Lufthansa to Luftwaffe Hitlers Secret Air Force

Lufthansa to Luftwaffe Hitlers  Secret Air Force

This was capable of detecting H2S transmissions at ranges up to 48km (30 miles)
and gave the nightfighters an almost 100 percent chance ... However, heavy
losses amongst the Luftwaffe nightfighters units were already a cause for concern

Author: Peter Dancey

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781447626756

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This book provides a complete history of the clandestine WW II Luftwaffe and its origins under the patronage of Lufthansa, secret training of its personnel in Russia and Italy. Combat proving of its airplanes with the Condor Legion during the Spanish Civil War. Units, deployments, personel, airplanes and sub-types, thw 'secret weapons' and the world's first combat jets. Hitler's less than cordial relations with Goring, the RLM and German Aviation industry
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Luftwaffe Night Fighter Combat Claims 1939 1945

Luftwaffe Night Fighter Combat Claims  1939 1945

The technical air war has already been abiy described before, particularly by Dr.
Alfred Price in 'Instruments of Darkness' and by Gebhart Aders' 'History of the
Luftwaffe Nightfighter Forces', the losses of Bomber Command by Bill Chorley,
the ...

Author: John Foreman

Publisher: Red Kite / Air Research

ISBN: 0953806146

Category: Aircraft accidents

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A definitive list of nearly 7,000 claims submitted by Luftwaffe night fighter pilots for Allied aircraft shot down in WW2. These claims are listed with the following details; Date, Time, Location, Type of aircraft shot down, Claiming Pilot and his Unit. Entries feature claims against Russian, American as well as Bomber Command aircraft.
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Among the Dead Cities

Among the Dead Cities

... too long a trip for the bomber stream, which meant less time exposed to
Luftwaffe night-fighters; and moreover much of the trip there and back could be
carried out over the North Sea, empty of flak, searchlights and Luftwaffe airfields.
Harris's ...

Author: A. C. Grayling

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 9781472534057

Category: Philosophy

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Is it ever right to target civilians in a time of war? Or do the ends sometimes justify the means? The twentieth century - the age of 'total war' - marked the first time that civilian populations came to be seen as legitimate military targets. At this policy's most terrible extreme came the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki but it is an issue that remains relevant today with the needs of the 'War on Terror' used to justify the use of drone strikes. In Amongst the Dead Cities, A.C. Grayling explores these moral issues in all their complexity with a detailed examination of the Allied bombing of German cities during World War 2. Considering the cases for and against the area bombing and the experiences of the bombed and the bombers, Grayling asks: was the targeting of civilians in Germany a crime? Now available in the Bloomsbury Revelations series, the book includes a new afterword by the author considering the issues in light of later conflicts up to the present day.
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Air War Over Europe

Air War Over Europe

The still-mounting night raids by RAF Bomber Command were meeting
increasingly determined Luftwaffe opposition. Hitler's misguided decision to halt
the German nightfighter intruder attacks against RAF bomber bases had given
RAF crews ...

Author: Chaz Bowyer

Publisher: Pen and Sword

ISBN: 9780850529371

Category: History

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Chaz Bowyer, arguably the most authoritative air historian of his generation, tackles the broad sweep of air operations in the European theatre in this book. Initially, the Luftwaffe attempted to dominate the skies, and very nearly succeeded. The valiant defence of the UK by the RAF in the Battle of Britain ranks among the greatest feats of arms in our country's history. The development of aircraft types and the descriptions of the actions that they and their pilots and crew fought make for great reading.
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Bomber Command

Bomber Command

DIVSir Max Hastings, recipient of the 2012 Pritzker Military Library Literature Award for Lifetime Achievement in Military Writing, has written one of the classic accounts of World War II. /divDIV /divDIVUpon publication, Bomber Command, ...

Author: Max Hastings

Publisher: Zenith Press

ISBN: 9780760345207

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Page: 400

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DIVBomber Command is Sir Max Hastings’ classic account of one of the most controversial struggles of World War II: the British air offensive against the cities of Nazi Germany. /div
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Tame Boar, (Zahme Sau): German code name for infiltration of the bomber
stream by twin-engine night-fighters, ... Wild Boar, (Wilde Sau): German code
name for Luftwaffe nightfighters, (often single-engine day fighters pressed into
night ...

Author: Bruce Lewis

Publisher: Pen and Sword

ISBN: 9781473811737

Category: History

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Bruce Lewis brings this book together to tell the story of the men who flew the bombers. The different roles within the aircraft are covered and each of their unique experiences discussed through first hand accounts.
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3 Group Bomber Command

3 Group Bomber Command

Radio Countermeasures (RCM) was one of the answers to the nightfighter
scourge, and involved powerful jamming devices ... 100 Group would also
employ squadrons of Mosquitos to hunt down the Luftwaffe nightfighters with the
aid of the ...

