My Life As a Baby

My Life As a Baby

"My Life As a Baby: A Five-Year Record" is a treasure for any mom or mom-to-be. Rachael Hale, the renowned photographer, turns the camera from companion animals to babies, and her subjects are amazing and beautiful.

Author: Pq Blackwell Ltd Staff

Publisher: Wpl

ISBN: 1904264638


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"My Life As a Baby: A Five-Year Record" is a treasure for any mom or mom-to-be. Rachael Hale, the renowned photographer, turns the camera from companion animals to babies, and her subjects are amazing and beautiful. From firsts to fearless at five, "My Life As a Baby: A Five-Year Record" encourages new moms to record all those precious moments in baby's young and amazing life with words, collected pieces, sentiments, stories, and their own personal photos. Happy, unexpected, and "ahhh, look at that" images bring this journal to life. The babies in all their babyness giggle, nap, snooze, and surprise in full-color joy. If a book has the power to physically make someone squeal with delight, it's this one. A must-have for any expectant or new mom. * This could be the perfect shower or new-baby gift. "My Life As a Baby: A Five-Year Record" is so pretty, gift givers might not even need gift wrap.

Unbelievable Magic and Miracle of My Life

Unbelievable Magic and Miracle of My Life

The Past & Future Of My Three Sons Life Well I look back into my sons past
personal background to see if I saw anything like this happening to them, and I
begin at the birth of my first child and it were a baby boy. Also I felt so complete
and ...

Author: Addie M. Henderson


ISBN: 9781481743495

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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My name is Addie and I am the daughter of Queen Elizabeth Henderson, and my mother have ten (10) children that she raise under a very racial white conditions in Memphis Tennessee. So I ran away from the South to the North as a young girl because I wanted my freedom and rights to make my own choices. But when I return back to Memphis Tennessee I brought back with me a ferocity that is unmatched in my family. See my story is a true story about my Negro family in the South. Because I have grow past this slavery and racial white conditions that I was born under in Mississippi at my time of birth, and now I have produce life myself as a Creator on earth, and some of the white peoples have change in the South a lot by initial conditions.
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The Darkest Days of My Life in the U s and Iran

The Darkest Days of My Life in the U s  and Iran

y husband was more happy about having a boy than with hav- ing a child. My life
had blossomed with Bob's birth, although the controlling and the beating was still
going on. Nothing changed. He was always mad at my dad. I think from the ...

Author: Mahnaz B. Consolver

Publisher: Dorrance Publishing

ISBN: 9781434903099

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 112

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Categories: Biography & Autobiography

Escaping the Boy My Life with a Sociopath

Escaping the Boy  My Life with a Sociopath

call the child a “midget” IN baby talk. The child would scream for him to stop
calling him that, and the woman asked him not to call the child such a demeaning
name. The boy just ignored them both and referred to the child however he

Author: Paula Carrasquillo

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781479706105

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 71

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This is the story of a seemingly innocent little boy who grows into a ferocious, conscienceless, ugly monster that destroys and devours everything good and pure that crosses his path. From tender childhood friendships to sweet innocent romances, nothing is immune to the monsters dark spell and insidious nature. This is also a story of survival and hope: survival of intimate partner abuse and hope that one day there will be an end to domestic violence and to the suffering of the silent victims. Twice, I have been a victim (and survivor) of domestic violence/intimate partner abuse in my lifetime. At the age of 18, I was physically abused by my boyfriend who was also 18. He beat me repeatedly and threatened my life in many ways. I was able to escape the relationship but never spoke about it and was determined NEVER to put myself in that type of danger in the future. Twenty years later, at the age of 38, I found myself in another abusive relationship, but I didnt recognize it as abusive because he never assaulted me physically (at first); the abuse was verbal and emotional. The control was overwhelming, and the insidiousness of his abuse slowly took over me and nearly destroyed my spirit and faith in goodness. Today, 18 months after escaping my second abusive relationship, I have vowed to speak. I cannot remain silent. Paula Carrasquillo August 21, 2012
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What To Expect The 1st Year rev Edition

What To Expect The 1st Year  rev Edition

'For the last ten years I've run my business, my household and every other aspect
of my life quite effectively. But ever since I ... And the man who would be king in
your castle isn't a man at all, he's a newborn baby boy. As powerless as he may ...

