Mother Nature s Toy Shop

Mother Nature s Toy Shop

If you want to be a wood-nymph, a fairy, or a pioneer; if you would be a
fashionable lady decked in jewels rare, or a rollicking cowboy, or Robinson
Crusoe, it is all the same to Mother Nature's department store. Fields, Woods &
Co. can furnish ...

Author: Lina Beard

Publisher: Good Press

ISBN: EAN:4064066250126

Category: Fiction

Page: 5002

View: 829

"Mother Nature's Toy-Shop" by Lina Beard, Adelia B. Beard. Published by Good Press. Good Press publishes a wide range of titles that encompasses every genre. From well-known classics & literary fiction and non-fiction to forgotten−or yet undiscovered gems−of world literature, we issue the books that need to be read. Each Good Press edition has been meticulously edited and formatted to boost readability for all e-readers and devices. Our goal is to produce eBooks that are user-friendly and accessible to everyone in a high-quality digital format.
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Mother Nature s Two Laws

Mother Nature s Two Laws

"This book provides excellent examples of scientific critical thinking and a significant bibliography as a starting point for further study.

Author: A. D. Kirwan

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9789810243142

Category: Science

Page: 173

View: 805

"This book provides excellent examples of scientific critical thinking and a significant bibliography as a starting point for further study. Highly recommended for general reading, and required reading for undergraduate science majors." Choice, 2001
Categories: Science

Mother Nature

Mother Nature

In an original study of human behavioral ecology, the author dissects the "maternal" myth in great detail hoping to learn if the mothering tendency in women is indeed an instinct.

Author: Sarah Blaffer Hrdy


ISBN: STANFORD:36105122165249

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 723

View: 423

In an original study of human behavioral ecology, the author dissects the "maternal" myth in great detail hoping to learn if the mothering tendency in women is indeed an instinct. Reprint.
Categories: Family & Relationships

Arming Mother Nature

Arming Mother Nature

Hamblin argues that military planning for World War III essentially created "catastrophic environmentalism": the idea that human activity might cause global natural disasters.

Author: Jacob Darwin Hamblin

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199740055

Category: History

Page: 298

View: 270

Are today's environmental crises linked to the plans for World War Three? The United States and its allies prepared for a global struggle against the Soviet Union by using science to extend "total war" ideas to the natural environment. This book links environmental warfare to the environmental crises of the 1970s and beyond.
Categories: History

Mother Nature

Mother   Nature

Employing the critical tools of religious studies, psychology, and gender studies, Catherine M. Roach examines the various manifestations of nature as "mother" and what that idea implies for the way we approach the natural world.

Author: Catherine M. Roach

Publisher: Indiana University Press

ISBN: 0253109787

Category: Philosophy

Page: 240

View: 207

This brief but ambitious book explores our relationship with nature through the imagery we use when we talk about Mother Nature. Employing the critical tools of religious studies, psychology, and gender studies, Catherine M. Roach examines the various manifestations of nature as "mother" and what that idea implies for the way we approach the natural world. Part One, "Nature as Good Mother," discusses the notion that nature is, or is like, a beneficent and nurturing mother who provides and maintains life. In studying the "green" slogan "Love Your Mother," Roach questions the effects -- for women and for the environment -- of imputing female gender to nature. She asks us to look at the associations that "motherhood" and "mothering" carry within a culture still shaped by patriarchy. She notes the danger of such an apparently pro-environmental slogan if "mother" evokes the bountiful, self-sacrificing provider who herself requires no care. Part Two, "Nature as Bad Mother," looks at the contrary notion of nature as a violent, threatening, and wrathful mother. This image arises most often when humans and technology are depicted as masters of unruly nature. Here Roach draws on theological reflection to analyze this ambivalence toward nature manifested in a fantasy that casts humans as gods. She explores the contributions of eco-theology and eco-psychology to a "heart of darkness" perspective. Finally, Part Three, "Nature as Hurt Mother," looks at possibilities and pitfalls of environmental healing inherent in the image of nature as a mother we have wounded and now seek to heal.
Categories: Philosophy

Mother Nature A5 Lined Journal Notebook Save Our Planet Share The Message Show The Love

Mother Nature A5 Lined Journal Notebook Save Our Planet Share The Message Show The Love

Mother Nature Embracing Planet Earth A5 PAPER JOURNAL TO FREE YOUR MIND of worry and distracting apps.

