Making European Masculinities

Making European Masculinities

This collection considers the evolution of modern sport in Europe and examines its role in shaping masculine identity.

Author: J. A. Mangan

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135270346

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 208

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As sport has grown, progressively replacing religion, in its power to excite passion, provide emotional escape, offer fraternal (and increasingly sororital) bonding, it has come to loom larger and larger in the lives of Europeans and others. It has become an inescapable reality linking public environment with intimate experience and thus offers the historian an opportunity to inspect and attempt to grasp all the dimensions of the recent past and their relative share in individual and collective experience. This collection considers the evolution of modern sport in Europe and examines its role in shaping masculine identity.
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The Poetics of the Avant garde in Literature Arts and Philosophy

The Poetics of the Avant garde in Literature  Arts  and Philosophy

J. A. Mangan and Callum McKenzie, “The Other Side of the Coin: Victorian
Masculinity, Field Sports and English Elite Education,” in Making European
Masculinities: Sport, Europe, Gender, ed. J. A. Mangan (London: Frank Cass,
2000), 65. 4.

Author: Slav N. Gratchev

Publisher: Lexington Books

ISBN: 9781793615756

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 246

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The Poetics of the Avant-garde in Literature, Arts, and Philosophy presents a range of chapters written by a highly international group of scholars from disciplines such as literary studies, arts, theatre, and philosophy to analyze the ambitions of avant-garde artists. Together, these essays highlight the interdisciplinary scope of the historic avant-garde and the interconnectedness of its artists. Contributors analyze topics such as abstraction and estrangement across the arts, the imaginary dialogue between Lev Yakubinsky and Mikhail Bakhtin, the problem of the “masculine ethos” in the Russian avant-garde, the transformation of barefoot dancing, Kazimir Malevich’s avant-garde poetic experimentations, the ecological imagination of the Polish avant-garde, science-fiction in the Russian avant-garde cinema, and the almost forgotten history of the avant-garde children’s literature in Germany. The chapters in this collection open a new critical discourse about the avant-garde movement in Europe and reshape contemporary understandings of it.
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Faster Higher Stronger Comrades

Faster  Higher  Stronger  Comrades

J. A. Mangan and Callum McKenzie, “The Other Side of the Coin: Victorian
Masculinity, Field Sports and English Elite Education,” in Making European
Masculinities: Sport, Europe, Gender, ed. J. A. Mangan (London: Frank Cass,
2000), 65.

Author: Tim Harte


ISBN: 9780299327705

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The revival of the Olympic games in 1896 and the subsequent rise of modern athletics prompted a new, energetic movement away from more sedentary habits. In Russia, this ethos soon became a key facet of the Bolsheviks' shared vision for the future. In the aftermath of the revolution, glorification of exercise persevered, pointing the way toward a stronger, healthier populace and a vibrant Socialist society. With interdisciplinary analysis of literature, painting, and film, Faster, Higher, Stronger, Comrades! traces how physical fitness had an even broader impact on culture and ideology in the Soviet Union than previously realized. From prerevolutionary writers and painters glorifying popular circus wrestlers to Soviet photographers capturing unprecedented athleticism as a means of satisfying their aesthetic ideals, the nation's artists embraced sports in profound, inventive ways. Though athletics were used for doctrinaire purposes, Tim Harte demonstrates that at their core, they remained playful, joyous physical activities capable of stirring imaginations and transforming everyday realities.
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Masculinity in the Modern West

Masculinity in the Modern West

69 ; Gregory A. Caplan , “ Militarism and Masculinity as Keys to the Jewish
Question ' in Germany , " in Higate , Military Masculinities , p . 180 . 57. Robert B.
Edgerton ... in J.A. Mangan ( ed . ) , Making European Masculinities : Sport ,
Europe ...