Author: Heidi Murkoff

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9780857201720

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 832

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With over 7 million copies sold worldwide, WHAT TO EXPECT THE 1st YEAR is one of the world's bestselling books on infant care - and it has now been updated and revised throughout by Heidi Murkoff. This comprehensive and practical month-by-month guide clearly explains everything parents need to know - or might be worrying about - in the first year with a new baby. The book covers monthly growth and development, feeding for every age and stage, and sleep strategies that really work. It is filled with the most practical tips (how to give a bath, decode your baby's crying, what to buy for baby, and when to return to work) and the most up-to-date medical advice (the latest on vaccines, vitamins, illnesses, SIDS, safety, and more). Featuring dozens of Q&A sections, as well as a first-aid guide and charts on monthly growth and development, feeding and sleeping habits, this is the only book on infant care to address both the physical and the emotional needs of the whole family. Covering the most up-to-date knowledge, both medical and developmental, WHAT TO EXPECT THE 1st YEAR is, above all, down-to-earth and reassuring - and an invaluable aid for all parents of new babies.
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My Life as a Seer

My Life as a Seer

My wife sent the older boy for a walk with his younger brother,3 who was then a
very small baby. We retired to the bedroom, where I proceeded to put myself into
the unconscious state. The experience lasted possibly thirty minutes, and it is the

Author: Edgar Cayce

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

ISBN: 9781466882362

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 448

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For over seventy-five years, the prophecies and readings of Edgar Cayce-- The Sleeping Prophet-- have inspired millions of people around the world, and been the subject of hundreds of books. Over fifty years after his death, Cayce is still regarded as the father of the new age movement, and the foremost psychic of the twentieth century. His thoughts on the soul's journey, past lives, dreams, ancient civilizations, and astrology are still closely studied and followed by practitioners in these fields. But until now, only those who knew and studied him have been able to tell Cayce's story and philosophy. From Jess Stearn's The Sleeping Prophet to Thomas Sugrue's There Is a River, many bestselling books have sold millions of copies and touched many lives. Now, for the first time, Edgar Cayce tells his story in his own words. Only recently discovered, this new memoir delivers Cayce's important message to the world at a most crucial time, the dawn of the twenty-first century. In this personal, moving story, readers learn how Cayce felt about his amazing powers. Here Cayce speaks about the angelic presence that visited his childhood Kentucky home and told him that he would become a healer to millions. We also learn about his extraordinary childhood ability to learn his school lessons simply by sleeping on his books. Cayce also addresses the devastating throat paralysis that he miraculously overcame, and how he ultimately realized that his powers could only be used to help and enable people, and not for personal profit. Cayce even gives a "behind the scenes" glimpse at his many psychic readings. The combination of ability and humility, compassion and caring turned Cayce from social outcast to world-renowned psychic healer. Throughout his life, Edgar Cayce's was the voice people turned to for advice on issues as diverse as health and healing and philosophy and world issues. Now, Cayce speaks once more on these issues and delivers his ultimate message to humanity for the first time. My Life as a Seer brings to life the emotional frustrations, motivations, fears, and visions of the century's premier spiritualist.
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169 Pages of My Life

169 Pages of My Life

My. Brother. Jessi. Mom took me and Tori to the new house in Oscoda first, to
move in some stuff. Next door I seen a girl that looked about my age. She was out
on her porch playing with a little baby boy. When we got all moved in a
counseling ...

Author: Taylor Goetz

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781462845224

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 169

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My name is Taylor, and I wrote this book with the intent that it might help people understand the consequences of doing wrong. Though it may sound that I am glorifying the things I did, if I had the chance to change my life I would have. Though I love where my life is today, there were times I wished I weren't alive. It took a lot more then what can be imagined to get over the life style I was living. I am proof that a bad kid can turn them selves around. If you think that in the end of this book that I haven't, then you are wrong and can look forward to reading my next book. The most important thing I was trying to get across is that every little thing in life including people can be very deceiving and to stick only to what you believe in and nothing else. In the end nothing and I mean nothing will matter except that your heart be in the right place.
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The Prayer of My Life How God Changed Me in Seven Months

The Prayer of My Life How God Changed Me in Seven Months

By no means could I ever understand what state of mind a man must dwell in to
destroy his very own cause for life. Children soak in ... You would think this would
give reason for discipline, but unfortunately my father praised his baby boy. My
oldest sister was ... I guess when you're at the bottom of the “opinion line” in the
streets, you advert your frustration and release it in your own home. Through the

Author: Tony Portugal

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781450047388

Category: Religion

Page: 399

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What makes this book extremely unique is that the story portion, minus the editing process, was actually written in less than one week. The principles, which are at the end of the story, were written during Tonys journey in his initial seven months with God. In Tonys own words he says: I was not raised in church. I have never known God. Truthfully, I have never actually known myself. My familys love and their concerns for my well-being had always fallen on deaf ears. Simply by establishing my life around counterfeit friends, it forced me to live in the darkest reality of my time. What changed? I went to kill a manand instead Jesus interfered. It is quite unbelievable how believable God really is. The Bible would become the first Book I ever read. Did I understand it at first? No. But the Bible is not based on logical thinking, but illogical people. Lord, I refuse to leave Your presence until You bring out of me what You promised was in me. With that same perspective, the Bible contains a power that enables us to go beyond ourselves. Its mind-blowing how within seven months God can flip your world inside out!
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The Number That Changed My Life

