My Magic Breath

My Magic Breath

Sometimes it’s hard to feel happy. But with this interactive picture book, children breathe along as they learn how to make angry or sad thoughts disappear.

Author: Nick Ortner

Publisher: HarperCollins

ISBN: 006268776X

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 32

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From New York Times bestselling author Nick Ortner comes a beautiful picture book that will help children discover calm through the magic of mindful breathing: Do YOU have the magic breath? Let’s see…Take a deeeeeep breath in…and BLOW it out… …and like magic, you can feel better just by breathing! Sometimes it’s hard to feel happy. But with this interactive picture book, children breathe along as they learn how to make angry or sad thoughts disappear. In a world that is sometimes too busy, with too many things going on, My Magic Breath will help steer children into a serene space of mindfulness, self-awareness, and balance. A wonderful classroom and naptime story, this book is perfect for fans of Susan Verde’s I Am Yoga and I Am Peace, Mariam Gates’s Good Night Yoga, and Deborah Underwood’s The Quiet Book.
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Teaching Kids to Pause Cope and Connect

Teaching Kids to Pause  Cope  and Connect

Lessons for Social Emotional Learning and Mindfulness Mark Purcell, Kellen Glinder ... 72 My Magic Breath: Finding Calm Through Mindful Breathing (Ortner and Taylor), 52, 72 “My Self-Portrait” handout, 163, 165, 167 “My Stress Meter” ...

Author: Mark Purcell

Publisher: Free Spirit Publishing

ISBN: 9781631983498

Category: Education

Page: 200

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Thirty hands-on lessons provide students opportunities to learn and practice self-regulation strategies. Students today face many challenges that did not exist a generation or two ago, and rates of emotional disorders (including anxiety and depression) have increased steadily over the years. Students must also manage an overwhelming amount of information. With today’s reliance on technology and social media, they have fewer opportunities to develop effective self-regulation strategies and interpersonal and stress management skills. Helping students understand their emotions and behavior when they’re young will set them on a path to being successful learners and empathetic people throughout their lives. With thirty easy-to-implement, skill-based lessons and activities, Teaching Kids to Pause, Cope, and Connect provides educators with strategies to help students: manage and reduce their anxiety with healthy coping skills understand and regulate physical responses to stress separate emotions from actions respond mindfully (rather than impulsively) to difficult situations improve social skills, social awareness, and self-regulation develop empathy and compassion Digital content includes reproducible student handouts that accompany each lesson, plus six bonus lessons.
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The Why Behind Classroom Behaviors PreK 5

The  Why  Behind Classroom Behaviors  PreK 5

My magic breath: Finding calm through mindful breathing. HarperCollins. 17. Willey, K. (2017). Breath like a bear: 30 mindful moments for kids to keel calm and focused anytime, anywhere. Rodal Books. 18. Porges, S. (2009).

Author: Jamie Chaves

Publisher: Corwin Press

ISBN: 9781071816141

Category: Education

Page: 309

View: 110

Reframing behaviors for competence, confidence, and successful outcomes With dysregulation and neurodevelopmental diagnoses on the rise, classrooms are more diverse than ever. Despite efforts to support each student’s needs and sensitivities, educators are often left frustrated and unsupported when strategies for managing all kinds of behaviors, from anxiety to acting out, prove ineffective, short-lived, or even detrimental to the students’ and teachers’ happiness and progress. Through a reflective lens, this book equips teachers and support staff to help all students thrive by identifying and fostering each teacher’s and child’s individual differences and unique strengths. Written in an accessible, conversational style, this book will help educators: - Build confidence in identifying and addressing behaviors in order to support student growth and brain development - Learn about an interdisciplinary approach that combines education, occupational therapy, and psychology to better understand and navigate brain-based regulation, relationships, and behaviors in the classroom - Use relevant research, illustrations, and strategies for reflective and experiential moments - Discover strategies to facilitate co-regulation, establish positive classroom relationships, address sensory needs, communicate with parents, and practice self-care This reflective, insightful book provides workable strategies to help all students, as well as those who care for them, feel more competent, confident, and successful.
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I Love You Clowns Are Scary

I Love You  Clowns Are Scary

Start by googling Ortner, An Introduction to Tapping; The Tapping Solution for Parents, Children and Teenagers by Nick Ortner; My Magic Breath: Finding Calm Through Mindful Breathing by Nick Ortner and Allison Taylor; Gorilla Thumps and ...