Author: Mother Nature

Publisher: Independently Published

ISBN: 1095124927


Page: 122

View: 621

Mother Nature Embracing Planet Earth A5 PAPER JOURNAL TO FREE YOUR MIND of worry and distracting apps. Spread the MOTHER NATURE message with Earth Day 22nd April, World Environment Day, World Wildlife Day 3rd March, Global Recycling Day 18th March, World Ocean Day 8th June, Amazon Rainforest Day 5th September, World Animal Day 4th October... Really useful NOTEBOOK JOURNAL with lined UNDATED pages waiting to be filled by YOU! Popular for DRAWING, WRITING, TIME MANAGEMENT or random bursts of CREATIVITY, SELF-REFLECTION and POSITIVE SELF-DISCOVERY. You can now PLAN for TOMORROW, REFLECT on Yesterday. Set GOALS, TASKS, TARGETS AND ACHIEVE. Designed for the grown up kid in us all who DESERVES some ME TIME. JOURNAL your thoughts, moods, medication or undercover liaisons in the gym or cocktail lounge. DOODLE your way through APPOINTMENTS, dreamscapes and alien encounters. 6" X 9", PERFECT SIZE for your bag, bedside or time machine.

Mother Nature

Mother Nature

The bibliogra- phy below will offer more recent articles about Pardo Bazán as
well as articles directly related to Mother Nature and The House of Ulloa. BOOKS

Author: Emilia Pardo Bazn

Publisher: Bucknell University Press

ISBN: 9780838757970

Category: Fiction

Page: 264

View: 381

Mother Nature is certainly Emilia Pardo Bazan's greatest contribution to the Realistic/ Naturalistic Spanish novel of her time, and represents her literary powers at the very height of her career as a writer. It has been said that this novel presents the keenest challenges and the most compelling rewards, offering the reader the purposefully overgrown ecological, social, and moral background for a poignant central narrative of human frailty that pits the desire for personal happiness against the necessity of meeting moral standards. Pardo Bazan's novel demonstrates the impact of the incipient social and biological sciences on creative writing, thus reflecting the influence of Emile Zola's Naturalistic tendencies, while still maintaining tinges of Romanticism. It addresses questions that remain very contemporary and controversial, and poses the opposition of nature of virtue, romantic love as ennobling or basely instinctual, and gives the reader an example of the problem of incest and other forms of sexual transgression. She recognizes the role of religion and its influence on morality, the conflict between regional and centralized culture, the contrast between rural and urban visions of life, as well as the eternal struggle of women for better education, freedom, and self-determination. The pages of the novel contain some of the finest examples of her literary craft, and give evidence of its expressive dialogue, dramatic tension, and vivid portrayals of characters, scenes, and situations. Mother Nature reflects the impact of the events of the two critical years between 1885 and 1887 on the author's life as a novelist. At the age of thirty-four, she was now separated from her husband of seventeen years, Jose Quiroga. While in Paris during the winter of 1886, she completed her major novel, the celebrated House of Ulloa. In the French capital she met Emile Zola, Alphonse Daudet, and Edmond de Goncourt, the greatest figures of the new Naturalistic movement. Mother Nature, published in 1887, was written after her return from abroad and clearly reveals how much she was influenced by the new literary school, especially Zola's The Sin of Father Mouret (1875). This novel should be of special interest to students of Spanish literature when reading the literature of the late nineteenth century. This author has had an enormous influence on the women novelists of the mid-twentieth century, and Spanish feminists since her time have looked upon her as a beacon for their aspirations and dreams of a more just society. For those unfamiliar with her reputation and her literary work, this novel should open their eyes to the extraordinary power of the literature in Spain during these years. She and Benito Perez Galdos, with whom she had a very special and intimate relationship for a number of years, should help rescue the Spanish novel of this time from the neglect which it has suffered until now.
Categories: Fiction

