New Birth or Rebirth

New Birth or Rebirth

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Author: Ravi Zacharias

Publisher: Multnomah

ISBN: 9780307561411

Category: Religion

Page: 96

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Ultimate truth. The destiny of souls. The individual heart. Can Krishna and Jesus agree on anything? This is what Subramaniam, a real-life Hindu of the twentieth century, wonders as he enters a fictitious conversation between two religious figures who have changed the lives of millions. As Jesus and Krishna respond to each other’s view of life and the afterlife, they speak words straight from the texts of Christianity and Hinduism and straight into the soul. Subramaniam asks Jesus and Krishna hard questions about faith. Meanwhile, a fictional character, Richard, eavesdrops, asking himself the most important question of all: Does it really matter what I believe?
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The Nine Steps

The Nine Steps

This is a new way of looking at foetal life and the process of reincarnation.

Author: Anne Givaudan

Publisher: Editions SOIS

ISBN: 9782916621449

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit


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After looking into the world of the afterlife for a long time, Anne Givaudan and Daniel Meurois were able to focus their attention on what might be called the world of "pre-birth". Using their familiar method of projecting consciousness, for the nine months which make up a pregnancy, they followed the path of Rebecca, a soul preparing to take on a body of flesh. Day after day, week after week, they faithfully recorded how the being to be incarnated went through many metamorphoses. Like a documentary article, their testimony retraces the various psychic and physical changes which everyone undergoes in the womb and the worlds which lead to it. This is a new way of looking at foetal life and the process of reincarnation. Written in a simple, direct style, the originality and amount of information the book offers make it a work that does not just speak to those who are to give birth to a child, or have already done so, but also all those for whom life is an everlasting source of wonder.
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The Birth and Rebirth of Pictorial Space

The Birth and Rebirth of Pictorial Space

Professor White's historical study of the rediscovery of pictorial space during the Renaissance and of its origins in antiquity was acclaimed when it first appeared.

Author: John White

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: UCSD:31822002989200

Category: Painting, Italian

Page: 299

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Professor White's historical study of the rediscovery of pictorial space during the Renaissance and of its origins in antiquity was acclaimed when it first appeared. It opened up important new avenues of research and exploration. It has remained a seminal work, and he has now brought it fully up to date for a third edition. He has included a substantial new appendix on Leonardo, Brunelleschi and the viewing distance.
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Birth and Rebirth

Birth and Rebirth

Our own homo sapien brain, after all, looks like the latest and greatest iteration of
an encephalous construction that is typical to ... Of course, such observations are
nothing new to the pet enthusiast who extols the human (and sometimes even ...

Author: John Stanley Mackow

Publisher: Abbott Press

ISBN: 9781458213358

Category: Religion

Page: 346

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How can I deal with the harsh realities of this world? How do I find meaning and achieve balance in my life? Who is God? Can he be found? And how do I go about seeking Him? "Birth and Rebirth: The Awakening of a Dormant Spirit" revolves around timeless and universal themes: the nature of the human experience and the reason for human struggle; the realization of humankind's highest aspirations; the final goal towards which all religions aim. Taking a philosophical approach, the book critically analyzes the root of human suffering, examines the merits and demerits of both science and religion (as they are commonly practiced), and proposes a method through which each individual human being can overcome his or her obstacles and can move forward in life with confidence and enthusiasm.
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Birth Rebirth on an Alaskan Island

Birth   Rebirth on an Alaskan Island

By the end of the twentieth century a majority of children born to Kodiak Natives
were delivered by Western doctors at the Kodiak Island Hospital or in Anchorage.
As Mary states, “Nowadays, the new generation, they'd rather go to the hospital.

Author: Joanne B. Mulcahy

Publisher: University of Georgia Press

ISBN: 0820322539

Category: History

Page: 172

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"Birth and Rebirth on an Alaskan Island offers the fascinating story of Mary's life, from her experience growing up within the traditional society of Akhiok to her work as a teacher, a community health aide, a mother, a grandmother, and an Alutiiq midwife and healer. Through her story we discover a society that blended native Alutiiq culture with the Russian Orthodox teachings handed down from late-eighteenth- and nineteenth-century colonists; the mixed modern education and employment with a subsistence lifestyle; that sanctioned arranged marriages but upheld civil divorce laws; and, above all, that recovered its confidence in traditional healing - both of the body and of the community.".
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Lincoln s Gettysburg Address

Lincoln s Gettysburg Address

T tences in the entire address—the first and the last—and influences all the
smaller 3 Birth and Rebirth The Gettysburg Address Fourscore and seven years
ago our fathers brought forth upon this continent a new nation, conceived in
liberty ...

