Nightmares of Fidel

Nightmares of Fidel

10 HILLARIOUS SHORT STORIES: Following a botched colonoscopy, the legendary Fidel Castro suffers ten explosive nightmares and was able to defeats U.S. President Obama during his dreams.

Author: Edgar Giraldo

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1441563318

Category: Humor

Page: 110

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10 HILLARIOUS SHORT STORIES: Following a botched colonoscopy, the legendary Fidel Castro suffers ten explosive nightmares and was able to defeats U.S. President Obama during his dreams. During these endless agony, his alcoholic brother Raul grasps power, ten million Cubans abandon the country, and the island becomes an alligator that swims to Miami.
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Colombia s Narcotics Nightmare

Colombia s Narcotics Nightmare

Over the following year Fidel Castaño gathered information on the kidnapping, eventually learning details on his father's execution and the identity of those involved. His task became easier when a Front 4 member named Gilberto Aguilar ...

Author: James D. Henderson

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 9780786479177

Category: History

Page: 239

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This history of Colombia's illegal drug trade--and of the extreme violence it created--describes how in the late 1960s narcotics traffickers from the United States convinced Colombians who had no previous involvement in the drug trade to grow marijuana for export to America. By the early '70s, foreign (mostly American) traffickers began requesting cocaine. This book focuses on the decades of crime and violence the illegal drug trade brought to Colombia and how this social upset was ended in the early 2000s. Six chapters detail the Medellin and Cali cartels' war against the Colombian government, the revolutionary guerrillas' war against the government, the war that paramilitary groups conducted against the guerrillas, and the way in which the government finally put a stop to the cartel-financed bloodshed. In conclusion, the author assesses Colombia's progress and prospects since the end of the violence claimed the lives of some 300,000 between 1975 and 2008.
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Out of the Nightmare

Out of the Nightmare

He had hoarded digitalis, planning to commit suicide for years, promising himself "escape” when the suffering became too much- But careful examination showed that in fact what made it intolerable was the loss of his pet dog "Fidel.

Author: David L. Conroy Ph.D.

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781450247344

Category: Psychology


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Out of the Nightmare. An all-out assault on the barriers that stand between you and recovery from depression and suicidal pain. decomposes recovery from depression into recovery from envy, shame, self-pity, grandiosity, fear, stigma, social abuse, and the double binds and vicious circles of the mythology of suicide. a drug-free approach to getting better and staying better. This book provides counselors with a bold new non-technical framework that is free from the prejudices that deter the suicidal from seeking help. It provides those who have lost a loved one to suicide with a broad array of new conceptual tools to understand the tragedy and to find help for stuck positions of bereavement. Most importantly, it provides all those who suffer from depression with hundreds of resources to find their way out of the nightmare.
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The Tragedy of Fidel Castro

The Tragedy of Fidel Castro

... to life imprisonment and exhausted with the loneliness of a solitary cell that excluded the sun, decided to escape to where no one could ever catch him. Having fallen through the trapdoor into a dream (in this case a nightmare) ...

Author: Jo?o Cerqueira

Publisher: Cargo Publishing

ISBN: 9781910449233

Category: Fiction

Page: 159

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An absurd magical realist satire in which God sends Jesus to mediate between Castro and JFK during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Beverly Hills Book Awards 2014 Winner in Multicultural Fiction USA Best Book Awards 2013 Winner in Multicultural Fiction Nominated for the Montaigne Medal 2014 Winner Global E-book Awards 2014 - Fantasy Historical Setting In this magical realist blend of the all-too-real, the imaginary and the just plain absurd, the world teeters on the brink of destruction as JFK and Fidel Castro prepare once again for battle. As protests mount on the streets and the wily Castro plans his ruthless final move, the possibility of salvation emerges: the Second Coming of Christ to broker the conflict, assisted by the housewife Fatima. The result is a comical and highly nuanced exploration of the relationships between Capitalism and Communism, oppressed and oppressor, fantasy, memory and reality, in which grey areas proliferate and the rug is repeatedly pulled from beneath the reader's feet.
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Millennial Dreams and Apocalyptic Nightmares

Millennial Dreams and Apocalyptic Nightmares

See also Children of God Beria, Lavrenty, 96 Betancourt, Ernesto F., 113, 227n34 Betto, Frei, interview with Fidel Castro, 110–111 Bevel, James, 176 Bible Presbyterian Church, 22 Black Elk, 206n9 Black freedom movement.

