Looking at Movies

Looking at Movies

Film analysis starts here, Looking at Movies is the most effective introduction to film analysis available. From its very first chapter, Looking at Movies provides students with the tools they need to become perceptive viewers of film.

Author: Richard Meran Barsam

Publisher: W. W. Norton

ISBN: 0393265196

Category: Cinematography

Page: 552

View: 640

Looking at Movies is the most effective, engaging, and widely adopted introduction to film analysis available. From its very first chapter, Looking at Movies provides students with all the tools they need to become perceptive viewers of film, including the most sophisticated and seamlessly integrated media resources that are rich with comprehensive analysis and assessment tools ever produced for a textbook in this market. Authoritative, accessible, and of superior value, Looking at Movies offers instructors with abundant teachable resources to help students analyze movies critically and effectively.
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Looking at Movies

Looking at Movies

Building on students' enthusiasm for movies, this text is more successful than any other at motivating students to understand and analyze film.

Author: Monahan, Dave

Publisher: W.W. Norton & Company

ISBN: 9780393674699

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 10

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Building on students' enthusiasm for movies, this text is more successful than any other at motivating students to understand and analyze film. In the new Sixth Edition, author Dave Monahan has thoroughly revised the book for clarity and currency, while adding new interactive learning tools to support student learning. The best book and media package for introductory film just got better.
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At Home in the Whedonverse

At Home in the Whedonverse

Looking at Movies: An Introduction to Film. 5th ed. new york: w.w. norton, 2016. Print. Bate, Jonathan. “Dying to Live in Much Ado About Nothing.” Surprised by Scenes: Essays in Honor of Professor Yasunari Takahashi.

Author: Juliette C. Kitchens

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 9781476667027

Category: Philosophy

Page: 211

View: 649

From Buffy the Vampire Slayer to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Joss Whedon's work presents various representations of home spaces that give depth to his stories and storytelling. Through the spaceship in Firefly, a farmhouse in Avengers: Age of Ultron or Whedon's own house in Much Ado About Nothing, his work collectively offers audiences the opportunity to question the ways we relate to and inhabit homes. Focusing on his television series, films and comics, this collection of new essays explores the diversity of home spaces in Whedon's many 'verses, and the complexity these spaces afford the narratives, characters, objects and relationships within them.
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Exploring Color Photography Fifth Edition

Exploring Color Photography Fifth Edition

From Film to Pixels Robert Hirsch. Look at the Print in a Mirror If the print still does not look the way you wish, try a classic painter's method for seeing the work in a different fashion: Look at the print in a mirror.

Author: Robert Hirsch

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9781136089749

Category: Photography

Page: 359

View: 184

The classic book on color photography is back in print and completely revamped for a digital photography audience! Learn from step-by-step instruction, illustrative charts, and unbelievably inspirational imagery in this guide meant just for color photographers. World renowned artists give you insight as to "how they did that" and the author provides challenging assignments to help you take photography to a new level. With aesthetic and technical instruction like no other, this book truly is the bible for color photographers. Be sure to visit the companion website, featuring portfolios and commentary by contemporary artists: www.exploringcolorphotography.com
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God and Popular Culture A Behind the Scenes Look at the Entertainment Industry s Most Influential Figure 2 volumes

God and Popular Culture  A Behind the Scenes Look at the Entertainment Industry s Most Influential Figure  2 volumes

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Entertainment Industry's Most Influential Figure Stephen Butler Murray, Aimée Upjohn Light. an explicitly “Christian” film. ... The Tree of Life (2011) is Terrence Malick's fifth feature film ...

Author: Stephen Butler Murray

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9781440801808

Category: Social Science

Page: 628

View: 486

This contributed two-volume work tackles a fascinating topic: how and why God plays a central role in the modern world and profoundly influences politics, art, culture, and our moral reflection—even for nonbelievers. • Supplies a broad conception of "God" that provides readers with a fuller and more accurate portrait of a phenomenon that evolved substantially over time but also remains an enduring—and enduringly influential—element of popular culture • Explores not only how individuals grapple with the question of God, but also how God invariably and unintentionally enters people's thinking • Supplies direct examples of the key role that God plays in everyday life that readers will find compelling from both a personal and cultural perspective • Comprises essays from sociologists, theologians, cultural critics, and journalists that present a wide range of perspectives and approaches to this universally relevant topic
Categories: Social Science

Frames of Mind

Frames of Mind

A Post-Jungian Look at Film, Television and Technology Luke Hockley ... Jung seemed to hint at something quite like this. ... The fifth chapter takes the form of an exploration of the psychological relationship between television ...

Author: Luke Hockley

Publisher: Intellect Books

ISBN: 9781841501710

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 152

View: 666

Luke Hockleys Frames of Mind introduces post-Jungian analytic psychology and explores how its theories can be applied to television and film. Frames of Mind contextualises post-Jungian theory in the media criticism canon and then goes on to explain the role and uses of analytical psychology in film and television criticism.
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Clinical Handbook of Psychological Disorders Fifth Edition

Clinical Handbook of Psychological Disorders  Fifth Edition

Julie did this with her therapist for her first two naturalistic activities, which were to look at venetian blinds and ... She expressed the following concerns: JULIE: Do you really think I am ready to drink coffee and go to the movie?

