No Better Friend No Worse Enemy

No Better Friend  No Worse Enemy

In this illuminating biography, Jim Proser looks beyond Mattis’ professional competence to focus on the driving element behind Mattis’ success: his unimpeachable character—a formidable personal integrity that fosters universal ...

Author: Jim Proser

Publisher: Broadside Books

ISBN: 0062803913

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 272

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The first in-depth look at the marine hero who has become one of the most beloved and admired men in America today: Secretary of Defense James Mattis. A devout student of history and erudite reader revered by rank and file soldiers, officers, academics, politicians, and ordinary citizens, General James Mattis is one of the most admired leaders serving America today. A man who has long used his position as a model for the soldiers he leads, Mattis in 2003 shared a "Message to All Hands" with the men and women under his command, outlining their responsibilities as soldiers of the corps. Emphasizing the importance of the mission and the goal to act with honor, Mattis ended with the motto he had adopted from another great figure, Roman general Lucius Cornelius Sulla: "Demonstrate to the world that there is ‘No Better Friend, No Worse Enemy’ than a US Marine." The first Trump presidential cabinet nominee, Mattis, retired from activity military duty for only three years at the time, received a rare Congressional waiver to hold the civilian position of Secretary of Defense, and in the hyper-partisan political atmosphere of 2017, astonishingly received nearly unanimous, bipartisan support for his nomination. After months of headline-making chaos involving the White House, Mattis remains one of the few widely revered members of the Trump administration. In this illuminating biography, Jim Proser looks beyond Mattis’ professional competence to focus on the driving element behind Mattis’ success: his unimpeachable character—a formidable personal integrity that fosters universal confidence. Proser carefully examines the events of Mattis’ life and career to reveal a man who leads with insight, humor, fighting courage, and fierce compassion—not only for his fellow Marines, but for the innocent victims of war. Chronicling how Mattis’ martial and personal values have elevated him to the highest levels of personal success and earned him the trust of a nation, Proser makes clear how America is stronger because of his service and his example.
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Monte and the Assassins

Monte and the Assassins

When you're 16 and living in a rundown, roadside motel room with your once-famous and now drug addicted father, it's hard to be the new kid in school at the same time.

Author: Jim Proser

Publisher: Jericho Mountain Publishing LLC

ISBN: 9798201539221

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 280

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When you're 16 and living in a rundown, roadside motel room with your once-famous and now drug addicted father, it's hard to be the new kid in school at the same time. That's what happened to me and it all turned it out mostly ok, except for the strange kid who kind of ran the motel. He froze his throat and died inhaling freon that he bought from the Army Navy store. That was like a horror movie and I couldn't sleep after that. But Dad said that was enough and moved us into the Logan Inn in New Hope. Winter was coming and he thought we'd die of pneumonia if we stayed in the motel. I think he was right but it was a kind of a pain in the ass too because the New Hope Diner was right across the road. So I'd have to figure out a new place to buy dinner.
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A Clinician s Guide for Treating Active Military and Veteran Populations with EMDR Therapy

A Clinician s Guide for Treating Active Military and Veteran Populations with EMDR Therapy

Retrieved from nation-world/marines-mattis-to-take-over-central-command Duncan , A. ( 2017 ). Stoic philosophy for military leaders . ... No better friend, no worse enemy: The life of General James Mattis .

Author: E.C. Hurley, DMin, PhD

Publisher: Springer Publishing Company

ISBN: 9780826158239

Category: Psychology

Page: 336

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Authored by “the” foremost expert on providing EMDR therapy to the military/veteran population! Based on the profound expertise of the author—an EMDR therapist, consultant, and trainer who brings 33 years of military experience to his therapeutic work—this is a “how-to” manual on the unique treatment needs of active duty and veteran populations and how to help them using EMDR therapy. Following an examination of the defining characteristics and philosophy of military culture as they bear on effective therapeutic treatment, the book comprehensively applies the EMDR model to the active military/veteran population with a variety of presenting issues. Considering the clinical challenges of treating a population with repeated exposure to life-threatening experiences, moral injury, sexual assault, and other potentially debilitating trauma, the book addresses skill development, specific to EMDR treatment in detail. This go-to manual covers all the steps and processes of EMDR treatment from introducing EMDR therapy to the client to developing a sense of safety in the treatment arena. Allowing therapists trained in EMDR therapy to appropriately assess and address the clinical needs of the veteran by treating clients with both PTSD and traumatic brain injury; along with moral injury, military sexual trauma (MST), or suicidal ideation by recognizing and addressing avoidance and building motivation for treatment and treatment pitfalls. Case examples address clinical “stuck” points and a variety of treatment options when addressing a broad range of symptoms. The EMDR AIP model is incorporated into each case illustrating the veteran’s treatment goal, presenting symptoms, targeted memories, and clinical decision points in treatment. The print version of the book is also available in ebook format. Key Features: Addresses step-by-step EMDR skill development specific to this population Incorporates the EMDR eight-phase approach Delivers abundant case examples enhanced with clinical treatment options Includes a paradigm for evaluating the military and veteran’s initial clinical presentation Discusses treatment for clients with PTSD, traumatic brain injury, moral injury, sexual trauma, and suicidal ideation Considers the treatment needs of the military family · Includes a variety of helpful patient handouts
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Trump and His Generals

Trump and His Generals

Proser, Jim. No Better Friend, No Worse Enemy. The Life of General James Mattis. New York: Broadside Books, 2018. Raspail, Jean. The Camp of the Saints. Translated by Norman Shapiro. Alexandria, WA: Institute for Western Values, 1975.