Author: Angela M. Lahr

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780190295462

Category: Religion

Page: 296

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The Religious Right came to prominence in the early 1980s, but it was born during the early Cold War. Evangelical leaders like Billy Graham, driven by a fierce opposition to communism, led evangelicals out of the political wilderness they'd inhabited since the Scopes trial and into a much more active engagement with the important issues of the day. How did the conservative evangelical culture move into the political mainstream? Angela Lahr seeks to answer this important question. She shows how evangelicals, who had felt marginalized by American culture, drew upon their eschatological belief in the Second Coming of Christ and a subsequent glorious millennium to find common cause with more mainstream Americans who also feared a a 'soon-coming end,' albeit from nuclear war. In the early postwar climate of nuclear fear and anticommunism, the apocalyptic eschatology of premillennial dispensationalism embraced by many evangelicals meshed very well with the "secular apocalyptic" mood of a society equally terrified of the Bomb and of communism. She argues that the development of the bomb, the creation of the state of Israel, and the Cuban Missile Crisis combined with evangelical end-times theology to shape conservative evangelical political identity and to influence secular views. Millennial beliefs influenced evangelical interpretation of these events, repeatedly energized evangelical efforts, and helped evangelicals view themselves and be viewed by others as a vital and legitimate segment of American culture, even when it raised its voice in sharp criticism of aspects of that culture. Conservative Protestants were able to take advantage of this situation to carve out a new space for their subculture within the national arena. The greater legitimacy that evangelicals gained in the early Cold War provided the foundation of a power-base in the national political culture that the religious right would draw on in the late seventies and early eighties. The result, she demonstrates, was the alliance of religious and political conservatives that holds power today.
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The Children

The Children

It had to be Fidel. Eventually she said that she ... The other boy was Fidel's classmate, Luis Palomeque, who on the day of the picnic had said his birthday was in October. ... She recounted in detail Fidel's nightmares and his rage.

Author: Carolina Sanín

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780857055859

Category: Fiction

Page: 224

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One day, as she enters her local supermarket, Laura Romero has a startling encounter with a beggar, who seems to offer her a child. A short while later, in the middle of the night, she discovers a mysterious young boy on the pavement outside her apartment building: Fidel, who is six years old, a child with seemingly no origins or meaning. With few clues to guide her as she tries to discover his real identity, Laura finds herself swept into a bureaucratic maelstrom of fantastical proportions. From the National Institute for the Welfare of Families to the Hearth & Home Centre, from imagined worlds to lost loves, The Children explores the limits of isolation and intimacy, motherhood, neglect and compassion, filtered through the lives of two lonely people, whose coming together is less for company and more to share their loneliness. A tender, intelligent novel from a startling and brilliant new voice in English translation. Translated from the Spanish by Nick Caistor
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Destroyed Dreams

Destroyed Dreams

Fidel Castro is creating an intricate web that no one will be able to escape!” Father's eyes clearly understood the power of the statements he was hearing, mother continued; “Castro takes a census of each and every citizen, ...

Author: Esperanza Reynolds

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 9781466953925

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 456

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A fresh, never told before, recount of events after Castro's revolution, leading the reader through major events, Bay of Pigs invasion, Missile Crisis, and the exodus of innumerable number of Cubans, leaving the Island in search liberty, opportunity, and the pursuit of happiness! The dream of one man became the nightmare of a Nation! Destroyed Dreams surfaces Cuba's Castro as never before!
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Havana Dreams

Havana Dreams

She can see Fidel Castro only as the snake in the Eden of her childhood and herself as her father's flower, reluctantly transplanted from his spring garden into Fidel Castro's nightmare world of brambles and tangled weeds.

