Fritz Lang's Metropolis

Cinematic Visions of Technology and Fear

Author: Michael Minden,Holger Bachmann

Publisher: Camden House

ISBN: 9781571131461

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 326

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A collection of essays -- early seminal works as well as freshinterpretations -- on the famous German expressionist film, Metropolis

Print Culture Histories Beyond the Metropolis

Author: James J. Connolly,Patrick Collier,Frank Felsenstein,Kenneth R. Hall,Robert G. Hall

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 1442650621

Category: History

Page: 437

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Print Culture Histories Beyond the Metropolis focuses attention to how the residents of smaller cities, provincial districts, rural settings, and colonial outposts have produced, disseminated, and read print materials.

Beyond the Metropolis

Second Cities and Modern Life in Interwar Japan

Author: Louise Young

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 0520275209

Category: History

Page: 307

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In Beyond the Metropolis, Louise Young looks at the emergence of urbanism in the interwar period, a global moment when the material and ideological structures that constitute “the city” took their characteristic modern shape. In Japan, as elsewhere, cities became the staging ground for wide ranging social, cultural, economic, and political transformations. The rise of social problems, the formation of a consumer marketplace, the proliferation of streetcars and streetcar suburbs, and the cascade of investments in urban development reinvented the city as both socio-spatial form and set of ideas. Young tells this story through the optic of the provincial city, examining four second-tier cities: Sapporo, Kanazawa, Niigata, and Okayama. As prefectural capitals, these cities constituted centers of their respective regions. All four grew at an enormous rate in the interwar decades, much as the metropolitan giants did. In spite of their commonalities, local conditions meant that policies of national development and the vagaries of the business cycle affected individual cities in diverse ways. As their differences reveal, there is no single master narrative of twentieth century modernization. By engaging urban culture beyond the metropolis, this study shows that Japanese modernity was not made in Tokyo and exported to the provinces, but rather co-constituted through the circulation and exchange of people and ideas throughout the country and beyond.

Women in the Metropolis

Gender and Modernity in Weimar Culture

Author: Katharina von Ankum

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 9780520917606

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 264

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Bringing together the work of scholars in many disciplines, Women in the Metropolis provides a comprehensive introduction to women's experience of modernism and urbanization in Weimar Germany. It shows women as active participants in artistic, social, and political movements and documents the wide range of their responses to the multifaceted urban culture of Berlin in the 1920s and 1930s. Examining a variety of media ranging from scientific writings to literature and the visual arts, the authors trace gendered discourses as they developed to make sense of and regulate emerging new images of femininity. Besides treating classic films such as Metropolis and Berlin: Symphony of a Great City, the articles discuss other forms of mass culture, including the fashion industry and the revue performances of Josephine Baker. Their emphasis on women's critical involvement in the construction of their own modernity illustrates the significance of the Weimar cultural experience and its relevance to contemporary gender, German, film, and cultural studies.

A Treatise on the Police and Crimes of the Metropolis

Also an Account of the Courts of Justice and Prisons of London; and an Inquiry Into the Causes of the Increse in Crime; the Tendency of the Debtor Laws; and Into the Present State of the Licensed Victuallers' Trade: with Suggestions for the Improvement of the Protective Institutions of the Metropolis, and the Prevention of Offenses

Author: John Wade

Publisher: N.A


Category: Courts

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Streetwalking the Metropolis : Women, the City and Modernity

Women, the City and Modernity

Author: Deborah L. Parsons

Publisher: OUP Oxford

ISBN: 9780191584107


Page: 256

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Can there be a flaneuse, and what form might she take? This is the central question of Streetwalking the Metropolis, an important contribution to ongoing debates on the city and modernity in which Deborah Parsons re-draws the gendered map of urban modernism. Assessing the cultural and literary history of the concept of the flaneur, the urban observer/writer traditionally gendered as masculine, the author advances critical space for the discussion of a female 'flaneuse', focused around a range of women writers from the 1880's to World War Two. Cutting across period boundaries, this wide-ranging study offers stimulating accounts of works by writers including Amy Levy, Dorothy Richardson, Virginia Woolf, Rosamund Lehmann, Jean Rhys, Janet Flanner, Djuna Barnes, Anais Nin, Elizabeth Bowen and Doris Lessing, highlighting women's changing relationship with the social and psychic spaces of the city, and drawing attention to the ways in which the perceptions and experiences of the street are translated into the dynamics of literary texts.


Author: Thea von Harbou,Sheba Blake

Publisher: Sheba Blake Publishing

ISBN: 3961894175

Category: Fiction

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Metropolis is a novel by the German writer Thea von Harbou. The story is set in 2026 in a technologically advanced city, which is sustained by the existence of an underground society of labourers. The son of one of the city's founders falls in love with a girl from the underground society, as the two societies begin to clash due to the lack of a unifying force. The novel was the basis for Fritz Lang's 1927 film Metropolis. The novel was serialised in the magazine Illustriertes Blatt in 1925, accompanied by screenshots from the upcoming film adaptation. It was published in book form in 1926 by August Scherl. An English translation was published in 1927. Michael Joseph of The Bookman wrote about the novel: "It is a remarkable piece of work, skilfully reproducing the atmosphere one has come to associate with the most ambitious German film productions. Suggestive in many respects of the dramatic work of Karel Capek and of the earlier fantastic romances of H. G. Wells, in treatment it is an interesting example of expressionist literature. ... Metropolis is one of the most powerful novels I have read and one which may capture a large public both in America and England if it does not prove too bewildering to the plain reader."

Black Metropolis

A Study of Negro Life in a Northern City

Author: Saint C. Drake,St. Clair Drake,Horace R. Cayton

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 9780226162348

Category: History

Page: 858

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Ground-breaking when first published in 1945, Black Metropolis remains a landmark study of race and urban life. Based on a mass of research conducted by Works Progress Administration field workers in the late 1930s, it is a historical and sociological account of the people of Chicago's South Side, the classic urban ghetto. Drake and Cayton's findings not only offer a generalized analysis of black migration, settlement, community structure, and black-white race relations in the early part of the twentieth century, but also tell us what has changed in the last hundred years and what has not. This edition includes the original Introduction by Richard Wright and a new Foreword by William Julius Wilson. "Black Metropolis is a rare combination of research and synthesis, a book to be deeply pondered. . . . No one who reads it intelligently can ever believe again that our racial dilemma can be solved by pushing buttons, or by gradual processes which may reach four or five hundred years into the future."—Bucklin Moon, The Nation "This volume makes a great contribution to the building of the future American and the free world."—Louis Wirth, New York Times "By virtue of its range, its labor and its insight, the book seems certain to become a landmark not only in race studies but in the broader field of social anthropology."—Thomas Sancton, New Republic


From the Division of Labor to Urban Form

Author: Allen John Scott,Scott, Allen John Scott,Allen Scott

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 9780520060784

Category: Science

Page: 260

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"Scott has something different to say--a new and innovative perspective on the modern city. . . . This is a fine book, and . . . a major contribution to our understanding of the modern metropolis."--Gordon L. Clark, Carnegie Mellon University