Newton County Memories

Newton County Memories

In Newton County Memories, author Randy Turner, a veteran newspaper reporter and classroom teacher, offers stories about the people, places and activities that made living in Newton County, Missouri memorable.Those who have lived in the ...

Author: Randy Turner

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 1720493154


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In Newton County Memories, author Randy Turner, a veteran newspaper reporter and classroom teacher, offers stories about the people, places and activities that made living in Newton County, Missouri memorable. Those who have lived in the area can relive an era before texting and binge watching, when evening entertainment included cruising the Neosho Square, sports including baseball and the dangerous, but addictive bicycle soccer and meeting friends at the Brown Derby and Reta's. The memorable characters profiled in Newton County Memories include a 400-pound police chief who never had trouble maintaining law and order, the "cold-blooded assassin" who shot the student council president, the coach who started a civil war in his family by having his brother intentionally walked with the bases loaded and the woman mayor who was a Mann. Turner also profiles some of the people who inspired others, including unforgettable classroom teachers, a breast cancer survivor who helped others for more than three decades after her initial diagnosis and a 20-year-old murder victim whose life and poetry live on more than four decades later. Newton County Memories is an engaging trip down memory lane even. Turner captures the era in a way that will ensure these people will remain in readers' memories, even if they are reading about them for the first time.

Newton County Nuggets A Collection of Stories by Newton County Folk

Newton County Nuggets  A Collection of Stories by Newton County Folk

This is a collection of true stories written by Newton Co. people about Newton Co. life. The stories tell their dreams, memories and experiences.

Author: Pauline Hines


ISBN: OCLC:731436236


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This is a collection of true stories written by Newton Co. people about Newton Co. life. The stories tell their dreams, memories and experiences.

The Memories of Fifty Years

The Memories of Fifty Years

When Newton County was first organized , it was made the duty of Dooly to hold
the first court . There then lived and kept the only tavern in the new town of
Covington , a man of huge proportions , named Ned Williams , usually called
Uncle ...

Author: William Henry Sparks


ISBN: BSB:BSB11001740

Category: Southern States

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Categories: Southern States

Memories of Life on the Farm

Memories of Life on the Farm

Newton: milk cans, 263; mule harnessing, 138; sweet potato harvest, 219 Iredell
Co. Harmony: laundry, 46; sheep grazing at split-rail fence, 105 Mooresville:
milking time, 261 Olin: corn husking by hand, 177 North Dakota Billings Co.:
Medora ...

Author: Frederick Whitford

Publisher: Purdue University Press

ISBN: 9781557539090

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John Calvin Allen, professionally known as J. C., worked as a photographer for Purdue University from 1909-1952, and operated his own photography business until his death in 1976. The J. C. Allen photographs represent a historical account of the transition from pioneer practices to scientific methodologies in agriculture and rural communities. During this major transitional period for agriculture, tractors replaced horses, hybrid corn supplanted open-pollinated corn, and soybeans changed from a novelty crop to regular rotation on most farms. During this time, purebred animals with better genetic pedigrees replaced run-of-the-mill livestock, and systematic disease prevention in cattle, swine, and poultry took place. Allen's photographs also document clothing styles, home furnishings, and the items people thought important as they went about their daily lives. Looking closely at tractors, livestock, wagons, planters, sprayers, harvesting equipment, and crops gives one a sense of the changing and fast-paced world of agriculture at that time. This volume contains over 900 picturesque images, most never-before-seen, of men, women, and children working on the farm, which remain powerful reminders of life in rural America at the turn of the twentieth century. As old farmhouses and barns fall victim to age, Allen photographs are all that remain. While those people and times no longer exist today, they do remain "alive" because of the preservation of that history on film. A camera in his hands and an eye for photography allowed Allen to create indelible visual histories that continue to tell the story of agriculture and rural life from long ago.
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Country Trails and Tales Nostalgic Tales That Rekindle Memories of Home

Country Trails and Tales  Nostalgic Tales That Rekindle Memories of Home

This book is written in order to leave an account of their migration from Georgia
and their subsequent settlement in Sycamore of Newton County Texas, as well
as to give insight into the culture of the community which has been called home
to ...

