Marianne Is Watching

Marianne Is Watching

In Marianne Is Watching Deborah Bauer examines the history of French espionage and counterespionage services in the era of their professionalization, arguing that the expansion of surveillance practices reflects a change in understandings ...

Author: Deborah Bauer

Publisher: U of Nebraska Press

ISBN: 9781496229144

Category: History

Page: 342

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Professional intelligence became a permanent feature of the French state as a result of the army's June 8, 1871, reorganization following France's defeat in the Franco-Prussian War. Intelligence practices developed at the end of the nineteenth century without direction or oversight from elected officials, and yet the information gathered had a profound influence on the French population and on pre-World War I Europe more broadly. In Marianne Is Watching Deborah Bauer examines the history of French espionage and counterespionage services in the era of their professionalization, arguing that the expansion of surveillance practices reflects a change in understandings of how best to protect the nation. By leading readers through the processes and outcomes of professionalizing intelligence in three parts--covering the creation of permanent intelligence organizations within the state; the practice of intelligence; and the place of intelligence in the public sphere--Bauer fuses traditional state-focused history with social and cultural analysis to provide a modern understanding of intelligence and its role in both state formation and cultural change. With this first English-language book-length treatment of the history of French intelligence services in the era of their inception, Bauer provides a penetrating study not just of the security establishment in pre-World War I France but of the diverse social climate it nurtured and on which it fed.
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Marianne is Watching

Marianne is Watching

"Marianne is Watching" presents a history of the institutionalization of professional intelligence and counterintelligence services in France from 1870 to 1914.

Author: Deborah Susan Bauer


ISBN: OCLC:872593523


Page: 539

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"Marianne is Watching" presents a history of the institutionalization of professional intelligence and counterintelligence services in France from 1870 to 1914. As the practice of secret politics, once exclusive to the domain of royal authority, gave way to calls for greater transparency in the nineteenth century, the acceptable exercise of state secrecy shifted from leadership to professional surveillance teams. This process, which notably took place during a period of peace, not war, highlights the enduring tension between surveillance, secrecy and national defense within an ostensibly open, democratic society. Interrogating these concerns in the French case, the Third Republic appears as a regime that ultimately valued security over transparency and other freedoms. Led by the army's administration, with contributions from services within the police and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, espionage and counterespionage teams became an integral part of the French state. They carved out important roles in determining France's international policy, in policing domestic populations, and in regulating speech and expression. What began as a reconnaissance service to achieve military parity with enemies like Germany thus grew to be a professional domestic surveillance apparatus with considerable autonomy in identifying threats to the nation. The embedding of institutions devoted to secrecy had a significant effect on French fin-de-siécle society and culture by contributing to fears of competition, weakness, and decline, as well as popular ideas of citizenship and belonging. The atmosphere created by the perceived presence of foreign spies in turn gave rise to a shared mindset of desperation, paranoia, and yearning for honor and heroism. As understandings of the reality of international espionage changed, views of spies changed, facilitating the popular acceptance of the notion of raison d'état, or the idea that the state has the right to act by whatever means necessary. This study of the origins of bureaucratized intelligence shows the extent to which regimes rely on the perception of real or imagined enemies to justify the establishment of legal and social structures that permit secret state actions, even in the most open society.



She had already appended her signature on the dotted line at the foot of the page. Fumbling, I pulled a pen from my pocket and signed my name below hers. I looked up. Marianne was watching me. “You won't regret this, Marianne,” I said.

Author: Eric Brown

Publisher: Solaris

ISBN: 9781849973557

Category: Fiction

Page: 432

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It takes an alien race to show us our humanity When a mysterious alien race known as the Kéthani make contact with the people of Earth they bring with them the dubious gift of eternal life. These enigmatic aliens will change the course of the human race forever but also touch people’s lives on a personal level, not least in a small town in the English countryside. But do the Kéthani have a hidden agenda and will the human race choose to evolve or turn in on itself in the face of this momentous revelation? Kéthani is a superbly crafted novel that examines the consequences of first contact with an alien race, and the choices faced by those whose lives are touched by these visitors from the stars. This is moving and powerful science fiction.
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John Sinclair Demon Hunter Volume 1 English Edition

John Sinclair  Demon Hunter Volume 1  English Edition

Marianne asked, her voice laced with suspicion. 'I need a drink,' Barney said, before standing up and moving over to the kitchen cabinet. He opened it and started looking for the whiskey. When he found it, he took out a glass — formerly ...