Author: David H. Barlow

Publisher: Guilford Publications

ISBN: 9781462513475

Category: Psychology

Page: 768

View: 482

This clinical reference and widely adopted text is recognized as the premier guide to understanding and treating frequently encountered psychological disorders in adults. Showcasing evidence-based psychotherapy models, the volume addresses the most pressing question asked by students and practitioners--"How do I do it?" Leading authorities present state-of-the-art information on each clinical problem and explain the conceptual and empirical bases of their respective therapeutic approaches. Procedures for assessment, case formulation, treatment planning, and intervention are described in detail. Extended case examples with session transcripts illustrate each component of treatment. New to This Edition *Incorporates treatment innovations, the latest empirical findings, and changes to diagnostic criteria in DSM-5. *Chapter on acceptance-based treatment of generalized anxiety disorder. *Chapter on comorbid depression and substance abuse, demonstrating a transdiagnostic approach. *Chapter on sleep disorders. See also Clinical Handbook of Psychological Disorders in Children and Adolescents, edited by Christopher A. Flessner and John C. Piacentini.
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The Cambridge Companion to Shakespeare on Film

The Cambridge Companion to Shakespeare on Film

14 CAROL CHILLINGTON RUTTER Looking at Shakespeare's women on film Cinema is a ' looking ' medium that writes its texts in visual language , and cinema . has always been interested in looking at women . My account of Shakespeare's women ...

Author: Russell Jackson

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521639751

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 364

View: 664

Film adaptations of Shakespeare's plays are increasingly popular and now figure prominently in the study of his work and its reception. This lively Companion is a collection of critical and historical essays on the films adapted from, and inspired by, Shakespeare's plays. An international team of leading scholars discuss Shakespearean films from a variety of perspectives: as works of art in their own right; as products of the international movie industry; in terms of cinematic and theatrical genres; and as the work of particular directors from Laurence Olivier and Orson Welles to Franco Zeffirelli and Kenneth Branagh. They also consider specific issues such as the portrayal of Shakespeare's women and the supernatural. The emphasis is on feature films for cinema, rather than television, with strong coverage of Hamlet, Richard III, Macbeth, King Lear and Romeo and Juliet. A guide to further reading and a useful filmography are also provided.
Categories: Literary Criticism

Me Dia

Me Dia

Here we will have a look at films which express what god wants us to see. Some films include the Medallion, with the main character played by Jackie Chan. Here Jackie Chan's character brings the chosen one, the future Buddha to Ireland.

Author: Daniel Gavaghan

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781326720247

Category: Education

Page: 205

View: 146

This book explores the idea of how Irish Druids and Bards have thought the whole world and why now in the 21st century it is seen as the end of a path they had taken and the completion of their work, which has brought democracy and organised religion to the world.
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Life in the Universe 5th Edition

Life in the Universe  5th Edition

Let's take a brief look at our modern understanding of atoms and other microscopic forms of matter. ... the complete set of the elements is summarized in the periodic table of the elements shown in Appendix D. Movie Madness INTERSTELLAR ...

Author: Jeffrey Bennett

Publisher: Princeton University Press

ISBN: 9780691241784

Category: Science

Page: 544

View: 524

The world’s leading textbook on astrobiology—ideal for an introductory one-semester course and now fully revised and updated Are we alone in the cosmos? How are scientists seeking signs of life beyond our home planet? Could we colonize other planets, moons, or even other star systems? This introductory textbook, written by a team of four renowned science communicators, educators, and researchers, tells the amazing story of how modern science is seeking the answers to these and other fascinating questions. They are the questions that are at the heart of the highly interdisciplinary field of astrobiology, the study of life in the universe. Written in an accessible, conversational style for anyone intrigued by the possibilities of life in the solar system and beyond, Life in the Universe is an ideal place to start learning about the latest discoveries and unsolved mysteries in the field. From the most recent missions to Saturn’s moons and our neighboring planet Mars to revolutionary discoveries of thousands of exoplanets, from the puzzle of life’s beginning on Earth to the latest efforts in the search for intelligent life elsewhere, this book captures the imagination and enriches the reader’s understanding of how astronomers, planetary scientists, biologists, and other scientists make progress at the cutting edge of this dynamic field. Enriched with a wealth of engaging features, this textbook brings any citizen of the cosmos up to speed with the scientific quest to discover whether we are alone or part of a universe full of life. An acclaimed text designed to inspire students of all backgrounds to explore foundational questions about life in the cosmos Completely revised and updated to include the latest developments in the field, including recent exploratory space missions to Mars, frontier exoplanet science, research on the origin of life on Earth, and more Enriched with helpful learning aids, including in-chapter Think about It questions, optional Do the Math and Special Topic boxes, Movie Madness boxes, end-of-chapter exercises and problems, quick quizzes, and much more Supported by instructor’s resources, including an illustration package and test bank, available upon request
Categories: Science