Mixed Like Me

Mixed Like Me

A mother teaches her son to appreciate his mixed ancestry and celebrate his features.

Author: Gina Golliday-Cabell

Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub

ISBN: 1469983168

Category: Families

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A mother teaches her son to appreciate his mixed ancestry and celebrate his features.
Categories: Families

A Lexical Concordance to the Poetical Works of Percy Bysshe Shelley

A Lexical Concordance to the Poetical Works of Percy Bysshe Shelley

Is it ewe's milk or cow's milk , or both mixed ? - Cycl . 197 . How is it mixed ? let
me observe . 566 . Love , Beauty , are mixed in the atmosphere ; : Vis . Sea , 162 .
( 3 ) become one with . Her image mixed with what she most abhors , Cenci , iv . i

Author: Frederick Startridge Ellis

Publisher: London, Quaritch

ISBN: STANFORD:36105035013734


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I m Mixed

 I m Mixed

And I found books with white main characters, or black, or Hispanic, or Asian, but
none about kids who were lucky enough to be mixedlike me. So I made a
promise to my little girl self that, when I grew up, I would write a book that helped
kids ...

Author: Maggy Williams

Publisher: Loving Healing Press

ISBN: 9781615993598

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 40

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A young girl proudly claims her "mixed" identity as the child of a white mother and an African American father.
Categories: Juvenile Fiction

Obama and the biracial factor

Obama and the biracial factor

The friendship between Li-lan and Noguchi, the way she described to me their
almost instant recognition of one another as being the same kind of different,
struck me in a personal way; mixed race people often don't look like members of
their ...

Author: Jolivette, Andrew J

Publisher: Policy Press

ISBN: 9781447301028

Category: Social Science

Page: 256

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Since the election in 2008 of Barack Obama to the Presidency of the United States there have been a plethora of books, films, and articles about the role of race in the election of the first person of color to the White House. None of these works though delves into the intricacies of Mr. Obama's biracial background and what it means. Obama and the Biracial Factor is the first book to explore the significance of mixed-race identity as a key factor in the election of President Obama and examines the sociological and political relationship between race, power, and public policy in the United States with an emphasis on public discourse and ethnic representation in his election . Jolivette and his co-authors bring biracial identity and multiraciality to forefront of our understanding of racial projects since his election. Additionally the authors assert the salience of mixed-race identity in U.S. policy and the on-going impact of the media and popular culture on the development, implementation, and interpretation of government policy and ethnic relations in the U.S. and globally. Obama and the Biracial Factor speaks to a wide array of academic disciplines ranging from political science and public policy to sociology and ethnic studies.
Categories: Social Science

Black Mixed Race Men

Black Mixed Race Men

In this account, Erik recalls a particular instance in order to illustrate that
distinction at the intersection of gender, This one kid who was with me who's also
lighter complexion but still mixed like me, so we call him a light skin, like I'm a
light skin ...

Author: Remi Joseph-Salisbury

Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing

ISBN: 9781787565333

Category: Social Science

Page: 240

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This book offers a corrective to pathological and stereotypical representations of mixedness generally, and Black mixed-race men specifically. By introducing the concept of ‘post-racial’ resilience the book shows that Black mixed-race men are active and agentic as they resist the fragmentation and erasure of multiplicitous identities.
Categories: Social Science

Mixed poems by a clergyman

Mixed poems  by a clergyman

Mixed poems. With holy angels we will come , To guard thee from too anxious
care ; And bear to the all - loving God , With them , each saintly sigh and prayer .
THE QUESTION . Will you love me , sweet girl , when the fairy - like lute Of hope ...

Author: Mixed poems


ISBN: OXFORD:600082775



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Shades of Gray

Shades of Gray

For instance, she wonders about Brick's racial identity; judging him by his
appearance, she thinks that he “could be black or Mexican or mixed like me” (202
). With this remark, Rachel expresses that racial blackness not only incorporates

Author: Molly Littlewood McKibbin

Publisher: University of Nebraska Press

ISBN: 9781496212320

Category: History

Page: 366

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In Shades of Gray Molly Littlewood McKibbin offers a social and literary history of multiracialism in the twentieth-century United States. She examines the African American and white racial binary in contemporary multiracial literature to reveal the tensions and struggles of multiracialism in American life through individual consciousness, social perceptions, societal expectations, and subjective struggles with multiracial identity. McKibbin weaves a rich sociohistorical tapestry around the critically acclaimed works of Danzy Senna, Caucasia (1998); Rebecca Walker, Black White and Jewish: Autobiography of a Shifting Self (2001); Emily Raboteau, The Professor’s Daughter (2005); Rachel M. Harper, Brass Ankle Blues (2006); and Heidi Durrow, The Girl Who Fell from the Sky (2010). Taking into account the social history of racial classification and the literary history of depicting mixed race, she argues that these writers are producing new representations of multiracial identity. Shades of Gray examines the current opportunity to define racial identity after the civil rights, black power, and multiracial movements of the late twentieth century changed the sociopolitical climate of the United States and helped revolutionize the racial consciousness of the nation. McKibbin makes the case that twenty-first-century literature is able to represent multiracial identities for the first time in ways that do not adhere to the dichotomous conceptions of race that have, until now, determined how racial identities could be expressed in the United States.
Categories: History

They Don t Like Me

They Don t Like Me

And there are a lot of people who are mixed in this school and don ' t even know
it or don ' t announce it . And there are a lot of people in this school not minorities
and who say they are . So , I don ' t know , it ' s , I think it ' s really sad . Like , it ...

