Nature as Teacher and Healer

Nature as Teacher and Healer

This book presents a practical psychology of nature kinship and offers many suggestions about how to kindle an ecological conscience that will add wisdom and health to your life.

Author: James A. Swan

Publisher: Backinprint.Com

ISBN: 0595131220

Category: Self-Help

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Learning to love nature opens us to beauty and wonder, and it also can be a healing experience, leading to self-awareness and spiritual insight. This book presents a practical psychology of nature kinship and offers many suggestions about how to kindle an ecological conscience that will add wisdom and health to your life.
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The Michigan Alumnus

The Michigan Alumnus



Publisher: UM Libraries

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In v.1-8 the final number consists of the Commencement annual.
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She and Sam are now busily teaching their grandchildren the same lessons and values . ... NATURE AS TEACHER AND HEALER In his book , Nature as Teacher and Healer , James Swann argues that nature is a powerful healing force and a great ...

Author: Dan Chiras

Publisher: New Society Publishers

ISBN: 1550923056

Category: Education

Page: 240

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To forge a sustainable future, we need citizens who care for the Earth. We need citizens who understand that planet care is the ultimate form of self-care. But we also need generations who live according to their values and convictions and who can effect positive change in their lives and the lives of others. Because public schools and the popular media cannot be counted on to produce an Earth-friendly citizenry, the task falls to parents. Yet even aware parents often lack the understanding and resources to take on such a task. EcoKids addresses this gap by presenting a coherent plan that will help parents foster love for nature, teach children the importance of environmental protection, and promote environmental values and inspire action - actions that will last a lifetime. A hopeful and inspiring guide for parents, topics covered include ways to: avoid gloom and doom in favor of positive solutions foster love and empathy for nature develop environmental values put values into action help children discover the roots of problems and be part of lasting solutions walk the talk counter the consumer culture, starting in your own home and community generate hope and combat apathy. Each chapter includes an inspiring case study of a child who's making a difference, short pieces that highlight serious problems such as global warming, along with positive solutions that can be read aloud to children, and activities for children. A resource guide lists helpful books, articles, videos, and organizations.
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Healing Child and Family Trauma through Expressive and Play Therapies Art Nature Storytelling Body Mindfulness

Healing Child and Family Trauma through Expressive and Play Therapies  Art  Nature  Storytelling  Body   Mindfulness

Kellert (1993) elaborated that our “human dependence on nature extends far beyond the simple issues of material and ... nature as highlighted by Mills and Crowley (2014): The natural world is our relative, our teacher, and our healer, ...

Author: Janet A. Courtney

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

ISBN: 9780393713763

Category: Psychology

Page: 256

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Healing assessments and interventions from disparate areas of knowledge such as art, nature, and storytelling. There are many ways to help children and families heal from trauma. Leaning on our ancestral wisdom of healing through play, art, nature, storytelling, body, touch, imagination, and mindfulness practice, Janet A. Courtney helps the clinician bring a variety of practices into the therapy room. This book identifies seven stages of therapy that provide a framework for working with client’s emotional, cognitive, somatic, and sensory experiences to heal from trauma. Through composite case illustrations, practitioners will learn how to safely mitigate a range of trauma content, including complicated grief, natural disaster, children in foster care, aggression, toxic divorce, traumatized infants diagnosed with neonatal abstinence syndrome, and young mothers recovering from opioid addiction. Practice exercises interspersed throughout guide practitioners to personally engage in the creative expressive and play therapy techniques presented in each chapter, augmenting professional self- awareness and skill- building competencies.
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The Deva Handbook

The Deva Handbook

Whether people are hunting, healing, harvesting food, or journeying into expanded realms of consciousness, traditionally they have viewed nature as both teacher and healer in which magic is an essential aspect of existence.

Author: Nathaniel Altman

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781620551233

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 176

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When we experience the powerful force of a waterfall, the elusive beauty of a rainbow, or the stark strength of a craggy expanse of cliff many of us have perceived “something else” that goes beyond the five senses: feelings of peace, comfort, healing, and inspiration. Native traditions throughout the world have taught that these intuitive impressions are caused by the subtle forces of the living world. These forces are known by different names: angels, nature spirits, orishas, or by the Sanskrit term devas, meaning “the shining ones.” The Deva Handbook guides us back to these keepers of earth wisdom. The author draws on native traditions from around the world as well as modern teachings to explore the roles, characteristics, and significance of the devas. You can learn to communicate with the devas anywhere: in a backyard garden, or near a tree in a city park. This illustrated handbook offers practical tools--including visualizations, prayers, and offerings--that will help you to get in touch with the “power spots” of nature and receive their healing energy.
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Yoga Journal

Yoga Journal

$9.95 The Earthsteward's Handbook A guide to healing ourselves and healing the earth. ... Lyn Marshall (Ward Lock, $7.95) ECOLOGY Nature As Teacher and Healer: How to Reawaken Your Connection with Nature By James A. Swan (Villard Books, ...





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For more than 30 years, Yoga Journal has been helping readers achieve the balance and well-being they seek in their everyday lives. With every issue,Yoga Journal strives to inform and empower readers to make lifestyle choices that are healthy for their bodies and minds. We are dedicated to providing in-depth, thoughtful editorial on topics such as yoga, food, nutrition, fitness, wellness, travel, and fashion and beauty.

Weather Shamanism

Weather Shamanism

Techniques must be mastered, but the best healers have a special calling to work with natural elements in a unique way, their “medicine,” Indians call it. Their methods are an expression of ... JAMES SWAN, NATURE AS TEACHER AND HEALER ...

