Collins Easy Learning Spanish Dictionary

Author: Jeremy Butterfield

Publisher: Collins

ISBN: 9780004709338

Category: English language

Page: 639

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Based on extensive consulation with teachers, school pupils and representatives of the Exam Boards, this dictionary is the ideal first dictionary for learners of Spanish from day one to exam success. It includes full coverage of all vocabulary up to GCSE / standard grade.

Writing Theology Well 2nd Edition

A Rhetoric for Theological and Biblical Writers

Author: Lucretia B. Yaghjian

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 0567296210

Category: Religion

Page: 416

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A working guide for students conducting theological writing and research on theology and biblical studies courses, this book integrates the disciplines of writing, rhetoric, and theology, to provide a standard text for the teaching and mentoring of writing across the theological curriculum.As a theological rhetoric, it also encourages excellence in theological writing in the public domain by helping to equip students for their wider vocations as writers, preachers, and communicators in a variety of ministerial and professional contexts. This 2nd Edition includes new chapters on 'Writing Theology in a New Language', which explores the linguistic and cultural challenges of writing theology well in a non-native language, and 'Writing and Learning Theology in an Electronic Age', addressed to distance learning students learning to write theology well from online courses, and dealing with the technologies necessary to do so.

Don't Believe the Hype!! (First Revision)

The Incredible History of Communist Subversion in America's Black Community

Author: C. Brian Madden

Publisher: Create Space Publishing

ISBN: 153906848X

Category: History

Page: 464

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Ever ask the question, "Why today's Millennials in America's Black Community seem so mad at the world and don't care whether they live or die these days?" There is a reason for it; and it is being done on purpose, to destroy this country! It's called Communism! And it is Real! Don't Believe the Hype!! (First Revision) is an explosive book which investigates how and why Communist Subversion (Perversion) has taken over the African-American Community; with the sole intent to use and destroy them, while simultaneously destroying the rest of United States of America from within! Using Historical Facts from the Mid-19th Century to the present era, Don't Believe the Hype!! will surely spark Geo-political conversations between people of all races, genders, and back grounds!

Dollars, Polity and Law

Author: George M. Hall

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 1496921143

Category: Political Science

Page: 334

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Revamping the Political Economy after the Impending Collapse No country can borrow indefinitely without fatal consequences. But that is just what the United States is doing; adding nearly a trillion dollars annually to its already massive debt, as overseen by a Congress with an approval rating in the 10-to-14 percent range. In the process, the mind-set that spawned the sub-prime mortgage now renders the entire economy sub-prime. This book explains why and how resolution might obtain after the collapse. The essence is termed polity economics, given that the bifurcated concepts of capitalism and socialism have lost their utility yet persist as incompatible political touchstones. This perspective includes some twenty explicit elements, all addressed at length. Yet by itself, it too will also eventually fail. For it is also essential to restate the Constitution so that it becomes efficaciously aligned with the evolved culture and ethic of the United States, especially to instill stability within the fiscal operations that have come to dominate the country. The ABC's of that admittedly profound document simply do not address the D-through-Z's that have devolved over more than two centuries. Excerpts On fiscal carrying capacity. Isn't the United States simply too big to fail? History laughs. Every empire and nation has been laid waste when it continuously reached for more than it could grasp, which leads to the primary argument in this book: --Every economy has a substantive need for just so much money and fungible assets: a carrying capacity, so to speak. When that capacity is exceeded, money becomes a commodity in its own right. Given propensities to accumulate money and inflate values over a bread-and-butter baseline, the econ-omy degenerates in three successive tiers. The first tier harbors the inevitable dis-tensions of economics, such as periodic business cycles and recessions. Yet money remains a tool, not the essence. But if recessions are avoided, money begins to compete with the substantive aspects of an economy. This is the second tier, where leveraged val-ues inherently devolve unstable, followed eventually by a depression. Yet even de-pres-sion can be staved off by massive bailouts and unsustainable debt. This is the third tier. Money takes pri-or-ity over substance, until, that is, the economy collapses. On political versus supposed economic rights. There may be free speech; there is no free lunch."

