Metric Number Theory

Author: Glyn Harman

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 9780198500834

Category: Mathematics

Page: 297

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This book deals with the number-theoretic properties of almost all real numbers. It brings together many different types of result never covered within the same volume before, thus showing interactions and common ideas between different branches of the subject. It provides an indispensablecompendium of basic results, important theorems and open problems. Starting from the classical results of Borel, Khintchine and Weyl, normal numbers, Diophantine approximation and uniform distribution are all discussed. Questions are generalized to higher dimensions and various non-periodic problemsare also considered (for example restricting approximation to fractions with prime numerator and denominator). Finally, the dimensions of some of the exceptional sets of measure zero are considered.

Number Theory, Fourier Analysis and Geometric Discrepancy

Author: Giancarlo Travaglini

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1139992821

Category: Mathematics

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The study of geometric discrepancy, which provides a framework for quantifying the quality of a distribution of a finite set of points, has experienced significant growth in recent decades. This book provides a self-contained course in number theory, Fourier analysis and geometric discrepancy theory, and the relations between them, at the advanced undergraduate or beginning graduate level. It starts as a traditional course in elementary number theory, and introduces the reader to subsequent material on uniform distribution of infinite sequences, and discrepancy of finite sequences. Both modern and classical aspects of the theory are discussed, such as Weyl's criterion, Benford's law, the Koksma–Hlawka inequality, lattice point problems, and irregularities of distribution for convex bodies. Fourier analysis also features prominently, for which the theory is developed in parallel, including topics such as convergence of Fourier series, one-sided trigonometric approximation, the Poisson summation formula, exponential sums, decay of Fourier transforms, and Bessel functions.

Number Theory, Analysis and Geometry

In Memory of Serge Lang

Author: Dorian Goldfeld,Jay Jorgenson,Peter Jones,Dinakar Ramakrishnan,Kenneth Ribet,John Tate

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 1461412609

Category: Mathematics

Page: 704

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Serge Lang was an iconic figure in mathematics, both for his own important work and for the indelible impact he left on the field of mathematics, on his students, and on his colleagues. Over the course of his career, Lang traversed a tremendous amount of mathematical ground. As he moved from subject to subject, he found analogies that led to important questions in such areas as number theory, arithmetic geometry, and the theory of negatively curved spaces. Lang's conjectures will keep many mathematicians occupied far into the future. In the spirit of Lang’s vast contribution to mathematics, this memorial volume contains articles by prominent mathematicians in a variety of areas of the field, namely Number Theory, Analysis, and Geometry, representing Lang’s own breadth of interest and impact. A special introduction by John Tate includes a brief and fascinating account of the Serge Lang’s life. This volume's group of 6 editors are also highly prominent mathematicians and were close to Serge Lang, both academically and personally. The volume is suitable to research mathematicians in the areas of Number Theory, Analysis, and Geometry.

Uniform Distribution and Quasi-Monte Carlo Methods

Discrepancy, Integration and Applications

Author: Peter Kritzer,Harald Niederreiter,Friedrich Pillichshammer,Arne Winterhof

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG

ISBN: 3110375036

Category: Mathematics

Page: 269

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This book is summarizing the results of the workshop "Uniform Distribution and Quasi-Monte Carlo Methods" of the RICAM Special Semester on "Applications of Algebra and Number Theory" in October 2013. The survey articles in this book focus on number theoretic point constructions, uniform distribution theory, and quasi-Monte Carlo methods. As deterministic versions of the Monte Carlo method, quasi-Monte Carlo rules enjoy increasing popularity, with many fruitful applications in mathematical practice, as for example in finance, computer graphics, and biology. The goal of this book is to give an overview of recent developments in uniform distribution theory, quasi-Monte Carlo methods, and their applications, presented by leading experts in these vivid fields of research.