Author: Gabriel Conroy

Publisher: J-Novel Club

ISBN: 9781718351202

Category: Young Adult Fiction


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1977 is a strange year. Things beyond human understanding have begun to surface, threatening the peace and leaving behind an endless trail of blood. When such incidents arise, it is down to Scotland Yard’s Special Division and their Demon Hunter in residence, John Sinclair, to set things right. But Sinclair is haunted by demons of his own, ones which rival the dark forces attacking innocents around him. Can he conquer one to vanquish the other?
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Language in Popular Fiction

Language in Popular Fiction

Marianne was watching me, a sympathetic expression on her face'. Indeed, wise Marianne understands all too well, for did she not almost make the same mistake with her only son? And now remains only the Clarifying Act, which is performed ...

Author: Walter Nash

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000365559

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 178

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First published in 1990, Language in Popular Fiction was written to provide a comprehensive and illuminating look at the way language is used in thrillers and romantic fiction. The book examines the use of language across three interrelated levels: a level of verbal organisation, a level of narrative structure, and a level at which stylistic options and devices are related to notions of gender. It introduces ‘the protocol of pulchritude’ and makes use of detailed stylistic and linguistic analysis to investigate a wide range of ‘popfiction’ and ‘magfiction’. In doing so, it provokes serious reflection on popular fiction and its claims on the reader.
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Love s Sure Dawn

Love s Sure Dawn

“No,” he answered Marianne without looking at her. “I'm afraid you'd find the dressmaking options in Eagle Harbor lacking.” “Why don't we retire to the drawing room?” Father scooted his chair back from the table. “Perhaps Marianne could ...

Author: Naomi Rawlings

Publisher: Naomi Rawlings

ISBN: 9781508060802

Category: Fiction

Page: 380

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The bestselling Eagle Harbor Series continues with Book 3, Love’s Sure Dawn. No matter how hard she tries to help, Rebekah Cummings always ends up causing more problems than she solves. This time, though, things will be different. She’ll find a way to pay her family’s debts, even if doing so requires leaving Eagle Harbor. Maybe then they’ll start treating her as a capable woman who makes her own choices. Gilbert Sinclair is going to marry an heiress. With his latest business venture sunk at the bottom of Lake Superior, he needs money to replace the steamship he lost, so he heads to Chicago where his father’s business connections should land him a suitable wife. Like most things in his meticulously planned life, everything goes as expected—until he discovers Rebekah Cummings working as the new cook on his ship. Rebekah well remembers the pain she endured the last time she tried trusting Gilbert, and Gilbert can’t afford to pursue the love of a working class woman. But they can’t stop the forgotten feelings swirling between them—or ignore the sacrifices they’d both have to make for a future together. “More than just a satisfying love story.” Melissa Jagears, award winning Christian author “This is the best book series that I have found in several years.” Amazon Reviewer If you like inspirational stories of love, courage, and drama, then get your copy of the latest book in the memorable Eagle Harbor Series. Eagle Harbor Series—Where Love Finds Its Anchor Book 1: Love’s Unfading Light (Mac and Tressa) Book 2: Love’s Every Whisper (Elijah and Victoria) Short Story: Love’s Beginning (Elijah and Victoria) Book 3: Love’s Sure Dawn (Gilbert and Rebekah) Book 4: Love’s Eternal Breath (Seth and Lindy—winter 2017) Book 5: Love’s Constant Hope (Thomas and Jessalyn—summer 2017) Book 6: Love’s Bright Tomorrow (Isaac and Aileen—winter 2018)
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Promise Me Tomorrow

Promise Me Tomorrow

her head, scanning the room, and after a moment she saw him—the same man who had been watching her earlier. As she looked at him, he sketched a bow to her. ... Penelope adjusted her glasses, looking in the direction of Marianne's gaze.

