Mary Celeste

The Greatest Mystery of the Sea

Author: Paul Begg

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317865308

Category: History

Page: 304

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Mary Celeste is an iconic mystery - a perfectly seaworthy ship found wandering aimlessly at sea, her crew strangely and inexplicably missing. Paul Begg tells the story of the discovery of Mary Celeste and the people who vanished, and investigates over a century’s worth of speculation and survivors’ tales, searching for the facts behind one of the world’s great mysteries.

A Great Sea Mystery - The True Story of the "Mary Celeste"

Author: J. Lockhart

Publisher: Hesperides Press

ISBN: 1406796344

Category: History

Page: 144

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A Great Sea Mystery - The True Story of The "Mary Celeste" - Lockhart, J., G. Much has been written about the famous derelict, found in mid-ocean without a soul aboard or a clue to explain why she had been abandoned. From time to time solutions have appeared from the records of some alleged survivor or eye-witness, but, as Mr. Lockhart shows, such solutions are all spurious. The mystery remains to puzzle and to fascinate losing none of its attraction with the passage of years. Here for the first time the facts, taken from official and authoritative documents, are given in full, and the various explanations are in turn examined and refuted. Finally, Mr. Lockhart, from information obtained from unquestionable sources, discloses what is undoubtedly the genuine solution of this greatest of all mysteries of the sea. Contents Include: - The Finding of the Ship - The Mary Celeste - At Gibraltar - Some Theories - The Story of Habakuk Jephson - "Solutions" - More Solutions - The Story of Abel F

In the Wake of the Mary Celeste

Author: Gary Crew,Robert R. Ingpen

Publisher: Lothian Children's Books

ISBN: 9780734407283

Category: Shipwrecks

Page: 32

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In December 1872, the brigantine Mary Celeste was found adrift in the Atlantic. She was in full sail and in seaworthy condition, but had no crew aboard. So began one of the greatest mysteries of the sea. Why had the Mary Celeste been abandoned? Did the crew die in a mutiny? Or were more sinister forces to blame?

The Story of the "Mary Celeste"

Author: Charles Edey Fay

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

ISBN: 9780486257303

Category: Transportation

Page: 261

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Intriguing unsolved riddle of famed 19th-century "ghost ship" abandoned on high seas by crew, passengers. Author dispels many misconceptions with convincing arguments, careful documentation.

Ghost Ship

The Mysterious True Story of the Mary Celeste and Her Missing Crew

Author: Brian Hicks

Publisher: Ballantine Books

ISBN: 9780345478351

Category: History

Page: 304

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On December 4th, 1872, a 100-foot brigantine was discovered drifting through the North Atlantic without a soul on board. Not a sign of struggle, not a shred of damage, no ransacked cargo—and not a trace of the captain, his wife and daughter, or the crew. What happened on board the ghost ship Mary Celeste has baffled and tantalized the world for 130 years. In his stunning new book, award-winning journalist Brian Hicks plumbs the depths of this fabled nautical mystery and finally uncovers the truth. The Mary Celeste was cursed as soon as she was launched on the Bay of Fundy in the spring of 1861. Her first captain died before completing the maiden voyage. In London she accidentally rammed and sank an English brig. Later she was abandoned after a storm drove her ashore at Cape Breton. But somehow the ship was recovered and refitted, and in the autumn of 1872 she fell to the reluctant command of a seasoned mariner named Benjamin Spooner Briggs. It was Briggs who was at the helm when the Mary Celeste sailed into history. In Brian Hicks’s skilled hands, the story of the Mary Celeste becomes the quintessential tale of men lost at sea. Hicks vividly recreates the events leading up to the crew’s disappearance and then unfolds the complicated and bizarre aftermath—the dark suspicions that fell on the officers of the ship that intercepted her; the farcical Admiralty Court salvage hearing in Gibraltar; the wild myths that circulated after Sir Arthur Conan Doyle published a thinly disguised short story sensationalizing the mystery. Everything from a voodoo curse to an alien abduction has been hauled out to explain the fate of the Mary Celeste. But, as Brian Hicks reveals, the truth is actually grounded in the combined tragedies of human error and bad luck. The story of the Mary Celeste acquired yet another twist in 2001, when a team of divers funded by novelist Clive Cussler located the wreck in a coral reef off Haiti. Written with the suspense of a thriller and the vivid accuracy of the best popular history, Ghost Ship tells the unforgettable true story of the most famous and most fascinating maritime mystery of all time.

The True Mystery of the Mary Celeste

Author: Rachel Wright

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780439992565

Category: Curiosities and wonders

Page: 64

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"1872. Could the entire crew of the Mary Celeste have vanished in to thin air?" Want to find out the facts, and quick? Speedy Reads: The True Mystery of the Mary Celeste answers all your vital questions on the greatest seas mystery ever: Did the crew go crazy and throw themselves overboard? Were they all abducted by aliens? Or is there a scientific answer to explain their disappearance?

Unsolved Mysteries of the Sea

Author: Lionel Fanthorpe,Patricia Fanthorpe

Publisher: Dundurn

ISBN: 9781550024982

Category: Nature

Page: 260

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Explores the intriguing mysteries of the sea: How were the seas formed? What gave rise to stories of mermaids, sirens, and sea monsters?

The Mary Celeste

An Unsolved Mystery from History

Author: Jane Yolen,Heidi Elisabet Yolen Stemple

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781439562949

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: N.A

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A young girl relates the facts that are known about the unexplained disappearance of the crew on the ship Mary Celeste in 1872, and challenges the reader to solve the mystery.

Searching for the Bermuda Triangle

Author: Aaron Rosenberg,Vivian E. Shumway

Publisher: The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc

ISBN: 1448847591

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 64

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Looks at the history and infamous reputation of the triangular area of ocean known as the Bermuda Triangle.