Love Death and Taxes

Love  Death  and Taxes

I loved the creativity and inventiveness of its problems. Jerry Wallace revealed federal income tax law to be a living thing, constantly in mo— tion. While my classmates scribbled frantically to keep up with Wallace's breathtaking ...

Author: Stanley S. Weithorn

Publisher: Archway Publishing

ISBN: 9781480801288

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 226

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Stanley Weithorn has lived one of the most remarkable personal and professional sagas of our time. Survivor of an abusive childhood, he became a political activist, legal pioneer, and a crusading philanthropist. Weithorn worked his way through law school, became a partner in a prestigious firm, and then almost single-handedly created a new field of practice—charitable tax law. He wrote the first book on the subject, a seven-volume treatise more than 5,000 pages long that he updated for twenty-five years. More important, he applied his expertise to social and political causes, waging legal battles on behalf of the poor, the environment, freedom of speech, women’s rights, gay rights, and the anti-war movement. Weithorn’s efforts won him more than his share of adversaries. He was targeted by the IRS and right-wing interest groups; he was named on Richard M. Nixon’s notorious “enemies list.” But if not for the legal brilliance and the moral commitment of Stanley Weithorn, groups ranging from The Nature Conservancy and the National Resources Defense Council to People for the American Way and the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force might have been crippled in their efforts—if they existed at all. In Love, Death, and Taxes, Stanley Weithorn tells the story of his event-filled life, including his personal struggles against illness and family tragedy as well as the political and professional battles he fought on behalf of society’s least-fortunate. Feisty, frank, candid, and opinionated, Love, Death, and Taxes is one of the most unusual memoirs you will ever read.
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We Love Death As You Love Life

 We Love Death As You Love Life

A fellow convert recalled: 'He loved Islam, he wanted to know everything about it. He was open and friendly. He didn't wear a shalwar kameez and didn't grow a beard; mostly he was just dressed in t-shirt 142 WE LOVE DEATH AS YOU LOVE ...

Author: Raffaello Pantucci

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9781849045995

Category: Social Science

Page: 224

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As Mohammed Siddique Khan led his group of fellow-believers into London on the morning of July 7, 2005 it is unlikely that they were thinking much beyond the immediate impact of their actions. Driven by anger at the West's treatment of Muslims worldwide, ideas fed to them by foreign extremists, and a sense of extreme rejection of the society in which they were born, they sought to reshape the world in an image they thought would be pleasing to God. But while they felt they were on a holy mission -- as enunciated in Khan's chilling video message, We Love Death As You Love Life-- a far more earthly arc of history underlay their actions. This book offers an insight into the motivations behind Khan and his group, as well as the hundreds of young British Muslims who have been drawn by jihadist ideas to fight on battlefields at home and abroad. Starting with the arrival of immigrant communities to the UK and the establishment of diasporas with strong ethnic connections to the Middle East and South Asia, to the arrival of jihadist warriors fresh from the anti-Soviet war Afghanistan, this book looks at the history that came before Mohammed Siddique Khan and places his action within its larger context. This book provides the first comprehensive history of jihadist ideas and violence in the United Kingdom.
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Love Death and Money in the Pays D oc

Love  Death  and Money in the Pays D oc

Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie, Jean Baptiste Castor Favre. i - LLENGUMPULHALLI Love, Death and Money in the Pays d'Oc.

Author: Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie

Publisher: George Braziller

ISBN: UCAL:B4379824

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 597

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Examines historical implication and the interactions between learned and popular cultures and between folktales and serious literature, through an analysis of the eighteenth-century French fable "Jean-l'ont-pris."
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After the Lovedeath

After the Lovedeath

53–61 As an imaginary-symbolic resource, the lovedeath is permanently valuable if permanently dubious. It institutes our resistance to complete inscription within the symbolic order; it is the allowable signifier whose signified is the ...

Author: Lawrence Kramer

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 9780520224896

Category: Social Science

Page: 281

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A professor of English and Music at Fordham University, author Lawrence Kramer traces today's sexual identities to their 19th-century sources, drawing on the music, literature, and thought of the period to show how normal identity both promotes and rationalizes violence against women.
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Love Death

Love   Death

His followers failed, scattered, wept, found forgiveness, and lived, reborn of his death, children of his undying love. For him andfor them, evenafter death,in hisloveJesus lived on.In his disciples'hearts he reignedasnever before.