A Sword for Mother Nature

A Sword for Mother Nature

Author: Terry Grosz

Publisher: Big Earth Publishing

ISBN: 1555662811

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 323

View: 478

Award-winning author Terry Grosz, whose career in conservation is matched by his skill as a storyteller, revisits his rookie years as a fish and game warden for the State of California, where his on-the-job training got him into some awful scrapes (but the bad guys he chased almost always got into worse ones). As a law enforcement agent, he learned to sniff out trouble, defuse tense situations, and stay alive; and as a human being, he learned to temper justice with mercy and to treat everyone fairly. Grosz's stories are action-packed and driven by his passion to preserve our country's wildlife, whether he was working under the wing of a mentor, fighting out from underfoot of the bureaucrats, or stepping on the toes of corrupt and hypocritical politicians.
Categories: Biography & Autobiography

Mother Nature

Mother Nature

The perfect little notebook for all the eco warriors out there who have a deep love for Mother Nature and all her glories. Jot down your thoughts, feelings and ideas in this compact notebook.

Author: Tranquil Prints

Publisher: Independently Published

ISBN: 1097823903


Page: 112

View: 235

The perfect little notebook for all the eco warriors out there who have a deep love for Mother Nature and all her glories. Jot down your thoughts, feelings and ideas in this compact notebook.

Mother Nature

Mother Nature

This spunky geologist must grapple with her deepest fears to survive an assault be a vengeful Mother Nature...and a killer with a hear of stone.

Author: Sarah Andrews

Publisher: Minotaur Books

ISBN: 9781466839809

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

View: 640

Geologist Em Hansen digs into greed, deception, murder...and other natural disasters. Looking to distract herself from the grief she feels over her father's recent death, geologist Em Hansen agrees to investigate the rocky murder of fellow geologist Janet Pinchon.Asked to step in by Janet's father, a powerful senator, Em travels to Northern California where Janet's body was found in a roadside ditch. Soon hired by the environmental firm where Janet worked, Em steps into her life to find some answers. But shadowed by the darkness of her own past, Em must face more than shady politicians, greedy land developers, and an endangered ecosystem. This spunky geologist must grapple with her deepest fears to survive an assault be a vengeful Mother Nature...and a killer with a hear of stone.
Categories: Fiction

Mother Nature s Herbal

Mother Nature s Herbal

Nature. of. Flower. Essences. and. Essential. Oils. A flower essence is an
extraction of the chemical hormones that make a flower bloom. In the physical
body, ... It is a very different way that Mother Nature feeds us. She always sees us
as a ...

Author: Judith Griffin

Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide

ISBN: 9780738725710

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 432

View: 276

Step into a world of spiritual rejuvenation and radiant health with the restorative power of herbs. Brimming with herbal folklore, tips for growing and harvesting your own herbs, and over two hundred medicinal and culinary recipes from diverse cultures, Mother Nature's Herbal will become your trusted companion on the path to natural living. Take a tour of the time-honored traditions and healing practices of cultures past and present, including Native and South American, Mediterranean, East Asian, and others. Create delicious and exotic entrees, brew soothing herbal teas, mix perfumes and salves using flower essences from your backyard garden, prepare elixirs and medicines to treat every ailment—and so much more. With this wise book on your kitchen shelf, a rich heritage of herb craft and herbal tradition is at your fingertips.
Categories: Health & Fitness

Teacher s Classroom Guide to How Mother Nature Flowered the Fields

Teacher s Classroom Guide to How Mother Nature Flowered the Fields

After speaking with Mother Nature, Slider slithered back to the nest of snakes. He
was in pain from his wounds, and his head was hurting from what Mother Nature
had said to him. Slider did not know how to tell the other snakes in the nest ...

