Mohammed's Koran

Why Muslims Kill for Islam

Author: Peter McLoughlin,Tommy Robinson

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780995584907

Category: Jihad

Page: 399

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Why is it that almost all the terrorism in the West is coming from the small minority of the population who are Muslims? Why are they doing this if, as politicians and clergy keep assuring us, Islam is a religion of peace? We are sure these questions are being asked in most homes. Your questions are answered in this book. The truth is that Islam is a religion of war, and the educated elite in the West have had proof of this for over 150 years. But since 9/11 they have been actively deceiving the rest of the population--because the elite dare not tackle the problem. Our journalists have totally failed in their function to challenge the correct the lies of politicians. So, the problem with Isla in the West has grown worse every year since the early 1990s. There is no sign that anything will be done to stop this until ordinary people take it upon themselves to understand Islam and expose the lies which paralyze the West's discussions of Islam. This book provides you with a revolutionary way to understand Islam: you can understand the Koran within minutes instead of months. You will have concrete evidence that any part of the Koran which appears peaceful has been cancelled by a later command to be violent. You will see Islam's hatred and contempt for non-Muslims laid bare. When teachers indoctrinate your children or force them to attend a mosque, use our book to shame these educators for their part in the deception. After reading this book you will understand the threat facing your children's future and you will have the knowledge to make politicians find some backbone. All over the world, history has shown that Islam offers two options: submit or die."--Back cover.


Evil in the Name of God

Author: Jake Neuman


ISBN: 098099487X

Category: Religion

Page: 430

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Neuman examines Islam from a perspective that is totally devoid of any political correctness.

Position of Women in Islam, The

A Progressive View

Author: Syed Mohammed Ali

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 0791485048

Category: Religion

Page: 150

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Argues that Islamic law does not accord a lesser status to women and elaborates Muslim women's rights in a variety of areas. Challenging the conservative framers of Islamic law who accorded a lesser status to women, Mohammad Ali Syed argues that the Quran and the Hadith—the two primary sources of Islamic law—actually place Muslim women on the same level as Muslim men. Syed provides an overview of both sources and explores their respective roles in Islamic law, emphasizing the Quran's role as the supreme authority and questioning the authenticity of some of the alleged sayings of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). From these texts, he elaborates women's rights in a variety of areas, including treatment by God; marriage, divorce, financial provisions, and custody of children; coming out of seclusion (purdah), and taking part in social, economic, legal, and political activities. Rather than presenting what is practiced today, the book covers the theoretical position of Muslim women as sanctioned by the Quran and the authentic Hadith and offers a glimpse of the exalted position of honor and dignity enjoyed by Muslim women in the early days of Islam. This well-researched book is made more distinctive by the author's personal experience. Raised in Bengal, India, Syed was inspired by his family, who valued men and women equally. As he grew up, Syed realized that most Muslim women lived very differently than the women of his family. According to the author, his family was egalitarian because his father and male relatives were not only devout Muslims but also very knowledgeable about Islam. This book is a culmination of his lifelong concern for women's rights under Islam. "The topic is certainly important for Muslims, and for anyone interested in comprehending the issues that are debated among contemporary Muslims. Mohammad Ali Syed handles these complex issues with clarity." — Sheila McDonough, coeditor of The Muslim Veil in North America: Issues and Debates

Koran: Forbid Or Rewrite? a Guide for Peaceful De-Islamicization

Author: Dewanand

Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing

ISBN: 1609760654

Category: Religion

Page: 686

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Why is the Koran the deeper abstract cause of terrorism? What can Muslims and non-Muslims do about this? How can we help Muslims liberate themselves from medieval ways of thinking? Is there more in the world than Islam, Mohammed and terrorism? What is a real Muslim? How can an anti-Muslim be defined? Hindu writer Dewanand provides answers to all these questions in a striking and scientific way, trying to present the interests of both Muslims and non-Muslims in a tactical way. Dewanand says he wrote this book to make sacrifices to Altecrea and to show concern for all living creatures. Discover for yourself if he has reached his goal, when you read Koran: Forbid or Rewrite? In the first chapters, the PV Muslim scientific model scale is revealed. This is a psychological vectored model for classifying Muslims to understand them better. Dewanand says his book is intended to show respect for Muslims and to help them to grow spiritually. "I wanted to reform Islam and end the suffering and violence in many Islamic nations. I was raised as a Muslim by my mother and later on I converted to Hinduism." His book is the meeting point of three old civilizations: Islam, Western and Hinduism. That's why it is so important for the future of Islam and religion. Dewanand grew up in Surinam and at age twenty went to Holland to study. He now lives in Delft, Holland. He has published numerous books in Dutch and these can be found on his website, Publisher's website: http: //

Psychology of Mohammed

Inside the Brain of a Prophet,

Author: Masʻūd Anṣārī

Publisher: Inst for Ethical & Clincal hypnosis

ISBN: 9781427612793

Category: Psychology

Page: 378

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The book proves the absurdity of the Koran and the prophetship of Mohammed. It substantiates that the Koran is saturated with illogical and mendacious absurdities that cannot be believed. The goal of Mohammed was to gain power by pretending prophethood. He founded Islam by the dint of sword and prompted the nomads of Arabia to Islam by plundering the properties of those who rejected Islam. Thus, Islam is founded on the bases of terrorism and bloodshed. No one can disbelieve that Allah - the God of Islam - represents himself as a deceitful entity, an avenger, subduer, tyrant, killer, and so on. The verses of the Koran openly encourage Islamic followers to mercilessly kill non-Muslims. Allah also disavows pacifists, but promises to help those who fight in his name. Non-Muslims are unclean and should not be loved. Muslims who befriend infidels can no longer be considered Muslims. Opponents of Allah and His Apostle should be mutilated, executed, and crucified. Mohammed said, "Paradise is under the shadow of swords." Mohammed ordered his opponents to be murdered inhumanly. Allah permitted Mohammed to commit any crime against his opponents. In brief, the Koran is actually a manual for terrorism and Hadith is the terrorist manifesto of Islam.