Author: Forrest Church

Publisher: Beacon Press

ISBN: 9780807097144

Category: Religion

Page: 160

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On February 4, 2008, Forrest Church sent a letter to the members of his congregation, informing them that he had terminal cancer but promising to sum up his thoughts on the topics that had been so pervasive in his work-love and death. The goal of life, Church tells us, "is to live in such a way that our lives will prove worth dying for." This moving book is imbued with ideas and exemplars for achieving that goal.
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The Existence

The Existence

life, which do not return to love and life after changing into evil and death, because evil and death are eternal death. Love means acceptance of life and not acceptance of death, because it is evil that accepts death.

Author: Theodore Ihejieto

Publisher: Dorrance Publishing

ISBN: 9781480954670

Category: Religion

Page: 726

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The Existence By: Theodore Ihejieto The Existence is a book of love and life that talks about the world as the existence of human beings, and tells human beings to understand that the world is the love and the life. It is a book of Planet Earth, which the Planet Earth gave to the author, because the author asked the Planet Earth for the book of the world. The author is a human being who lost faith in God and called on Planet Earth to do work and save human beings from evil and death in the world. This is a book of a human being who was challenged by evil and death in the world, and the human being called on his existence for help and protection. The author did not like to die in the world and told his existence that he did not want to die, because the author believed that Planet Earth has the power to save human beings in the world. The Existence is the faith, the hope, and the charity that God challenged human beings to find and tell the mountain of evil and death to move away from human beings.
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Romance Writing

Romance Writing

Landscapes. of. Love. and. Death. As was noted in Chapter 1, for Denis de Rougemont (1983), a concealed 'death-wish' is the force that drives, and explains, the literary/cultural history of ...

Author: Lynne Pearce

Publisher: Polity

ISBN: 9780745630052

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 214

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Exploring the nature of both the romance genre and the discourse of romantic love from the 17th century to the present day, this book shows how, in the history of literature, lovers have utilised its spark to change not only themselves but also their worlds, through acts of creativity and heroism.
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Songs of Nature

Songs of Nature

THE GARDEN VIGIL, First published in 1917, The Broken Wing-Songs of Love, Death & the Spring. THE PEARL, First published in 1917, The Broken Wing-Songs of Love, Death & the Spring. KALI THE MOTHER, First published in 1917, ...

Author: Sarojini Naidu

Publisher: Read Books Ltd

ISBN: 9781528789486

Category: Poetry

Page: 62

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“Songs of Nature” is a wonderful collection of poetry by Sarojini Naidu. Contents include: “To My Fairy Fancies”, “Leili”, “In The Forest”, “In A Time Of Flowers”, “Nasturtiums”, “Golden Cassia”, “Champak Blossoms”, “Ecstasy”, “Slumber Song For Sunalini”, etc. A fantastic collection of beautiful Indic poetry not to be missed by fans and collectors. Naidu (1879–1949) was a staunch proponent of women's emancipation, civil rights, and anti-imperialistic ideas, playing an important role in India's struggle for independence from colonial rule. Her work as a poet includes both children's poems and others with more mature themes including patriotism, romance, and tragedy, earning her the sobriquet “Nightingale of India”. Her most famous work is "In the Bazaars of Hyderabad" (1912), which remains widely read to this day. Other notable works by this author include: “The Bird of Time: Songs of Life, Death & the Spring” (1912) and “Muhammad Jinnah: An Ambassador of Unity” (1919). Read & Co. is publishing this brand new poetry collection complete with an introduction by Edmund Gosse.
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The Nature of Love

The Nature of Love

If theirs was not an actual love-death, it was nevertheless related to one in Kleist's imagination. In his last letters, Kleist speaks of death and love jointly beautifying his final moments "with heavenly and earthly roses.

Author: Irving Singer

Publisher: MIT Press

ISBN: 0262265222

Category: Philosophy

Page: 538

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An examination of ideas and ideals of medieval courtly love and the transition into later Romantic love, analyzing the work of Dante, Shakespeare, and Schopenhauer, among many others.
Categories: Philosophy

The Lesbian Lyre

The Lesbian Lyre

(§6) See also Lanata (1969a), 19 (“Nothing is more frequent in amatory lyric than the topos of 'love and death,' and even ... In a more contemporary vein, one notes novelist Dan Simmons's Lovedeath (New York: Warner Books, 1993): “I had ...