Author: A. E. Elmore

Publisher: SIU Press

ISBN: 9780809386727

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 280

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While it has long been determined that Abraham Lincoln’s writings were influenced by the King James Bible, until now no full-length study has shown the precise ways in which the Gettysburg Address uses its specific language. Refuting the view that the address was crafted with traditional classical references, this revealing investigation provides a new way to think about the speech and the man who wrote it. A. E. Elmore offers chapter and verse evidence from the Bible as well as specific examples from the Episcopal Book of Common Prayer to illustrate how Lincoln borrowed from these sources to imbue his speech with meanings that would resonate with his listeners. He cites every significant word and phrase—conceived, brought forth, struggled, remaining, consecrate, dedicate, hallow, devotion, new birth, to name a few—borrowed by Lincoln from these two religious texts for use in his dedication of the Gettysburg National Cemetery. Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address focuses on a number of overlooked themes and ideas, such as the importance of literary allusion and the general public’s knowledge of the Bible in the age of Lincoln. It provides fresh answers to old questions and poses new questions: Was Lincoln a common thief who made use of words from previously published materials as well as from works by his contemporaries? Was he a genius whose literary and political skills were unmatched? No one who reads this highly engaging study will ever think about Lincoln or the Gettysburg Address the same way again.
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From Birth to Rebirth

From Birth to Rebirth

From Birth to Rebirth is the story of a dedicated obstetrician whose interest in hypnotic past-life regression came from using hypnosis to relieve pain.

Author: Charles V. Tramont

Publisher: Granite Pub Llc

ISBN: 1893183424

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 247

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From Birth to Rebirth is the heart-warming true story of a dedicated obstetrician whose interest in hypnosis develops into a passion for using past-life regression as an exciting healing modality. After making his way through the rigors of medical training and the trenches of daily practice, Dr. Tramont now finds himself evolving into a pragmatic Gnostic. For thousands of years, Gnostics have believed that liberation comes from knowledge of who you are, why you are here, and where you came from. Far from being an ancient, obscure, and little-understood theology, Gnosticism is emerging today as newly valid, mainstream, and clearly relevant. In From Birth to Rebirth you will find yourself sharing Dr. Tramont's excitement as his curiosity regarding past lives escalates into full-blown research that takes him down the extraordinary pathway of spiritual enlightenment. His growing interest in therapeutic hypnosis guides him through the complex domain of the mind as he begins to discover other dimensions and the significance of previous lives to present health. To Dr. Tramont's amazement, guiding individuals through therapeutic regressions of their previous lives enables them to successfully heal themselves of many emotional and physical problems. His discovery of the extreme effectiveness of this rather miraculous method of healing has profoundly affected the way he views medicine, and, for that matter, even the nature of reality itself. In From Birth to Rebirth you will accompany Dr. Tramont on a wild ride as he encounters surprises at every turn and learns to listen to his intuition a€"" the very voice of his soul. From the shackles of conventional medicine springs a safe, inexpensive, non-invasive, and extremely successful alternative healing method, a modality that is essential for the 21st Century.
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The Pietist Theologians

The Pietist Theologians

Titus 3:5, upon which Spener was heavily dependent for his understanding of
baptism and New Birth, refers to salvation being given to believers not through
their righteous works, but according to God's mercy “through the water of rebirth
and ...

Author: Carter Lindberg

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780470776810

Category: Religion

Page: 304

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A comprehensive introduction to the Pietist theologians of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries in Puritan England, Pietist Europe and Colonial America. Provides a comprehensive introduction to the Pietist theologians of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Demonstrates the influence that Pietism had on the religious, cultural and social life of the time. Explores the lasting effects Pietism has had on modern theology and modern culture. Presents both Protestant and Catholic theologians in Puritan England, Pietist Europe and Colonial America. Focuses on women as well as men. Features up-to-date research and commentary by an international group of leading scholars.
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New Catholic Encyclopedia

New Catholic Encyclopedia

The idea of a new birth or rebirth is well represented in the philosophical and
religious literature of the GrecoRoman world , but it is absent from Jewish writings
prior to Philo . In the OT , Israel — and later its king and people — could be ...



