New Jersey Domestic Partners

New Jersey Domestic Partners

the final word regarding rights for same - sex couples has yet to be written .
not the first among the 50 states to grant equality to same - sex couples , it has
been far ...

Author: Stephen J. Hyland

Publisher: Rutgers University Press

ISBN: 0813537398

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Page: 235

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Provides advice for same-sex couples on their domestic rights and responsibilites in New Jersey.
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Same Sex Couples Comparative Insights on Marriage and Cohabitation

Same Sex Couples   Comparative Insights on Marriage and Cohabitation

A decision by the Supreme Court of New Jersey illustrates this rationale: To
comply with this constitutional mandate, the Legislature must either amend the
marriage statutes to include same-sex couples or create a parallel statutory
structure, ...

Author: Macarena Sáez

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9789401797740

Category: Law

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This book shows six different realities of same-sex families. They range from full recognition of same-sex marriage to full invisibility of gay and lesbian individuals and their families. The broad spectrum of experiences presented in this book share some commonalities: in all of them legal scholars and civil society are moving legal boundaries or thinking of spaces within rigid legal systems for same-sex families to function. In all of them there have been legal claims to recognize the existence of same-sex families. The difference between them lies in the response of courts. Regardless of the type of legal system, when courts have viewed claims of same-sex couples and their families as problems of individual rights, they have responded with a constitutional narrative protecting same-sex couples and their families. When courts respond to these claims with rigid concepts of what a family is and what marriage is as if legal concepts where unmodifiable, same-sex couples have remained outside the protection of the law. Until forty years ago marriage was the only union considered legitimate to form a family. Today more than 30 countries have granted rights to same sex couples, including several that have opened up marriage to couples of the same sex. Every day there is a new bill being discussed or a new claim being brought to courts seeking formal recognition of same sex couples. Not all countries are open to changing their legal structures to accommodate same-sex couples, but even those with no visible changes are witnessing new voices in their communities challenging the status quo and envisioning more flexible legal systems.
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New Jersey Family Law

New Jersey Family Law

same sex couples who had been in In the landmark case of Lewis v. Harris,125
permanent committed relationships for a number of years challenged the
constitutionality of the New Jersey's marriage statutes. The New Jersey Supreme
Court ...

Author: Alan M. Grosman

Publisher: LexisNexis

ISBN: 9780327182764

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Whether you are a general practitioner or specialize in family law, New Jersey Family Law, Second Edition will provide the tools to help you work more effectively. You'll find a clear and in-depth presentation of the grounds for divorce and annulment, equitable distribution of marital property, premarital and property settlement agreements, adoption, alimony, child support, and the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act (UIFSA). The practice of family law has changed dramatically over the past several decades and continues to develop. This well-indexed, single volume puts the most timely information at your fingertips, with coverage of critical topics including: • Custody and visitation • Calculation of alimony and child support • Trials, pre-trial and post-judgment motion practice • Domestic violence • Marital torts • Discovery • Divorce taxation The authors have expanded the discussion of mediation, arbitration, and equitable distribution, and added analysis on the creation and dissolution of civil unions in the Second Edition, plus added 87 essential matrimonial forms to save you valuable time. This eBook features links to Lexis Advance for further legal research options.
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Equality for Same Sex Couples

Equality for Same Sex Couples

couples.40 It has been reported that numerous joint adoptions by same- sex
couples have also been granted in California ... See New Jersey Becomes First
State to Allow Joint Adoption by Lesbian and Gay Couples, ACLU Freedom
Network ...

Author: Yuval Merin

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 0226520331

Category: Social Science

Page: 397

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During the past three decades, nations all over the world have been debating whether to allow same-sex couples to marry, or at least grant these couples various rights associated with marriage. In Equality for Same-Sex Couples, Yuval Merin presents the first comparative study of the legal regulation of same-sex partnerships worldwide, as well as a unique survey of the status of same-sex couples in Europe. Merin begins by providing a historical overview of the transformation of marriage from antiquity to the present. He then identifies and critically compares four principal models for the legal regulation and recognition of same-sex partnerships: civil marriage, registered partnership, domestic partnership, and cohabitation. Merin concludes that all of the models except civil marriage discriminate against gays and lesbians just as the "separate but equal" doctrine discriminated against African Americans; thus, so-called alternatives to marriage, even if they provide the same rights and benefits as marriage, are inherently unequal and therefore unconstitutional.
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Same Sex Marriage in the United States

Same Sex Marriage in the United States

Outside of Iowa, it is the only region where same-sex marriage is legal: Maine,
Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut, Maryland,
and Washington, D.C. Civil unions are legal in New Jersey, Delaware, and
Rhode ...