The Pragmatic Turn in Law

Inference and Interpretation in Legal Discourse

Author: Janet Giltrow,Dieter Stein

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG

ISBN: 150150472X

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 384

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In legal interpretation, where does meaning come from? Law is made from language, yet law, unlike other language-related disciplines, has not so far experienced its "pragmatic turn" towards inference and the construction of meaning. This book investigates to what extent a pragmatically based view of l linguistic and legal interpretation can lead to new theoretical views for law and, in addition, to practical consequences in legal decision-making. With its traditional emphasis on the letter of the law and the immutable stability of a text as legal foundation, law has been slow to take the pragmatic perspective: namely, the language-user 's experience and activity in making meaning. More accustomed to literal than to pragmatic notions of meaning, that is, in the text rather than constructed by speakers and hearers the disciplines of law may be culturally resistant to the pragmatic turn. By bringing together the different but complementary perspectives of pragmaticians and lawyers, this book addresses the issue of to what extent legal meaning can be productively analysed as deriving from resources beyond the text, beyond the letter of the law. This collection re-visits the feasibility of the notion of literal meaning for legal interpretation and, at the same time, the feasibility of pragmatic meaning for law. Can explications of pragmatic meaning support court actions in the same way concepts of literal meaning have traditionally supported statutory interpretations and court judgements? What are the consequences of a user-based view of language for the law, in both its practices of interpretation and its definition of itself as a field? Readers will find in this collection means of approaching such questions, and promising routes for inquiry into the genre- and field-specific characteristics of inference in law. In many respects, the problem of literal vs. pragmatic meaning confined to the text vs. reaching beyond it will appear to parallel the dichotomy in law between textualism and intentionalism. There are indeed illuminating connections between the pair of linguistic terms and the more publicly controversial legal ones. But the parallel is not exact, and the linguistic dichotomy is in any case anterior to the legal one. Even as linguistic-pragmatic investigation may serve legal domains, the legal questions themselves point back to central conditions of all linguistic meaning.

Sacred Places

The Biblical Theology of Place, Exploring Its Central Importance in God’S Creation and Mission

Author: C.J. Scott

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 1512776335

Category: Religion

Page: 336

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Sacred Places is a book that looks at the biblical theology of place, exploring its central importance in Gods creation and mission. It takes its readers on an expository journey through place, from the Garden of Eden to the New Jerusalem, discovering the pattern of placement, displacement, and replacement in life and faith. If you are a Christian seeking to understand the Bibles teaching on place and how that affects both our faith and lives in the world, then this book is for you. It will open your eyes to the central importance of place and give you direction on how you can apply a healthy understanding of place to your life as a disciple of Jesus Christ, making you a better place maker and dweller. The thesis of this book is that place is far more important than we ever could have imagined. I am specifically proposing that (1) places are sacred because of Gods decree and personal presence, (2) place plays a major role in Gods creative and redemptive purposes, and (3) Gods people are called to be both place makers and dwellers. Check out the official website of Author and Teacher C. J. Scott at Visit the Place Makers blog at In association with Worldwide Mission Fellowship. Visit the website at

McGraw-Hill Education TABE Level D, Second Edition

Author: Phyllis Dutwin,Richard Ku

Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional

ISBN: 1259587851

Category: Study Aids

Page: 295

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Master All Subjects on the TABE Level D Whether you hope to qualify for a job, take the first steps toward earning your GED, or demonstrate your abilities for school placement, a high score on the TABE Level D will help you reach your goal. Written by leaders in adult education, this book is designed to help you sharpen the skills you need to succeed on all sections of the exam. You’ll discover the strategies that make learning and test-taking easier for you. And you’ll learn essential skills by using familiar, everyday items, including work documents, graphs and charts, and Internet-based materials. This book includes: • Practice questions just like the ones on the test--with complete explanations for every answer • Real-life materials and examples to help you build the skills you need • Complete coverage of all test topics, including reading, mathematics, language, spelling, and vocabulary • Strategies that show you how to work smarter, not harder--and get the most out of your study time