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Baptismal Imagery in Early Christianity

Baptismal Imagery in Early Christianity

Through the rite of baptism, an individual dies and is reborn; this relates to his or
her cleansing and incorporation insofar as it depends on setting aside the old,
sinful self and joining a newbirth family.” Such rebirth also relies on the gift of
the ...

Author: Robin M. Jensen

Publisher: Baker Books

ISBN: 9781441236272

Category: Religion

Page: 256

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What can we learn from early Christian imagery about the theological meaning of baptism? Robin Jensen, a leading scholar of early Christian art and worship, examines multiple dimensions of the early Christian baptismal rite. She explores five models for understanding baptism--as cleansing from sin, sickness, and Satan; as incorporation into the community; as sanctifying and illuminative; as death and regeneration; and as the beginning of the new creation--showing how visual images, poetic language, architectural space, and symbolic actions signify and convey the theological meaning of this ritual practice. Considering image and action together, Jensen offers a holistic and integrated understanding of the power of baptism. The book is illustrated with photos.
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Life between Death and Rebirth

Life between Death and Rebirth

knowledge you can behold what the starry heaven bestowed upon you between
death and a new birth—the best and finest powers of your soul. What we behold
in the starry heavens is the moral law that is given us from the spiritual worlds, ...

Author: Rudolf Steiner

Publisher: SteinerBooks

ISBN: 9781621510369


Page: 308

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The Mystic Hours

The Mystic Hours

Prayer brings a person to a new birth, cu it were. I L, power is so great that
nothing, no degree of ... When this prayer opens the heart, it constitutes a new
birth, a rebirth in the Absolute. The Way of the Pilgrim shows a kind of prayer that

Author: Wayne Teasdale

Publisher: New World Library

ISBN: 1577314727

Category: Religion

Page: 369

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One reads not for information, but for inspiration. In his new book, Brother Teasdale presents a powerful daily guide to interspiritual wisdom with 365 quotes from the great religious and spiritual traditions. Teasdale's illuminating commentary follows each passage.
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Ancient Mysteries And Modern Masonry Annotated Edition

Ancient Mysteries And Modern Masonry  Annotated Edition

of the New Birth. ... unclear, conversing on Divinity; and when thou saidst no man
could e'er be saved before Rebirth, thy meaning thou didst hide. ... It is to be a
New Birth, a Regeneration, or Rebirth, in the sense of being born from Above.

Author: Charles H. Vail

Publisher: Jazzybee Verlag

ISBN: 9783849631291

Category: Social Science

Page: 188

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The purpose of these lectures is to consider the origin and nature of the Ancient Mysteries and Modern Masonry and to show the relation which they bear one to the other. Freemasonry deals largely with the morals and symbols of the Mysteries of Antiquity, and originally was one of the channels of Ancient Wisdom. There were a few among the founders of Modern Masonry who possessed the Royal Secret, or, at least, had a knowledge of its existence, and, if the key has been lost, the Mason, as Heir-apparent of the Old Wisdom, should be foremost in the search for its recovery. All agree that the Masonic symbols and traditions are of the greatest antiquity, and can be traced to the far East--to the earliest civilization, from which time and place they have spoken in nature's language to all peoples of the earth. We are more and more convinced that this picture language of our ritual contains a most complete philosophy--a knowledge embracing the eternal verities of the universe, and that these symbols were designed by the Initiates of old to preserve and convey that Ancient Wisdom to the present and future generations. Though empires and dynastic continents have appeared and passed away, these ancient symbols, hewn in rock-cut temples and monuments, have served to convey the Great Secret from ages past and will continue its record as long as this part of the universe remains.
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In the Pursuit of Holiness

In the Pursuit of Holiness

So in conclusion the word Regeneration refers to a new birth or rebirth or the new
nature of the Believer by the Holy Spirit, so we are now holy. Justification has
saved us from the penalty of sin. Sanctification is saving us from the power of sin.

Author: Calvin L. McCullough

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781481721707

Category: Reference

Page: 136

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This book is a tool that we can use to redirect our lives and the lives of others as we fulfill the call and the command that every Christian has on their life . . . and it is to live holy and pleasing lives unto God the Father. The Bible tells us "For God did not call us to be impure, but to live a holy life." Inside this book it will show you how Jesus and the Apostles not only gives us instructions about holiness, it will also show how they model holiness in this fallen and sinful world.
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Expecting Adam

Expecting Adam

Fortunately, that's exactly what happened. Expecting Adam is a poignant, challenging, and achingly funny chronicle of the extraordinary nine months of Martha's pregnancy.