Author: Tom Schwartz

Publisher: RP Books & Audio

ISBN: 9781575458656

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 106

View: 235

The newest guide in our popular Teacher's Classroom Guide series. Complete with everything teacher's need to enhance the reading experience and make reading fun. Includes in-classroom and home-school connection handouts. Buzz on in for the adventure of a life time by reading the How Mother Nature stories! Mother Nature has a terrible dilemma. Supreme Queen Bee, Queen Bluefire, no longer wants the responsibility of getting all the flowers to grow. Her bees want to play and have fun. They no longer want to work to pollinate the flowers. Oh dear, what's Mother Nature to do? Reviews from educators... "In the tradition of established folk and fairy tales, Mr. Schwartz has created a variety of engaging characters in this imaginative environmental trilogy. The message of preservation of humans and their environment is an important one for our youth." Dr. Richard Di Patri, Superintendent, Brevard Public Schools, Florida "The environment and conservation are becoming increasingly important to keeping our planet livable. Tom Schwartz has written a book to help children understand the importance of each creature in the scheme of things. The three stories in this book are tied together by the interaction of the wonderful, believable characters... The stories are well plotted with plenty of action and peril to keep even reluctant readers interested. The story shows how teamwork really pays off, and how the action of one can affect the whole planet. The vulnerability of the earth and it's creatures is stressed, and the whole ties in nicely with school curriculum. Tom Schwartz is a gifted writer, and this is a much needed contribution to children's literature and a great addition to your child's library." Beverly J. Rowe, "Tom's stories about Mother Nature and her helpers left a big impact on the children, which will help make our Earth a cleaner place." Diane Goodson, Curriculum Resource Teacher, Eccleston Elementary School, Orlando, Florida "Tom visited out school and the children were enthralled with his stories about Mother Nature. Great message about saving the environment." Maureen Tassone, Media Specialist, Christa McAuliffe Elementary School, Palm Bay, Florida "Tom's Mother Nature stories reinforce what we teach about the environment. Our students loved the characters and their parts in helping Mother Nature." Sharen Talbert, Principal, Mims Elementary School, Mims, Florida
Categories: Literary Criticism

Mother Nature s Daughter

Mother Nature s Daughter

“The same size maybe,” Welk played along. “What about your pigtails, Eaglefoot,
what are they like?” Rhop chimed in. “My name isn't Eaglefoot. It's Littlefoot. I'm
Mother Nature's daughter. What are your names?” There was understandably no

Author: P.S. Lutz


ISBN: 9781105566561



View: 747


Outsmarting Mother Nature

Outsmarting Mother Nature

A Woman's Complete Guide to Plastic Surgery Iliana E. Sweis. OUTSMARTING
MOTHER NATURE I liana E. Sweis, MD, FACS Outsmarting Mother Nature This
page intentionally left blank Outsmarting Mother. Cover.

Author: Iliana E. Sweis

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9780313386145

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 275

View: 111

This concise, educational, and thorough reference will educate women who are contemplating, undergoing, or recovering from plastic surgery. * Over 100 entries cover the major plastic surgery procedures currently being performed * Case studies demonstrate what cosmetic procedures can, and can not, accomplish * More than 50 graphics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons illustrate procedures * A question-and-answer format allows an easier comprehension of medical information * An appendix explains how to find and choose a plastic surgeon and what questions to ask
Categories: Health & Fitness

Mother Nature Designer

Mother Nature Designer

Nature's Designs The children make a nature display . What images have they
used in their photos ? " This is spiky , hard and round . I think it's a chestnut in its
case . ' Some children make feely bags . Their friends describe the texture and ...

Author: Louise Spilsbury

Publisher: Evans Brothers

ISBN: 0237533987

Category: Nature (Aesthetics)

Page: 24

View: 497

Explores the variety of patterns, shapes, colours and textures to be found in nature and encourages readers to use their observations of natural objects to make a range of projects. Suggested level: junior primary.
Categories: Nature (Aesthetics)

Mother Nature s Man

Mother Nature s Man

Praise for Mary J 0 Burke “MOTHER NATURE'S MAN is a delightfully snarky
fantasy filled with creatures you don't usually find in a romance...[and] a lot of
laugh-outloud moments. Anyone looking for a story different from the norm will
enjoy this ...