Author: Christopher E. Forth

Publisher: Palgrave MacMillan

ISBN: STANFORD:36105131756632

Category: History

Page: 285

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Across the Western world "crisis" is the word most commonly used to describe the state of masculinity today, but how new is this idea? Can we identify a time when masculinity was actually stable and secure? Masculinity in the Modern West engages with these questions by examining how traditional ideals about male physical prowess have clashed with the lifestyle changes that accompanied the rise of modern civilization since 1700. In countries like America, Britain, France, Germany and Russia, modernity bolstered male dominance in commerce, politics, technology and the world of ideas; yet images of masculinity have continued to be haunted by the negative effects that polite, cerebral, consumerist and sedentary lifestyles might have on the minds and bodies of men. Modernity thus exercises a double logic that supports male privilege while diminishing the physical difference used to legitimate that privilege. By focusing on the male body, this wide-ranging study proposes that "crises" of masculinity may be structural, and thus inescapable, features of life in our world.
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Ethnicities and Masculinities in the Making

Ethnicities and Masculinities in the Making

However , what also happened was the adoption of a colonial European
perspective of ethnicity . The bloody ethnic history of Europe as well as the most
current ethnic tensions , conflicts , and wars in Europe and around the world
should ...

Author: Gerhard Johann Schwab


ISBN: UOM:39015041789671

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Men and Masculinities in Europe

Men and Masculinities in Europe

First , it suggests that much needs to be done in the Nordic states to make their
welfare responses in this field as comprehensive as they certainly are in other
fields of welfare . Secondly , it suggests that using Nordic welfare systems as
models ...

Author: Keith Pringle

Publisher: Whiting & Birch Limited

ISBN: UOM:39015067652480

Category: Social Science

Page: 278

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This book reviews the state of knowledge on men and masculinities between ten European countries, emphasising both the differences and the similarities between them. The volume draws upon the outcomes of a recently-completed major research exercise undertaken by network funded by the European Commission-funded Research Network on Men in Europe. It contains contributions by some of Europe's leading scholars in the field. Special emphasis is placed on four key themes: home and work, social exclusion, violences, and health. There is also a particular focus on the fundamental changes taking place in Central and Eastern Europe in the post-socialist period; and to the questions of politics and ethnicity in contemporary Europe. Addressing politics, policy and analysis around men and masculinities in relation to these and other matters is an immensely urgent task not only for European and Trans-European political structures but also for European societies themselves. In the past, masculinity and men's powers and practices were taken for granted. Gender was largely seen as a matter of and for women. This is now changing in the face of rapid but contradictory social change. This book will be essential reading for anyone, whether academic, policymaker, or concerned citizen, who wishes to understand these social processes and their implications for the societies of Europe. Contents: Estonia Voldemar Kolga, Professor of Personality and Developmental Psychology, Head of the Women's Studies Centre, University of Tallinn Finland Jeff Hearn, Professor in the Swedish School of Economics, Helsinki; Emmi Lattu, Doctoral Student at the University of Tampere; Teemu Tallberg, Doctoral Student at the Swedish School of Economics, Helsinki; Hertta Niemi, Research Assistant and Doctoral Student at the Swedish School of Economics, Helsinki Germany Ursula Müller, Full Professor of Sociology and Director of the Interdisciplinary Women's Studies Centre, University of Bielefeld Ireland Harry Ferguson, Professor of Social Work, University of the West of England Latvia Irina Novikova, Director of the Centre for Gender Studies, University of Latvia Poland Elzbieta Oleksy, Full Professor of Humanities and Director of the Women's Studies Centre, University of Lodz and Joanna Rydzewska, Doctoral Candidate, Women's Studies Centre, University of Lodz United Kingdom Keith Pringle, Professor of Social Work, Aalborg University Bulgaria Dimitar Kambourov, Associate Professor in Literary Theory, Sofia University Czech Republic Iva Smidova, Doctoral Researcher, Sociology Department, Masaryk University Sweden Marie Nordberg, Doctoral Student in Ethnology, Goteborgs University
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Masculinities in the Making of Gendered Identities

Masculinities in the Making of Gendered Identities

For Stuart Hall , a black British sociologist , using ambivalence as a strategy for
identity involves selecting from European ideologies , cultures and institutions
and incorporating the chosen elements with an African heritage . It leads beyond

Author: Anne Kelk Mager


ISBN: UOM:39015051915604

Category: Gender identity

Page: 63

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Remi Dalisson , Asserting Male Values : Nineteenth Century Fetes , Gemes and
Masculinity – A French case study . In The European Sports History Review Vol .
2 , Making European Masculinities , Spori , Europe , Gender . J . A . Mangan ( ed

Author: Indian History Congress


ISBN: UVA:X030364739

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offers here a collection of essays about contemporary Native American literature
that are written by European scholars , making it a first of its kind . ... May ' 04 , 41
- 5176 ) , Strychacz ( Mills College ) posited a revisionist study of masculinity in
many of Hemingway ' s major works ... s The Chronicles of Narnia ( 1950 - 56 ) ,
suggesting that the seven novels that make up the series have a coherent plan .