Author: Chris Ward

Publisher: Pen and Sword

ISBN: 9781844687343

Category: History

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During the immediate period before World War Two, the RAF modified its command structure to rationalize for rapid expansion. Bomber Command was divided into six operational groups, each flying the same type of aircraft.3 Group had almost completely re-equipped with the Wellington by 4 September 1939 to carry out the second bombing operation of the war which was against German warships off Brunsbttel. In 1940 the first of the new four-engined bombers, the Short Stirling, came into service with the Group, being followed in 1942 by the Avro Lancaster. On 3rd/4th November 1943, No. 3 Group played a leading part in the first bombing attack in which heavy bombers made use of the radar bombing aid known as G-H. The target was Dsseldorf; bombs were dropped "blind" and good results were obtained. In July and August 1944, aircraft of this Group equipped with G-H maintained an all-weather attack against flying-bomb sites. Through the D-Day build-up, the liberation of France and conquest of Germany, formations of No. 3 Group attacked railway junctions, marshalling yards, troop concentrations, etc.During the week ending 25th March 1945, Bomber Command made numerous attacks to prepare for the crossing of the Rhine.
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The Air Fighters

The Air Fighters

Nuremberg, however, was still a good 670km away ~ 101 minutes' flying time
through the heart of the Luftwaffe's night ... Indeed. every possible advantage lay
with the Luftwaffe: its nightfighters were available in massive strength. with two ...

Author: Ashley Brown

Publisher: Historical Times

ISBN: 0918678390

Category: History

Page: 174

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Canadian Warplanes

Canadian Warplanes

From early 1944, the Mosquito also operated in the bomber support role with
Bomber Command's 100 Group, their task being to harass the Luftwaffe
NachtJagd (night fighters) attacking the bomber streams over Germany. The
Mosquito ...

Author: Harold A. Skaarup

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781440167591

Category: History

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This aviation handbook is designed to be used as a quick reference to the classic military heritage aircraft that have been flown by members of the Canadian Air Force, Royal Canadian Air Force, Royal Canadian Navy, Canadian Army and the present-day Canadian Forces. The interested reader will find useful information and a few technical details on most of the military aircraft that have been in service with active Canadian squadrons both at home and overseas. 100 selected photographs have been included to illustrate a few of the major examples in addition to the serial numbers assigned to Canadian service aircraft. For those who like to actually see the aircraft concerned, aviation museum locations, addresses and contact phone numbers have been included, along with a list of aircraft held in each museums current inventory or on display as gate guardians throughout Canada and overseas. The aircraft presented in this edition are listed alphabetically by manufacturer, number and type. Although many of Canadas heritage warplanes have completely disappeared, a few have been carefully collected, restored and preserved, and some have even been restored to flying condition. This guide-book should help you to find and view Canadas Warplane survivors.
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Men Behind the Medals

Men Behind the Medals

During August Bomber Command had re-commenced its major offensive against
the German cities and the Luftwaffe nightfighters were taking a heavy toll of the
heavy bombers. The night intruder sorties by the Mosquitos were designed to ...

Author: Graham Pitchfork

Publisher: Pen and Sword

ISBN: 9781473816329

Category: History

Page: 272

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This book pays tribute to the quite remarkable bravery of those young men who risked, and all too often lost, their lives for their country during the war. The author, himself a distinguished Royal Air Force officer, has singled out twenty-one men to represent 'the many' to whom he dedicated the book; but he has chosen them with care to illustrate, as far as possible, the wide scope of the duties of the Royal Air Force in wartime.
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Aircraft of the Second World War

Aircraft of the Second World War

By the time the Bf 110F was in large - scale service , several RAF nightfighter
squadrons had re - equipped with the faster ... The so - called ' Himmelbett
system of close control for Luftwaffe nightfighters was more rigid than that used in
Britain .