Author: Martha Beck

Publisher: Harmony

ISBN: 9780307954015

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 368

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"He says you'll never be hurt as much by being open as you have been by remaining closed." The messenger is a school janitor with a master's in art history who claims to be channeling "from both sides of the veil." "He" is Adam, a three-year-old who has never spoken an intelligible word. And the message is intended for Martha Beck, Adam's mother, who doesn't know whether to make a mad dash for the door to escape a raving lunatic (after all, how many conversations like this one can you have before you stop getting dinner party invitations and start pushing a mop yourself?) or accept another in a series of life lessons from an impeccable but mysterious source. From the moment Martha and her husband, John, accidentally conceived their second child, all hell broke loose. They were a couple obsessed with success. After years of matching IQs and test scores with less driven peers, they had two Harvard degrees apiece and were gunning for more. They'd plotted out a future in the most vaunted ivory tower of academe. But the dream had begun to disintegrate. Then, when their unborn son, Adam, was diagnosed with Down syndrome, doctors, advisers, and friends in the Harvard community warned them that if they decided to keep the baby, they would lose all hope of achieving their carefully crafted goals. Fortunately, that's exactly what happened. Expecting Adam is a poignant, challenging, and achingly funny chronicle of the extraordinary nine months of Martha's pregnancy. By the time Adam was born, Martha and John were propelled into a world in which they were forced to redefine everything of value to them, put all their faith in miracles, and trust that they could fly without a net. And it worked. Martha's riveting, beautifully written memoir captures the abject terror and exhilarating freedom of facing impending parentdom, being forced to question one's deepest beliefs, and rewriting life's rules. It is an unforgettable celebration of the everyday magic that connects human souls to each other.
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The Cape Town Commitment A Confession of Faith A Call to Action

The Cape Town Commitment  A Confession of Faith  A Call to Action

Introducing Hinduism (New York: Routledge, 2006). Ravi Zacharias. New Birth or
Rebirth?Jesus talks with Krishna (Colorado Springs: Multnomah Books, 2008).
Doniger's book offers an historical account of Hinduism from 50 BIBLIOGRAPHIC

Author: Darrell Bock

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781625640031

Category: Religion

Page: 114

View: 611

The Cape Town Commitment, which arose from The Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization (Cape Town, 2010), stands in the historic line of The Lausanne Covenant (1974) and The Manila Manifesto (1989). It has been translated into twenty-five languages and has commanded wide acceptance around the world. The Commitment is set in two parts. Part 1 is a Confession of Faith, crafted in the language of covenantal love. Part 2 is a Call to Action. The local church, mission agencies, special-interest groups, and Christians in the professions are all urged to find their place in its outworking. This annotated bibliography of The Cape Town Commitment, arranged by topic, has been compiled by specialists in a range of fields. As such, it is the first bibliography of its kind. Arranged in sections for graduate-level teaching Equally useful for research students
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Jack the Fish Boy

Jack the Fish Boy

The death of his boyhood was ending, triggering a new birth, a rebirth guiding
him into manhood to help find the many tasks and challenges that only he could
embark on. A new quest would begin here and there, leaving Wales for good.

Author: Jesse H. Colbath Iv

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781449034795

Category: Fiction

Page: 228

View: 724

Jack the Fish Boy Vessel of Life: Our world holds two bodies of water with the same echoing name. The first Dead sea is a Jordanian lake of salt located in the heart of the Middle East. The second Dead sea is located somewhere in the inner-world south of the Atlantic sea, between Africa and Antarctica. It is a place of mystery and wonder for Jack William Thomas, a young British boy grieving with emotions from the loss of his mother, while a distant father searches for means of communication with his son. The year of the Great War is born. Jack secretly boards his father's sailing ship during Germany's declaration of war upon the great British Isles. During a menacing storm, Jack is lost at sea, before he is befriended by many different sea creatures, including a beautiful girl named LiLi whom is half human, and half fish. With daring escapes, Jack's life is quickly turned upside down when he's forced to engage in two very different wars at sea. Join Jack as both grueling wars come together in one grand, dueling spectacle. Follow his newfound faith, as it is tested in the blackness of a mad underworld filled with fiendish creatures preventing his return to his native Welsh homeland. This is Jack's first journey for all ages to enjoy. It is the very essence of a well defined, classic story of good versus evil set in the past, present, and future. A magical fable with a twist of faith to help guide the human spirit.
Categories: Fiction

A Brief History of Chinese and Japanese Civilizations

A Brief History of Chinese and Japanese Civilizations

The image suggests cyclical change but also the generation of the newbirth
and rebirth. It invites the viewer to reflect on just how it may apply to our own time,
in China and Japan and at home. 527 Copyright 201 Cengage Learning.