Author: Wendy Gimbel

Publisher: Vintage

ISBN: 9780307787941

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 248

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A fascinating, powerfully evocative story of four generations of Cuban women, through whose lives the author illuminates a vivid picture--both personal and historical--of Cuba in our century. "When I want to read a culture," writes Wendy Gimbel in her prologue, "I listen to stories about families, sensing in their contours the substance of larger mysteries." And certainly in the Revuelta family she has found a source of both mystery and revelation. At its center is Naty: born in 1925, educated in the United States, a socialite during the Batista era, who after marriage to a prominent doctor and the birth of a daughter became intoxicated with Castro and his revolution (here, published for the first time, are the letters they exchanged while he was in jail). Though her husband and daughter immigrated to the United States after Castro's victory, Naty remained in Cuba to raise her second child, Castro's unacknowledged daughter, only to be ultimately confronted by his dismissive, withering judgment: "Naty missed the train." Her two daughters, one of whom settles well into life in America, while the other never recovers from her father's intransigent repudiation of her; her granddaughter, who Naty desperately believes will return to Cuba when--not if--Castro is removed from the island; and her mother, an unregenerate reactionary: these are the lives that complete this extraordinary story. Each of the women is irrevocably marked with a part of the island's terrible and poignant tale, and Wendy Gimbel has created a rich and intense narrative of their lives and times. Havana Dreams leaves us with an indelible impression of familial obligation and illicit love; of the heady but doomed romanticism of revolution; and of the profound consequences of Cuba's contemporary history for the ordinary and most intimate lives of its people.
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Fidel s Last Days

Fidel s Last Days

"You know about the other likely successors. Someone from the Council of Ministers, Crian, perhaps. Or Escalante from Foreign Affairs." “l dream of them frequently,” her uncle said, sipping his wine. “Nightmares.

Author: Roland Merullo

Publisher: Crown

ISBN: 9780307451750

Category: Fiction

Page: 270

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Roland Merullo has consistently wowed critics with his brilliant storytelling and his refusal to be pigeonholed, hopscotching from the coming-of-age tale (In Revere, In Those Days) to the novel-as-fable (Golfing with God) to the road trip genre (Breakfast with Buddha). Now Merullo delivers a dazzling and finely nuanced political thriller about a clandestine plot to assassinate Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. Former CIA agent Carolina Perez has spent five years working deep undercover with a singular goal: to take down Castro and free Cuba from his troubled presence. Recruited by a powerful shadow organization known as the White Orchid, steely and sexy Carolina has passed test after test to prove herself ready for the ultimate assignment. Convinced of the rightness of her cause, she will do anything to complete her mission. That includes duping her uncle Roberto Anzar, a wealthy and influential player in Miami’s Cuban American community. But when suspicious details raise questions about her mysterious employer, not even Carolina is prepared for the elaborate web of deceit that surrounds her. Across the Straits of Florida, Carlos Gutierrez has been lured into playing a pivotal role in the plot to overthrow el Comandante. The minister of health and a member of Castro’s inner circle, Carlos has grown disenchanted with a political system that pays lip service to the Revolution’s egalitarian ideals while ruling the country with ruthlessness, corruption, and lies. As his involvement deepens at great risk to himself and those he loves, the doctor who has dedicated his career to saving lives must decide how much blood he is willing to have on his own hands in the name of freedom. For both Carlos and Carolina, the threat of betrayal looms large. Who can be trusted in a byzantine network of spies, double agents, and informants? Is the plot real or is it an elaborate ruse to expose the underground dissidents in Cuba? From the sizzling opulence of Miami to the paranoid dreamscape of Havana, Fidel’s Last Days is a dizzying ride by a novelist whose genre-crossing talents know no bounds.
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Errol Fidel and the Cubal Rebel Girls

Errol  Fidel and the Cubal Rebel Girls

The nightmares were coming too regularly now for comfort, too vividly for ease. To avoid the brown river I followed a stream of consciousness, going with its flow from the events of the night to the consequences thatwould no doubt ...


Publisher: Univ. of Queensland Press

ISBN: 9780702246296

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

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Based on true events, Errol, Fidel and the Cuban Rebel Girls recreates one of the 20th century? great untold stories. Cuba, 1959: In the final year of his life, Errol Flynn found time for one last adventure. The dashing star of many Hollywood films had always longed to be a real hero. Fidel Castro was the genuine article, and now he was looking for fame. What each man had the other wanted and, as revolution raged around them, the stage was set for an explosive encounter. Cuba is on the brink of revolution and Errol Flynn is there making what will be his final film. When they meet, Errol is involved in the latest in a long line of relationships with under-age women, while Fidel is ready to march triumphantly into Havana after overthrowing the Batista government. Within days of the coup, Errol is chased out of Cuba with a firing squad and Fidel hot on his heels. Featuring a full cast of Hollywood movie stars, beautiful women, Cuban revolutionaries and New York mobsters, Errol, Fidel and the Cuban Rebel Girls is the story of two men at the opposite ends of astonishing careers. It is a story with two heroes ... but there is only ever room for one.
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