ISBN: UOM:39015079680503

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Exploring Masculinities

Exploring Masculinities

Teacher Guidelines : The Apprentice ( S TG 69 ) 1 1 1 1 1 EXPLORING
MASCULINITIES : For Transition Year and Senior Cycle Boys ... footballers who
make it to the top in Britain and in Europe become very wealthy in a short space
of time .

Author: Ireland. Department of Education and Science


ISBN: WISC:89089246839

Category: Bullying

Page: 420

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Sex Violence and the Body

Sex  Violence and the Body

Livholts , Mona ( 2001b ) ' The making of Nordic “ women - friendlyness ” and the
language of emancipatory politics ' , NORA ... Mangan , John A. ( 2000 ) Making
European Masculinities : Sport , Europe , Gender , London : Frank Cass .

Author: Vivien Burr

Publisher: Palgrave MacMillan

ISBN: UOM:39015079247279

Category: Psychology

Page: 242

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Examines sex, violence and the body through a focus on the multiple and fascinating relationships between sexuality and wounding in both the real world and representations. Drawing on a range of disciplines, including cultural and media studies, sociology and psychology, this book explores social practices such as S & M, and cosmetic surgery.
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“Male Rites of Passage: Ollerup Danish Gymnastic between the Wars,” Making
European Masculinities. Sport, Europe, Gender (ed. James A. Mangan). London.
2000; Jens Ljunggren. “The Masculine Road through Modernity: Ling Gymnastics



ISBN: UCSC:32106018781549

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Making Technology Our Own

Making Technology Our Own

London : Academic Press . Lie , M . 1995 . Technology and masculinity . The
case of the computer . European Journal of Women ' s Studies , Vol . 2 , pp . 379
– 94 . Lockwood , D . 1958 . The Blackcoated Worker . London : Allen & Unwin .

Author: Merete Lie


ISBN: UOM:39015041047773

Category: Norway

Page: 223

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"Making Technology Our Own? focuses on how consumers, or users, acquire and master technology in different social contexts, and examines how they actively create a relationship with, and define themselves through, that technology. The authors of this collection of articles argue that the users/consumers of technology are the co-designers of the relationship to technological products."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved
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Making the Australian Male

Making the Australian Male

Introduction : Gender History and Masculinity Biddulph , Raising Boys , passim .
... 45 ; Gilmore , Manhood in the Making , pp . ... 8 Natalie Zemon Davis , ' Women
' s History in Transition : The European Case ' ( Feminist Studies , vol . 3 , 1975 ...

Author: Martin Crotty

Publisher: Melbourne University

ISBN: UVA:X004470591

Category: Social Science

Page: 301

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The construction of Australian manliness has altered with the nation's development and the influence of world events. Among the various models held up as ideals we have had the laconic, resourceful bushman; the plucky, loyal Anzac; and the fit, athletic sportsman. In Making the Australian Male, Martin Crotty explores the changing ideologies of Australian manliness, particularly middle-class masculinity, over a crucial fifty-year period of our history. He examines changing emphases at boys' schools, mutations of the ideal hero in children's literature and boys' adventure stories, and the evolution of boys' organisations such as the Try Society and the Boy Scout movement.
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Male Roles Masculinities and Violence

Male Roles  Masculinities and Violence

Our best boys ' : the making of masculinity in Israeli society adulthood , where the
socializing process aims to teach ... century as a reaction to the pogroms in
southern Russia and the eruption of modern anti - semitism in Central Europe .