Author: Jeffrey Duban


ISBN: 9781905570799

Category: Poetry

Page: 832

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Hailed by Plato as the “Tenth Muse” of ancient Greek poetry, Sappho is inarguably antiquity’s greatest lyric poet. Born over 2,600 years ago on the Greek island of Lesbos, and writing amorously of women and men alike, she is the namesake lesbian. What’s left of her writing, and what we know of her, is fragmentary. Shrouded in mystery, she is nonetheless repeatedly translated and discussed – no, appropriated – by all. Sappho has most recently undergone a variety of treatments by agenda-driven scholars and so-called poet-translators with little or no knowledge of Greek. Classicist-translator Jeffrey Duban debunks the postmodernist scholarship by which Sappho is interpreted today and offers translations reflecting the charm and elegant simplicity of the originals. Duban provides a reader-friendly overview of Sappho’s times and themes, exploring her eroticism and Greek homosexuality overall. He introduces us to Sappho’s highly cultured island home, to its lyre-accompanied musical legends, and to the fabled beauty of Lesbian women. Not least, he emphasizes the proximity of Lesbos to Troy, making the translation and enjoyment of Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey a further focus. More than anything else, argues Duban, it is free verse and its rampant legacy – and no two persons more than Walt Whitman and Ezra Pound – that bear responsibility for the ruin of today’s classics in translation, to say nothing of poetry in the twentieth century. Beyond matters of reflection for classicists, Duban provides a far-ranging beginner’s guide to classical literature, with forays into Spenser and Milton, and into the colonial impulse of Virgil, Spenser, and the West at large.
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Love in Contemporary British Drama

Love in Contemporary British Drama

What is actually unattainable is no longer the beloved but the consummation of love in this world. Richard Wagner's Tristan und Isolde expresses the idea of 'lovedeath' (Liebestod) in perfection. For them, “death is merely a loss of the ...

Author: Korbinian Stöckl

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG

ISBN: 9783110714760

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 303

View: 926

Despite the recent turn to affects and emotions in the humanities and despite the unceasing popularity of romantic and erotic love as a motif in fictional works of all genres, the subject has received surprisingly little attention in academic studies of contemporary drama. Love in Contemporary British Drama reflects the appeal of love as a topic and driving force in dramatic works with in-depth analyses of eight pivotal plays from the past three decades. Following an interdisciplinary and historical approach, the study collects and condenses theories of love from philosophy and sociology to derive persisting discourses and to examine their reoccurrence and transformation in contemporary plays. Special emphasis is put on narratives of love’s compensatory function and precariousness and on how modifications of these narratives epitomise the peculiarities of emotional life in the social and cultural context of the present. Based on the assumption that drama is especially inclined to draw on shared narratives for representations of love, the book demonstrates that love is both a window to remnants of the past in the present and a proper subject matter for drama in times in which the suitability of the dramatic form has been questioned.
Categories: Literary Criticism

Love Death and Fortune

Love  Death  and Fortune

This book offers a richly illustrated analysis and interpretation of the major concepts of love, fortune and death in Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare's earliest love tragedy.

Author: Birte Sause

Publisher: Peter Lang Pub Incorporated

ISBN: 3631626150

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 313

View: 653

This book offers a richly illustrated analysis and interpretation of the major concepts of love, fortune and death in <I>Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare's earliest love tragedy. Taking into consideration social, political and economic developments as well as philosophical, aesthetic and religious discourses around 1600, the contextual approach does not only grant insights into the play's topics and characters but also sheds a light on the reciprocal influences of society and theatre in early modern England. The study is concluded by a discussion of Romantic love and its application to the dramatic text.
Categories: Literary Criticism

Beasts of Love

Beasts of Love

Richard's lady has refused to look at Richard, so he proclaims himself as dead, and his death is a despairing love-death without hope of mercy. If only woman had the restorative powers of the pure-white caladrius, symbol of the sinless ...

Author: Jeanette M. A. Beer

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 0802036120

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 214

View: 615

In Le Bestiare d'amour and the Response, a medieval chancellor's erotic bestiary to a woman is countered by the woman's passionate protest against the cleric's misogynistic presuppositions. Beer presents a close, linear reading of the two literary texts.
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Psychoanalysis Aesthetics and Politics in the Work of Julia Kristeva

Psychoanalysis  Aesthetics  and Politics in the Work of Julia Kristeva

She shows that the mother's love begins to develop when she encounters death. “The calm of another life, the life of that other who wends his way while I re- main henceforth like a framework. Still life. There is him, however, ...

Author: Kelly Oliver

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 9781438426570

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 253

View: 410

Considers the social and political significance of Kristeva’s oeuvre.
Categories: Literary Criticism

Postcolonial Europe in the Crucible of Cultures

Postcolonial Europe in the Crucible of Cultures

As long as the “you” love life, they cannot live up to the strength of the “we” who love death. This grammar of a violent identity is a source of great power. At this point, one can introduce God into such an identity.


Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789401204699

Category: Religion

Page: 260

View: 761

Over the past forty years Europe has grown as a global presence and today it plays an important role in a variety of ways: politically, socially, economically, and culturally. European theologians have no choice but to take cognizance of this fact and respond to the broad social challenges by clarifying their views on God and being a prophetic voice in cultural, political and social decision-making. The authors in this volume take up four main contemporary global challenges, i.e. globalization, violence, gender, and the environment, and the volume provides its readers with first-rate theological reflections in Europe. The articles offered here are the result of an intensive workshop held in Leuven in September 2004 and are sponsored by the European Commission and the VLIR, as part of a three-year study program on the understanding of God in Europe.
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Examines the natural history of the tuna, one of the world's most endangered marine animals, revealing how the increasing demand for sushi has caused a devastating overfishing of the tuna and detailing the implications of its potential ...

Author: Richard Ellis

Publisher: Vintage

ISBN: 9780307387103

Category: Nature

Page: 346

View: 129

Examines the natural history of the tuna, one of the world's most endangered marine animals, revealing how the increasing demand for sushi has caused a devastating overfishing of the tuna and detailing the implications of its potential extinction.
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Perspectives on Sri Aurobindo s Poetry Plays and Criticism

Perspectives on Sri Aurobindo s Poetry  Plays  and Criticism

She says : ' I am , I love , I see , I act , I will ' . The God of Death tries his best to parsuade Savitri about the transcient nature of love . Death tells her that love is expendable — it is too much of the earth .

Author: Amrita Paresh Patel

Publisher: Sarup & Sons

ISBN: 8176252638


Page: 147

View: 103

This Book, It Is Hoped, Will Create In The Readers Not Only An Interest In Sri Aurobindo`S Literary Work, But Also An Awareness About His Message Of Integralism And Its Continued Relevance For All Times.

Enjoying What We Don t Have

Enjoying What We Don t Have

of life and a struggle against the love of death. He called these phenomena “biophilia” and “necrophilia.” As Fromm notes in The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness, “Love of life or love of the dead is the fundamental alternative that ...

Author: Todd McGowan

Publisher: U of Nebraska Press

ISBN: 9780803245112

Category: Philosophy

Page: 349

View: 834

First book to identify the political project inherent in the fundamental tenets of psychoanalysis
Categories: Philosophy

Lesbian Utopics

Lesbian Utopics

In describing herself and Rachel as "fiancées;" her sonnet sequence to her beloved as an "epithalamion;" their relationship as a "marriage," the narrator of Love, Death does not disguise the lesbian character of her relationship so much ...

Author: Annamarie Jagose

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136654626

Category: Social Science

Page: 224

View: 727

In Lesbian Utopics, Annamarie Jagose surveys the construction of the lesbian and finds her in a cultural space that is both everywhere and, of all places, nowhere. The "lesbian", in other words, is symbolically central, yet culturally marginal.
Categories: Social Science

The Economy of Salvation

The Economy of Salvation

The French author Albert Camus wrote after World War II, “This is the mystery of Europe: life is no longer loved. ... “Your young people love life,” said the Mullah Omar of the Taliban in Afghanistan, “our young people love death.

Author: Jürgen Moltmann

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781498236355

Category: Religion

Page: 178

View: 887

Over the last four decades, the focus of M. Douglas Meeks' work has placed him at the center of many of the most important developments in theological reflection and education. As a political, ecclesial, and metaphorical theologian, Meeks has given witness to the oikonomia of the triune God, the Homemaker who creates the conditions of Home for the whole of creation, in critical conversation with contemporary economic, social, and political theory. The essays of this volume were written to honor Meeks, professor of theology at Vanderbilt Divinity School, by addressing the theme of God's economy of salvation from biblical, historical, ecclesial, and theological perspectives. In an age of ecological devastation and economic injustice, Meeks teaches us how to place our hope--as disciples of Jesus, as members of local congregations, as stewards of institutional life, and as global citizens--in God's power for life over death through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. These essays will serve to enliven and clarify this hope for the sake of the world God so loves. CONTRIBUTORS: Jurgen Moltmann, Timothy Reinhold Eberhart, Matthew W. Charlton, Walter Brueggemann, Josiah Young, Kendall Soulen, Patout Burns, John Cobb, Michael Welker, Nestor O. Miguez, Charles M. Wood, and Sondra Wheeler.
Categories: Religion