Author: Peter Bergen

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9780525522423

Category: Political Science

Page: 402

View: 239

From one of America's preeminent national security journalists, an explosive, news-breaking account of Donald Trump's collision with the American national security establishment, and with the world It is a simple fact that no president in American history brought less foreign policy experience to the White House than Donald J. Trump. The real estate developer from Queens promised to bring his brash, zero-sum swagger to bear to cut through America's most complex national security issues, and he did. If the cost of his "America First" agenda was bulldozing the edifice of foreign alliances that had been carefully tended by every president from Truman to Obama, then so be it. It was clear from the first that Trump's inclinations were radically more blunt force than his predecessors'. When briefed by the Pentagon on Iran and the Strait of Hormuz, he exclaimed, "The next time Iran sends its boats into the Strait: blow them out of the water! Let's get Mad Dog on this." When told that the capital of South Korea, Seoul, was so close to the North Korean border that millions of people would likely die in the first hours of any all-out war, Trump had a bold response, "They have to move." The officials in the Oval Office weren't sure if he was joking. He raised his voice. "They have to move!" Very quickly, it became clear to a number of people at the highest levels of government that their gravest mission was to protect America from Donald Trump. Trump and His Generals is Peter Bergen's riveting account of what happened when the unstoppable force of President Trump met the immovable object of America's national security establishment--the CIA, the State Department, and, above all, the Pentagon. If there is a real "deep state" in DC, it is not the FBI so much as the national security community, with its deep-rooted culture and hierarchy. The men Trump selected for his key national security positions, Jim Mattis, John Kelly, and H. R. McMaster, were products of that culture: Trump wanted generals, and he got them. Three years later, they would be gone, and the guardrails were off. From Iraq and Afghanistan to Syria and Iran, from Russia and China to North Korea and Islamist terrorism, Trump and His Generals is a brilliant reckoning with an American ship of state navigating a roiling sea of threats without a well-functioning rudder. Lucid and gripping, it brings urgently needed clarity to issues that affect the fate of us all. But clarity, unfortunately, is not the same thing as reassurance.
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Savage Messiah

Savage Messiah

Proser's No Better Friend, No Worse Enemy: The Life of General James Mattis has been nominated for the Marine Corps Heritage Foundation's 2019 Colonel Joseph Alexander Award. Proser lives in Sarasota, Florida.

Author: Jim Proser

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

ISBN: 9781250251435

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 320

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A fascinating biography and in-depth look at the work of bestselling writer and psychologist Dr. Jordan Peterson, by award-winning author Jim Proser. Who is psychologist, professor, bestselling author, and YouTube personality Dr. Peterson? What does he believe in? Who are his followers? And why is he so controversial? These are among the many questions raised in this compelling, exhaustively researched account of his life—from Peterson’s early days as a religious-school student in small-town Canada to his tenure at Harvard to his headline-making persona of the present day. In Savage Messiah, we meet an adolescent Peterson who, scoffing at the “fairy tales” being taught in his confirmation class, asks his minister how it’s possible to believe the Bible in light of modern scientific theory. Unsatisfied with the answer he’s been given, Peterson goes on to challenge other authority figures who stood in his way as he dared to define the world in his own terms. This won Peterson many enemies and more admirers than he could have dreamed of, particularly during the digital era, when his nontraditional views could be widely shared and critically discussed. Still, a fall from grace was never far behind. Peterson had always preached the importance of free speech, which he believed was essential to finding life-saving personal meaning in our frequently nihilistic world. But when he dismissed Canadian parliament Bill C-16, one that compelled the use of newly-invented pronouns to address new gender identities, Peterson found himself facing a whole new world. Students targeted him as a gender bigot. Conservatives called him their hero. Soon Peterson was fixed firmly at the center of the culture wars—and there was no turning back. With exclusive interviews of Dr. Peterson, as well as conversations with his family, friends, and associates, this book reveals the heart and mind, teachings and practices, of one of the most provocative voices of our time.
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Mastering Yourself How To Align Your Life With Your True Calling Reach Your Full Potential

Mastering Yourself  How To Align Your Life With Your True Calling   Reach Your Full Potential

James Mattis is a retired United States Marine Corps general and was selected by Trump to be the 26th United States ... He truly embodies the warrior ethos that there is no better friend and no worse enemy than a member of the United ...

