Married to the Military

A Survival Guide for Military Wives, Girlfriends, and Women in Uniform

Author: Meredith Leyva

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1439150265

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 211

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The Unofficial Scoop on Military Life Whether you’re dating, engaged, or married to an active military servicemember or reservist—or you’ve just signed up yourself—you may feel as if you’ve somehow married the United States military! While there are plenty of orientation books for him, there are almost no handy, user-friendly resources for you. Meredith Leyva, a military wife and founder of, the Internet’s largest community for military wives, girlfriends, and women in uniform, details everything you need to know to manage day-to-day issues and get on with the adventure of military life. From relocation to deployment, protocol to finances, and career to kids, Leyva offers time-tested advice about: -Keeping your love life together during deployments -Relocating yourself and your family around the world -Maintaining your own career when you're expected to move every three years -Understanding what pay and benefits you're entitled to—and how to maximize them -Translating those odd acronyms and jargon Written by a seasoned military wife, this smart and savvy guide will help you take control at every point of your servicemember's career—from filing marriage papers as newlyweds to choosing prenatal and child care when you start a family to figuring out his pension when he's ready to retire.

Policing Sex and Marriage in the American Military

The Court-Martial and the Construction of Gender and Sexual Deviance, 1950–2000

Author: Kellie Wilson-Buford

Publisher: University of Nebraska Press

ISBN: 0803296851

Category: History

Page: 342

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The American military’s public international strategy of Communist containment, systematic weapons build-ups, and military occupations across the globe depended heavily on its internal and often less visible strategy of controlling the lives and intimate relationships of its members. From 1950 to 2000, the military justice system, under the newly instituted Uniform Code of Military Justice, waged a legal assault against all forms of sexual deviance that supposedly threatened the moral fiber of the military community and the nation. Prosecution rates for crimes of sexual deviance more than quintupled in the last quarter of the twentieth century. Drawing on hundreds of court-martial transcripts published by the Judge Advocate General of the Armed Forces, Policing Sex and Marriage in the American Military explores the untold story of how the American military justice system policed the marital and sexual relationships of the service community in an effort to normalize heterosexual, monogamous marriage as the linchpin of the military’s social order. Almost wholly overlooked by military, social, and legal historians, these court transcripts and the stories they tell illustrate how the courts’ construction and criminalization of sexual deviance during the second half of the twentieth century was part of the military’s ongoing articulation of gender ideology. Policing Sex and Marriage in the American Military provides an unparalleled window into the historic criminalization of what were considered sexually deviant and violent acts committed by U.S. military personnel around the world from 1950 to 2000.

Good Military Wives Stay

Obstacles to Openly Opposing Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF)

Author: Monica Henry

Publisher: Universal-Publishers

ISBN: 1581123825

Category: History

Page: 142

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Women and men are socialized to accept and perform certain gendered roles generally man as warrior/protector and woman as caretaker/protected. The United States Military depends on the wives of servicemen to embrace these gendered roles in order to carry out military operations such as Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF.) The conservative nature of the military, its demand for obedience and loyalty, the dependency of military wives on the military community for financial and social support to cope with the hardships of military life contribute to the reluctance of those opposed to OIF to publicly express this opposition and/or contribute to their negative perceptions of the antiwar movement. Although large-scale opposition to OIF among military wives is unlikely, to avoid further alienating military wives and potential allies, members of the anti-war movement should consider the impact that specific methods of protest have on military families and engage in anti-war activities accordingly.

