Mer Tales (Books 1-3)

Author: Brenda Pandos

Publisher: Brenda Pandos


Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 950

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★★★★★ " ... is a gem in the trending genre of mermaids. A great YA read and stood out among the tons out there in the YA genre now." Jessie Potts, featured on USA Today ★★★★★ "... One of the cool things about this story is that it is told by two different narrators. Both are very interesting and well-written characters. Readers will love their interconnected stories." Janelle Fila, for Readers' Favorite Fall in love with the series readers say is, "Full of excitement, adventure, and romance. This series will capture your attention from beginning to end." Book 1 - Dive into Everblue, Book #1 in Mer Tales, winner of Best I've Read She wanted her life to change ... he wanted his to stay the same. Seventeen-year-old Ashlyn Lanski is tired of her boring, single life. Swimming and spending time with Tatiana, her best friend, are her only sanctuary. The girls plan to leave their drab lakeside town far behind for college, and Ash hopes to finally ditch her longtime crush for Finley, Tatiana's twin brother. But when Tatiana and her family fail to return home after a family emergency, Ashlyn chooses to do something drastic to cope with losing them. Finley Helton and his family are good at blending in as they run their sailing charter business in Lake Tahoe. But together, they guard an ancient secret. When a not so routine meeting forces Finley, Tatiana and their mother to return to Natatoria and Fin's father on a dangerous mission, Fin can't stay caged up for long. Book 2 - Evergreen, winner of BEST I'VE READ: Books Complete Me and Once Upon a Twilight. ----- A kingdom on the brink of war. A king on the fringes of insanity. A family running for their lives. Book 3 - EVERLOST Mer Tales is a Clean Sci-Fi Romance

The Emily Cabot Mysteries Box Set, Books 1-3

Author: Frances McNamara

Publisher: Allium Press of Chicago

ISBN: 0999698222

Category: Fiction

Page: 766

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An ebook box set of the first three books in the Emily Cabot Mysteries series: Death at the Fair, Death at Hull House, and Death at Pullman Praise for the Emily Cabot Mysteries “Laurie King and Rhys Bowen fans will be delighted.” —Publishers Weekly “I’d follow Emily to any location.” — Ellen Keith, Historical Novels Review “Fascinating history underpins the tale.” —Publishers Weekly “Historical detail, intriguing real-life characters, and a complex mystery.”—Kirkus Reviews “A well-crafted plot with fascinating period detail...a cracking good mystery.” —Publishers Weekly Rich with historical details that bring turn-of-the-century Chicago to life, these novels will appeal equally to history buffs and mystery fans. Death at the Fair: The 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition provides a vibrant backdrop for this exciting mystery. Emily Cabot is one of the first women graduate students at the University of Chicago, eager to prove herself in the new field of sociology. While she is busy exploring the Exposition with her family and friends, her colleague, Dr. Stephen Chapman, is accused of murder. Emily sets out to search for the truth behind the crime, but is thwarted by the thieves, corrupt politicians, and gamblers who are ever-present in Chicago. A lynching that occurred in the dead man’s past leads Emily to seek the assistance of the black activist Ida B. Wells. Death at Hull House: After Emily Cabot is expelled from the University of Chicago, she finds work at Hull House, the famous settlement established by Jane Addams. There she quickly becomes involved in the political and social problems of the immigrant community. But when a man who works for a sweatshop owner is murdered in the Hull House parlor, Emily must determine whether one of her colleagues is responsible, or whether the real reason for the murder is revenge for a past tragedy in her own family. As a smallpox epidemic spreads through the impoverished west side of Chicago, the very existence of the settlement is threatened, and Emily finds herself in jeopardy from both the deadly disease and a killer. Death at Pullman: A model town at war with itself…George Pullman created an ideal community for his railroad car workers, complete with every amenity they could want or need. But when hard economic times hit in 1894 lay-offs follow, and the workers can no longer pay their rent or buy food at the company store. Starving and desperate, they turn against their once benevolent employer. Emily Cabot and her friend Dr. Stephen Chapman bring much-needed food and medical supplies to the town, hoping they can meet the immediate needs of the workers and keep them from resorting to violence. But when one young worker—suspected of being a spy—is murdered, and a bomb plot comes to light, Emily must race to discover the truth behind a tangled web of family and company alliances. The series continues with the titles Death at Woods Hole, Death at Chinatown, Death at the Paris Exposition, and Death at the Selig Studios.

Disappeared (Books 1-3 Box Set)