Author: Jason Pierceson

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781442236653

Category: Family & Relationships

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Same-Sex Marriage in the United States tells the story of the legal and cultural shift, its backlash, and how it has evolved over the past 15 years.
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Same Sex Marriage

Same Sex Marriage

As ofthe end of2010: • Five states (Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New
Hampshire, and vermont) and the District of Columbia were issuing legal
marriage licenses to same-sex partners. • Six states (California, Maryland, New
Jersey, New ...

Author: Tricia Andryszewski

Publisher: Twenty-First Century Books

ISBN: 9780761380764

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 128

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This book examines the history of the gay rights movement in the United States And The struggle for equal protection under the law, including the right for same-sex couples to marry. it provides the opinions and perspectives of leaders, activists, politicians, and ordinary Americans on both sides of the issue.
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Debating Same Sex Marriage

Debating Same Sex Marriage

It then chose to exclude some of those taxpayers—in this case, a lesbian couple
wishing to use the camp's allegedly “public” pavilion for their civilunion ceremony
. So New Jersey did the right thing and revoked the pavilion's (though not the ...

Author: John Corvino

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199942688

Category: Philosophy

Page: 294

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Polls and election results show Americans sharply divided on same-sex marriage, and the controversy is unlikely to subside anytime soon. Debating Same-Sex Marriage provides an indispensable roadmap to the ongoing debate. Taking a "point/counterpoint" approach, John Corvino (a philosopher and prominent gay advocate) and Maggie Gallagher (a nationally syndicated columnist and co-founder of the National Organization for Marriage) explore fundamental questions: What is marriage for? Is sexual difference essential to it? Why does the government sanction it? What are the implications of same-sex marriage for children's welfare, for religious freedom, and for our understanding of marriage itself? While the authors disagree on many points, they share the following conviction: Because marriage is a vital public institution, this issue deserves a comprehensive, rigorous, thoughtful debate.
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Practical Guide to Estate Planning 2009

Practical Guide to Estate Planning 2009

At the state level , there is movement in both directions in terms of whether to
allow samesex marriages and whether to ... sex couples arises from the fact that
a number of states ( Hawaii , Vermont , California , Connecticut , New Jersey ,
New ...

Author: Ray D. Madoff

Publisher: CCH

ISBN: 0808092332

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 864

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Practical Guide to Estate Planning provides an overview of estate planning, offering the widest variety of discussion on planning principles and tools from the simple to the sophisticated. This book is not lacking in detail, witnessed by its well-annotated collection of forms that will appeal to many experienced estate planners. The layout of this book reflects its emphasis on simplicity and clarity. It is divided into four major sections, the first of which provides a general view of the estate planning process.
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LGBT Families

LGBT Families

There are additional seven states in which lower courts have deemed a ban on
marriage for same-sex couples to be ... the scope of this book, by way of example
of the complexities of such struggles, we can look at New Jersey and California.

Author: Nancy J. Mezey

Publisher: SAGE Publications

ISBN: 9781483321776

Category: Social Science

Page: 232

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Nancy J. Mezey’s LGBT Families presents a comprehensive yet accessible understanding of LGBT families today by drawing upon and making sense of the burgeoning scholarly literature about LGBT families from the late twentieth and early twenty first centuries. It pays particular attention to how structures of race, class, gender, sexuality, and age shape LGBT families, and how members of such families negotiate the social landscapes within which they exist. The book will help readers better understand the formation, experiences, challenges, and strengths of LGBT families, and addresses two main questions: Why are new family forms so threatening to certain groups of people in society? and How are new family forms beneficial to the society in which they exist?
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Same sex Marriage

Same sex Marriage

Albin wrote the majority opinion in the case of Lewis v. Harris (908 A.2d 196) in
2006, an opinion that held that withholding a marriage license from a same-sex
couple violated the New Jersey state constitution. The court ruled that the state
had ...