The Number That Changed My Life

They showedup atmyfriend's house, the dayaftermy hospital release, to visit me.
... My life experiences include achieving Eagle Scout andI am aveteran with an
honorable medical dischargefromtheU. ... Ifoundout Iwas pregnant 100days later
and wasso blessed tohave a baby boy named Jeffrey Joseph Joshua Snyderin ...

Author: Jeffrey W. Snyder

Publisher: Made For Success Publishing

ISBN: 9781613394663

Category: Biography & Autobiography


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Living in the fast lane and letting the good times roll. Exotic cars, expensive jewelry, opulent vacation homes and a seven fi gure bank account. This real life, Hollywood drama opens with what seems a wonderful dream, but then reality... A fleet of shiny black SUVs come screeching into his driveway. With his wife held at gunpoint by federal agents, Jeff is dragged away to prison for “questionable business practices.” 41196: The Number That Changed My Life is a riveting, true life story of Jeff Snyder. Through a series of life altering events, Jeff became a cooperating witness against his father; the criminal mastermind behind numerous Ponzi schemes, stolen identities, money laundering scams, and who eventually became a fugitive living in Central America. Through this author’s journey, you will witness an incredible outcome as Jeff is dragged off to jail a broken man and manages to find the strength to overcome his life’s biggest adversity. This transformational saga will keep you on the edge of your seat, stunned and dumbfounded, and will alter the way you view your personal adversities.
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The Long and Tumultuous Journey of My Life

The Long and Tumultuous Journey of My Life

Because of the proximity of Tulsa to Dallas and in order to help Shohreh with her
new baby boy, we made several trips to Dallas and also helped her with Joey 's
intractable ear infection. We were invited to attend as godfather and godmother ...

Author: A. Cyrus Tahernia

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781469102078

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 299

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This Memoir entitled The Long and Tumultuous Journey of My Life consists of 183 pages with 112 interior pictures, most of immediate family pictures. It contains 10 chapters. Chapter One: portrays the first 24 years of authors personal and professional life. It illustrates the difficulty of authors life living in desolated area because of his father military assignments. It shows authors anxiety about the Second World War and occupation of his beloved country by foreign troops. It also gives information about his personal life, his immediate family, Persian traditions and customs and his father being prisoner of war. It demonstrates his feeling toward living in different localities with different cultures and environments. It also describes his elementary, high school and medical schools and how he endured numerous examinations and hardships. Chapter Two: deals with his postgraduate study and training in different hospitals and difficulty to get familiar with American culture and society. How he finished Internship, Pediatric Residency and Fellowship in Pediatric Cardiology, during latter of which, he met his future wife. He went through several examinations to be American Board Certified in the field of Pediatrics and Pediatric Cardiology by passing written part of Sub-Board of Pediatric Cardiology examination and to an academic career. Chapter Three: contains authors marriage and having three beautiful children. He obtained academic medical career and was promoted to associate professor. This was one of best part of authors personal and professional life in watching his children growth and success in his job. Chapter Four: portrays authors sabbatical leave from the University and being quite successful in training, and passing the oral portion of American Sub-Board of Pediatric Cardiology to become Board Certified in American Sub- Board of Pediatric Cardiology. Academically author published four scientific papers in the prestigious medical journals during one year. This academic achievement caused some difficulty in his work due to the jealousy and inferiority complex of his colleagues. Chapter Five: explains happy and successful life at the beginning of his highest career but it caused authors adverse health problems and nervous breakdown . This part of authors life dealt with hard work in administration, teaching medical students, training pediatric residents, patients care and conducting research as being Full Professor and Chairman of the Department. He was also as Visiting Professor in the University of Pennsylvania and establishment of exchange program for faculties and residents between our department and the department of pediatric at the University of Pennsylvania. This period was another productive life academically by publishing numerous scientific publications and expansion of the department in every direction but to encounter budgetary problem and nepotism by University administration. Chapter Six: describes my difficulty working in prejudiced, hostile and notorious medical community and facing a great of deal of jealousy and dishonesty in my profession. At least I and my family were well accepted in the community. This period was accompanied by great deal of authors childrens achievement academically and athletically. They brought a slew of trophies and awards and straight A. Author witnessed tremendous success in his children. This period also coincided with a lot of travel abroad and quite a few number of medical presentations locally, nationally and Internationally this chapter has been divided into Section A and B which represents two different era of authors personal and professional life. Chapter Seven: was the best part of my life personally and professionally. I had the best productivity academically and financially. I was treated as a celebrity and being popular, and liked by my patients and colleagues. There was a big demand for my work not in th
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The Story of My Life

The Story of My Life

The Restored Edition Helen Keller ... But soon they learned some Dutch words;
but they loved their own language and they did not want little boys and girls to
forget it and learn to talk funny Dutch. ... One day a dear little baby-boy was born.