Author: Mary Jo Burke

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press Inc

ISBN: 9781612177120

Category: FICTION


View: 364

I, Siobhan Bolyn, Goddess of the Flame and Keeper of the Land and Water, must give birth to the next goddess before my three hundredth birthday. My mate must be the preordained champion, so not just any man will do. But where to find a champion in this modern world? When Niall Calhoun walks into my life, he's everything I've hoped for. Tall, dark, sweet, and gorgeous: the true four food groups. A mere touch of his hand and my libido roars to life. But is he champion material? Meanwhile, dark forces are plotting against me and calling my abilities into question. I've got to battle forest fires, soothe the oceans, appease my mother, turn Niall into Mr. Exactly Right, and have a baby in the next year. Can a goddess and her champion handle all that and still find time to fall in love?
Categories: FICTION

Mother Nature s Mistake

Mother Nature   s Mistake

... way our team pulled it out and won the game. Even the teachers were getting
into it. that was the topic of the morning announcements and there were even
victory posters tiled along the walls and lockers in every 31 Mother Nature's

Author: Garth A. Edgar

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781475965452

Category: Fiction

Page: 102

View: 316

By age ten, Shane thinks if he can handle the punishment, no one can really make him pay for the crime. Shane first delves into a life of delinquency by stealing bikes and pawning them to the local drug dealers. But it is not long after he buys his first gun that he murders the ice cream lady in cold blood. In just twenty-four hours, Shane officially transforms from a petty thief into a ruthless killer and drug slinger who, by the age of eighteen, accumulates over a million dollars. As Shane continues to murder without shame, he meets Cindy, a stripper who steals his heart and eventually gives birth to his first child, Junior. Despite Cindy’s pleas to leave his life of crime behind, Shane seeks revenge for a shooting that leaves him fighting for his life. After murdering a neighborhood pastor and his mother, Shane marries Cindy and begins pimping—a decision that eventually lands him in jail and leaves Junior to begin his own ambitious rise through the darkness that lurks in the streets. Mother Nature’s Mistake presents a raw, chilling account of life in the ghetto as two men separated by generations attempt to bridge the gap between family, manhood, and themselves.
Categories: Fiction

Mother Nature s Cookbook

Mother Nature s Cookbook

Preheat oven to 350oF. Cut the tops off the peppers and remove the seeds. Cut a
small piece off the bottom of each pepper so they will stand up. Spoon the pasta
mixture into each of 222 Mother Nature's Cookbook Arborio Rice Baked in Red ...

Author: Heather Brillinger Fox


ISBN: 9781300099741



View: 939


Accounting for Mother Nature

Accounting for Mother Nature

CHAPTER NINE The Wealth of Nature Costs as well as Benefits ? F . ANDREW
HANSSEN 4 . People value beautiful landscapes . Estimates from hedonic
models and investigations of land and housing prices reveal a substantial
willingness ...

Author: Terry Lee Anderson

Publisher: Stanford University Press

ISBN: 0804756988

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 302

View: 882

In turn, the contributors explore the role that private individuals and organizations can play in protecting natural and agrarian landscapes."--BOOK JACKET.
Categories: Business & Economics

Is Mother Nature Mad

Is Mother Nature Mad

How to Work with Nature Spirits to Mitigate Natural Disasters Elizabeth Clare
Prophet. PART 2 Nature's Inner Workings Four Types of Nature Spirits T here are

Author: Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Publisher: Summit University Press

ISBN: 9781932890136

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 141

View: 213

Spiritual solutions for natural disasters Global warming. Tsunamis. Earthquakes. Raging fires. Is Mother Nature Mad? answers the age-old questions: Are natural disasters God-made or man-made? Is extreme weather a cyclic activity? What if anything has man done to bring disasters upon the earth? This book provides practical spiritual tools to help restore harmony to the environment and to mitigate extreme weather conditions. Complete with real-life stories.
Categories: Body, Mind & Spirit