Standing By

The Making of an American Military Family in a Time of War

Author: Alison Buckholtz

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101028773

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 336

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Alison Buckholtz never dreamed she would marry a military man, but when she met her husband, an active-duty Navy pilot, nothing could stop her from building a life with him—not even his repeated attempts to talk her out of marriage. He didn’t want her to have to make the kinds of sacrifices long required of the spouses of military personnel. They wed shortly after September 11, 2001 and, since then, their life together has been marked by long separations and unforeseen challenges, but also unexpected rewards. Standing By is Buckholtz’s candid and moving account of her family’s experiences during her husband’s seven-month deployment on an aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf. With insight and humor she describes living near a military base in Washington State, far from home and in the midst of great upheaval, while trying to keep life as normal as possible for the couple’s two young children. But she is not alone in her struggle. In Standing By, Buckholtz portrays her friendships with other military wives and the ways in which this supportive community of women helps one another to endure—to even thrive—during difficult times. Throughout Standing By, Buckholtz speaks honestly about the culture shock she experienced transitioning into the role of a military wife. Because she had been raised to conquer the world on her own terms rather than be a more traditional wife and mother supporting her husband’s career, the world of the Armed Forces was at first as unfamiliar as a foreign land. But a remarkable and surprising series of events has challenged her long-held assumptions about the military, motherhood, and even the nature of American citizenship. A rare and intimate portrait of one of the tens of thousands of families who now wait patiently for their service member to return home safely, Standing By is a window into what matters most for families everywhere. Alison Buckholtz’s articles and essays have appeared in the New York Times, Washington Post and Washington Post Magazine, Real Simple, Forbes Global, and many other publications. She was a resident of Washington, D.C. before she married into the military and now lives in Washington State with her husband and two children. This is her first book.

Help! I'm a Military Spouse--i Want a Life Too!

How to Craft a Life for You As You Move With the Military

Author: Kathie Hightower,Holly Scherer,Kathie Scherer,Holly Hightower

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 9781419607103

Category: Self-Help

Page: 192

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Often military spouses say: "I love my spouse, I'm super proud of - and support - my spouses' service to our country. . .and still I struggle with how to make this military life work for me." This book helps you learn how to make this life work for you as you support your spouse. This is not a book about being the perfect military spouse. It's about what you can do to make this military life work well for you based on who you are as a unique individual. - Learn how to keep your energy and joy up, your stress down, and apply the research done on happiness to your very own unique military life.- Based on many years of interviews with spouses from all services, here's how to go from surviving to thriving in this challenging but very enriching lifestyle.

Healthy Healing

A Guide to Working Out Grief Using the Power of Exercise and Endorphins

Author: Michelle Steinke-Baumgard

Publisher: HarperCollins

ISBN: 006265604X

Category: Self-Help

Page: 304

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Instead of helping in the aftermath of loss, many of the books and strategies meant to guide us through grief only add to the sadness. No one understands the need for a new approach more than Michelle Steinke-Baumgard, who lost her husband in a tragic plane accident and became a widow overnight. In the darkest moment of her life, the mother of two young children found solace and hope in the unlikeliest of places: exercise. She recorded her journey in her blog, One Fit Widow, and soon had a huge community of devoted followers. Now, Michelle offers her revolutionary solution to grief to everyone struggling with their own loss. Healthy Healing addresses the physical, mental, and emotional effects of grief in a way that no other book in the category has ever done, offering a 12-week plan that empowers you to work through loss by using the power of exercise and endorphins, and rediscovering happiness by strengthening body, mind and spirit through fitness. And the benefits don’t end there: Exercise helps with poor sleep—a common side effect of trauma—and proper nutrition boosts immunity and fuels you through a busy, stressful time. Michelle dispels common myths about grief and replaces them with relatable advice and actionable inspiration, including: • Starting with baby steps such as taking a walk or being in nature • Learning to be comfortable with alone time and rediscovering your strength • Pairing your exact circumstances with the right form of exercise, whether it’s gentle yoga to release trapped sadness or intense kickboxing to work through anger • Embracing community and surrounding yourself with support This book is an exercise plan, nutrition guide, and, most importantly, a compassionate companion during the most difficult time in your life. With Healthy Healing, you’ll learn how to channel your pain into something productive—and use tragedy as a catalyst for inspired change.

Exploring Museums

The Home Counties

Author: Nell Hoare,Geoffrey Marsh,Great Britain. Museums and Galleries Commission

Publisher: Unipub

ISBN: 9780112904717

Category: Art

Page: 122

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Continuing the series of museum guides which cover regions of the British Isles, in the eight counties that surround London, this edition documents museums.