Author: Kitty Wells

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 9781504395526

Category: Psychology

Page: 218

View: 455

Ho'oponopono is an elegant and easy ancient Hawaiian healing and forgiveness practice, available to everyone. Although designed for middle grade readers, I Love You, Clowns Are Scary appeals as well to the inquiring minds of college students and their grandparents. Book One tells the story of Dakota's dream-like inner quest to save a lost and frightened child and the discovery of a magical way for a very scary problem to be transformed. In Book Two, Dakota continues to explore Ho'oponopono at school with the help of some mentors and friends and shares with the reader a fun way, Slo-mo-pono, to have a similar letting go experience. Throughout this introduction to Ho'oponopono, the conscious and subconscious are explored, as well as the superconscious, the spiritual center deep within the mind. The chapter of meditations offers simple ways to clear the mind and strengthen one’s Ho’oponopono practice.The Many Teachers section introduces the reader to important aspects of the Ho’oponopono perspective: the freeing gifts of healing energy, meditation, responsibility, letting go, gratitude, and love. The last chapter, the Psychotherapeutic Connection, is for parents, teachers, therapists and students of psychology of any age. Included are the author’s journey and an exploration of psychotherapeutic approaches using Ho’oponopono.
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Breathe Better Sleep Better

Breathe Better  Sleep Better

Magic. of. Prana. Vayu. If you've woken up breathing, you have another chance to live your dreams. ... of working with the breath, and I got very excited, especially when I started feeling a new type of vitality in my body.

Author: Anandi

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 9781504367769

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 182

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If you are struggling with sleep deprivation, insomnia, or anxiety, this book offers a systematic approach to working with the breath as a tool to bring your whole being back into balance and give you the gift of better sleep. Anandi shows you how to dramatically improve your daily life and, in particular, your sleeping pattern through a proven step-by-step system using the breath. This is the first book dedicated exclusively to healing sleep issues with the breath and offers practical tools to: soothe the nervous system and increase serotonin levels, increase vitality, improve your digestive system, stimulate the circulatory system, detoxify the whole organism, tap into new creativity, and integrate simple practices into your daily life. If you are ready to actively participate in your own healing journey, the information in this book will show you how to breathe yourself to sleep.
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The process helps us to access calm, without making that the goal. There is much to attend to in the subtle detail of breath. The texture, rhythm, depth, and quality of the breath are all here to explore. We find a whole world to ...

Author: Trish Bartley

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118926284

Category: Medical

Page: 298

View: 660

Mindfulness: A Kindly Approach to Being with Cancer offers people with cancer a means to bring mindfulness and kindliness into their lives, to help them cope with the challenge of a life-threatening illness. Adapts Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), an approach with a strong evidence base for people with recurrent depression, for the needs and challenges of people with cancer Presents the standard 8-week course of MBCT for cancer in a flexible format that is designed to suit each reader’s own particular timescale, context and situation Based on more than 15 years of program development and clinical application by the author, and the work and experience of mindfulness teachers in other cancer centres around the world Provides specific practices and approaches tailored to support the different phases of a cancer experience – from diagnosis and treatment to living with uncertainty and managing life with cancer Features five extended stories from people personally affected by cancer who have used mindfulness-based practices to support them in their own experience of illness, life and treatment
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Making Friends with the Present Moment

Making Friends with the Present Moment

We take something that's immediate, present, and easy to find. We can be mindful of anything—of sounds, the arising and passing away of sounds— and sometimes there aren't any sounds, sometimes it's profoundly quiet. But the breath is ...

Author: Sylvia Boorstein

Publisher: Parallax Press

ISBN: 9781937006969

Category: Philosophy

Page: 35

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Taken from Sylvia Boorstein’s influential contribution to Solid Ground , Boorstein invites readers to see things exactly the way they are, no matter how difficult.
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Meditation Guide for Beginners Including Yoga Tips Boxed Set Meditation and Mindfulness Training

Meditation Guide for Beginners Including Yoga Tips  Boxed Set   Meditation and Mindfulness Training

Meditation and Mindfulness Training Speedy Publishing. other people--a spouse, ... Yet, although this meditation utilizes repeated phrases, the words have no magic. ... Even during the breathing meditation, thoughts arise naturally.

Author: Speedy Publishing

Publisher: Speedy Publishing LLC

ISBN: 9781633835535

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 220

View: 499

Many people live very stressful lives. Taking some time for yourself can have some great benefits. Yoga and meditation are ways that a person can take a moment and simply relax to decrease daily stress. Yoga and meditation can both be done from home, and you only need a few moments to experience some great benefits. Here are some wonderful resources to help you de-stress.
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Structured Exercises in Stress Management

Structured Exercises in Stress Management

The imagery in our full - length meditations will help you discover your strengths , find healing , make positive life ... Breath 5:45 , Body Sensing 14:15 , Body Talk 12:00 , Cleansing Breath Relaxation 5:45 , Eyes of Love 26:15 Calm ...

Author: Nancy Loving Tubesing


ISBN: 1570250154

Category: Self-Help

Page: 196

View: 858

A collection of thirty-six exercises for stress management to be used by trainers and facilitators in group settings.
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