The of Counsel Agreement

A Guide for Law Firm and Practitioner

Author: Harold G. Wren,Beverly J. Glascock

Publisher: American Bar Association

ISBN: 9781590312469

Category: Law

Page: 266

View: 2693


Provides every lawyer who is currently Of Counsel or contemplating such a position--and every firm that recognizes the status--with the background, understanding and language required to protect the interests of all concerned.

Of Counsel

A Guide for Law Firms and Practitioners

Author: Jean L. Batman,Harold G. Wren,Beverly J. Glascock

Publisher: Amer Bar Assn

ISBN: 9781627221436

Category: Law

Page: 363

View: 510


In the eight years since the last edition was published, important changes have been made to the Model Rules of Professional Conduct that benefit firms and attorneys engaged in "Of Counsel" arrangements, such as the recognition of screening as a method of avoiding the disqualification of an entire firm as the result of one attorney's conflict. There is an increase in popularity "Of Counsel" as law firms and attorneys discover benefits of these arrangements.

A Legal Guide for Student Affairs Professionals

Author: William A. Kaplin,Barbara A. Lee

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780470623626

Category: Education

Page: 864

View: 7514


The student affairs market has experienced a great boom in the last decade. Based on the fourth edition of the indispensable guide to the laws that bear on the conduct of higher education, this updated student affairs edition provides a reference and guide for student affairs practitioners and graduate students in student affairs administration courses. This volume combines sections that are pertinent to student affairs practitioners, as well as the government regulatory and administrative issues found in the full Fourth Edition. It is thus the most comprehensive and easy-to-use volume for student affairs officers and students.

Legal Tech, Smart Contracts and Blockchain

Author: Marcelo Corrales,Mark Fenwick,Helena Haapio

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9811360863

Category: Law

Page: 276

View: 6948


There is a broad consensus amongst law firms and in-house legal departments that next generation “Legal Tech” – particularly in the form of Blockchain-based technologies and Smart Contracts – will have a profound impact on the future operations of all legal service providers. Legal Tech startups are already revolutionizing the legal industry by increasing the speed and efficiency of traditional legal services or replacing them altogether with new technologies. This on-going process of disruption within the legal profession offers significant opportunities for all business. However, it also poses a number of challenges for practitioners, trade associations, technology vendors, and regulators who often struggle to keep up with the technologies, resulting in a widening regulatory “gap.” Many uncertainties remain regarding the scope, direction, and effects of these new technologies and their integration with existing practices and legacy systems. Adding to the challenges is the growing need for easy-to-use contracting solutions, on the one hand, and for protecting the users of such solutions, on the other. To respond to the challenges and to provide better legal communications, systems, and services Legal Tech scholars and practitioners have found allies in the emerging field of Legal Design. This collection brings together leading scholars and practitioners working on these issues from diverse jurisdictions. The aim is to introduce Blockchain and Smart Contract technologies, and to examine their on-going impact on the legal profession, business and regulators.

The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Handbook

A Practical Guide for Multinational General Counsel, Transactional Lawyers and White Collar Criminal Practitioners

Author: Robert W. Tarun

Publisher: American Bar Association

ISBN: 9781604429510

Category: Law

Page: 538

View: 3063


Identifies all of the major FCPA risk areas and then offers very thoughtful and practical suggestions for how companies can most effectively address these risks and conduct credible investigations. You'll find information on anti-bribery conventions; board of directors and management responsibilities; transaction issues and considerations; gifts, travel, lodging and entertainment; charitable donations and political contributions; and conducting and defending an FCPA Investigation.

A Survival Guide for Road Warriors

Essentials for the Mobile Lawyer

Author: Daniel S. Coolidge

Publisher: Section of Law Practice Management


Category: Computers

Page: 160

View: 5554


Supplies all of the knowledge needed to streamline a law office -- from choosing a portable computer, to mastering telecommunications, to dealing with the problems that invariably arrive when working away from the office.

Flying Solo

A Survival Guide for the Solo and Small Firm Lawyer

Author: K. William Gibson

Publisher: American Bar Association

ISBN: 9781590314807

Category: Law

Page: 679

View: 1446


The contributors share time-tested advice on approaches, methods, systems, and perspectives that have resulted in thriving solo and small firm law practices in the real world. This book contains proven solutions for problems and issues that, sooner or later, every practitioner will have to face.

Practitioner's Guide to Litigating Insurance Coverage Actions

Author: Jerold Oshinsky,Theodore A. Howard

Publisher: Aspen Publishers Online

ISBN: 0735545782

Category: Law

Page: 4302

View: 9871


Practitionerand’s Guide to Litigating Insurance Coverage Actions, Second Edition is a comprehensive, two-volume manual that offers an excellent framework for understanding the complex practical and procedural issues that can arise in insurance coverage disputes. Written by insurance litigators with extensive experience from both the policyholder and insurance company perspective, Practitionerand’s Guide to Litigating Insurance Coverage Actions reveals hard-won strategies and proven-effective litigation tools to help you successfully prepare or defend an insurance coverage case. Masterfully organized and streamlined in a two-volume format, Practitionerand’s Guide to Litigating Insurance Coverage Actions walks you through the logical sequence of events as an insurance coverage litigation case evolves. Youand’ll find: Step-by-step guidance through every stage of case preparation and litigation. Balanced and“best-practiceand” recommendations for counsel to policyholders and insurance companies. And much more! Model Forms include: Notice Letters Initial Pleadings Preliminary Motions Discovery Requests Summary Judgment Motions Motions at Trial Opening and Closing Statements Trial Briefs and Jury Instructions Motions and Briefs during Appeals Process Settlement Agreements

Practitioner's Guide to Global Investigations

Author: Judith Seddon

Publisher: Law Business Research Ltd.

ISBN: 1912377837


Page: 1026

View: 6654


There's never been a greater likelihood a company and its key people will become embroiled in a cross-border investigation. But emerging unscarred is a challenge. Local laws and procedures on corporate offences differ extensively - and can be contradictory. To extricate oneself with minimal cost requires a nuanced ability to blend understanding of the local law with the wider dimension and, in particular, to understand where the different countries showing an interest will differ in approach, expectations or conclusions. Against this backdrop, GIR has published the second edition of The Practitioner's Guide to Global Investigation. The book is divided into two parts with chapters written exclusively by leading names in the field. Using US and UK practice and procedure, Part I tracks the development of a serious allegation (whether originating inside or outside a company) - looking at the key risks that arise and the challenges it poses, along with the opportunities for its resolution. It offers expert insight into fact-gathering (including document preservation and collection, witness interviews); structuring the investigation (the complexities of cross-border privilege issues); and strategising effectively to resolve cross-border probes and manage corporate reputation.Part II features detailed comparable surveys of the relevant law and practice in jurisdictions that build on many of the vital issues pinpointed in Part I.