Living with Geometry

Coming to an Understanding with God, Life and the Universe...

Author: Michael A. Green

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781432728182

Category: Mathematics

Page: 330

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The secrets of life and the Universe revealed... Living with Geometry is about how civilization has been using and abusing Geometry and other related scientific subject areas for our finite needs in the physical, material plane for ages gone by, and how we must now turn to the natural world, learn from it and employ the ancient and trusted sciences of a wondrous yesteryear to carry on in future, in order for the human spirit to be freed from its material confines, and how the physical environment can be saved along with us. It is about what went missing, what went wrong, and what we need to learn about, in order to deal with the problem. The project became literally, "A Survey for the Truth."

How God Did It, Not Why

Author: William Lowell Putnam III

Publisher: Light Technology Publishing

ISBN: 1622337492

Category: Religion

Page: 160

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This entire literary endeavor to separate Biblical literalism from observable reality was prompted by the fact that one supposedly erudite scholar managed to propound on American National Public Radio (with a presumably straight face) the "fact" that the Colorado River's Grand Canyon, a notable feature of the high plateau of Northern Arizona, was formed in one brief but eventful period of runoff when all the waters accumulated on Earth by the Great Flood associated with the Biblical patriarch, Noah, drained back into the ocean through this one channel — thus carving the canyon. At least, this "scholar" paid some obeisance to the process of erosion, though he may well be subject to review in his concepts of timing or geography. For anyone who cares to take the time and look closely can determine — given the observable rate of down-cutting and the total volume of material removed — that the ongoing carving of the canyon must have begun some thousands of millennia before the alleged globally catastrophic flood. Moreover, if, as we are told, Noah's flood did cover "the whole face of Earth" — even, therefore, the highest of mountains — it would mean a worldwide oceanic depth of another five or more miles and thus require an off-planet storage facility for all that water.

Mathematics and the Divine

A Historical Study

Author: Teun Koetsier,Luc Bergmans

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 9780080457352

Category: Mathematics

Page: 716

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Mathematics and the Divine seem to correspond to diametrically opposed tendencies of the human mind. Does the mathematician not seek what is precisely defined, and do the objects intended by the mystic and the theologian not lie beyond definition? Is mathematics not Man's search for a measure, and isn’t the Divine that which is immeasurable ? The present book shows that the domains of mathematics and the Divine, which may seem so radically separated, have throughout history and across cultures, proved to be intimately related. Religious activities such as the building of temples, the telling of ritual stories or the drawing of enigmatic figures all display distinct mathematical features. Major philosophical systems dealing with the Absolute and theological speculations focussing on our knowledge of the Ultimate have been based on or inspired by mathematics. A series of chapters by an international team of experts highlighting key figures, schools and trains of thought is presented here. Chinese number mysticism, the views of Pythagoras and Plato and their followers, Nicholas of Cusa's theological geometry, Spinozism and intuitionism as a philosophy of mathematics are treated side by side among many other themes in an attempt at creating a global view on the relation of mathematics and Man’s quest for the Absolute in the course of history. · Mathematics and man's quest for the Absolute · A selective history highlighting key figures, schools and trains of thought · An international team of historians presenting specific new findings as well as general overviews · Confronting and uniting otherwise compartmentalized information

How to Live Forever

And 34 Other Really Interesting Uses of Science

Author: Alok Jha

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1780873670

Category: Science

Page: 224

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How to clone a sheep. How to build a brain. How to boil a planet. How to save the world. From the microscopic to the cosmic, this book takes you on a glorious tour of the known universe and beyond, encompassing alien worlds, bizarre life forms, quantum weirdness, parallel dimensions and dissected brains along the way.

Understanding the Universe

An Inquiry Approach to Astronomy and the Nature of Scientific Research

Author: George Greenstein

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1139618873

Category: Science

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A student-active introduction to astronomy, emphasizing inquiry learning so students will clearly understand our universe and the scientific method. Within-text and end-of-chapter questions check understanding of concepts and require the student to think critically through astronomy-based problems. 'Nature of Science' and 'Detectives on the Case' sections in each chapter encourage students to take on the role of a scientist and so develop an understanding of how scientific progress is made, leading students through a chain of arguments of forming and testing hypotheses, in the context of specific astronomical topics. By focusing on key topics, the student is able to develop a deeper understanding of the core areas of astronomy. Math is used to make intuitive points and kept simple by using a two-track system to first describe the logic of the calculation followed by a more detailed example. Simple illustrations support the text and step students through concepts visually.

Ground Zero

Further Relativity

Author: Dotman

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 1418482536

Category: Philosophy

Page: 276

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Because there are codes, intellectuals and artists from all parts of the world have been in conflict from time immemorial till today. They ponder on how to answer questions spurred by the progressing tendencies toward the emancipation of humans from frailties, and mysteries that remain unresolved till today. Some predict a less conflicting future, the Anti-Christ, others fear the loss of the cultural diversity of humanity, and some express bias toward secularity and religion. Eventually, at the point where major ideological conflicts gave rise to todays controversies, a new fire of ideology flared up in Dotman, and he shares with us here where one would not have expected, at border lines not only between every single human today, but where the religions foundations of cultures are considered. In the midst of beliefs, labeled esoteric, beyond ones own cultural world, home, knowledge, and ingenuity, he found a powerful incident knowledge that is so anomalous and converging and so inspiring, more than any right from time he has so far lived in the world. This zero is structured to use the works of the geniuses, but care was taken in the design of the zero so that codes were identified and decoded with tools created in the zero.