111 Questions on Islam

Samir Khalil Samir S.J. on Islam and the West

Author: Samir Khalil Samir, S.J.

Publisher: Ignatius Press

ISBN: 1681490005

Category: Religion

Page: N.A

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The terrorist attack on the Twin Towers, the Afghan conflict, waves of migration, and the presence of twelve million Muslims in the European Union: these are just a few of the things that have helped contribute to a growing interest in Islam, its culture, and its followers. They awaken old and new questions about a religious, cultural, and political reality that 1,200,000,000 people consider themselves a part of. This book is the result of a series of extended interviews between an internationally acclaimed expert on Islam and two journalists who have dedicated themselves for many years to studying key themes of Islam and analyzing the possibility of coexistence between people of different faiths and cultures. How was Islam born? What does the Qur'an represent for Muslims? What relationships have developed between Islam and violence, between Islamic culture and the West? How can a real integration of Islam take place in European societies? What are the conditions for a constructive encounter between Christians and Muslims? Samir Khalil Samir—one of the world's leading experts on Islam—responds to these questions in an in-depth interview that can help one learn and judge for oneself, without prejudice or naivete. This is a contribution in the spirit of the realism needed in order to build adequate ways of living with those who have become our new neighbors.

The Muslim Discovery of America

Author: Frederick William Dame

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 3848238632


Page: 476

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Some so-called authorities claim that Muslims came to America hundreds of years before Columbus arrived in the New World. Are the claims true? Columbus' expedition represents the first major discovery of the Americas and the first appearance of non-Native Americans. The conventional wisdom is that Columbus ended tens of thousands of years of near-total isolation for the Native Americans. Since the Americas had been initially populated (probably between 13,000 BC and 11,000 BC) there had been no engagement with peoples from any other continent, save small ventures by the Norse into Northeastem Canada. Did Muslims come to the Americas, possibly as early as the 700s? These researchers argue that Muslims came from Islamic Spain, particularly the port of Delba (Pelos) during the rule of Caliph Abdullah Ibn Mohammed (888-912). A Muslim historian, Abul-Hassan Al-Masudi (c. 895-957), added a map of the world to his book, one that contained "a large area in the ocean of darkness and fog" (the Atlantic ocean) which he referred to as the unknown territory (the Americas). This book demonstrates that this assertion is important for Muslims because in conjunction with the relevant verses from the Koran and quotes from Mohammed it establishes the claim of Muslims that Allah intended America to be Islamic. The book also investigates the lives of selected Muslims in America and organizations from the eighteenth century into the twenty-first century. It reveals that there was nothing more than a continuation of typical Islamic deception and subversive jihad. It also documents the lie of the Islamic claim that hundreds of place names in the United States of America and Canada derive from Arabic-Islamic roots. Finally, the book exposes the rewriting of American history by Islamic and pro-Islamic media. This book is alarming, informative, interesting, and true.

Islamic Extremism: the Untold Truth

Author: Abdi Rahman Mohamed Jibril

Publisher: Partridge Africa

ISBN: 1482807319

Category: Religion

Page: 208

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Did you know that many Koran verses encourage and command fighting against infidels (non-Muslims)? The truth is sometimes painful and hard to accept. This book, in the first time in history, accepts the reality that is the relationship between the Islamic texts and the terrorists acts. Extremists/ terrorists did not come from nowhere; they came from the Muslim society and narrated Koran verses. Muslims need a new Renaissance in their way of thinking and perceiving the other world around them. Islam reinterpretation and youth deradicalization is a must. Extremism is not anything except an inside conflict and chronic confusion expression. Outside the religious dogma, there is spiritual world, which someone can get God. Religions, all religions, cannot be used as an excuse for fighting and misunderstanding. Islam has a main section encouraging the peaceful coexistence, but not active and well addressed.

Combat Kit for Muslim (Islam)

Author: Ahmed Deedat,Naved Nasir Khan

Publisher: Salaam - Salah Vision



Page: 81

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It is with the greatest pleasure that we give you our permission to reproduce or translate* this booklet in any language for free distribution. This book was solely made for Muslim and for all who want to understand about Bible in a broader prospective. This book was made in response to Christian offensive against Islam. By no means this book is made to attack or hurt any Christians but to show the truth. Intention of making this book is to ease doubts into the minds of the Muslims about the authenticity of the Qur'an and Islam. This book is to guide Muslim in the right path. Before undergoing using this book I would strictly request you to have all knowledge of Islam. Our purpose here is only to demonstrate the difference between what we still have remaining today in the original language from Almighty God, and what changes, deletions, additions and interpolations others have managed to manifest in the Bible BEWARE! Do not take this lightly. We Muslims fully believe in the God of Abraham and Moses and as such, the revelations given to them from God and casting doubts toward those scriptures (ORIGINAL ONE) is totally forbidden in Islam and could cancel any chance of going to Paradise.” I would request you all to use this booklet with care. There are many things that i will keep updating as time permit. Finally, to my fellow readers all I'm asking of you is to remember me in your prayer and help me to promote this book so that many of our brothers and sisters in faith understand Bible. I hope you will appreciate my efforts and handwork towards promoting this book which for sure will change your life.