Author: Ian Farr

Publisher: Whitechapel Art Gallery

ISBN: 9780854882045

Category: Arts, Modern

Page: 239

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This anthology investigates the turn in art not only towards archives and histories, the relics of modernities past, but toward the phenomena, in themselves, of haunting and the activation of memory. It looks at a wide array of artistic relationships to memory association, repetition and reappearance, as well as forms of active forgetting. Its discussions encompass artworks from the late 1940s onward, ranging from reperformances such as Marina Abramovic's Seven Easy Pieces (embodied resurrections of decades-removed performance pieces by her contemporaries) to the inanimate trace of memory Robert Morris assigns to his free-form felt pieces, which forget in their present configurations their previous slides and falls.


Author: Brian Dillon

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780854881932

Category: Aesthetics

Page: 237

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Ruins is one of a series documenting major themes and ideas in contemporary art.

Contemporary Art and Unforgetting in Colonial Landscapes

Islands of Empire

Author: Kate McMillan

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3030172902

Category: Social Science

Page: 218

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This book explores the work of artists based in the global south whose practices and methods interrogate and explore the residue of Empire. In doing so, it highlights the way that contemporary art can assist in the un-forgetting of colonial violence and oppression that has been systemically minimized. The research draws from various fields including memory studies; postcolonial and decolonial strategies of resistance; activism; theories of the global south; the intersection between colonialism and the Anthropocene, as well as practice-led research methodologies in the visual arts. Told through the author’s own perspective as an artist and examining the work of Julie Gough, Yuki Kihara, Megan Cope, Yhonnie Scarce, Lisa Reihana and Karla Dickens, the book develops a number of unique theories for configuring the relationship between art and a troubled past.

Theories and Documents of Contemporary Art

A Sourcebook of Artists' Writings

Author: Kristine Stiles,Peter Selz

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 9780520202511

Category: Art

Page: 1003

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Enth. u. a.: S. 74: Concrete art (1936-49) / Max Bill. - S. 74-77: The mathematical approach in contemporary art (1949) / Max Bill. - S. 301-304: Dieter Roth.

Art and the Performance of Memory

Sounds and Gestures of Recollection

Author: Richard Cándida Smith

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134471149

Category: History

Page: 304

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This book investigates the role that the visual and performing arts play in our experience and understanding of the past. Expanding upon longstanding concerns in cultural history about the relation of text and image, the book highlights the distinction between enactive and cognitive memory and the implications of this for artists and their publics.

Performing the Archive

The Transformation of the Archive in Contemporary Art from Repository of Documents to Art Medium

Author: Simone Osthoff

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780982530900

Category: Art

Page: 203

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Instead of smoothing over contemporary art's violent and iconoclastic dimensions, instead of sanitizing and making complex artworks docile in terms of archival possibilities, this book suggests we abandon our fantasy of mastery over representation and respond in kind to the archive-as-artwork, to "living" archives, and to reenactments of history with their seamless connections between fiction and non-fiction. Among the concepts examined are Vilem Flusser's techno-imagination, Lygia Clark's and Helio Oiticica's participatory aesthetics, and Paulo Bruscky's and Eduardo Kac's literal performances of the archive. They contribute to the erosion of the archive's former boundaries, stability, function, and meaning. Writing alongside the artists as much as about them, Osthoff examines the archive mise-en-abyme, as it grows increasingly recombinant and generative. Simone Osthoff received her Ph.D. from the European Graduate School and is Associate Professor of Critical Studies in the School of Visual Arts at Pennsylvania State University. An art critic and historian of contemporary art, her numerous essays, focusing on media art practices and issues of historiography, have been published internationally and translated into over eight languages.

Monuments and Memory, Made and Unmade

Author: Robert S. Nelson,Margaret Olin

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 9780226571577

Category: Art

Page: 345

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How do some monuments become so socially powerful that people seek to destroy them? After ignoring monuments for years, why must we now commemorate public trauma, but not triumph, with a monument? To explore these and other questions, Robert S. Nelson and Margaret Olin assembled essays from leading scholars about how monuments have functioned throughout the world and how globalization has challenged Western notions of the "monument." Examining how monuments preserve memory, these essays demonstrate how phenomena as diverse as ancient drum towers in China and ritual whale-killings in the Pacific Northwest serve to represent and negotiate time. Connecting that history to the present with an epilogue on the World Trade Center, Monuments and Memory, Made and Unmade is pertinent not only for art historians but for anyone interested in the turbulent history of monuments—a history that is still very much with us today. Contributors: Stephen Bann, Jonathan Bordo, Julia Bryan-Wilson, Jas Elsner, Tapati Guha-Thakurta, Robert S. Nelson, Margaret Olin, Ruth B. Phillips, Mitchell Schwarzer, Lillian Lan-ying Tseng, Richard Wittman, Wu Hung

The Sublime

Author: Simon Morley

Publisher: MIT Press

ISBN: 9780262513913

Category: Philosophy

Page: 237

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The continuing relevance and constant reinvention of the sublime—the transcendent, the awe-inspiring, the unpresentable—in art and culture since 1945.