Author: Candace Camp

Publisher: HQN Books

ISBN: 9781488058882

Category: Fiction

Page: 384

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A fan-favorite from New York Times bestselling author Candace Camp, originally published in 2000. Lord Lambeth is captivated by Marianne Cotterwood. He knows she’s not only off-limits, but she’s keeping secrets, and he’s determined to unravel her mystery. Alone in the world, Marianne wishes she could remember her life before the orphanage. The only family she has is a warmly eccentric bunch of pickpockets and thieves. Marianne’s inborn grace makes her a natural at mingling among the wealthy while looking for valuables, but then Lord Lambeth catches her in the act. But someone else is interested in Marianne’s secrets, too. A dangerous shadow from her past is closing in, and Lord Lambeth is the only man she can turn to…
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The Secret Life of Yellow Dog

The Secret Life of Yellow Dog

Over time Love became another part of the family, just another dog in Marianne's pack. He taught her dogs tricks, just as she wondered whether he would. By watching Love Marianne's dogs learned how to roll over, sit, and lie down.

Author: Danielle Sigmon

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781504961264

Category: Fiction

Page: 270

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What happens when one dog roams the countryside and makes a home for himself in every house? How can so many different people find themselves drawn together and become friends? What is it about this dog that makes people love him, whether they want to or not? Bailey is a city dog brought to the country, and he finds that it suits him better. Before long he’s roaming the woods and fields of the Hill, making friends everywhere that he goes. Wherever he visits he finds sadness and grief, but when he leaves, people’s lives are changed forever. Whether it’s the old man who lives alone or the grieving widow who looks for happiness in a bottle of wine, Bailey comes into their lives and shakes it up, making them better people just because he’s there. Each person believes they are the only ones that Bailey visits, but just how long will it be until he gets caught? And what will happen when everyone learns the truth? Based on the life adventures of a real dog, “The Secret Life of Yellow Dog” is a tale of love, acceptance, and understanding as people collide and clash, all over a single dog.
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The Pigeons Secrets

The Pigeons  Secrets

“Okay, Gran,” Marianne replied while looking at the other three officers searching around the outside of the house. Marianne wanted to know what it was they were looking for, and whether they would find anything, anything at all that ...

Author: Ray Fawley

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595803569

Category: Fiction

Page: 240

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Uncle Paul and Marianne arrived at their usual feeding bench near the thicket of trees that lined one edge of DeSoto Park. Marianne was trembling as she scanned the premises for possible rescuers, but spotted no other occupants across the field. Not even a passerby walking down Georgetown Road, DeSoto Road, or Herkimer Street-the other three of the four boundaries of this devil's playground that she now inhabited. Only she and Uncle Paul populated the space today. What she was about to face was inevitable, and although she'd tried to stop it in the past, Marianne's attempts always failed. With no saviors to be seen and no hope for an intervention, Marianne took a seat on the altar of a park bench, preparing herself for the sacrifice that would soon be forced upon her. Advance praise for The Pigeons' Secrets "A novel of psychological horror that's shrewdly developed in the manner of a whodunit-style mystery, The Pigeons' Secrets unfolds its story in a compelling narrative that keeps the reader wanting to know what happens next-and then some." -Ken Hanke, Scarlet Street magazine
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Tangled Mark

Tangled Mark

After we had searched with no luck, it hit me that every house had to have a shelter so we started looking for access.” “That's really awesome, Nik. ... Nikki studied her plate before looking up to find Marianne still watching her.

Author: Becky Harmon

Publisher: Bella Books

ISBN: 9781594937651

Category: Fiction

Page: 252

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Nikki Mitchell found a home when she joined Flagler Security as an undercover agent over ten years ago. It didn’t take long for Nikki to completely immerse herself inside the organization, easily adapting to the secrecy that was essential to the job. That is until she becomes Mel Carter’s next mark. Mel has her own secret mission—finding the leak that is putting every agent’s life at risk. Willing to do whatever necessary to accomplish her assignment, Mel’s suspicions have settled squarely on Nikki and her team. Could Nikki possibly be the leak that Mel is determined to find and bring to justice? Completely dedicated to their individual missions, the lives of both women become tangled as personal and professional lines begin to blur. With the danger so real and the stakes so high, they risk it all in search of the truth—not quite knowing where their safety truly lies.
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