Author: Philip Jarrett

Publisher: Conway Maritime Press

ISBN: STANFORD:36105023133619

Category: History

Page: 304

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This is a study of aircraft from World War II. The book is part of a 12-volume series, which covers the production and operation of aircraft worldwide. Each volume is devoted to essays on aircraft types, their development and option, systems and equipment. As well as outlining developments, each article seeks to explain why progress was in a particular direction, emphasizing the political, strategic or economic factors that dictated that development. Moving from the general to the specific, graphs and tabular data relating to typical or significant aircraft or allied subjects are provided in each section. The series concentrates on the development of aircraft from the viewpoint of their technical development, the effect of technical development on the use of aircraft, and the effect of their usage on technical development. Contributors to this title include: E.R. Hooton, Derek Wood, Alfred Price, M.J.F. Bowyer, Group Captain Peter Hearn, Norman Friedman, Elfan Ap Rees, Les Coombes, Andrew Nahum, Captain Eric Brown and John Golley.
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Luftwaffe Camouflage and Markings 1933 1945 Code systems markings night fighters ground attack reconnaissance bombers maritime transports trainers

Luftwaffe Camouflage and Markings 1933 1945  Code systems   markings  night fighters  ground attack  reconnaissance  bombers  maritime  transports   trainers

The perception however remained that night fighters would be only a support to
the considerable flak and searchlight defences of Germany . The results of these
initial trials however were inconclusive , and while sufficient interest was raised ...

Author: Kenneth A. Merrick

Publisher: Classic Publications

ISBN: STANFORD:36105122848182

Category: History

Page: 224

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Volume Two concludes this exhaustive work of reference with in-depth studies of the colors and markings of the Luftwaffe's bomber (Dornier, Heinkel and Junkers), and divebomber and ground-attack (Ju 87 and Fw 190), night fighter (Messerschmitt, Junkers and Dornier), various maritime and anti-shipping aircraft, military transport (Ju 52, Ju 290), and commercial aircraft reconnaissance aircraft and helicopters as well as training, liaison and light aircraft. Detailed appendices cover factory-applied schemes, camouflage patterns and fieldmodified schemes, paint compositions and revised standards. As with Volume One, the text is supported by a wealth of rare and previously unpublished photographs. Both volumes are supplied with color paint chip charts made from paint mixed to the original formulas specified by RLM in the Nazi era.
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Luftwaffe Aces

Luftwaffe Aces

Next to Vinke was Feldwebel Pfeiffer, another highly decorated nightfighter pilot
who had received the German Cross in Gold. ... DIFFERENCES IN THE
COMMAND OF THE NIGHT FIGHTER ARM Luftwaffe female signals auxiliaries
in the ...

Author: Franz Kurowski

Publisher: Stackpole Books

ISBN: 9780811743303

Category: History

Page: 368

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World War II air war companion to Panzer Aces and Panzer Aces II. In-the-cockpit accounts of aerial dogfights by some of Germany's deadliest pilots ever to take to the skies.
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Night Fighters

Night Fighters

Luftwaffe and RAF Air Combat Over Europe, 1939-1945 Colin D. Heaton, Anne-
Marie Lewis. Faber , Harold , ed . The Luftwaffe : A ... The Other Battle : Luftwaffe
Night Fighters versus Fighter Command . London : Motorbooks International ...

Author: Colin D. Heaton

Publisher: Naval Inst Press

ISBN: IND:30000122894730

Category: History

Page: 188

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Night Fighters chronicles the historical, technological, tactical and strategic evolution of limited visibility aerial combat between Great Britain and Germany during WW II. The subjects interviewed for his project were the key individuals responsible for the creation and execution of their respective national policies governing the conduct of the nocturnal air war. The science developed by both nations assisted in increasing the momentum and lethality of that conflict. This arena of WW II produced a plethora of technological innovations, the results of which are seen today in everyday military and civilian life. This book provides a detailed historical analysis of the men, methods, machines and devices that forever altered the course of aviation and scientific history. Where this book differs from previous works is the collective and extensive interviews with the participants of the air war, in their own words. This book also provides an impartial, comparative and contrasting analysis of both sides, and is endorsed by the historical figures.
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Flensburg : German device to enable Luftwaffe nightfighters to home onto Monica
. Gardening : RAF mine - laying . GCI : Ground Controlled Interception . Gee .
British navigational device . Helle Nachtjagd ( HeNaja ) : Illuminated night
fighting .

Author: Theo Boiten

Publisher: Crowood Press

ISBN: STANFORD:36105023133999

Category: 2. verdenskrig (Luftkrigen)

Page: 240

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NachtjagdBoitenSubtitled: The Night Fighter Versus Bomber War Over the Third Reich 1939-45. Of the 7,953 Bomber Command aircraft lost on night operations during WWII, an estimated 5,833 fell victim to Luftwaffe night fighters. This volume traces the parallel developments in RAF night bombing and the Luftwaffes night fighting capability using archive material and interviews with surviving aircrew from both sides.Hdbd., 7 3/4x 1, 24 pgs., 17 bandw ill.
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4 The Luftwaffe ' s Nightfighter Force Germany ' s experience of nightfighter
operations threat . But , because of this late start , it was not to be during World
War 1 had not been as extensive as until the end of 1942 that Germany
possessed a ...

