Joey Green's Cleaning Magic

2,336 Ingenious Cleanups Using Brand-Name Products

Author: Joey Green

Publisher: Rodale Books

ISBN: 1605291013

Category: House & Home

Page: 416

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From the guru of discovering extraordinary uses for brand-name products come brand-new ways to make cleaning, organizing, and decluttering quick, easy, and a lot more fun The public is endlessly fascinated by quirky and offbeat uses for their favorite products and, this time around, Joey Green tackles household chores with his pantry full of cleaning power. Green's easy and effortless tips and tricks show how to scrub, deodorize, shine, and remove stains with products already in the house. While Green's suggestions may sound implausible, they are, in fact, highly effective. Most products on the market today are a complex mix of lubricants, abrasives, and cleansers, giving these brand-name products plenty of power to clean, dissolve, and fix in the most unexpected ways. Joey Green's Cleaning Magic offers clever ways to make household items do double duty, like using a slice of Wonder Bread to clean up tiny shards of glass from a kitchen floor—just pat it flat against the floor and toss it away—and wiping away the gunk from the bottom of an iron with Purell. This practical, useful, funny, and entertaining volume includes thousands of incredibly simple ways to clean up every room (and dusty corner) in the house.

Companies and Their Brands

Manufacturers, Their Addresses and Phone Numbers, and the Consumer Products They Produce

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780787689629

Category: Brand name products

Page: 3498

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Contesting Citizenship

Irregular Migrants and New Frontiers of the Political

Author: Anne McNevin

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 0231151284

Category: Political Science

Page: 240

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Irregular migrants complicate the boundaries of citizenship and stretch the parameters of political belonging. Comprised of refugees, asylum seekers, "illegal" labor migrants, and stateless persons, this group of migrants occupies new sovereign spaces that generate new subjectivities. Investigating the role of irregular migrants in the transformation of citizenship, Anne McNevin argues that irregular status is an immanent (rather than aberrant) condition of global capitalism, formed by the fast-tracked processes of globalization. McNevin casts irregular migrants as more than mere victims of sovereign power, shuttled from one location to the next. Incorporating examples from the United States, Australia, and France, she shows how migrants reject their position as "illegal" outsiders and make claims on the communities in which they live and work. For these migrants, outsider status operates as both a mode of subjectification and as a site of active resistance, forcing observers to rethink the enactment of citizenship. McNevin connects irregular migrant activism to the complex rescaling of the neoliberal state. States increasingly prioritize transnational market relations that disrupt the spatial context for citizenship. At the same time, states police their borders in ways that reinvigorate territorial identities. Mapping the broad dynamics of political belonging in a neoliberal era, McNevin provides invaluable insight into the social and spatial transformation of citizenship, sovereignty, and power.

Drooling Dudley

Author: Shelley Swanson Sateren

Publisher: Capstone

ISBN: 1515802205

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 65

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Alfie Wolfe HATES to clean and does his best to avoid it. But when the Hound Hotel welcomes its first English bulldog guest, a lovable drool-filled lump named Dudley, Alfie gets a quick lesson in slobber clean-up and makes a new friend in the process.

SpellCheckers Inc. Book 1: the Opening Act

Author: J. P. Hirtle


ISBN: 1411654935


Page: 92

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Nine short spellchecked stories about stage magic gone slightly wronga? When Mary was about to lose her job, she considered herself lucky to get another one right away at a peculiar workshop called SpellCheckers Inc. "No, we don't work on software," Barry explained, as he showed her the ropes, "We repair stage magic tricks - check the spells if you will." "Illusions, right?" Mary asked. Barry smiled and nodded knowingly. Before Mary knew it, she discovered that the stage magic was quite real, and more hazardous than she ever thought as she and Barry worked to ensure that any unfortunate accidents happen in their workshop - and not out on stage. Because checking the spells - is what SpellCheckers Inc. does.

Pennies for Her Eyes

A Surf City Mystery

Author: James R. Preston

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1477269266

Category: Fiction

Page: 342

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I was sitting on a wet bike in frigid water, watching waves the size of three-story buildings slide toward me, hump up, then hump up again getting even taller before crashing down with a sound like a Las Vegas casino imploding. I could be in one of those casinos, a fancy one, too, because they liked me and wanted me to work for them, or I could be on Wall Street moving around billion-dollar chunks of money. But instead I was here, cold and anxious and very soon I'd have to drive the wet bike in front of one of these waves, dragging a beautiful redhead behind me on the end of a towline, and if -- when--she fell I'd have to go get her. Or die trying. That was the part I didn't like, the "die trying." My name is T. R. Macdonald and believe it or not this was the good part. People hadn't started stuffing me in the trunks of cars or shooting at me. Yet.