Author: Helen Keller

Publisher: Modern Library

ISBN: 9781588362988

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 400

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THE 100th YEAR ANNIVERSARY EDITION The Story of My Life, a remarkable account of overcoming the debilitating challenges of being both deaf and blind, has become an international classic, making Helen Keller one of the most well-known, inspirational figures in history. Originally published in 1903, Keller’s fascinating memoir narrates the events of her life up to her third year at Radcliffe College. Helen Keller’s story of struggle and achievement is one of unquenchable hope. From tales of her difficult early days, to details of her relationship with her beloved teacher Anne Sullivan, to her impressions of academic life, Keller’s honest, straightforward writing lends insight into an amazing mind. Like the original, this centenary edition of The Story of My Life includes letters Keller wrote to friends throughout her childhood and adolescence that chronicle her intellectual and sensory progression, as well as assistant John Macy’s commentary on her interpretations of her surroundings. In addition to reprinting Keller’s long-lost original work, this edition contains excerpts from her little-known, deeply personal memoir The World We Live In, which give readers a detailed look into an otherwise unimaginable existence, as well as an excerpt from Out of the Dark, a political commentary Keller wrote during her years as a socialist. Deftly edited and prefaced by scholar James Berger, this comprehensive anniversary edition celebrates a century of readers’ enthrallment with one of the most powerful figures in history.
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Riley s Baby Boy

Riley s Baby Boy

My dad let him go on like that, hoping the restaurant would turn around. But your
father needed to ... When I was four, he saved my life. We had taken a vacation to
... come rushing out. Dad was the one who'd jumped 140 RILEY ' S BABY BOY.

Author: Karen Rose Smith

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 9780373656875

Category: Fiction

Page: 224

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"After one torrid night at their high school reunion, Riley O'Rourke thought his torch for Brenna McDougall had finally been extinguished. But after she appeared on his doorstep--with his infant son, no less!--it was clear that the flames of passion sizzled hotter than ever. Brenna knew that Riley was all wrong for her. But one encounter with her secret love plunged her back into his life for keeps. She hadn't bargained on their long-muffled chemistry being as explosive as ever. Or that the old feud still simmering between his family and hers could threaten their new family...and their rekindled romance!"--P. [4] of cover.
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My Life My Story You Be the Judge

My Life    My Story You Be the Judge

He was known to me as my aunt Ruby's baby boy, but he was willing and that's
all I gave a fuck about. I was giving him one shot, and it was up to him to take
advantage of it. But] sensed at the start, Snap didn't come with the intent to stay.

Author: Herbert Lawson III

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781477111031

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 286

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My Life, My Story.. You Be The Judge is a memoir of Herbert Lawson llls young and early adult life. The stories and events that youre about to read will take you on a journey of his life as a young boy from a small town called Sunrise, LA. Who would sing and talk to God to running away at the age of 14 to San Francisco. Upon his arrival Herbert would begin to see a different world in San Francisco. This new world brings a love for music to heartache and disappointment. Which in turn would lead to a lifestyle of stealing, hustling, drug dealing, prostitution and a tragic accident that you think would make him turn his life around or would it....
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My Ladder of Life

My Ladder of Life

In May 1964, Hilary gave birth to our first child – a baby boy. This was not as
straightforward as may be imagined (nothing in my life ever is). A few months
before the event we purchased our first motor car, a nice little second – hand
Morris ...