Author: Anthony Robinson

Publisher: Allan

ISBN: UOM:39015013414084

Category: Fighter plane combat

Page: 144

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Udviklingen af denne særlige side af luftkrigen og de anvendte fly skildret fra 1. verdenskrig over 2. verdenskrig til krigene i Korea og Vietnam og sluttede med beskrivelse af det moderne interceptor-fly, der kan operere under alle vejr- og lysforhold.
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Through Footless Halls of Air

Through Footless Halls of Air

Perched dangerously in the grey cloud cover were several Luftwaffe night
fighters , hungrily awaiting their prey . When he spotted Taylor's lumbering
fourengine bomber , one of the night fighters struck with a vengeance . The time
was ...

Author: Floyd Williston

Publisher: GeneralStore PublishingHouse

ISBN: 1896182445

Category: Airmen

Page: 310

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The Berlin Raids

The Berlin Raids

... opposed the bombers, and, while the local Flak and searchlight defences of a
city may have been the most vivid and obvious of these, it was the Luftwaffe night
fighters hidden in the dark which were the most effective for most of the war.

Author: Martin Middlebrook

Publisher: Pen and Sword

ISBN: 9781473819054

Category: History

Page: 256

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A “meticulously documented” account that covers the RAF’s controversial attempt to end World War II by the aerial bombing of Berlin (Kirkus Reviews). The Battle of Berlin was the longest and most sustained bombing offensive against one target in the Second World War. Bomber Command Commander-in-Chief, Sir Arthur Harris, hoped to wreak Berlin from end to end and produce a state of devastation in which German surrender was inevitable. He dispatched nineteen major raids between August 1943 and March 1944—more than ten thousand aircraft sorties dropped over thirty thousand tons of bombs on Berlin. It was the RAF’s supreme effort to end the war by aerial bombing. But Berlin was not destroyed and the RAF lost more than six hundred aircraft and their crews. The controversy over whether the Battle of Berlin was a success or failure has continued ever since. Martin Middlebrook brings to this subject considerable experience as a military historian. In preparing his material he collected documents from both sides (many of the German ones never before used); he has also interviewed and corresponded with over four hundred of the people involved in the battle and has made trips to Germany to interview the people of Berlin and Luftwaffe aircrews. He has achieved the difficult task of bringing together both sides of the Battle of Berlin—the bombing force and the people on the ground—to tell a coherent, single story. “His straightforward narrative covers the 19 major raids, with a detailed description of three in particular, and includes recollections by British and German airmen as well as German civilians who weathered the storm.” —Publishers Weekly
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Through the Eyes of the World s Fighter Aces

Through the Eyes of the World s Fighter Aces

Nothing could convince Hitler that the Luftwaffe's night fighters were not already
destroying enough enemy bombers to cripple the RAF's night Offensive.
Kammhuber rapidly began to fall from favour, and his cause was not helped
when, during ...

Author: Robert Jackson

Publisher: Casemate Publishers

ISBN: 9781844154210

Category: History

Page: 282

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This is the story of the fighter aces who flew throughout the war in many different operational theatres. The book opens with the first Polish Aces during the German invasion and continues with Finland’s pilots in the Winter War against the Soviets. There follows the battle for France with the experiences of RAF, Luftwaffe and French Aces and then the legendary Battle of Britain. North Africa became a critical area, together with the heroic defense of Malta and air battles over Greece and the Balkans that were fought in 1941. The Eastern front opened with operation Barbarossa where German aces were created by the dozen, flying superior aircraft against an ill-trained Soviet air force – and then in the north when pilots battle for air supremacy over Leningrad and the Russian seaports. When Japan entered the fray in 1942 their first aces flew over Singapore, Java and Sumatra and the early US Marine aces earned their spurs at Guadalcanal. Back in Europe RAF fighter pilots were taking the war to the enemy and in the southern theatre, the desert and Balkan air forces struck into the southern belly of the Reich. After D-Day British and American fighter units supported the Allied land advance and also defended London against Hitler’s V-1s, whilst in the east Soviet aces battled over Berlin.
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Battle of Wits

Battle of Wits

By then, all the defence and emergency forces were on full alert, and night-
fighters would be on their way, while at that very moment a real raid was about to
begin somewhere else altogether. By this means the Luftwaffe night-fighters were

Author: David Owen

Publisher: Leo Cooper Books

ISBN: STANFORD:36105035442008

Category: Deception (Military science)

Page: 207

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Owen skriver kort om vildledning og psykologisk krigsførelse under 1. verdenskrig og mere indgående om, hvad der skete på dette område under 2. verdenskrig og efter krigen. Tillige om aktiv undergravende virksomhed og sabotage.
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