Author: Corey Wayne


ISBN: 9781387595501


Page: 658

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Dear Friend, This book teaches you the hidden secrets of self-reliance so you can reach your full potential and accomplish your grandest goals and dreams. It will help you to discover your true purpose and calling in life. How to get any job or career you want. How you can get the upper hand in any personal or professional negotiation. The ultimate time management strategy that will help you maximize the use of your time, enable you to focus on your core competencies and reach your goals in the quickest most efficient way possible. It will teach you success and problem solving mindsets and skillsets that will enable you to overcome any obstacle, challenge or setback. The secrets to health, vitality and unlimited energy that keeps you free from common colds, flu and illnesses so you can enjoy your life with exceptional mental clarity, focus and efficiency.

American Heroes in the Fight Against Radical Islam

American Heroes in the Fight Against Radical Islam

Gen. James Amos, commanding the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing (Reinforced); and Maj. Gen. Jim Mattis, commander of the 1st Marine Division ... Demonstrate to the world there is 'No Better FriendNo Worse Enemy' than a U.S. Marine.

Author: Oliver North

Publisher: B&H Publishing Group

ISBN: 9780805447118

Category: History

Page: 290

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A Vietnam veteran addresses the issues of global terrorism and the fight against radical Islam from his perspective as a former military officer, national security advisor, and current Middle East war correspondent.
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Deutschland und Der N chste Krieg

Deutschland und Der N  chste Krieg

Author: Friedrich von Bernhardi


ISBN: WISC:89005816160

Category: World War, 1914-1918

Page: 372

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Categories: World War, 1914-1918

The Wolves of Helmand

The Wolves of Helmand

Marines will never hesitate to go lethal when necessary, but they'd just as soon live up to General James Mattis's tribute: “No better friend, no worse enemy.” Given what we were witnessing via ScanEagle, there would be no restraint ...

Author: Frank "Gus" Biggio

Publisher: Forefront Books

ISBN: 9781948677646

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 145

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At turns poignant, funny, philosophical, and raw—but always real—The Wolves of Helmand is both a heartfelt homage to the Marine brotherhood with whom Biggio served and an expression of respect and love for the people of Afghanistan who ultimately trusted, shared, and appreciated their purpose. Ten years after serving his country as a U.S. Marine, Captain Frank “Gus” Biggio signed up once again because he missed the brotherhood of the military. Leaving behind his budding law career, his young wife, and newborn son, he was deployed to Helmand Province—the most violent region in war-torn Afghanistan—for reasons few would likely understand before reading this book. Riven by conflict and occupation for centuries because of its strategic location, the region he landed in was, at that time, a hotbed of Taliban insurgency. As a participant in the landmark U.S.-led Operation Khanjar, Biggio and his fellow Marines were executing a new-era military strategy. Focused largely on empowerment of the local population, the offensive began with a troop surge designed to thwart the Taliban, but was more importantly followed by the restoration of the local government and real-time capacity building among the withdrawn and destitute Afghan people. The Wolves of Helmand is unlike other war memoirs. It takes us less into the action—though there is that too—and more into the quiet places of today’s war zones. Yes, you’ll read of our Marines’ stealth arrival in a single night, our advanced weaponry, and our pop-up industrial village command centers. You’ll read, as well, about the ambushed patrols and the carnage of IEDs. But you will also read of the persistence, humility, ruggedness, loneliness, tedium, diplomacy, and humanity of our Marines’ jobs there, which more than anything else reveals the magnitude of even the smallest victories. Completed years after the author’s return from his mission, The Wolves of Helmand is most of all a decade-long self-examination of a warrior’s heart, conscience, and memory. Whether intended or not, Biggio’s deep reflections and innate honesty answer every question you’ve ever wanted to ask about life and death in war—and even questions you probably never thought to ask. What calls a warrior to duty? What makes, sustains, plagues, and even breaks a warrior? These are bigger questions than the ones impolite society pokes around when a veteran returns home—Did you kill anyone? Did you have to go? Why would you fight for another country? Why were we even there? Yet the answers to those queries are here, too, in this thoughtful memoir that will make you think about war, family, love, and loss.
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The Legacy of Belleau Wood

The Legacy of Belleau Wood

Be the U Aer Dhunter , not the hunted ; never allow your unit to lor decades , Saddam Hussein has tor- be caught with its guard down . ... Demonstrate to the world there is " No Better Friend , No Worse Enemy " than a U.S. Marine .

Author: Paul W. Westermeyer

Publisher: Marine Corps Association

ISBN: 0160944120


Page: 368

View: 264

In the summer of 2017, the newly arrived president of Marine Corps University, Brigadier General William J. Bowers, ordered a lecture series, "The Legacy of Belleau Wood: 100 Years of Making Marines and Winning Battles." The series would include four lectures, and it was to be supported by an anthology produced by History Division, providing readings to the students on the topics each lecture would cover. The intent was to produce an anthology of lasting worth to Marines, broadly depicting keystone moments in the history of the Corps during the century following the Battle of Belleau Wood. This volume presents a collection of 36 extracts, articles, letters, orders, interviews, and biographies. The work is intended to serve as a general overview and provisional reference to inform both Marines and the general public of the broad outlines of notable trends and controversies in Marine Corps history--Provided by publisher.