Author: Alan Duffy

Publisher: Troubador Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 9781848765818

Category: Engineers

Page: 324

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My Ladder of Life is a depiction of a time gone by in the Lancashire Mill Town of Blackburn. It starts just before the Second World War, and covers 73 years of Alan Duffy’s life as an engineer, company owner and family man. Alan’s autobiography is set against an ever-changing social background and serves to remind the reader of the way things used to be. The life of an engineer might appear to be boring but, if Alan’s own experiences are anything to go by, nothing could be further from the truth. Alan discovered he had entrepreneurial skills in his early forties and founded a successful engineering company that in three short years he’d sold on to an American Corporation he continued to manage the company until 1993 when they relocated to the USA. Alan then started a another engineering company.Alan’s career has been rewarding and interesting and sometimes fraught with danger! Occasionally events that have befallen him which seem too funny to be true! My Ladder of Life encompasses such varied events as Alan having an audience with Pope John Paul 2 and seeing Frank Sinatra on the same day. Alan also writes about his family who have brought infinite love and support to him throughout the years.
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King David My Life as I Remember It

 King David   My Life as I Remember It

I dropped what I wasdoingand rushed over to her chambers there in the harem.
She was distraught with grief; her eyes were red and swollen. She was trying to
soothe the cries of the baby boy cradledinher arms. She was softly singing alittle

Author: R. Furman Kenney

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 9781463428280

Category: Fiction

Page: 300

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This book portrays the life of the great King David from a first person viewpoint. Thus it enables the reader to see the life and times of King David as though he were on the scene. It paints a verbal portrait of King David in a "warts and all" way, that is, it tells of his strengths and weaknesses. Some of the high points in his life, such as slaying the giant Goliath, his sin of adultery with the beautiful Bathsheba, fleeing from the army of his rebellious son Absalom, are vividly portrayed from his own viewpoint. This book is designed to enable the reader to understand how King David became known as a "man after God's own heart".
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The Time of My Life

The Time of My Life

"What is your name? ... The teacher then checked her list, came upon the name,
Israel Schenker, deduced that there had been some sort of clerical error, and
proceeded ... been told that his wife had just given birth to a baby boy, his first


Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781479713028

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 537

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Categories: Biography & Autobiography

His Life Was Lost

His Life Was Lost

My beautiful baby boy has left me and took my heart with him. I ask myself. What
did I do wrong for my son to be taken or what did he do wrong to lose his life. I will
never have a answer but I never thought that forever would be to say good bye ...

Author: Christy M.

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 9781426958588

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 56

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Learn about the hopes and dreams that a young child had and the hard struggles in life that he could never overcome. Then his life was lost, never having the chance to live his dreams.
Categories: Family & Relationships

Her Life My words Her Soul

Her Life  My words   Her Soul

The kids loved their father unconditionally and now he was going to miss a big
part of their lives. Their daughter's baby boy would soon be three years old. The
oldest of the boys was set to finish high school in December. Baseball was
starting ...

Author: Enrique Palacios / Ana Quiroga

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781479738748

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 104

View: 331

Introduction When I first heard of Ana, I needed to know why so many spoke of her. Why did so many, make so much out of wanting to know one woman? I eventually made up my mind to find a way to meet her. There is a very old saying, “curiosity killed the cat,” in this case however; I had no way of knowing how much the curiosity would enhance the heart. She was no doubt as described by many, a very beautiful woman. But it was the way she carried herself that captured my interest. She treated all around her equally. No one was above anyone else in her eyes. Her eyes spoke volumes and her smile hid a past I never dreamed of discovering.
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Living with a Headache

Living with a Headache

Child. I 'VE BEEN LIVING with this headache for over twenty years. I ask myself, '
Will it ever vanish from my life for good or will it stay to ... I was born a healthy
baby boy on 19 January 1981 in Faro, Portugal, in a small city called Quarteira.

Author: Pedro Miguel Guerreiro Filipe

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781469195445

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 107

View: 995

MY THOUGHTS No matter if you lose the strength to fight in life, just think that the people who make fun of you like it when youre weak. Just ignore them and walk away, and that will make them weaker than you feel. You cant choose what life throws at you, but you can dodge some of it if you do not want it to stick to you. Even though you cant control what life brings, just be patient and good will come out of that. I know it hurts to be teased, but it hurts them more if you dont say a word. Even if you do not have control of the suffering that life throws at you, it is not worth taking your life because it might make the people who love you sad, and no one deserves to be sad. It really hurts to be teased. Just remember God will deal with those who hurt you the most; maybe not in this life, but they will get their turn. Try not to hurt others. If you have got hurt, you know how it aches.
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Emotional Tattoo s of My Life

Emotional Tattoo s of My Life

So I grabbed the cart with my god sister's baby boy in it and ran to the meat
department. Since my mom was in the bathroom at the time I suddenly had a
vision of my mom coming out of the bathroom, the robbers getting scared and
shooting ...

Author: Jamica Taylor

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781438979052


Page: 100

View: 810

The Book Emotional Tattoo's Of My Life: Provides some provocative insight into how it feels to be brought up into this world feeling unwanted and outcast. To be raised in a world where life becomes a struggle to find out who you really are and your only memento for it all is a case of a stress/depression disorder.