Author: David E. Newton

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9781598847079

Category: Political Science

Page: 298

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This book offers an analysis of the past and current status of same-sex marriage in the United States and other nations of the world, accompanied by a balanced review of the arguments in favor of and opposed to the practice. * Presents laws, executive orders, reports, and legal decisions regarding same-sex marriage * Contains a clear chronology of U.S. and international events related to same-sex marriage * Provides an extensive annotated bibliography of books, articles, and electronic sources * Includes bibliographic sketches of important individuals in the history of same-sex marriage * Offers profiles of the major organizations that are actively involved in the issue and represent various perspectives
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Historic Documents of 2013

Historic Documents of 2013

NOVEMBER 13 AND 20, 2013 In 2013, supporters of same-sex marriage
celebrated another handful of victories as the ... and Rhode Island signed
legislation permitting the practice within their borders, while court orders in New
Jersey and New Mexico made legalization possible. Many of these victories
came on the heels of two momentous Supreme Court same-sex marriage rulings
released in June.

Author: CQ Press,

Publisher: CQ Press

ISBN: 9781483347868

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For more than 40 years the Historic Documents series has made primary source research easy by presenting full primary documents and excerpts from documents on the important events of each year for the United States and the world. Each volume includes approximately 70 events with well over 100 documents from the previous year, from official or other influential reports and surveys, to speeches from leaders and opinion makers, to court cases, legislation, testimony, and much more. Historic Documents is renowned for the well-written and informative background, history, and context it provides for each document. Each volume begins with an insightful essay that sets the year’s events in context, and each document or group of documents is preceded by a comprehensive introduction that provides background information on the event. Full-source citations are provided. Readers have easy access to material through a detailed, thematic table of contents and a cumulative five-year index that directs them to related material in earlier volumes.
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California confers on registered ''domestic partners'' (a term that includes same-
sex and opposite-sex couples) virtually all the status benefits and obligations of
marriage. Hawaii and New Jersey have more limited substitutes. Hawaii permits

Author: Calvin R. Massey

Publisher: Aspen Publishers Online

ISBN: 9780735561519

Category: Law

Page: 356

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The most trusted name in law school outlines, Emanuel Law Outlines support your class preparation, provide reference for your outline creation, and supply a comprehensive breakdown of topic matter for your entire study process. Created by Steven Emanuel, these course outlines have been relied on by generations of law students. Each title includes both capsule and detailed versions of the critical issues and key topics you must know to master the course. Also included are exam questions with model answers, an alpha-list of cases, and a cross reference table of cases for all of the leading casebooks. Emanuel Law Outline Features: 1 outline choice among law students Comprehensive review of all major topics Capsule summary of all topics Cross-reference table of cases Time-saving format Great for exam prep
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Contemporary Moral Problems

Contemporary Moral Problems

to Discriminate on the Basis of ... Massachusetts has allowed same-sex marriage
since 2004, and Connecticut, Vermont, New Jersey, and California have ...

Author: James E. White

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 9780495553205

Category: Social Science

Page: 576

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Explore today's challenging moral terrain with James White's CONTEMPORARY MORAL PROBLEMS. The ninth edition examines the compelling and contentious debate over society's most pressing ethical controversies. This anthology covers divergent viewpoints on ma
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Gay Marriage The Pros and Cons of the Issue

Gay Marriage   The Pros and Cons of the Issue

The Unitarians have been performing same sex marriages for many years now,
and are also highly active in advocacy for LGBT rights, and in the effort to
overturn ... Those states are, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, New Jersey, Rhode

Author: ViewCaps

Publisher: BookCaps Study Guides

ISBN: 9781621075028

Category: Law


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Gay Marriage. That single phrase is enough to spark a passionate debate from either side. It’s hard to form a view one way or another when there is so much heated opinion for or against it. The ViewCaps Pros and Cons series takes a step back and looks at the issue objectively. It lays out only the facts and let’s you decide what opinion to take. ViewCaps is an imprint of BookCaps™ Study Guides. With each book, a issue is objectively analyzed. We publish a wide array of topics (from baseball and music to science and philosophy), so check our growing catalogue regularly to see our newest books.
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Same sex Marriage

Same sex Marriage

Other states are obligated to recognize a heterosexual civil union. This difference
is frustrating to proponents of same-sex marriage. They are fighting for marriage
equality on all fronts. Some states, such as NewJersey and Vermont ...

