Living Truth and Truthful Living

Living Truth and Truthful Living

We do not have all the truth , but we know the way along which truth is to be sought and found ... We are learning as we go . All knowing involves the commitment of the fallible human subject . 103 But now another distinction must be ...

Author: Winifred Wing Han Lamb

Publisher: ATF Press

ISBN: 1920691219

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Discusses the interactions of theology, apologetics, and philosophy
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The Living Truth of Tahirih Qurratu l Ayn

The Living Truth of Tahirih Qurratu l  Ayn

the Living Truth as humanity advances through the ascending Cycles. Saffa explains the Earth, after being ruled by a Matriarchy and a Patriarchy, is entering a 'Holiarchy,' a harmonious balance of the male and female principles of life.

Author: Starr* Saffa

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781796007305

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Tahirih Qurratu’l-‘Ayn, The Divine Female Spirit of the Age dawned upon the Earth in 1844 after thousands of years of rejection. She announced that She is the long awaited Mother Source, The Trumpet Blast, The Word of the Godhead, The Most Great Spirit that would bring the Great Reversal in which Humanity would no longer be separated from Source and the meek would inherit the Earth. The male-dominate Society rejected Her once again and called for Her Death. Prior to Her martyrdom She called out: “You can try and kill Me, but you cannot stop the emancipation of Women, nor can you kill the Spirit of the Godhead!” Thus, today Her Voice rings out again for those who have an ear! “Saffa’s book reveals a hidden Truth regarding the incarnation of the Godhead on Earth, and uncovers the constructed veils obscuring the Truth at the time that the new Spirit was expected by humankind. The author spells out the means by which knowledge of the Truth will set humanity on the promised transformational path for which it has long been waiting. She rips the veil off the premise by most religions that Messengerhood is only a bonding of a male God with a male Manifestation.” ~Ken Haley, Hot Springs, Arkansas
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It is the symbol of Divine Truth, not the sign only, but its living form. And as Christ was the Bringer of Divine Truth, unadulterated, and as He issued from the Truth having a portion of living Truth within him, it clung to him and was ...



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A Passion for Truth

A Passion for Truth

Love or Truth Love and Truth are the two ways that lead the soul out of the inner jungle. Love offers an answer to the question of how to live. In Truth we find an answer to the question of how to think.

Author: Abraham Joshua Heschel

Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux

ISBN: 9781466800335

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In A Passion For Truth, Heschel delves into the exploration of hope and despair in Hasidism. Heschel drew on his own experiences from his study of the Kotzker and the Baal Shem Tov to create this classic work.
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Rivers of Divine Truth

Rivers of Divine Truth

Rabbi Kirt A. Schneider , host of the popular TV broadcast Discovering the Jewid , Jesus , takes you on a journey through God's Word to discover the living truth revealed in its pages . The Bible speaks to every aspect of our lives ...

Author: Rabbi Kirt A. Schneider

Publisher: Charisma Media

ISBN: 9781629998695

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Revelations received from the Spirit of God always change lives. This 100-day devotional will inspire me to grow in my relationship with God, experience His power and have a life of victory. When you find true revelation from the Spirit of God, you are no longer the same. In today’s culture, many people think truth is relative. But the Bible tells us that truth isn’t a matter of opinion. Truth is found in God’s Word. In Rivers of Divine Truth, Rabbi Kirt A. Schneider, host of the popular TV broadcast Discovering the Jewish Jesus, takes you on a journey through God’s Word to discover the living truth revealed in its pages. The Bible speaks to every aspect of our lives, and only when we are grounded in the truth of God’s Word we are able to walk in the strength, peace, and victory of God’s promises.
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... lives amount to iseither living Truth—or living a lie. The Truth is real. The lie is unreal. “I just wanted to point this out because with all the emphasis we're putting on divinity demonstrated in this portion of our program, ...

