfriend broke up with him in the week before the most special date for couples: Valentine's. His friends, being good friends, decided to take him to a party for people who hate Valentine's so Niels can find someone to comfort him. But, unlike that, Niels met Harvard, a red haired and intelligent girl, apparently kinda crazy, who commits herself in making Niels a perfect romantic guy and help him win back his ex-girlfriend. "Love Madness" is an eleven chapters short story that happens on Valentine's Day night, and shows that, sometimes, some crazy things are necessary to win over the person you love.
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Norton s Ghost

Norton s Ghost

Heard she'd be at a university a bit south of here next weekend and didn't want to miss it. Want to come?” My heart sank. “at's where I came from. I was a student there.” “Oh. Shit. Guess you'll not be wanting to go right back, then?

Author: R. Canepa

Publisher: R Canepa

ISBN: 9780984345403

Category: Hitchhiking

Page: 414

View: 910

His world thrown into doubt with the death of his father, Kyle Dearmond takes to hitchhiking, where he finds meaning, friends, and a new direction despite the chaos of the wandering road.
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For My Children Who Are Poor

For My Children Who Are Poor

What, you didn't know? You don't believe me? ... “Shit happens, we say, and we invest our whole being into that statement. ... “The babysitter was a young woman, eighteen, responsible, a college student with a part-time job.

Author: D Diego Torres

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595297108

Category: Poetry

Page: 150

View: 323

"For My Children" is like the blues: angry, mournful, and deeply emotional--yet hopeful. Diego Torres has given us something reminiscent of Jean Toomer's "Cane".
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The Good Luck Charm

The Good Luck Charm

He went to college out of state, and I see him maybe once every two years at best. ... “I don't know if I want to see him, Lilah. ... “I guess the question is, will you regret it if you don't see him while you have this chance?

Author: Helena Hunting

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780349421421

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

View: 145

Treat yourself to an 'outrageously sexy' (Entertainment Weekly), 'fabulously fun' (Jill Shalvis) second-chance romance from the New York Times bestselling queen of hockey romance! Lilah isn't sure what hurt worse: the day Ethan left her to focus on his hockey career or the day he came back eight years later. He might think they can pick up just where they left off, but she's no longer that same girl and never wants to be again. Ethan wants his glory days back. And that includes having Lilah by his side. With her, he was magic. They were magic. All he has to do is make her see that. Just when Lilah might finally be ready to let Ethan in, though, she finds out their reunion might have nothing to do with love and everything to do with improving his game. But Ethan's already lost her once, and even if it costs him his career, he'll do anything to keep from losing her again . . . 'I couldn't stop turning the pages of this sexy, second-chance romance' Amy E. Reichert, author of The Coincidence of Coconut Cake 'Hunting sparkles in this well-plotted contemporary' Publishers Weekly 'If you love rom-coms, don't miss this second-chance romance novel' Hello Giggles Included in POPSUGAR's 'Hold On to the Hot Days of Summer With These 12 Sexy New Books!' iBooks' 'Best of the Month' August 2018 Pick! Barnes & Noble Top Pick! Amazon's choice for 'Best Romance of August!' What readers are saying about The Good Luck Charm . . . 'Sexy rom-com at its finest!' 'Helena Hunting is the queen of romantic comedy' 'Easily my favorite book Ms. Hunting has written' 'My fave read from Helena Hunting yet' 'Just as good as the Pucked series' 'This was awesome!' 'Refreshing, light, swoony, and sexy'
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Five Plays

Five Plays

I'm not just sitting out there, you know. I'm watching. ... Think you know it all, oh, yeah. dick: Don't worry, we took care of it. lucky: Huh? dick: We did like you said. ... It's your friendly college graduate, Mrs. Miller.

Author: Michael Weller

Publisher: Theatre Communications Group

ISBN: 9781559366441

Category: Drama

Page: 240

View: 179

Long-unavailable, Michael Weller's Five Plays is the definitive look at the generation which came of age in the '60s.
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