Author: Patrick A. Fancher

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781304364210

Category: Biography & Autobiography


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“Country Trails and Tales” entertainingly combines humor and drama, some worthy of movie scripts, into tales leaving the reader yearning to return to simpler more treasured times. The book transcends time and provides readers with a venture back to the cherished days of their youth. Recalling fall festivals, hay rides, apple bobbing’s, and pastimes such as having fun at the old swimming hole should boost this work to the top of one’s reading list. Remembering school days, youthful crushes, first kisses, romantic triumphs and disappointments, and life shaping events which occurred during childhood adds additional flavor to the book. Regardless as to whether one gets excited thinking about the sands cool grit between barefoot toes, or watermelons cooling in the creek’s edge, readers won’t be disappointed in this nostalgic spellbinding look back to yesteryear.
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When Newton County was first organized, it was made the duty of Dooly to hold
the first court. There then lived and kept the only tavern in the new town of
Covington, a man of huge proportions, named Ned Williams, usually called Uncle

Author: W.H.SPARKS


ISBN: UOMDLP:afk0037:0001.001



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Memories of Hoosier Homemakers

Memories of Hoosier Homemakers

Mara Meyer , Grace Kocher Mona ... Enk , Julia Binkley Florence Neal , Blanche
Burnett NEWTON COUNTY Hi Neighbors , Janet Boston NOBLE COUNTY Della

Author: Eleanor Arnold


ISBN: OSU:32435032427189

Category: Home economics, Rural


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Categories: Home economics, Rural

My Knowledge and My Memories of My Family

My Knowledge and My Memories of My Family

Jamilah attends Newton County High School, located in Atlanta, Georgia. She
played volleyball in her freshman high school year. Jamila's hobbies include
shopping, working out, singing, and listening to music.180 A favorite artist of hers
is ...

Author: James Daughtridge

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781503583528

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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This book is about what I remember about many members of my family and about the knowledge I obtained about them through various interviews and written sources, e.g., obituaries, newspapers, and articles I found on the Internet. The book follows a certain order. I describe what I remember about my immediate family members. I start off with my father then my mother and then my brother—the only sibling I ever had. I then discuss my life with my ex-wife and her family and then the only child we ever had. I go on to another chapter, or maybe the third chapter, and talk about my paternal grandfather’s family and as much of what I could remember about my maternal grandmother’s family. I know and discovered more about the former than the latter. I enhanced my discussion throughout the book with as many pictures as I could gather. The book has pictures anywhere from one to about eighty years old. This, I thought, would make the book more interesting and lively. The book is replete with explanatory footnotes for those of certain generations or knowledge who may not understand or know of certain places, celebrities, cultural practices, and events. The entire book was prepared to relate to all who might read it in terms of family connections, their interest(s) in travel, history, sports, genealogy, and biography. I then talk about my maternal grandmother’s family. It is relatively short because I did not know too many of them that well. The book covers mostly what I know and found out about my maternal grandfather’s family. That is because it is the largest segment of my entire family. My father had no siblings, whereas my mother had about ten or eleven siblings, and all of them had children and grandchildren. I discovered a great deal more accomplishments in life on my mother’s side as opposed to my father’s side of the family. I do not think the book is boring or particularly too long or too short. The book is a description of the life of the people whom I discuss and how I might have fitted into those lives.
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Memories of the Enslaved Voices from the Slave Narratives

Memories of the Enslaved  Voices from the Slave Narratives

I was born in Newton County, Georgia, in 1850. My mother an father was Martha
an Orange Bledsoe.” “Mr. Carter owned lots of slaves before we left Georgia. I
remember there were fifteen cabins in the quarter lot. When we got ready to leave

Author: Spencer R. Crew

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9781440837791

Category: Social Science

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This book offers a first-person perspective on the institution of slavery in America, providing powerful, engaging interviews from the WPA slave narrative collection that enable readers to gain a true sense of the experience of enslavement. • Provides a historical overview of the scholarship on slavery via first-person perspectives into the institution of slavery • Supplies an introductory essay for each theme as well as brief contextual explanations for each excerpt with the text of the oral narrative • Supplies primary source documents in the form of interviews with actual slaves from the WPA slave narratives that allow readers to better understand the experiences of those who lived in slavery • Presents a history of the slave narratives project under the New Deal • Gives eye-opening insights into the plight of women within the institution of slavery
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More Memories and More Knowledge of My Family and Me

More Memories and More Knowledge of My Family and Me

Jamilah attended Newton County High School, located in Atlanta, Georgia. She
played volleyball in her freshman high school year. Jamila's hobbies include
shopping, working out, singing, and listening to music.309 A favorite artist of hers
is ...

Author: James E. Daughtridge

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781796077544

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 232

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My book is about everything that I know about my family, both about my mother’s and father’s side of the family in addition to my interactions towards or with each of them. I was inspired by a late great maternal uncle to pursue such a project. First, I re-collected everything that I could about various family members. It was simply a matter of thinking about what I know and what I could jot down on paper in the comfortable setting of my home or automobiles. I conducted a vast number of interviews from members of each side of the family. This was after I organized a family tree and decided to proceed from that. Those interviews led me to further interviews. Wherever and whenever I could, I got many telephone numbers and e-mail addresses. Sometimes, I researched the Internet when given information about their affiliations or personal pursuits. I utilized other sources in addition to interviews. Some sources included obituaries, books, magazines, newspaper articles, and just plain statistics regarding whatever endeavors they had, such as with my only child. Pursuing this type of manuscript required hard work, devotion, and perseverance. This book serves as an encouragement to others to do family research and record whatever they find. One should only seek the positive and sidestep the negative. One derives a great deal of joy and satisfaction from engaging in such a project. This work is a reflection of you and how you see things in the lenses of your life. I hope that many who read this book take it upon themselves to do the same as I have done. Doing this work was truly a joy and a blessing.
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Genealogy of Newton Forsyth

Genealogy of Newton Forsyth

Leo L. Lemonds, Zelma Newton Bose. CHAPTER IX MISCELLANEOUS
FURNAS COUNTY MEMORIES – Leo Lemonds For those grandchildren of
Albert and Ella Rush we look back with a great deal of nostalgia on our childhood
days in ...