Author: Jim Young

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595843923

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KEYS TO THE DOOR OF TRUTH; Metaphysical Musings of a Born-Yet-Again builds upon the teachings of its two predecessors. Written in the context of yet another weekend seminar with Christo Sahbays, in this third entry in the author's new MY SPIRITUAL AWARENESS SERIES the fledgling leadership group takes on the means of metaphorical treatment of holy writ. To be more precise, certain phraseology found in the Gospel of John is found to be the key that unlocks the door to Truth about Spiritual Life as taught by the Master Jesus. In an amazingly powerful approach that uses metaphor as the Spiritual scalpel that cuts beneath the surface knowledge of intellectual literality, the "secret" meaning of Spiritual intent is revealed with brilliant clarity through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. This humble intention forms the foundation for continuing metaphysical treatment of future offerings is this intriguing emerging series. This book naturally follows the first two offerings in the MY SPIRITUAL AWARENESS SERIES: CREATION SPIRIT, Expressing Your Divinity in Everyday Life and A Labor of Love; Weaving Your Own Virgin Birth on the Loom of Life. Future writings will deal with such topics as the metaphysical meaning of Jesus and his disciples, the Sermon on the Mount, some of the various "newfound" Gospels, and those portions of the remaining three Gospels that do not replicate the content of the Gospel of John--all placed in a practical perspective.
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Postcolonial Public Theology

Postcolonial Public Theology

above these feeble creatures.78 In contrast, the Christian notion of telling the truth refers to “God's living reality in Jesus Christ.” The living truth is dangerous, and the trustful speech as parrhesia is raised when the truth can be ...

Author: Paul S. Chung

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781625649027

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Postcolonial Public Theology is a tour de force--theological reflection transformed by encounter with the most compelling intellectual discourses of our time. It offers prophetic challenge to the hegemony of economic globalization. Evolutionary science's encounter with life's limit questions requires an ethically responsible practice of scientific rationality, measured by sufficient, sustainable livelihood for all. Interreligious engagement compels us to take seriously the realities of cultural hybridity and social location in reimagining a polycentric Christianity. Postcolonial Public Theology makes the case for public theology to turn toward postcolonial imagination, demonstrating a fresh rethinking of public and global issues that continue to emerge in the aftermath of colonialism. This book provides students and scholars in these various fields an interesting framework from which to continue to dialogue about the relevance of this literature and, in particular, the continuing importance of Christian theology in the public arena.
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Charity in Truth

Charity in Truth

misinterpreted, detached from ethical living, and, in any event, undervalued. ... Hence the need to link charity with truth not only in the sequence, pointed out by Saint Paul, of veritas in caritate (Eph 4:15), but also in the inverse ...

Author: Catholic Church. Pope (2005-2013 : Benedict XVI)

Publisher: Ignatius Press

ISBN: 9781586172800

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Pope Benedict's third encyclical, Love in Truth ("Caritas in Veritate"), applies the themes of his first two encyclicals -love and hope (God is Love, Saved in Hope) - to the world's major social issues. Drawing on moral truths open in principle to everyon
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Religions and the Truth

Religions and the Truth

5 Lived Truth ( religio vera ) We have repeatedly seen that the ' truth ' of a religious tradition is often sought not so much in the doctrine , as in the religious experience of a life which conforms to the rules of that religion .

Author: H. M. Vroom

Publisher: Rodopi

ISBN: 0802805027

Category: Religion

Page: 414

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Disputed Truth

Disputed Truth

however, this is not called the Pope's creed, which would be the truth, but — in the tendentious use of a term revived by the ... as this creed does, that the usable, relevant, living truth is preserved in a kind of Catholic Fort Knox, ...

Author: Hans Küng

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781472910981

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Hans Küng has been a major influence on post-war Christianity by any reckoning. a peritus for the second Vatican council, he then went on to publish a number of controversial books, including Infallible? An Enquiry (1971), which enraged the Vatican and caused him to lose the ecclesiastical approval of his teaching at the university of Tübingen. However, he remains a respected priest in good standing with his bishop. Throughout all the upheavals that the Catholic Church has undergone in recent decades, Küng has been an outspoken observer, turning himself from enfant terrible to béte noire. However his world influence has been great. Whether speaking at the United Nations or consorting with politicians and religious leaders, he is always listened to with respect and enthusiasm. A string of recent books has added to his reputation-notably On Being a Christian (1974) and Does God Exist? An Answer for Today (1980) What is not so well known is that, as a young man, Küng was a close friend and confidant of Joseph Ratzinger (Benedict XVI). Over the years, however, they increasingly came to represent exactly what the other most despised. On being appointed to the Holy See, Ratzinger had a long private meeting with Küng , the consequences of which may resonate within the Catholic Church for many years. In these thrilling memoirs Küng gives his personal account of all these struggles and ambitions. The result is a book of major importance for any student of the church in the 20th century. This second volume covers the period following the close of the Second Vatican Council right up to the present day.
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