Nostradamus and Beyond Visions of Yuga sandhi

Nostradamus and Beyond  Visions of Yuga sandhi

He is the author of the acclaimed book Vedic Aryans and the Origins of Civilization (with David Frawley), which is now in its third edition.

Author: Navaratna Srinivasa Rajaram

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The world today is in the period of yuga-sandhi -the junction of two world ages that marks the historical transformation from one dharmic world to another. Yuga-sandhi is the period of stress, turmoil and general degeneration which is very evident today all around us. Interestingly, sages and prophets of ancient ages had the vision to predict many notable developments in current history. Nostradamus' prophecies are more widely known-but even the predictions of Indian sages are equally impressive, notably those of Vira Brahmendra Yogi, a contemporary of Nostradamus. Dr. N.S. Rajaram is a mathematician, linguist and historian who spent more than twenty years in the U.S. as a researcher at several universities and high technology organizations including NASA. For the last ten years he has been an independent researcher and author working on ancient civilizations, especially Vedic and Harappan India. He is the author of the acclaimed book Vedic Aryans and the Origins of Civilization (with David Frawley), which is now in its third edition. He is also the author of The Deciphered Indus Script (with N. Jha) on the decipherment of the 5000-year old Indus Script. He has deciphered the more than 5000-year old 'world's oldest writing' showing it to be related to the Rigveda . He is the author of more than ten books on history and civilization and world religions. He is also the founder of Banglore-based cultural foundation Naimisha Research Foundation which has held several path breaking programs that have become internationally known.
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The Astrological Magazine

The Astrological Magazine

It eventually extended beyond the Indic sphere of influence and became the
basis for the culture of Eurasian , Iranian ... the present turmoil as a consequence
of O Nostradamus and Beyond : Visions of Yuga - sandhi by N.S. Rajaram ( 2002
) ...



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A Tribute to Hinduism

A Tribute to Hinduism

14 535 Arnett , Robert India Unveiled Atman Press 1999 p . 8 - 9 536 Torwesten ,
Hans Vedanta : Heart of Hinduism Grove Press New York 1985 p . 23 29 and 214
537 Rajaram , N S Nostradamus and Beyond : Visions of Yuga - Sandhi Rupa ...

Author: Sushama Londhe


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Since times immemorial, India has been synonymous with spiritual knowledge and people have been drawn to her sacred land. Some were philosophers, poets, writers, historians, scientists and travelers. Some came to India; others read translations about her rich and imaginative literature and felt genuine enthusiasm for her. The fourth Caliph in the 7th century is reported to have said: The land where books were first written and from where wisdom and knowledge sprang is India. Despite the wars and imperialism, ancient India s spiritual influence and wisdom has had considerable impact on the West, especially on its imagination, science, and literature: English Romantic poetry in particular, Scientists, scholars, poets, writers and philosophers all have paid the highest compliment to India s wonderful metaphysical, religious, artistic, linguistic, and cultural genius by imitating and incorporating some of these ideas and theories into their own work.
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