China and North Korea

China and North Korea

October 9, 2006 and then on May 25, 2009, China strongly condemned North Korea and, with other members of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), passed UN Resolutions 1718 and 1874 respectively to impose economic and commercial ...

Author: C. Freeman

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781137455666

Category: Political Science

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At a time when Chinese policy makers appear to be rethinking China's historically close alliance relationship with North Korea, this volume gathers a diverse collection of original essays by some of China's leading experts on North Korea and China's North Korea policy.
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The North Korean Economy

The North Korean Economy

would amount to an addition of over 500 calories per person per day in the North Korean diet— equivalent, in fact, to over a quarter of the presumed daily calorie supply for the North Korean populace in 2003–04.

Author: Catherine Cavanaugh

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351478267

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Viewed from afar, North Korea may appear bizarre, or positively irrational. But as Nicholas Eberstadt demonstrates in this meticulously researched volume, there is a grim coherence to North Korea's political economy, and a ruthless logic undergirding it--one that unreservedly subordinates economic welfare to augmentation of political power. Thus, paradoxically, even as official policies and practices consign the DPRK economy to a perilous realm between crisis and catastrophe, the country's leadership maintains unchallenged domestic control and has actually managed to increase its international influence.Through painstaking collection of hard-to-uncover data and careful analysis, Eberstadt provides a quantitative tableau of North Korea's terrible failure in its economic race against South Korea; its stubborn adherence to policies all but guaranteed to stifle growth and undermine economic performance; and the longstanding official effort to ignore, or mitigate, pressures for economic reform.Eberstadt is skeptical of optimistic accounts from South Korea and elsewhere suggesting that the North Korean leadership is interested in resolving the current nuclear impasse, and getting on with the business of reform and development. So long as Pyongyang's rulers entertain the ambition of reunifying the Korean peninsula on its own terms, Eberstadt argues, economic reforms worthy of the name will be subversive of state authority--and vigilantly resisted by Pyongyang's rulers. This authoritative volume has received widespread attention from Asian specialists, well as those concerned with nuclear proliferation and world peace, and international relations professionals in general.
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Noir in the North

Noir in the North

The two novels do convey one shared message about the North: no matter how remote, it cannot escape the influences of modernity and provide the purity, pastness and refuge that have traditionally been associated with it in the ...

Author: Stacy Gillis

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA

ISBN: 9781501342882

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What is often termed 'Nordic Noir' has dominated detective fiction, film and television internationally for over two decades. But what are the parameters of this genre, both historically and geographically? What is noirish and what is northern about Nordic noir? The foreword and coda in this volume, by two internationally-bestselling writers of crime fiction in the north, Yrsa Sigurðardóttir and Gunnar Staalesen, speak to the social contract undertaken by writers of noir, while the interview with the renowned crime writer Val McDermid adds nuance to our understanding of what it is to write noir in the North. Divided into four sections – Gender and Sexuality, Space and Place, Politics and Crime, and Genre and Genealogy – Noir in the North challenges the traditional critical histories of noir by investigating how it functions transnationally beyond the geographical borders of Scandinavia. The essays in this book deepen our critical understanding of noir more generally by demonstrating, for example, Nordic noir's connection to fin-de-siècle literatures and to mid-century interior design, and by investigating the function of the state in crime fiction.
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Environment Cultural Interaction and the Tribes of North East India

Environment Cultural Interaction and the Tribes of North East India

Challenges of Development in North-East India. New Delhi: Regency Publications. Bhaumick, Subir. 2011. “Just Development: A strategy Ethnic Reconciliation in Tripura”. Sanjib Baruah (ed.) Beyond Counter Insurgency- Breaking the Impasse ...

Author: Banshaikupar Lyngdoh Mawlong

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 9781443881562

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All life forms on earth are complementary to each other; the existence and survival of one depend on the existence of another, and vice versa. However, no life forms are more dependent on others than human beings. Humans’ very survival is conditioned by the existence of the natural environment and the living things within it. One aspect of this interaction is the central and inescapable role played by human culture in defining the human-nature relationship. This book emphasises that environmental conservation is a matter of moral and cultural ethics. It stresses the fact that existing environmental conservation methods need to accommodate traditional environmental knowledge and practices of different indigenous cultures in order to re-build and restore the bond between humans and nature.
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North Korea s Planned Economy and Marketization

North Korea s Planned Economy and Marketization

Lee Seok, et al., Changes in North Korea's Planned Economy and Marketization (Seoul: Korea Institute for National Unification, 2009). Lim Kang-taeg, et al., Study of the Status of North Korea's Official Economy for the Estimation of ...

