Serbien und Montenegro

Raum und Bevölkerung, Geschichte, Sprache und Literatur, Kultur, Politik, Gesellschaft, Wirtschaft, Recht

Author: Walter Lukan

Publisher: LIT Verlag Münster

ISBN: 9783825895396

Category: Montenegro

Page: 868

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Invisible Cathedrals

The Expressionist Art History of Wilhelm Worringer

Author: Neil H. Donahue

Publisher: Penn State Press

ISBN: 9780271013060

Category: Art

Page: 217

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Invisible Cathedrals places Wilhelm Worringer in the foreground of discussions of Expressionism and German Modernism for the first time. These essays not only reveal the complexities of his individual works, such as Abstraction and Empathy (1908) and Form Problems of the Gothic (1911), they also examine his lesser-known books and essays of the post-World War I years, the 1920s, and beyond. Invisible Cathedrals offers both a basic introduction to Worringer's writings and their broad influence, and a profound and detailed revisionist analysis of his significance in German and European Modernism. It also provides the most comprehensive bibliography to date of his own work and of the scattered criticism devoted to Worringer in different disciplines. Worringer's works were provocative, widely read, and often reprinted and were highly influential among artists and writers in Germany. As a result, they both raised suspicion in his own academic discipline of art history and excited discussion in other diverse fields, such as literary and social theory, psychology, and film theory. Worringer emerges here not solely as a scholarly commentator on the history of art, but also as an activist scholar who engaged his historical criticism of other periods directly in the production of culture in his own time. Contributors are Magdalena Bushart, Neil H. Donahue, Charles W. Haxthausen, Michael W. Jennings, Joseph Masheck, Geoffrey Waite, and Joanna E. Ziegler.

Yvan Goll

A Bibliography of the Primary Works

Author: Andreas Kramer,Robert Vilain

Publisher: Peter Lang

ISBN: 9783906766461

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 377

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This is the first complete bibliography of the writings of Yvan Goll (1891-1950), the French-German poet, novelist, dramatist, journalist and translator. The first part gives full details of Goll's publications during his lifetime, and includes books and pamphlets, contributions to periodicals, newspapers and anthologies, books and journals edited by Goll, translations by Goll, and his published letters. The second part makes it possible to trace the dissemination of Goll's work, with posthumous first publications, posthumous reprints in periodicals and anthologies, translations of Goll's works by others (into twenty languages) and musical collaborations and settings. A comprehensive index of titles or first lines allows the user to trace single works through the various sections; there are also indexes of writers translated by Goll and letters by recipient. This bibliography documents the huge scope of the writings of an author who wrote in three major languages and published in many countries. It contains a wide range of references to texts hitherto unknown, many of them items in journals and newspapers, and is by far the most reliable source to date of what Goll actually wrote.

Art's Claim to Truth

Author: Gianni Vattimo,Santiago Zabala,Luca D'Isanto

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 0231138512

Category: Philosophy

Page: 190

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Following Heidegger's interpretation of the history of philosophy, Gianni Vattimo outlines the existential ontological conditions of aesthetics, paying particular attention to the works of Kandinsky, which reaffirm the ontological implications of art. Vattimo then builds on Hans-Georg Gadamer's theory of aesthetics and provides an alternative to a rationalistic-positivistic criticism of art. This is the heart of Vattimo's argument, and with it he demonstrates how hermeneutical philosophy reaffirms art's ontological status and makes clear the importance of hermeneutics for aesthetic studies. In a final section, Vattimo articulates the consequences of reclaiming the ontological status of aesthetics without its metaphysical implications, holding Aristotle's concept of beauty responsible for the dissolution of metaphysics itself.

Urbanität und Moderne

Studien zur Grossstadtwahrnehmung in der deutschen Literatur, 1900-1930

Author: Sabina Becker

Publisher: W.J. Rohrig

ISBN: 9783861100065

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 470

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