Author: Jane Katch

Publisher: Beacon Press (MA)

ISBN: UCSC:32106017159481

Category: Education

Page: 133

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The veteran teacher and counselor examines the problem of bullying, teasing, and exclusion in elementary schools and offers advice to parents and teachers on intervening and supporting the children who are being teased.
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Peters Musical Monthly

Peters  Musical Monthly

80 We give below a choice collection of I wouldn't like to tell . D to F # Dance ...
Frther , ever keep me near thee . 2. G. D to D. . ... Sor : or Abt , Kucken , Gounod ,
Kinkel , Becht , Strauss , Pacher , Allard , Bar , with Mixed Chorus .. #If you love ...



ISBN: IND:30000110897331

Category: Music


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Bid me discourse and other tales

Bid me discourse  and other tales

... or three voices like that , he ' d have large congregations , yes , I b ' lieve . He
do try to make me a church - goer , but I tell him we ' re best mixed like our tea .
But he does talk , talk , talk . ' Tis a I 2 BID ME DISCOURSE . 115 Oh! Barbara,'
she ...

Author: Mary Cecil Hay


ISBN: OXFORD:600060406



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Way Beyond Compare

Way Beyond Compare

Mix A has no echo , with the vocals mixed more prominently , while the other
mixes have varying degrees of echo , but otherwise sound nearly identical . [ B . ]
You Like Me Too Much - RM1 ( 2 : 33 ) Mixed : 18 February 1965 [ C . ) You Like
Me ...

Author: John C. Winn

Publisher: Beatles' Recorded Legacy

ISBN: UOM:39015079212604

Category: Music

Page: 395

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A discography of Beatles' music provides facts and behind-the-scenes secrets about every known and available Beatles recording produced from the first meeting of John Lennon and Paul McCartney in 1957 through the Rubber Soul sessions in late 1965.
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Mixed Blessings

Mixed Blessings

Molly and Tom were both agnostics whose tastes in jokes , people , books , and
plays made them feel like soul mates . Tom , who represented hi ... But that didn '
t happenshe didn ' t like me and she was rude about it . It was the first time I ...

Author: Paul Cowan

Publisher: Doubleday Books

ISBN: UVA:X001359090

Category: Social Science

Page: 275

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Drawing on personal experience, history, literature, and in-depth interviews, the authors address the volatile issues that interfaith couples face as they discover the importance of religion and ethnicity in their lives
Categories: Social Science

The Poetical Works of Browning

The Poetical Works of Browning

... But thou art still for me as thou hast been When I have stood with thee as on a
throne With all thy dim creations gathered round Like mountains , and I felt of
mould like them , And with them creatures of my own were mixed , Like things
half ...

Author: Robert Browning


ISBN: UCBK:B000746444


Page: 1033

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Mystery of the Mixed Up Teacher

Mystery of the Mixed Up Teacher

But , like me , you didn ' t know what was wrong . And you said she didn ' t want
you to tell the doctor . You can ' t make somebody get help , can you ? " " Oh ,
sure you can . I ' m responsible for her . If I was having terrible chest pains and ...

Author: Jerry B. Jenkins

Publisher: Moody Publishers

ISBN: 0802483771

Category: Mystery and detective stories

Page: 94

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Categories: Mystery and detective stories

Mixed Company

Mixed Company

A male in the same position would be swearing . It ' s just a difference in style . ”
Sergeant Rickey paused , stared at me , and said , “ If you have the time , I ' d like
to tell you a few things . There ' s a whole lot written these days about women in ...

Author: Helen Rogan

Publisher: Putnam Publishing Group

ISBN: UOM:39015004164961

Category: Soldiers

Page: 333

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Seeks to answer the question: Can women be good soldiers?
Categories: Soldiers

Living in a Mixed Community

Living in a Mixed Community

were . . . not worthless , like , but you weren ' t achieving anything . ... There was
people there who were the same as myself , who had young families and were
disabled through illness or accidents in work , but you were able to talk to them ...

Author: Ballynafeigh Think Tank (Project)


ISBN: 1899510281

Category: Ballynafeigh (Belfast, Northern Ireland)

Page: 31

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Categories: Ballynafeigh (Belfast, Northern Ireland)

Discourses addressed to mixed congregations

Discourses addressed to mixed congregations

I should not say a friend trusted me , who listened to every idle story against me ;
and I should like his absence better than his company , if he gravely told me that
it was a duty he owed to himself to encourage his misgivings of my honour .

Author: John Henry Newman


ISBN: UTEXAS:059172001279941



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American Short Novels

American Short Novels

No Miss Melanc and then the other way of loving is just tha I certainly never have
mixed myself like having it like any animal that's low up in that kind of trouble . " in
the streets together , and that don't “ Yes I certainly do see that very clear seem ...

Author: Richard P. Blackmur


ISBN: UCAL:B3287734

Category: American fiction

Page: 398

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Novellas by Herman Melville, Mark Twain, Stephen Crane, and 4 other American writers.
Categories: American fiction

Mixed Feelings

Mixed Feelings

Marlene's experience makes the same point : I decided to have an abortion , but I
didn't like myself for doing it , I didn't feel good about it and the fact that I was
exercising my right to choose did not heal the pain I felt at having ended a life .

Author: Angela Neustatter

Publisher: Pluto Press (UK)

ISBN: UOM:39015012963149

Category: Abortion

Page: 147

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Categories: Abortion

No One Like Me

No One Like Me

Another big difference about me and my friends is one that you can easily see .
Just look at us . We all come wrapped in different packages . Can you imagine
what a mixed - up world it would be if everyone looked like me ? How would you

Author: Judy Harris Swenson


ISBN: 0875183077

Category: Difference (Psychology)

Page: 38

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Five children demonstrate from the reader that people's personal differences--talents, skills, handicaps, emotions, likes and dislikes, inherited traits, and abilities--are what make each person unique and special.
Categories: Difference (Psychology)