Meteorology and Flight

A Pilot's Guide to Weather

Author: Tom Bradbury

Publisher: A & C Black

ISBN: 9780713668315

Category: Science

Page: 186

View: 1763


Covering both large- and small-scale weather systems, and illustrated with line drawings, graphs and satellite photographs throughout, this new edition of Meteorology and Flight has been fully revised and updated. Practical and comprehensive, it includes: the development of depressions and anticyclones fronts convection, cumulus and cumulonimbus clouds waves, wave flow and how to fly in waves local winds airflow over ridges and mountains visibility weather maps and forecasting METAR and TAF reports MetFAX services.

Deciding WEATHER to Fly, A Guide for Air Medical Decision Making (Black and White)

Author: Richard Patterson


ISBN: 055732260X


Page: 213

View: 9422


This textbook was designed by a former Flight Paramedic of 15 years, as well as a Commercial Rated Helicopter and Airplane, and an FAA licensed CFI and CFI-I for both helicopters and airplanes. This class is provocative, direct, and will address scenarios that have occurred in recent years in air medical; which had one of the largest death rates in the history of HEMS. We will teach the participant to make informed decisions about weather, learn to interpret weather, trends, synopses, and forecasts. We will address how to interpret METARS, FA's, and TAFS. Emergency survival skills will be addressed, as well as FAA Rules and Regulations concerning the HEMS environment. We also look at case studies of various crashes and examine the weather that was reporting at the time and conclude what could have been done differently. This book is the most needed book in aviation, and air medical industry, and will aid the participant in making informed decisions, so they can decide whether a "go or no-go" is best.

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Sport Flying

Author: Dan Ramsey,Earl Downs

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1440696373

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 336

View: 9459


Sport flying is about to take off. This summer, the Federal Aviation Administration will approve a new sport flying license that will let people earn their wings for a fraction of the time and cost of a traditional license. The Complete Idiot's Guide‚ to Sport Flying introduces this new field of flying to consumers, and shows you how to fly smart-offering hundreds of tips on how to get more flying fun for less money. * Includes an illustrated buyer's guide, rules of the air, and tips for passing the test * First book on the topic of sport flying

The Absolute Beginners Guide to Becoming a Pilot

Author: Jason Dearn


ISBN: 1445212803

Category: Self-Help

Page: 255

View: 4145


The absolute beginners guide to becoming a pilot is a reference tool for anyone thinking about becoming a pilot, either PPL or CPL. Before you commit to any training you should read this book. It will give you an insight into the process employed in the training of civilian pilots in Europe. This is not a technical book, it is however, a laymans guide on how to become a Pilot.

Whether the Weather

Aviation Meteorology from A to Z

Author: Roger Peter Frey

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 3738615741

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 180

View: 6849


"Whether the Weather" is not only for air sports enthusiasts such as paragliding, hang-gliding and ultralight pilots; it is also an invaluable meteorological guide for anyone interested in weather conditions. The most important safety element is making correct decisions before take-off, because misjudging the weather situation is a common cause of accidents. The correct decision is even more important than flying skills and requires a fundamental understanding of meteorology. Many pilots recognise this and want to learn more about meteorology, without going to a scientific level. "Whether the Weather" fills this gap from A to Z. On 180 pages with innumerable graphics, it explains with outstanding clarity from the most basic to the most complex processes in aviation meteorology.

Severe Weather Flying

Increase Your Knowledge and Skill to Avoid Thunderstorms, Icing and Extreme Weather

Author: Dennis Newton

Publisher: Aviation Supplies & Academics

ISBN: 9781619544147

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 212

View: 5120


"At the outset, Dennis Newton reminds readers that Severe Weather Flying is not about flying in severe weather, but about how to detect and therefore avoid it, with advice on how to escape it if you become caught in it accidentally. The author is a meteorologist, weather research pilot, ATP, and flight instructor and more. He speaks pilot to pilot in this valuable guide on how not to fly in severe weather. He believes that given the knowledge, pilots can truly lessen their chances of being caught in thunderstorms and other extreme weather conditions. This book was written with that goal in mind: to impart enough meteorological information in a way pilots can best grasp and use it. Newton believes that, "Pilots as a group are more than conservative enough to keep themselves safe if they are only given the facts." Meteorology can be a tough "language" and not always clear to the lay person. Newton translates and brings across the most crucial principles pilots can use to fly more wisely in weather. Covering weather fundamentals, the atmosphere, and the stability of the air, he then digs deeper into the individual aspects of severe weather situations. In print for more than 30 years, this Fourth Edition blends in good coverage of detection equipment for the cockpit, and the weather briefing information available to the pilot for decision-making in flight planning, and even the enroute phase. Details on aircraft icing certification, critical aircraft icing information, and high altitude ice crystals is included. Valuable for seasoned veterans as for relative newcomers, applicable to VFR, IFR, piston, turbine, low- and high-altitude operations"--Provided by publisher.

Aircraft Icing

A Pilot's Guide

Author: Terry T. Lankford

Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional

ISBN: 9780071341394

Category: Transportation

Page: 336

View: 2962


A practical approach to one of aviation's most dire and elusive threats: aircraft icing. It seek to equip pilots with functional icing intelligence, observation and translation techniques, cockpit strategies, and risk assessment and management know-how. It covers all aspects of aircraft icing, including ground, airframe and induction, providing a solid foundation in icing theory and physics without superfluous meteorological concepts. It teaches pilots how to interpret icing forecasts and reports, and integrate specific aircraft and engine considerations, and discuses practical procedures to deal with icing conditions throughout flight, from taxi to touchdown. The book includes case study examples of actual icing incidents.