Author: Leo L. Lemonds


ISBN: WISC:89069617256


Page: 326

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Richard Newton (d.1701) immigrated in 1638 from England to Sudbury, Massachusetts, married Anne (Hannah?) Loker about 1640, and moved to Marlborough (later Southborough), Massachusetts about 1650. Descen- dants lived in New England, Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri and elsewhere.

History of Newton County Arkansas

History of Newton County  Arkansas

At the age of 16 , Mr. Gardner moved with his parents to Jasper , Newton County ,
where he attended school at the old frame school house , located one block ... Mr
. Gardner has many pleasant memories of his early life and friends at Jasper .

Author: Walter Fowler Lackey



Category: Newton County (Ark.)

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Categories: Newton County (Ark.)

Country Catalog of Memories

Country Catalog of Memories

It is written from my memories from childhood ; a child's view of the world is a
mixture of fantasy and reality . The focus of the book is on my childhood years ,
on my Grandpa and Grandma Krueger's farm , in the town of Newton , Manitowoc

Author: Helen E. Ouimette


ISBN: WISC:89077058758

Category: Farm life

Page: 202

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Categories: Farm life



... The Electric Way ” is a 60 - page book by Andover writer Robert Collins . The
book tells the story of the electric - powered railroad that served the cities of
Wichita , Newton , and CLAY COUNTY MEMORIES Memories of Clay County's
Union ...



ISBN: WISC:89082592825

Category: Kansas


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Categories: Kansas

History of Newton County Mississippi

History of Newton County  Mississippi

warding off the vultures of hate ! I bave seen her annually on our memorial
occasions , at the tomb of valor , Confederate alone in her mourning and
memories , with her tears and floral offerings doing womanly homage to knightly
chivalry !

Author: Alfred John Brown


ISBN: STANFORD:36105130804698

Category: Mississippi

Page: 472

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Categories: Mississippi

L hring Memories

L  hring Memories

Helen Marie Lange , born November 11 , 1928 near Fisher , Champaign County ,
Illinois , married Francis Galloway . ... 1944 at Osman Lutheran Church , Osman ,
Ill . Owen was born December 12 , 1923 in Newton Twp . , Champaign Co . , ill ...



ISBN: WISC:89061963419


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Johann Heinrich Christian Lühring (1796-1863) married Marie Dorothea Margaretha Müller in 1816 at Husum, Germany, and they immigrated before 1850 to Dearborn County, Indiana. They moved by 1853 to Ripley County, Indiana. Their first son, Frederich Konrad Lühring ( 1817), had immigrated before the rest of the family, and married and settled in Cincinnati, Ohio before 1843. Descendants and relatives lived in Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Nebraska and elsewhere. Includes parents and grandparents of Christian Luhring in Husum and Brokelow, Germany.

Allen County Lines

Allen County Lines

Newton County Cemeteries Prairie Co . , Arkansas ; Justice of the Peace Docket
Entries , 1853 - 1879 • 1991 - 1992 News of Yesteryear from Files of the
DeQueen Bee ( 2 books ) Dear Ann : Sevier Co . ... Memories of Yesteryears :
Sevier Co .



ISBN: WISC:89082339540

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Categories: Allen County (Ind.)

East Cheshire Past and Present

East Cheshire  Past and Present

Sacred To the memory of JAMES ANTROBUS NEWTON , Esquire , of Cheadle
Heath in this county , who died on the third day of April 1823 , aged 63 years . in
grateful recollection of whose virtues this monument is erected as a tribute of ...

Author: John Parsons Earwaker


ISBN: UOM:39015009217012

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More Memories

More Memories

The wreckage was found by Bob Newton , a county rescue team member .
Twenty square miles were combed by 2,000 searchers , 100 of whom were on
horseback . Scorched metal indicated a fire in the cockpit . The plane probably
was ...

Author: Ralph Emery

Publisher: Putnam Adult

ISBN: 0399138900

Category: Music

Page: 288

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The country music legend continues his account of life in the world of entertainment and broadcasting, offering anecdotes about such performers as Dolly Parton, Johnny Cash, Garth Brooks, Billy Ray Cyrus, and many others.
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