Author: Conrad Schirokauer

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 9781133709244

Category: History

Page: 736

View: 251

This compelling text explores the development of China and Japan through their art, religion, literature, and thought as well as through their economic, political, and social history. The author team combines strong research with extensive classroom teaching experience to offer a clear, consistent, and highly readable text that is accessible to students with no previous knowledge of the history of East Asia. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.
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Beliefs That Really Matter

Beliefs That Really Matter

C. The New Birth Expressions such as "the new birth,” '(born again,” and ”rebirth
all mean the same thing. The words of Christ to Nicodemus do not apply only to
Nicodemus, but also apply to all human beings that are lost. Nicodemus's ...

Author: Veerasammy Carpen

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781469122830

Category: Religion

Page: 307

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Beliefs That Really Matter is both exegetical and theological in nature and gives clarity to contemporary readers of subject matter that they may find themselves struggling with, in living the Christian life. Just to name a few topics, that the author has discussed in Beliefs That Really Matter are (a) God - Breathed Scripture, (b) Gods Plan of Grace, (c) A New Beginning, and (d) The Faith of One Man. Beliefs That Really Matter makes people think about why they believe certain doctrines and to examine the doctrines whether if it is biblically sound. The Christian life is unique which we cannot deny, but the real challenge for us is to live the Christian life according to Gods standards and not ours. These concerns should be relevant and timely to the practicing Christian that this book represents. Each chapter of Beliefs That Really Matter is thought provoking and engages the readers not to settle for cheap messages of the gospel that our culture is so quickly to accept that lead many astray from the Bible. For example, cheap messages of the gospel do not develop the believer into a spiritual mature person, but only leaves the believer to sink in their Christian experience and causes confusion for many and disappointment for others. No wonder many Christians face numerous spiritual challenges and find themselves drifting from the sacred writings. Beliefs That Really Matter points the professing Christian to study the Scriptures and to scoop out the meaning for themselves from Gods Word that they begin to apply in their lives as having to form a firm foundation. Quite often, we may read a book that does nothing for our spiritual growth and does not challenge certain teachings or examine the Scripture. In Beliefs That Really Matter the author exposes shallow Christian beliefs that resemble a grab bag, and calls attention to the unique Word of God that shapes our lives for a firm foundation. Beliefs That Really Matter is written for college students, pastors and lay leaders and for those who desire to grow in their spirituality and to experience a hunger for Gods presence in their lives. For example, the reader would benefit tremendously from the book by doing a Bible study on their own, share in a small group discussion, to be used as a text for a Sunday school class or to be used as a college text book in the discipline of Christian theology, especially in the area of apply soteriology. The contents of the book are clear and specific that does not leave the reader in the dark, but rather motivate the reader to strengthen his faith and to connect with the sacred writings that feeds his soul. Beliefs That Really Matter is a wealth of information to the readers that enjoy responsible exegesis and theological explanation of words and there meanings, grammatical tenses, expressions, misunderstandings and contradictions. Each chapter is concluded with a short study guide that enables the readers to think about their need for spiritual growth and enrichment and to dig into Gods Word as hidden treasure. Sincerely, Veerasammy Carpen
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The Dream Encyclopedia

The Dream Encyclopedia

Egg Eggs are universal symbols of wholeness, fertility, new birth, and rebirth (or
resurrection; hence, their association with Easter). Broken eggs may present a
state of brokenness in one's life or “breaking out of a shell.” Egypt (Ancient) The ...

Author: James R Lewis

Publisher: Visible Ink Press

ISBN: 9781578592715

Category: Self-Help

Page: 432

View: 909

Exploring the fascinating world of dreams, this comprehensive reference examines more than 250 dream-related topics, from art to history to science, including how factors such as self-healing, ESP, literature, religion, sex, cognition and memory, and medical conditions can all have an effect on dreams. Dream symbolism and interpretation is examined in historical, cultural, and psychological detail, while a dictionary—updated with 1,000 symbols and explanations—offers further insights. Dreaming about teeth, for instance, can indicate control issues, and dreaming of a zoo can indicate that the dreamer needs to tidy up some situation. Examining these concepts and more, this is the ultimate dreamer's companion.
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