Author: Yang Mun-su

Publisher: 길잡이미디어


Category: Korea (North)

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CHAPTER 1: Conventional Planned Economy 1. Framework of a Planned Economy 2. Taean Work System & Unified and Detailed Planning 3. System for Distribution of Food Rations and Other Necessities CHAPTER 2: Planned Economy after the Economic Crisis 1. Contraction and Weakening of the Planned Economy 2. Generalization of Direct Control by the Supreme Leader 3. Collapse of the Ration Distribution System CHAPTER 3: Development of North Korea’s Market ization 1. Conceptual Framework 2. Economic Crisis of the 1990s and the Arduous March 3. After the July 1 Economic Management Improvement Measures 4. Since the Latter Half of the 2000s: Between Restriction and Tolerance of Markets CHAPTER 4: Development, Status, and Structure of North Korea’s Marketization 1. Foreign Dependency of Marketization 2. Rise of Monopolies and Oligopolies & Wealth Disparity due to Collusion Between Government and Businesses 3. Prolonged Marketization and Its Establishment 4. Evaluation of Marketization CHAPTER 5: Characteristics of North Korea’s Dual Economic Structure 1. Dual Economic Structure with Ambiguous Boundaries 2. Coexistence of the Planned and Market Economies 3. Supplementary and Conflicting Relations Between the Planned and Market Economies 4. The North Korean Government’s Dilemma CHAPTER 6: Future of North Korea’s Dual Economic Structure 1. Elements that Spread and Restrain Marketization in North Korea 2. Future Prospects for Marketization in North Korea
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Toward A North American Community

Toward A North American Community

6 Quoted in Alan K. Henrikson, “American Rediscovery of North America,” Paper presented to the Western Social Science Association, Denver, Colorado, April 21–24, 1982, p. 7. 7 North American Interdependence, June 6, 1979, p. 3.

Author: Donald Barry

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000009651

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The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is a milestone in the affairs of the continent and in international trade. The first formal arrangement of any kind between Canada, the United States, and Mexico, it is also the first trade pact including countries of such disproportionate power and levels of development. For Canada and Mexico the agr
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Regional Integration in the Middle East and North Africa

Regional Integration in the Middle East and North Africa

The existing asymmetrical power relations between North and South are evident when considering transnational corporations (TNCs). In the new international economic order, TNCs from the Global North dominate international markets.

Author: Tarik Oumazzane

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9789813364523

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This book analyses and assesses the Agadir Agreement’s impact on economic integration, its effect on political cooperation, and its role in promoting peace between participating countries in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). Since the ‘Arab Spring’ of 2011, the geo-political situation in MENA has further drifted towards instability and uncertainty. Expert analysis of the region seems to lurch from one crisis to another without moving beyond a focus on conflict. Few scholars have recognised that the MENA governments have long regarded regional economic integration as a chief policy objective to facilitate intra-regional trade and promote political cooperation and peace. Realising the shortcomings of the various integrative processes, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt and Jordan signed the Agadir Agreement in 2004. To this date, it stands as one of the most significant economic agreements in the MENA region. Taking into account this variety of factors, this book offers a new assessment of the pull between unity and disunity in the Middle East and North Africa region
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The Shifting Sands of the North Sea Lowlands

The Shifting Sands of the North Sea Lowlands

This book has hitherto dealt with human interactions with the North Sea environment; the literary texts have explored humanity's changing sense of its place in the world and its relationship with other species, but the physical ...

Author: Katie Ritson

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780429955518

Category: History

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Global seawater levels are rising and the low-lying coasts of the North Sea basin are amongst the most vulnerable in Europe. In our current moment of environmental crisis, the North Sea coasts are literary arenas in which the challenges and concerns of the Anthropocene are being played out. This book shows how the fragile landscapes around the North Sea have served as bellwethers for environmental concern both now and in the recent past. It looks at literary sources drawn from the countries around the North Sea (Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, and England) from the mid-nineteenth century onwards, taking them out of their established national and cultural contexts and reframing them in the light of human concern with fast-changing and hazardous environments. The six chapters serve as literary case studies that highlight memories of flood disaster and recovery, attempts to engineer the landscape into submission, perceptions of the landscape as both local and global, and the imagination of the future of our planet. This approach, which combines environmental history and ecocriticism, shows the importance of cultural artefacts in understandings of, and responses to, environmental change, and advocates for the importance of literary studies in the environmental humanities. This book will be of great interest to students and scholars of the Environmental Humanities, including Eco-criticism and Environmental History, as well as anyone studying literature from the Germanic philologies.
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The Race to the North

The Race to the North

The result was, of course, that there were two trans-border companies, the London Midland and Scottish Railway, always known as the LMS for London Midland Scottish; and the London & North Eastern Railway, or LNER (the ampersand was ...

Author: David Wragg

Publisher: Pen and Sword

ISBN: 9781473822368

Category: Transportation

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In the late nineteenth century, some of Britains leading main-line railway companies threw caution to the winds in an attempt to provide the fastest passenger express services between London and Scotland. These became known as the races to the north. There were two phases, in 1888 and 1895, and they spurred the building of new bridges across the Firth of Forth and Firth of Tay.David Wraggs gripping, detailed narrative tells the story of this epic engineering and commercial competition. He concentrates on the determination of the railway companies to see who could provide the fastest schedule between London and the main Scottish cities of Edinburgh, Glasgow, Perth, Dundee and Aberdeen.Casting aside their early policy of co-existence on these prestigious and lucrative routes, the West Coast and East Coast companies were drawn into a period of intense, highly publicized rivalry as they sought to dominate the market. David Wragg gives an insight into the conduct of the well-publicized highs and tragic lows of this dramatic story the extension of the lines to the far north, the building of the Tay and Forth bridges including the collapse of the first Tay bridge with 72 fatalities and the repeated bids by the companies to cut the journey times.While he describes the public side of this fascinating story, David Wragg fills in the background, which is no less interesting the pioneering engineering of the steam age, the massive construction projects, the cut-throat battle for passengers and freight and the deep inter-company rivalries that drove the rapid development of the railways during the Victorian period.
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