Author: Patricia M. Stockland

Publisher: ABDO Publishing Company

ISBN: 9781617852619

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 112

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Discusses the controversial viewpoints regarding same-sex marriages.
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Divorce Separation and the Distribution of Property

Divorce  Separation and the Distribution of Property

14 [ 3 ] — Domestic Partnerships and Reciprocal Beneficiaries A few U . S . states
provide a status for couples other than marriage or civil union . New Jersey
permits same - sex couples who are both at least eighteen years of age and ...

Author: J. Thomas Oldham

Publisher: Law Journal Press

ISBN: 1588520439

Category: Law

Page: 400

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The book discusses existing rules in the various states relating to the enforcement of premarital or postnuptial agreements regarding the parties' rights if they divorce.
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New Jersey Statutes Annotated

New Jersey Statutes Annotated

Sexual orientation, equal protection Issue of whether long.accepted definition of
marriage would be altered to include marriage, or a parallel scheme
should be enacted, providing to committed couples, on equal terms,
the ...

Author: New Jersey


ISBN: STANFORD:36105064276988

Category: Law


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The Marriage Go Round

The Marriage Go Round

in which same-sex marriage was legal, although Rhode Island and New York will
recognize same-sex marriages begun elsewhere. Three states (New Hampshire,
New Jersey, and Vermont) had enacted civil unions; and four more states ...

Author: Andrew J. Cherlin

Publisher: Vintage

ISBN: 9780307773517

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 288

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Andrew J. Cherlin's three decades of study have shown him that marriage in America is a social and political battlefield in a way that it isn’t in other developed countries. Americans marry and divorce more often and have more live-in partners than Europeans, and gay Americans have more interest in legalizing same-sex marriage. The difference comes from Americans’ embrace of two contradictory cultural ideals: marriage, a formal commitment to share one's life with another; and individualism, which emphasizes personal choice and self-development. Religion and law in America reinforce both of these behavioral poles, fueling turmoil in our family life and heated debate in our public life. Cherlin’s incisive diagnosis is an important contribution to the debate and points the way to slowing down the partnership merry-go-round.
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Queering Straight Teachers

Queering Straight Teachers

Concurrently , at the legal level , and perhaps the most vivid and politically
contentious example of contemporary ... Most recently , the New Jersey Supreme
Court ruled on October 25 , 2006 , that same - sex couples have the same rights
as ...

Author: Nelson M. Rodriguez

Publisher: Peter Lang

ISBN: 082048847X

Category: Education

Page: 328

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Much of the focus of anti-homophobic/anti-heterosexist educational theory, curriculum, and pedagogy has examined the impact of homophobia and heterosexism on gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender (GLBT) students and teachers. Such a focus has provided numerous theoretical and pedagogical insights, and has informed important changes in educational policy. Queering Straight Teachers: Discourse and Identity in Education remains deeply committed to the social justice project of improving the lives of GLBT students and teachers. However, in contrast with much of the previous scholarship, Queering Straight Teachers shifts the focus from an analysis of the GLBT «Other» to a critical examination of what it might mean, in theory and in practice, to queer straight teachers, and the implications this has for challenging institutionalized heteronormativity in education. This book will be useful in courses on educational foundations, curriculum studies, multicultural education, queer theory, gay and lesbian studies, and critical theory.
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Gay Families and the Courts

Gay Families and the Courts

Before 2005, notwithstanding the short-lived victory in Hawaii in 1996, same-sex
marriage supporters had suffered significant defeats ... New Jersey, and New
Hampshire joined Vermont in allowing same-sex couples to enter into civil

Author: Susan Gluck Mezey

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN: 9781442200708

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 290

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Susan Gluck Mezey's newest book, Gay Families and the Courts, is a compelling examination of the role of the state and federal courts in furthering the goals of the gay and lesbian community. Unlike Mezey's earlier book, Queers in Court, this book evaluates the extent to which litigation is effective in advancing equal rights for gay families_families in which at least one member is gay_as they seek to expand their opportunities and battle discrimination. Mezey shows how the courts address gay and lesbian rights and sexual orientation in schools and social organizations such as the Boy Scouts along with family-oriented problems such as marriage and parenthood. In doing so, Mezey emphasizes the complexity of the issues involved in the cases, and assesses the degree to which the outcome of the litigation is explained by the type of case, the type of court, and the judge's perception of his or her role as a policymaker. It is a valuable reference for scholars interested in judicial, legislative, and executive policymaking at the federal and state level as well as anyone interested in LGBT politics.
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