Imperfect, Broken, Anew

Author: Bronwyn Kienapple

Publisher: Bronwyn Kienapple


Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 427

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TWO IMPERFECT WORLDS. ONE UNLIKELY ROMANCE. AN IMPOSSIBLE CHOICE. "I enjoyed this immensely. It's imaginative, compelling, and so magical, and it left me wanting more. " -Steph, blogger at Bella's Bookshelves "I adored it and can't wait for more in this world! The sequel needs to get in my hands now!" -Josselyn at the Chapter 5 book blog "Just finished Imperfect this morning, it was SO good. I love it! I can't wait for the second book, I ship Theo and Ahuil so hard. It's not even funny." -voguest on Wattpad "...I began reading your book this morning and was instantly gripped!" -Valenteen on Wattpad "I really enjoyed your book ... you truly can write!" -Ginger_Snapps on Wattpad This boxed set includes all three books in the Disappeared series. You'll want to read them in order: IMPERFECT BROKEN ANEW ...PLUS NEW BONUS MATERIAL BOOK DESCRIPTIONS: IMPERFECT: England, 1813. Lady Theodosia feels she has no choice but to marry a man she doesn't love. That is until she stumbles into a different universe — an astonishing, mystical forest inhabited by the Nextic, a peaceful people who live close to nature. Ahuil is fiercely independent until he meets Theodosia. Cut off from his own people, he nurses a dark secret. But in Theodosia he sees someone he can trust ... and love. Theodosia is convinced she's found paradise. But a great change is coming to Ahuil's world. Half-beings roam the ruins of an unknown civilization and a growing mist appears to be preparing to wipe out his people — forever. Torn between her family and a profound love, Theodosia is haunted by a question she cannot shake — in the face of terrible danger, how much is she willing to risk for love? BROKEN: England, 1813. Lady Theodosia has stumbled into another universe — a mythical forest paradise. Valiant Ahuil has captured her heart but dark forces are quickly closing in. The half-beings are taking form and the ruins of their former civilization are rebuilding into dramatic cities that threaten to wipe out the Nextic people forever. Torn between staying for Ahuil and dying and returning to a life without freedom or love, Theodosia is forced to choose her destiny. And as they run out of time, Theodosia must find the courage to try to save the Nextic — a power only she holds — and to convince Ahuil that the only option left to them … the one he could never accept … is worth it to save their timeless love. ANEW: England, 1813. Just a month before, Ahuil and Theodosia fled from his dying world—an alternate universe where half-beings roamed and a deadly fog threatened to consume all. Then they returned to her time where, as lady and servant, they face their greatest challenge yet. Yet the memory of their love has never left them … and the question of how they can finally be together haunts their days. Then Theodosia discovers that her parents, the earl and countess of Helenshire, plan to marry her off once and for all to the handsome but vile Edward Merton. Not to mention that Mr. Merton has his own agenda … he will make Theodosia his wife, no matter what it takes. Caught between duty and being with the man she loves, she must find the strength to make an impossible decision—either sacrifice or defend her eternal love—with results that are nothing less than gripping, unexpected, and entirely satisfying.

Sweet Spell of Success (Witch Cozy Mystery)

The Kitchen Witch Book 12

Author: Morgana Best

Publisher: Best Cozy Books


Category: Fiction

Page: 300

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Camino asks Amelia to accompany her to the reading of a will in a remote location. Before long, the beneficiaries are trapped in a spooky mansion. The terms of the will spell out that the last person left alive will inherit everything. What could go wrong?

Box Set Children's Books: Horse Pictures & Horse Facts - Panda Book For Kids & Weird Panda Tales + Funny Cat Joke Book For Kids

3 In 1 Box Set: Intriguing & Interesting Fun Animal Facts - Discovery Kids Books & Rhyming Books For Children

Author: Kate Cruise

Publisher: Speedy Publishing LLC

ISBN: 1680328743

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 233

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This 3 In 1 Box Set Compilation includes Kate Cruise's & Timmie Guzzmann's intriguing & interesting panda & horse fact book for kids plus the LOL Dr. Seuss style cat jerk rhyming poem book with hilarious rhyming verses for kids. The compilation includes: Book 1: Panda Discovery Book Book 2: Horse Discovery Book Book 3: Cat Jerk Book Book 1: Inside the horse discovery book your child will learn about things like: * Evolution Of Horses Until Today * Home Of Horses * Senses Of Horses * Behavior Of Horses * Cute Horse Babies * Beautiful Golden Horses * Most Rare Horse Breeds In The World * Horses Relation With Donkeys lots more Book 2: Inside you'll find interesting, intriguing, funny & weird panda moments like: * A History Of Lovable Panda Bears * Where Do Pandas Hide And Where Do We Find Them? * Sniff sniff...and other Panda Senses * How Do Pandas Communicate? * Panda Moves & Panda Defense * Panda Baby Boom * How Do Pandas Spend Their Day? * Up For Some Panda Playtime? * Pandas & Bamboos * Pandas & Us Humans * Interesting, Curious & Intriguing Facts About Pandas and lots more... Book 3: Inside you'll find LOL funny, weird & jerky cat moments like: * Stinky Pink * Fighting Laws Are Not For Jerks * The Mean Latrine * Kitty Litter & Dusty Glitter * Scooping & Pooping * Evil Green Eyes * The Hypnotizing & Traumatizing Cat's Ball Of Fur * Turns Out Jerkier Than You Might Think and lots more...

Alfred's Basic Piano: Chord Approach Christmas Book 1

Author: Willard A. Palmer,Morton Manus,Amanda Vick Lethco

Publisher: Alfred Music

ISBN: 9781457425448

Category: Music

Page: 16

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Delightful arrangements of traditional holiday favorites are correlated page-by-page with Lesson Book 1 from the Chord Approach Series.

Silent Mobius

Author: N.A

Publisher: Viz

ISBN: 9781569315453

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 248

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An emergency call to a threatened space elevator sends Katsumi on a trip through her memories to when she first joined the A.M.P. Now the devil who took her mother's life has returned, and Katsumi is its new target!