Terror and Territory

The Spatial Extent of Sovereignty

Author: Stuart Elden

Publisher: U of Minnesota Press

ISBN: 0816654832

Category: Political Science

Page: 257

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Today's global politics demands a new look at the concept of territory. From so-called deterritorialized terrorist organizations such as al-Qaeda to U.S.-led overthrows of existing regimes in the Middle East, the relationship between territory and sovereignty is under siege. Unfolding an updated understanding of the concept of territory, Stuart Elden shows how the contemporary "war on terror" is part of a widespread challenge to the connection between the state and its territory. Although the importance of territory has been disputed under globalization, territorial relations have not come to an abrupt end. Rather, Elden argues, the territory/sovereignty relation is being reconfigured. Traditional geopolitical analysis is transformed into a critical device for interrogating hegemonic geopolitics after the Cold War, and is employed in the service of reconsidering discourses of danger that include "failed states," disconnection, and terrorist networks. Looking anew at the "war on terror"; the development and application of U.S. policy; the construction and demonization of rogue states; events in Lebanon, Somalia, and Pakistan; and the wars continuing in Afghanistan and Iraq, Terror and Territory demonstrates how a critical geographical analysis, informed by political theory and history, can offer an urgently needed perspective on world events.


Zur musikalischen Interpretation im Zeitalter ihrer technischen Reproduzierbarkeit

Author: Elvira Seiwert

Publisher: zu Klampen Verlag GbR

ISBN: 3866746598

Category: Music

Page: 294

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Adornos Aufführungstheorie, die im Nachlassband »Zu einer Theorie der musikalischen Reproduktion« zusammengefasst ist, blieb fragmentarisch. Elvira Seiwert verfolgt sie in ihren Hauptzügen, setzt sie in Beziehung vor allem zu Benjamin und seiner Findung der »dialektischen Bilder«, nicht zuletzt auch zum Spontaneitätsgedanken Ulrich Sonnemanns. Der Dirigent Michael Gielen schreibt: »Was bei Adorno angedeutet wurde, ist hier breit ausgeführt und mit Beispielen und Analysen belegt, für die die langjährige Rundfunkarbeit der Autorin das phantasievolle Gerüst liefert. Die Arbeit von Elvira Seiwert sollte obligatorische Lektüre all der meist ahnungslosen Musikbeflissenen sein.«


Author: Andrej Belyj

Publisher: Die Pforte Edition Verlag Im Rudol

ISBN: 9783856361488

Category: Poetry

Page: 263

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Atmospheres of Breathing

Author: Lenart Škof,Petri Berndtson

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 1438469756

Category: Philosophy

Page: N.A

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Attempts to think anew about philosophical questions from the perspective of breath and breathing. As a physiological or biological matter, breath is mostly considered to be mechanical and thoughtless. By expanding on the insights of many religions and therapeutic practices, which emphasize the cultivation of breath, the contributors argue that breath should be understood as fundamentally and comprehensively intertwined with human life and experience. Various dimensions of the respiratory world are referred to as “atmospheres” that encircle and connect human existence, coexistence, and the world. Drawing from a number of traditions of breathing, including from Indian and East Asian religion and philosophy, the book considers breath in relation to ontological, hermeneutical, phenomenological, ethical, and aesthetic concerns in philosophy. The wide-ranging topics include poetry, theater, environmental issues and health, feminism, and media studies. “Atmospheres of Breathing, the first collection of its kind, explores an emerging ‘respiratory philosophy’ of great consequence for philosophy and other fields. Its rich and diverse essays, many written by the pioneers of this radically new direction, show the deep historical and intercultural roots of such a philosophy, ranging from treatments of forerunners like Zhuangzi and Heraclitus to contemporary theorists of breathing such as Abram and Kleinberg-Levin. Presented here is the vision of innovative ways in which philosophy, on its own or inspired by spiritual practices, can bring breathing into the center of its concern. This is a landmark book that scintillates with brilliant and original insights. If taken as seriously as it deserves, this book has the potential to revolutionize contemporary and future thought.” — Edward S. Casey, author of The World at a Glance and The World on Edge “Air, the misunderstood element, finds ways and means of advancing to places where no one reckons with its presence; and, more significantly, it makes space on its own strength for strange places where there were previously none.” — Peter Sloterdijk

Geographies of Violence

Killing Space, Killing Time

Author: Marcus Doel,Professor Marcus A Doel

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 1526413906

Category: Social Science

Page: 208

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A unique writing style, and comprehensive and international coverage of the history of violence, make this a thought-provoking read for human geographers

The Oxford Handbook of Process Philosophy and Organization Studies

Author: Jenny Helin,Tor Hernes,Daniel Hjorth,Robin Holt

Publisher: OUP Oxford

ISBN: 0191648108

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 648

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Process approaches to organization studies focus on flow, activities, and evolution, understanding organizations and organizing as processes in the making. They stand in contrast to positivist approaches that see organizations and phenomena as fixed, static, and measurable. Process approaches draw on a range of ideas and philosophies. The Handbook examines 34 philosophers and social theorists, both those commonly linked to process thinking, such as Whitehead, Bergson and James, and those that are not as often addressed from a process perspective such as Dilthey and Tarde. Each chapter addresses the background and context of this thinker, their work (with a focus on the processual elements), and the potential contribution to organization and management research. For students and scholars in the field of Organization Studies this book is an entry point into the work of philosophical thinkers and social theorists for whom the world is far from being a solid place.