Author: Expert Group Meeting on Male Roles and M

Publisher: UNESCO

ISBN: STANFORD:36105110666471

Category: Social Science

Page: 288

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This book is based on an expert group meeting entitled 'Male Roles and Masculinities in the Perspective of a Culture of Peace', which was organised by UNESCO in Oslo, Norway in 1997, the first international discussion of the connections between men and masculinity and peace and war. The group consisted of researchers, activists, policy makers and administrators and the aim of the meeting was to formulate practical suggestions for change. Chapters in the book consist of both regional case studies and social science research on the connections of traditional masculinity and patriarchy to violence and peace building. The Culture of Peace initiatives in this book show how violence is ineffective, and the book contests the views in the socialisation of boy-children that aggressiveness, violence and force are an acceptable means of expression.
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Men and Masculinities in Modern Africa

Men and Masculinities in Modern Africa

African men , European readers were often told , either sat around drinking and
gossiping or else ran around enslaving or killing each other ... The making of
industrial men had to begin at birth and go through the critical years of childhood

Author: Lisa A. Lindsay

Publisher: Social History of Africa

ISBN: UVA:X004659053

Category: History

Page: 265

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Extrait de la couverture : "Over the last twenty years, gender has become a major research focus in Africa studies, resulting in a surge of rich material. Yet men have rarely been the subject of gender research in Africa, and africanist scholars have yet to fully address how shifting meanings of gender have affected African men or how the understandings and practices of masculinity have been contested and transformed during the colonial and postcolonial eras. This collection is the firt to analyze the concepts and issues involved in exploring African men and the constructions of masculinity in sub-Saharan Africa. An introduction establishes the major themes of the anthology : -men as gendered actors -the social construction of masculinity -masculinity as a relational category hegemonic and subordinate masculinities This book challenges stereotypes of African men as savages, patriarchs, or emasculated colonial victims. Essays establish the centrality of gender to the social and political transformation of the 20th-centrury Africa. Chronologically and regionally diverse, the collection moves from the early colonial period through the era of independence and inclludes local studies throughtout the continent, as well as the work of both junior and senior scholars. Anyone interested in scholarship on gender and Africa will find this collection invaluable and thought provoking."
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Masculinities and Schooling

Masculinities and Schooling

Their idea was to create a symbol which any man . . . could easily display and
thereby begin to foster a climate in ... not least through declarations of the United
Nations , the Council of Europe , the European Union , and other international ...

Author: Blye Frank


ISBN: STANFORD:36105123326451

Category: Masculinity

Page: 198

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Masculinities in African Literary and Cultural Texts

Masculinities in African Literary and Cultural Texts

The Trans - Atlantic Slave Trade had , by this time , given way to European
colonial domination of the African continent . ... Anowa plays an active part in
both the decision - making and the daily operations of the business ; and though
Kofi Ako ...

Author: Helen Nabasuta Mugambi

Publisher: Lynne Rienner Pub

ISBN: UOM:39076002879240

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 352

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An invaluable contribution to the emerging body of African masculinity studies, drawing on the epic, folk tales, proverbs and song genres. The book explores the pervasive influence of orality on patterns of thought, as well as underlying notions of masculinity in African societies through the work of writers such as Chinua Achebe, Ama Ata Aidoo, Ahmadou Kourouma, Nuruddin Farah and Nawal El Saadawi.
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Labour History Review

Labour History Review

Reflections on nineteenth century Britain ' , in R . B . Shoemaker and M . Vincent (
eds ) , Gender and History in Western Europe , London , Arnold , 1998 . See also
J . Tosh , ' The making of masculinities : the middle class in late nineteenth ...



ISBN: STANFORD:36105121663707

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Men and Masculinities Global masculinities

Men and Masculinities  Global masculinities

In Russia , however , there has developed a discourse , defined as “ masculinity
crisis ” / with major indicators as low life expectancy in comparison ... In other
words , men are represented in this theory as victims who can hardly be called '
actively functioning ' , making their own life social agents . ... But its postmodern
manifestation is mobilised across Europe in an overall utterance of
denouncement .

Author: Stephen M. Whitehead


ISBN: 0415402085

Category: Masculinity

Page: 432

View: 942

The sociology of masculinity began to assume real significance from the late 1980s onwards. Part of "Critical Concepts in Sociology" series, this five volume set brings together material in the field, and serves as a useful resource for scholars and students.
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