Author: Nan Moss

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781591439219

Category: Nature

Page: 272

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Creating an alliance and working partnership with the spirits of weather to restore well-being and harmony to Earth and ourselves • Reveals that, intentionally or not, we affect the weather not only through our actions but also through our thoughts and emotions • Explains shamanic techniques for working with the spiritual nature of weather • Special section on “weather dancing” details both its ceremonial and therapeutic aspects With the growing consensus that global warming is a fact comes the realization that the increasingly violent weather we are experiencing is its chief manifestation. Each storm, each flood, each blizzard seems to break 100-year-old records for both intensity and damage. Reducing emissions of greenhouse gases may be too little, too late. Through a unique blend of anthropological research, shamanic journeys, and personal stories and anecdotes, Moss and Corbin show how humans and weather have always affected each other, and how it is possible to influence the weather. They present teachings directly from the spirits of weather that show how our thoughts and emotions affect weather energetics. They also reveal the ceremonial and therapeutic aspects of “weather dancing,” a practice used to communicate with the weather spirits. Weather Shamanism is about transformation--of ourselves, and thus our world. It is about how we can develop an expanded worldview that honors spiritual realities in order to create a working partnership with the spirits of weather and thereby help to restore well-being and harmony to Earth.
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Lose Weight Unleash Your Creativity

Lose Weight Unleash Your Creativity

Teachings of Indigenous Healers - How to Transform Your Life With Nature's Power Rita Panahi. balance our system, clear our mind and ... They fail to recognize nature as the ultimate teacher and healer. Nature is the secret to healing ...

Author: Rita Panahi

Publisher: Rita Panahi

ISBN: 9780999664834

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 190

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Lose Weight Unleash Your Creativity offers an inspiring outlook on losing weight, taking into account the physical body and diet, our emotions, and mind while adding the missing link - our energy and nature’s power. The book incorporates teachings from indigenous healers of South America, demonstrating their relationship with nature and how to heal and transform one’s weight into creative potential and vitality. It also weaves in perspectives from Chinese Medicine about health and the power of food as medicine. Losing weight is the first step, and learning what prevents most people from keeping the weight off is the final step, to understanding the multiple dimensions that need to be addressed in order to lose weight with long-term results. Any time we gain weight, we are repressing the tremendous power for growth, transformation, and creativity. This book shows the process of getting on a healthy path to losing weight in order to unleash the potentials hidden within it. It is rare to gain weight when we feel in harmony within ourselves, our life, and our environment. The key for transformation lies in learning how to realign our energy with that of nature in order to heal, lose weight, and liberate our creative potential.
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Auto Immune Acne Rosacea Natural Healing How Smart Emotions Precisely Target Life s Issues Why

Auto Immune  Acne    Rosacea Natural Healing   How  Smart Emotions  Precisely Target Life s Issues   Why

Georgie grew up in Upper Michigan close to the forest with nature as her teacher. Her spiritual journey began having served as a vice president, board member, and leader for major Fortune 500 companies that hired her for her ability to ...

Author: Georgie Anna Holbrook

Publisher:, Inc.

ISBN: 9781634915571

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 120

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Identify precisely blocked emotions that cause health challenges. Discover how auto-immune disorders, acne, and rosacea are painful 'smart emotions' crying for help and love. Learn how despite appearances, natural healing can happen. Let this book guide you to healthier relationships/lifestyles, your own spiritual truth, awakening to your life's purpose and hands-on-remedies. Learn from clients' healing stories, how to reclaim your childhood and love your true-self. As a society, we have been taught to deny our hidden hurts, losses, traumatic events, high pressured stressors, and abuse that we do to ourselves or receive from others. We have choked off our life-force energy, served others until exhausted, joy-less on empty. We can now stop the trial and error anxiety and expensive search for finding physical problems' answers by replacing fear with faith and trusting our bodies to emotionally heal (on their own). Our bodies don't lie! This book can show you how to begin to treat your emotions as a friend to guide you into a new way of compassionately validating all the ways your sensory body gives you accurate intuitive signals that once understood, corrective action taken, wellness happens. May you embrace your true self with great curiosity for the mystery and mastery that lies within you. It makes sense that as unique as your finger prints are, you are born with a readily available Intelligence that governs your body, mind, and spirit. When in harmony with nature, you can perpetually stay healthy and happy. Follow each chapter teaching you how to respect your emotions, gut feel or intuition, gifted to you as your lifetime inheritance to accurately guide you. Learn how your 'smart emotions' precisely target your life's issues, not as an error of nature, but intuitively getting your attention to invite in healthier, happier lifestyles! See this book as similar to a holistic insurance policy, knowing how to prevent suffering and protect your future. The author believes one day soon, we will eliminate most invasive surgeries and mental and physical challenges as we see them for what they are - a call for Love. Georgie Anna Holbrook is an internationally recognized, gifted empathic healer. She intuitively interprets for others how their disguised emotions show up in mild to extreme health challenges. Many times, she has witnessed these same conditions reverse. One of her passions in life is being a spiritual director, prayer mentor, and author. Georgie went from having a tragic deforming disease to experiencing in the seventh year the natural steps to totally self-heal. She has since taught these same principles to multitudes of people both nationally and internationally. She facilitates others to be empowered, live happier lifestyles, find work they enjoy that aligns with their passion, and witness nature by design that rewards them with health and prosperity. She is the author of Joy-Full Holistic Remedies, How to Experience Your Natural Ability to Heal, and The Rosacea-Acne Natural Remedy. Her books CD's, and DVD's can be found on her web site.
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