Momma Zen

Walking the Crooked Path of Motherhood

Author: Karen Maezen Miller

Publisher: Shambhala Publications

ISBN: 0834824892

Category: Religion

Page: 192

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Combining humor, honesty, and plainspoken advice, Momma Zen distills the doubts and frustrations of parenting into vignettes of Zen wisdom. Drawing on her experience as a first-time mother, and on her years of Zen meditation and study, Miller explores how the daily challenges of parenthood can become the most profound spiritual journey of our lives. This compelling and wise memoir follows the timeline of early motherhood from pregnancy through toddlerhood. Momma Zen takes readers on a transformative journey, charting a mother’s growth beyond naive expectations and disorientation to finding fulfillment in ordinary tasks, developing greater self-awareness and acceptance—to the gradual discovery of "maternal bliss," a state of abiding happiness and ease that is available to us all. In her gentle and reassuring voice, Karen Miller convinces us that ancient and authentic spiritual lessons can be as familiar as a lullaby, as ordinary as pureed peas, and as frequent as a sleepless night. She offers encouragement for the hard days, consolation for the long haul, and the lightheartedness every new mom needs to face the crooked path of motherhood straight on.

Paradise in Plain Sight

Lessons from a Zen Garden

Author: Karen Maezen Miller

Publisher: New World Library

ISBN: 1608682536

Category: Self-Help

Page: 192

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Come See the Garden That Is Your Life When Zen teacher Karen Maezen Miller and her family land in a house with a hundred-year-old Japanese garden, she uses the paradise in her backyard to glean the living wisdom of our natural world. Through her eyes, rocks convey faith, ponds preach stillness, flowers give love, and leaves express the effortless ease of letting go. The book welcomes readers into the garden for Zen lessons in fearlessness, forgiveness, presence, acceptance, and contentment. Miller gathers inspiration from the ground beneath her feet to remind us that paradise is always here and now.

Hand Wash Cold

Care Instructions for an Ordinary Life

Author: Karen Maezen Miller

Publisher: New World Library

ISBN: 1577319052

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 200

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It’s easy to think that meaning, fulfillment, and bliss are “out there,” somewhere outside of our daily routine. But in this playful yet profound reflection on awareness, the compelling voice of a contemporary woman reveals the happiness at the bottom of the laundry basket, the love in the kitchen sink, and the peace possible in one’s own backyard. Follow Karen Maezen Miller through youthful ambition and self-absorption, beyond a broken marriage, and into the steady calm of a so-called ordinary life. In her hands, household chores and caregiving tasks become opportunities for self-examination, lessons in relationship, and liberating moments of selflessness. With attention, it’s the little things — even the unexpected, unpleasant, and unwanted things — that count.

Parenting in the Present Moment

How to Stay Focused on What Really Matters

Author: Carla Naumburg

Publisher: Parallax Press

ISBN: 1937006840

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 208

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This generation of parents is overwhelmed with parenting advice; Carla Naumburg sets out to remind them that they have everything they need to raise healthy, happy children. Mindful parenting is about paying attention to what is going on with your children and yourself without judging it or freaking out about it or thinking everyone, including yourself and your child, should be doing something differently. In Parenting in the Present Moment, Naumburg shares what truly matters in parenting—connecting with children in ways that are meaningful to them and you, staying grounded amidst the craziness of parenting, and staying present for whatever life throws your way. With reassuring, compassionate storytelling, she weaves the most current theories—about healthy relationships, compassionate self-care, and mindfulness—throughout vignettes of her own chaotic childhood and parental struggles. She shows how mindfulness creates a solid foundation for any style of parenting, regardless of your cultural background, socio-economic status, or family structure. She also introduces the STAY model for tough times: Stop whatever it is you’re doing; Take a Breath; Attune to you thoughts and those of your child; and Yield to what is happening so you can respond from a place of connection and compassion. Parenting is an ongoing journey that constantly challenges every parent. Parenting in the Present Moment will help each family find its own way.

How Pop Culture Shapes the Stages of a Woman's Life

From Toddlers-in-Tiaras to Cougars-on-the-Prowl

Author: Melissa Ames,Sarah Burcon

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137566183

Category: Social Science

Page: 291

View: 8454


Contemporary popular culture has created a slew of stereotypical roles for girls and women to (willingly or not) play throughout their lives: The Princess, the Nymphette, the Diva, the Single Girl, the Bridezilla, the Tiger Mother, the M.I.L.F, the Cougar, and more. In this book Ames and Burcon investigate the role of cultural texts in gender socialization at specific pre-scripted stages of a woman's life (from girls to the "golden girls") and how that instruction compounds over time. By studying various texts (toys, magazines, blogs, tweets, television shows, Hollywood films, novels, and self-help books) they argue that popular culture exists as a type of funhouse mirror constantly distorting the real world conditions that exist for women, magnifying the gendered expectations they face. Despite the many problematic, conflicting messages women receive throughout their lives, this book also showcases the ways such messages are resisted, allowing women to move past the blurry reality they broadcast and toward, hopefully, gender equality.

Buddhism for Mothers of Schoolchildren

Finding Calm in the Chaos of the School Years

Author: Sarah Napthali


ISBN: 1458716805


Page: 340

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With her children at school, a mother is on to a new stage of her life, playing a new role. The daily challenges she confronts have changed, yet for each one Buddhist teachings of mindfulness, compassion and calm are invaluable. This book explores those teachings through many scenarios, including managing the stress of numerous deadlines, coping with routine and repetition, answering children's tricky questions about how the world works, fitting in with other parents, managing our fears and expectations for our children, and dealing with difficult behaviours in both children and adults. In her usual warm, wise, inclusive and accessible style, Sarah also suggests ways to share Buddhist teachings with children so they maintain a connection to their own inner wisdom rather than reacting to peers and the media. Within this book, mothers will find the inspiration to be more patient, loving and attentive towards their children, other family members, other parents, but most of all, themselves. WC Sarah Napthali is a mother of two young boys who strives to apply Buddhist teachings in her daily life. She is the author of Buddhism for Mothers, which has sold 60,000 copies around the world and been translated into nine languages to date, and Buddhism for Mothers of Young Children (formerly published under the title Buddhism for Mothers with Lingering Questions). Since the children started school, Sarah is very pleased to report that she manages to meditate (almost) daily.

Ties That Bind

Maternal Imagery and Discourse in Indian Buddhism

Author: Reiko Ohnuma

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199915660

Category: Religion

Page: 288

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Reiko Ohnuma offers a wide-ranging exploration of the complex role of maternal imagery and discourse in pre-modern South Asian Buddhism. Motherhood was sometimes extolled as the most appropriate symbol for buddhahood itself, and sometimes denigrated as the most paradigmatic manifestation of attachment and suffering. In Buddhist literature, feelings of love and gratitude for the mother's nurturance frequently mingle with submerged feelings of hostility and resentment for the unbreakable obligations thus created, and positive images of self-sacrificing mothers are counterbalanced by horrific depictions of mothers who kill and devour. Institutionally, the formal definition of the Buddhist renunciant as one who has severed all familial ties seems to co-exist uneasily with an abundance of historical evidence demonstrating monks' and nuns' continuing concern for their mothers, as well as other familial entanglements. Ohnuma's study provides critical insight into Buddhist depictions of maternal love and grief, the role of the Buddha's own mothers, Maya and Mahaprajapata, the use of pregnancy and gestation as metaphors for the attainment of enlightenment, the use of breastfeeding as a metaphor for the compassionate deeds of buddhas and bodhisattvas, and the relationship between Buddhism and motherhood as it actually existed in day-to-day life.

A Companion to Buddhist Philosophy

Author: Steven M. Emmanuel

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118323882

Category: Philosophy

Page: 760

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A Companion to Buddhist Philosophy is the most comprehensive single volume on the subject available; it offers the very latest scholarship to create a wide-ranging survey of the most important ideas, problems, and debates in the history of Buddhist philosophy. Encompasses the broadest treatment of Buddhist philosophy available, covering social and political thought, meditation, ecology and contemporary issues and applications Each section contains overviews and cutting-edge scholarship that expands readers understanding of the breadth and diversity of Buddhist thought Broad coverage of topics allows flexibility to instructors in creating a syllabus Essays provide valuable alternative philosophical perspectives on topics to those available in Western traditions

In Search of the Sun

One Woman's Quest to Find Family in Japan

Author: Leza Lowitz

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781727034875


Page: 262

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"A new EAT, PRAY, LOVE."-Graceful Passages At 30, Californian Leza Lowitz is single and travelling the world, which suits her just fine. Coming of age in Berkeley, California, during the sexual and feminist revolutions of the 1960s, she learned that marriage and family could wait. Or could they? Then she moved to Japan and met the man of her dreams, and her heart opened in ways she never thought possible. And when she approached 40--the same age her own mother had left the family behind to "find herself" --Lowitz yearned for a child. In a reverse trajectory of her own mother's life, Lowitz sought to heal the wounds that had kept motherhood at bay. As her healing took her from the San Francisco Bay Area to New York and Tokyo, with spiritual quests in India on the way, Lowitz came to a deeper understanding of what motherhood means. She went from doing her yoga practice for herself to opening a yoga studio in Tokyo and fostering a community. Then, at 44, she sought to adopt a child in Japan, where bloodlines are paramount and family ties are almost feudal in their cultural importance. She unearthed lessons from a Jewish childhood and married them to an adulthood spent with Zen and Yoga in Japan. Though raised in Berkeley, one of the most diverse and progressive places in the world, Lowitz settles in Japan, one of the most outwardly homogenous and socially staid." In Search of the Sun" is the story of what Lowitz learned from both worlds. It's the story of how she conquered her fears, blasted through inner and outer limits, and became the mother she'd never thought she'd be. And when the 2011 earthquake, tsunami and nuclear meltdown hit Japan, the disasters reinforce what she'd come to know by then: that the only true home is the one we make within ourselves. "We think we know where babies come from, but do we know how a mother is born? "In Search of the Sun" is a wise and compelling story of becoming a mother by opening your heart. Warm, luminous and healing."-Karen Maezen Miller, author of "Momma Zen: Walking the Crooked Path of Motherhood"


The Buddhist Review

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